बचाओ मगरमच्छ आया I Hindi Stories For Kids | Hindi Kahaniya for Kids | Moral Stories | Hindi Kahani

There was a beautiful village named “Sultanpur” A small river was flowing in it And a naughty boy named “Raju” was living in the village He used to irritate the villagers One day when he was wandering near river He thought of his some mischievous plan And started shouting Help me o’ villagers kindly save me A crocodile is going to kill me O’ auntie please come to save me Please do come someone Villagers rushed to save “Raju” Raju may have been in trouble Let’s see what happens that he is forced to call us O’ Raju where is the crocodile Let me see have you got some injury I made fool of you all I was just kidding there was no crocodile at all I just made fun of you really it was a good fun It was no good of you You always make fun of us He always make fun of us We will not come to help him in future So the villagers decided not to help him in future A few days later “Raju” was doing his regular mischievous acts All of a sudden a crocodile appeared He was shocked to see the crocodile He started shouting for help O’ villagers please come to help me I am not kidding A crocodile has appeared in real It will kill me O’ auntie O’ Uncle please help me It will kill me But all ignored this time They thought he is playing another trick The crocodile is going to catch me O’ you naughty “Raju” Shout as much as you can but nobody is going to save you because you always irritate them Though you are speaking “True” today but nobody is coming to help you Let me have my feast today O’ crocodile brother please forgive me O’ villagers please come this time I promise i will not make fun of you in future Please help me this time Please do come someone Moral : we should always speak the “Truth” We put over selves in trouble by telling lie

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