लालची दूध वाली | Greedy Milk Maid | Hindi Story For Kids | Kahani in Hindi | Panchtantra kahaniya

In a faraway village, there lived a pretty milkmaid. She would take good care of her cow and the cow would give her fresh & creamy milk everyday. This fresh and green grass is all for you She would work hard but also day-dreamed a lot! Oh what a great day-dreamer she was! She would think that the bees were buzzing around her to play with her And the Frog was juggling in the pond Wow! I wish I could juggle like the frog Huh? Haha oh.no… I forgot all about the milk! Let me quickly go to the market and sell the milk. Without wasting any time, the little milkmaid quickly headed towards the market to sell fresh milk With the money I get from selling this milk, I will buy some eggs. it would be so nice to see the eggs hatched Soon a baby chick will hatch from the egg I will feed the chick very well and it will become a healthy hen hurray!! My lovely hen will lay plenty of eggs I will sell those eggs and make so much money! Yippeee!!! With all the money I will get, I will buy so many things! Oh yes, I will buy some fancy clothes and dress up so nicely Wow! I will look so pretty in that dress Wearing that pretty dress,I will go to the ball & everyone will shower me with praises lovely!!! In the ball, I will meet the Royal Prince You are looking so pretty Allow me for a dance, my fair lady! Yes, of-course Oh my, I will be dancing with the most handsome Prince! Lost in her dreams, She stumbled upon a large stone and down fell the pail of milk on the ground No.. Oh No No! My milk is all gone now… Alas! She fells Her pail of milk also fell in the ground with her and dreams spilled on the ground just like her pail of milk! So friends, the moral of the story is, “Do not count the chickens before they are hatched.” Once upon a time, there lived a man in his lovely house with his beautiful wife. They were soon expecting a little bundle of joy. In front of their house, there was a very huge mansion. Splendid Rapunzel herbs grew in the mansion’s garden! But no one dared to go there as this mansion belonged to a sorceress named Gothel! no.. The wife was feeling extremely anxious and was unable to eat anything.. So in order to get some fresh air, the wife went towards the balcony. Oh what a beautiful sight she saw! A cute baby nestled in her mother’s arm… Darling, look at that baby Indeed, that’s an adorable baby! Mesmerized by the baby and the little kids playing around, Soon her gaze fell on fresh and crisp Rapunzel leaves in front of the big mansion. Wow! Those Rapunzel leaves look so fresh and crisp. I wish to have those leaves as salad for dinner tonight. When the husband heard his wife’s wish, he panicked and tried to convince her and said, My dear wife, those Rapunzel leaves belong to the vile Sorceress, Gothel. It is impossible to go there. The husband tried his best to lure his beloved wife with other sweet-treats, but the wife was adamant and demanded Rapunzel leaves from him… Sweetheart, please try to understand Please try to understand. I strongly desire those leaves. Unable to see his wife’s tears, loving husband agreed to fulfill her wish Husband approached the sorceress and asked her to lend him some Rapunzel leaves. Oh! how headstrong that Sorceress was, for she denied to give him even a single leaf and ask him to leave So he decided to steal those Rapunzel leaves from the Gothel’s garden When it was late in the night, the young man sneaked into the mansion and quietly began to pluck those Rapunzel leaves. Rapunzel leaves, fresh and crisp, only for my darling wife! Wife made herself a nice salad from Rapunzel leaves and ate it to her heart’s content Huh huh huh…. How did you dare come into my garden and steal my Rapunzel leaves? Oh, please forgive me Gothel! My pregnant wife saw those leaves, and she craved for it desperately Listening to the pleading husband, Gothel’s mind began to weave a nasty plan. With a wicked smile on her face, she said… Fine! But in one condition. You must give me your child! No! I can’t do that! no.. If you do not give me the child then the consequences would be terrible! Hahahaha Threatened by Gothel’s warning, the husband finally agreed to Gothel’s demand! hahahaaaha The moment their Baby was born, the couple tried to flee the town and escape from Gothel! We need to leave as soon as possible. Else, Gothel will snatch our Baby from us! No…please don’t do this! Gothel carefully looked at the baby and decided a name for her Rapunzel! That will be your name! For those were the leaves that your Mother craved for. Gothel took very good care of the Baby, as if her own Years had passed and the little baby grew to be the most beautiful girl under the care of Gothel. Her long hair was as magnificent as spun gold! One day when Gothel was brushing Rapunzel’s beautiful long hair, an old man appeared in their room. This old man was a great magician, and was in fact Gothel’s master. My dear ladies, it is now time for both of you to come and live in my splendid tower With the help of the Magician’s powerful magic, Gothel and Rapunzel were taken to his splendid tower GotheI, It is about time that I rest my old bones and relax for a while. So take good care of this tower. Take a good care of it. But, I warn you Gothel, if you do not take good care of my tower, you will have to face my wrath! Master, don’t worry. I promise to take good care of your tower Gothel told Rapunzel that she needs to go to market. Rapunzel couldn’t help but wonder how Gothel was planning to get down from this huge tower Rapunzel, the very instant I return, I’ll shout out loud “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.” Immediately, you must let your hair down ok Rapunzel would entertain herself by singing beautiful songs for herself, as she spent her time alone in the huge tower. Roses are red Violets are blue Sugar is sweet
So are you I wonder who is singing this beautiful song? It looks like the sound is coming from that tower. Hiding behind a tree, Prince was enjoying Rapunzel’s song. Suddenly he saw Gothel calling out… Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair Ehhh? Next day, when Gothel had gone out, Rapunzel was engrossed singing a merry tune. Suddenly, she heard a loud voice… Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair As soon as the beautiful tresses cascaded down, Prince held onto it and climbed up the tall tower Rapunzel was shocked and petrified by the intrusion of Prince. But Prince convinced her and said… Hey please do not be scared. Think of me as your good friend. Your melodious voice is what brought me here. Young lady, what keeps you in this tall, mysterious tower? This tower belongs to a great magician who appointed Gothel as the caretaker of this tower. He also warned her that if she won’t take good care of the tower, she would have to face his wrath. Gothel is not my mother. She snatched me from my parents when I was just a little baby. She has been taking care of me and my hair ever since! Took care of you? But didn’t she snatch you from your real parents? Yes. With the help of my hair, she climbs up and down this tower. That is the reason I am trapped in this tall tower. Take my word, My Lady, I will rescue you from here. With a promise to rescue her from the tall tower, Prince climbed down with a smile on his face. Oh, but little did they know that Gothel had seen the Prince sneaking out of the tower. You ungrateful child! I thought I kept you away from rest of the world. But no… you have betrayed me. Gothel punished Rapunzel by taking her to a barren desert and abandoned her there, so that no one would ever find her Unaware of what had transpired between Gothel and Rapunzel, the Prince visited the tower and called out… Rapunzel Rapunzel, let down your hair But to his horror, Prince was greeted by the dangerous sorceress Gothel There..there…I know you’ve come for Rapunzel. But she does not live here anymore! Gothel pushed the Prince from the tall tower, badly injuring him. Yet, the brave Prince gathered his soldiers and went looking for Rapunzel Finally, while traveling through the desert,Fields and forests, he heard the song that Rapunzel would sing all the time. Roses are red Violets are blue The Prince and his guards began destroying the tall tower, which Gothel was suppose to take care of.. stop!! Gothel tried her best to stop the guards from ruining the tower, but it was all in vain The magician appeared there and could not behold his tower getting destroyed. Boiled in anger, the magician punished Gothel and left the place. The Prince reunited Rapunzel with her parents and they lived happily ever after!

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