Чтобы отдать себя целиком, нужно себя уничтожить. Лучшие цитаты!!!

To give yourself entirely, you need to destroy yourself. Violetta Ledyuk A man is always afraid of a woman who loves him too much. Bertolt Brecht Hopeless love makes a man miserable, and a woman deserving pity. Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach It is easier for us to fall in love with those who hate us than those who love more than we wish. Francois de La Rochefoucauld A man has only one way to get rid of his “old Self”: to see his “other Self” in the eyes of a woman. Claire Luce Truly you know only those whom you love and hate at the same time, so that the couple know each other. Jean Rostand To be happy with a man, you need to understand him very well and still love him. Helen Rowland “Accept me for who I am” – this means: “I can do without your love.” Mignon McLaughlin When they love, they are faithful, but when they are faithful, they are not necessarily loved. Roberto Gervaso True love is not one that can withstand many years of separation, but one that can withstand many years of intimacy. Helen Rowland When you love, you discover such wealth in yourself, how much tenderness, affection, you do not even believe that you know how to love. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov In the life of every woman there are two main men: the one for whom she married, and the one for whom, alas, she did not. Robert Lembke Longing for the one you love is much easier than living with the one you hate. Jean de La Bruyere Thanks for attention! subscribe to the channel

7 thoughts on “Чтобы отдать себя целиком, нужно себя уничтожить. Лучшие цитаты!!!

  1. Супер подборка!!!уникальные
    МЫСЛИ!!!благодарю от
    Всей души!!! 1:00…
    Удивительно,как люди умеют чувствовать…
    Это целый театр!!!
    Я поражаюсь и восхищаюсь!!!

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