(कविता) लक्ष्मी के चरण| Poetry about Lakshmi (Lakshmi ke Charan)

Namaskar, Welcome to my channel. First thing, I hope your Diwali celebrations went off pretty well! As we all know today is the final day of celebrations – Bhai Dooj. The conclusion of the pentalogy that is Diwali. In previous video I’d said I would make a new video after Diwali. Today I will share with you a new poetry of mine. Thing is, If I wanted, I could’ve told you this during Diwali, also… I was waiting for the Diwali to end – or each the ending stage Because the inspritation behind this poetry I had gotten that last year after Diwali After the month of November; That’s when I think it happened last year The inspritation behind was such hat As you *may* know that During Diwali Outside of our doorways, we place footsteps of Goddess Lakshmi Tiny red steps of Lakshmi (Goddess of Prosperity), in different ways. Some people put a giant round sticker. Then some people place tiny feets of Lakshmi outside of their doorway (with Lakshmi approaching inside) Very few people may also end up drawing it. While this year we placed a giant sticker of Lakshmi’s feet. Last year we had placed the tiny red feets. (Stickers basically) And undernearth them stickers there is glue, which eventually dried up after the festival. As it came out, my mother thought of placing it on Tulsi plant. We have a pot of Tulsi plant, as it is a common traidition amongst Indian families to keep one. My mother placed those footsteps in between the branches of Tulsi. I asked her- why did you do that? My mother thought it to be the right place to keep those footsteps Don’t know why I found that to be interesting. But where I come from, we keep a Shaligram (black stone) near the Tulsi Plant. We have two three different plants at our place Shaligram in Tulsi Plant, Shiva Lingam in Bel Tree There was a Shaligram underneath a Tulsi plant. Nearby there was Bel Tree with Shiva Lingam Now, I am unsure how many of you are aware about the lore of Tulsi Vivah. For it is related to this video. My poetry combines Tulsi Vivah with my incedent (contextually) I guess I should explain you the story about Tulsi; Won’t go too much into detail though. For those who don’t know… We also call Tulsi Vrinda as well as Brinda Brinda married an Asura King called Jalandhar. And because Tulsi is considered very pious and pure. Because of her purity, her Asura husband was powerful and invincible to any sort of damage Once, there ensued a fight between Jalandhar and Lord Shiva In which even Lord Shiva was having trouble taking the Asura King down. So, Shiva asked helped from Lord Vishnu So Lord Vishnu (who Brinda used to worship BTW) He destroyed her Chastity. Soon as Brinda realised this, she was angry at Lord Vishnu, and she gave him a curse. From now on, you shall turn into a Shaligram, and not be able to meet your wife – Goddess Lakshmi Where I come from, we believe that, This to be the reason for the seperation of Lord Rama and Lady Sita (from Ramayana) This is the reason why he (Lord Vishnu) became a Shaligram Anyways, when Mum kept Lakshmi’s footsteps on Tulsi’s branches, it was an interesting senario for me That there is a Tulsi tree, On top of her were Lakshmi’s footsteps and below were Vishnu as Shaligram And beside that was Bel Tree with a Shiv-Lingam What an interesting scenario Of course, we had heard this tale, I wanted to recite a poem about this. So, that’s what we will hear from you today. Hope you will like it! The Title is – (Lakshmi’s Footsteps) in the shade of Tulsi Lakshmi’s Footsteps in the shade of Tulsi, while Shaligram sat lone today A week had passed since Diwali passed, and the lamp of light had turned into smoke. Lakshmi’s footsteps like a soft paper, swinging amidst the branches and leaves They took a bath in the *holy* water of Ganges, while the dullness had seeped into the stone. Shaligram gazes at the Shiva-Lingam, Shiva Lingam gazes at the Sun (Surya). The Sun glares at the Universe (Bramhan), and Brahma (God of Universe) glares back at them all. The part of Lakshmi blushed that Tulsi, on whom none had even placed a flower afore. What is the need to practice the ‘Manthan’ (churning for Amrit), when the ‘Amrit’ (Elixir) is exuding from the leaves of Tulsi Some Kings transcended redeeming themselves, while others were just slaughtered Vanquishing the wheel of time, the Past laughs riding over the shoulders of Myth. So this was the poem, where I tried to refrence the whole thing. Hope you understood and enjoyed this piece of mine. So, that’s all I wish to say for now. I have been trying to make this video with four previous attempt. And after every attempt the electricity would go away. It was a hassle. Thankfully, the video finally got made. I’ll take my leave for now. Namaskar.

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  1. This was probably your best work. The poem itself was mind-blowing. The story telling in your videos keeps getting better.

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