पेशाब की थैली (Peshaab Ki Thaili) – Prakriti Kargeti | UnErase Poetry

25 thoughts on “पेशाब की थैली (Peshaab Ki Thaili) – Prakriti Kargeti | UnErase Poetry

  1. Am I the only one who didn't understand this ??
    Firstly, it's in hindi
    Second, I was just looking at her expression than reading the captions,
    Third, went through all the comments!

  2. sach me yer bhut achi thi or un kamino ko bhi dikhani jaruri he jo vya vha jha tha mut dete he

  3. Being savage is just like that… This should be an meme ad for swachh bharat….. 😀

  4. Keep going keep growing Diiiiii ❤️❤️❤️ btw amazing poetry with a message 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  5. good msg .
    but there is one problem that you lived in city where "sauchalaya" are everywhere, drainage is good and still people peeing on public places.
    on other hand we have village where no sauchalaya or drainage system so there is need to pee and poop on public places so think before you point them as fool.
    try to understand before criticism.

  6. Really it's amazing!!
    Salooo chutiyo koo muhh maii mutth danaa 😈😬😂

  7. Perfect blend of sarcasm and humour 🔥❣️ wese bhi sidhe shabdon mai jha likha hota hai "yha peshab karna shakt mana" hai wha toh logo ki dhar pehle chalu hoti…

  8. Hey guys I also started own YouTube channel nd I'm a small youtuber support me frnds nd also u userase poetry plzzzz
    #status lovers world

  9. 😂I thought this would hold a msg nd that came true.. No public urination plz. That was funny though. 😂😂😂😂

  10. Damm it's a great poetry.
    The poet should give a copyright to government so as to b used in a nukkad natak. We Indian really need to listen it.

  11. Damn girl I thought it would just be a funny random musing.. but she hinted a message at public urination. Good job!

  12. I'm the first comment, and it's a positive one, I like this one

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