АВАЛОН ТАИНСТВЕННЫЙ ЦЕНТР МИРА. Тайна Короля Артура. Загадочный Остров Яблок

WORLD Link to article in description Among all the meanings that
gives everyone a well-known Wikipedia, Avalon is not only
Favorite world of science fiction Robert Zelazny, entertainment network
complexes or name films, this is first
lost island Center of the True World. This is the place where, according to legend,
magic rook must was to take King Arthur
after fatal injury in earthly battles. Until today remains
mystery whether there is “Apple island” (the second
name of Avalon “) at the very or it’s just
beautiful fairy tale. Anyone interested in mythology
know the legend very well about king arthur who
actually just fell asleep and just waiting for the right
moment to get along with my knights return
and help the world. In the old days of this legend
believed without exception until in 1191 the monks of one
from English abbeys, Glastonbury, not stated
that once upon a time came to them the Great King,
which was deadly injured. Here, in the abbey, he
died and was buried. It should be noted that
this territory is always was shrouded in mystery about her
there were many legends. They were not connected only
with the reign of the king Arthur, but also with a period
the existence of the Celts. It is in this abbey
Sir Lancelot lived his days, who became a monk. Here in custody was
and Queen Guinevere. On this territory was
hidden and the Holy Grail brought here by Joseph
Arimofey. In times immemorial
it was this abbey that wore Avalon name, and the terrain
always pleased with beautiful crops of apples. His territory was
on a hill that was surrounded swamps. It gave him the appearance of an island. Also in the ancient annals
to designate an island peninsula or high
impregnable hill was used namely the name “Avalon”. But despite everything, even
after the territory abbey was discovered
tomb of arthur existed a large number of skeptics
who did not want believe what exactly is Glastonbury
is a mythical avalon. The reasons for this distrust
very weighty. First, the tomb of the king
was found at the very time when most was
need to find finances for the repair of the monastery. So the grave is quite
really could and fake. The second reason was very
simple but no less important. The fact is that people didn’t want
believe in Arthur’s death, in the fact that he will not return,
to bring justice and good. In addition, increasingly become
appear people who posing as Great
The king that delivered monks a lot of problems. Moreover, there is
a lot of testimony sailors, who were talking about
have repeatedly seen in the ocean green island
extraordinary beauty that was shrouded in mist and clouds. But all the vessels that tried
at least a little closer to him forever vanished
and never returned home. Those who had the courage to come close
told that this small piece of land
appeared in the middle of the sea just a few minutes
and then disappeared, as if it was not at all. It is this unusual island.
and was called Avalon long before the founding of the abbey. And precisely there buried
Arthur. In the legends a lot of attention
given to the fact that found peace on the island
and the souls of the druids as well souls of heroes, not enough
good for heaven and not enough bad for hell. They live on an evergreen island.
forests. On the same island is
fairyland of elves and the fairies you were looking for
Earth Time flies here much
live faster beautiful creatures and constantly
music sounds. Mentions of the island often
found in Celtic sagas. According to them, Avalon is
the place where the gods live and where everything is covered in precious
stones. And precisely legends about gods
the tribes of the Goddess Danu became original source of references
about Avalon. There were also such legends
according to which everyone there, despite the incredible
wealth and abundance always dreamed of returning to their native
the earth. Usually kept
their island is charming woman from love for which
the Celts were troubled by reason. When did they manage to return
home then it turned out that There have been dozens of them. Therefore, almost everything
who managed to return turned into old men
and literally crumbled to dust. Required attributes
the islands were a branch of an apple tree, beautiful charming music
and the apple with which you can feed everyone
it will remain whole. Even the name speaks of
the same – Inis Avalon in translation means “apple island”. The Celts along with this
there is another name – Emain Ablah, but it
has the same meaning. Some sagas said
that live on the island beautiful warriors and their companions,
as well as kings and queens. Their whole life is full
peers and all kinds of celebrations. They all lived in one big
castle in which there were several little ones. The castle was made of crystal,
gold and azure. It is such an abundance of precious
stones and metals became one of the reasons why
the Celts carried the island to another world. This is indicated by the presence of
Glass tower meeting in many legends. The fact that Avalon relates
to the afterlife indicates and the fact that there is no island
nights, and all its inhabitants are costing without material food. To date, similar
theory may seem at least strange
it has long been proven what’s in the earth’s structure
the crust is the core, the mantle and other items. But after all many centuries ago
people were confident that the planet is flat. That is why some
scientists can’t definitively refute opportunity
the existence of the island underground. Myths that magical
the island is underground or under water also go away
roots back centuries However, do not think
that in those days people were dense, if only because
that just then existed powerful Sumerian civilization,
which was far ahead in the development of modern
human And besides, periodically
there were works about traveling to the center
Of the earth. They believed in it, and not only
ordinary people, but also scientists, for example Galileo or Euler. For centuries, researchers
periodically fixed appearance of unknowns
lands in the Arctic. And Cook even wanted to do
Photo. One of the Norwegian scientists,
Olaf Jansen, told that together with her
father made a trip to the north where in some
the moment they failed into the hole and came out already on the south
the pole. On the way they met the giants
and visited the cities described in the sagas. Again the presence of fog
and soft artificial Sveta. Similar descriptions exist
and in large quantities literary works. Of course, it is interesting to read
but believe in them completely still not worth it. Maybe the authors just
carried away at one time Celtic myths and tales But modern research
intended burial King Arthur and found
there remains of these dates artifacts V-VI centuries AD e. All of the above
allows with a large share probabilities argue
that king arthur and the island Avalon existed on
really It should be noted that not only
European scientists were interested the history of Avalon Island. M.A. Orlov in the book “History
man’s communication with the devil (1904) indicates that: “Avalon
often described by the ancients poets of France. So, in the poem about Wilhelm
Kurnos we find mention that the Avalon was extremely
rich so what other rich city never
was not built. Its walls were piled up
from some particular stone the doors to them were of ivory
bones, homes generously decorated emeralds, topazes, hyacinths
and other precious stones and roofs on houses
were golden! Magic flourished in Avalon
the medicine. It cured the most
terrible diseases and wounds. In one of the then novels
this island is described as a place where all the inhabitants
spend time in the eternal holiday without knowing cares
and sorrows. However, if you still assume
that the island exists on in fact, it is entirely possible
that everything described by researchers holes and doors may turn out
entrances. And the island itself can be
anywhere, even underground. What do you think about the island
Avalon? Does he really exist on

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  1. Авалон таинственный центр мира и тайна Короля Артура. Загадочный Остров Яблок существует?

  2. Ну нравится мне выражение, что давным давно доказано наличие ядра и мантии у Земли. Как будто у людей есть возможность это доказать? Не стыдно?

  3. Красивое предание, лайк и удачи во всём.

  4. Рыцари круглого стола и король артур художественный вымысел!

  5. Why It's Not In English Language? Sub Titles In Russian Language No Translation in America Language Why Not 🤔

  6. Все мифы требуют расшифровки и более глубокого осмысления. Не могли они появится на пустом месте! Объявить мифы выдумкой – не нужно обладать развитой фантазией, а у какого гения хватит оной, чтобы описать "то, не знаю что" и описать путешествие "туда, не знаю куда"…?

  7. Но это предание, короля Артура не существовало (это миф).

  8. Кельты – это народы севера Руси Яра, которые спрашивали путников:"от кель ты?" ! Остров Авалон находился в центре Гипербореи (Даарии) в районе северного полюса, от туда и был вход в подземное царство !

  9. Не знаю, как остров яблок, а Планета яблок есть – Таури, на которой император Грей проводил ритуал ниц.

  10. Другое измерение /тот свет/. Поэтому и время идет быстро и не едят пищу.

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