"வாழ்க்கையே வெறுத்துப்போச்சு"- Writer Sujatha's Emotional Last Moments- Sujatha Wife Interview

in the video by beregovoy both the filament stood learn from the Masters everyone the more ballet the canyon by indicator though the pants of poor naginata peena-pod on Syria during carnival so Sujata Sara departed on the lake Phil Americana jihad panel are Quyen the hero naughty child in another house why smell and the career solo Nagaraju was the replaced assume he was never the club member you should and I will carry out a series a particular time and the ladies ready Justin are you ready finally a ready reckoner a pillar i said i or a person on sonic beam would end up getting a sonic non-organic gender Islamorada harmony to bypass polity and K here a paper tree by anybody ever did cooked under when they were what are you among a rhombus or prepare a course our president abrini s a prominent person Arya Nagar particular sample particular upper corner I can be your apart I lost just in life our Tiger there in the market Carnival is the never die Gordon the apartheid America Vietnam are America Tambor samu commander local and Guillermo of local and Malik Amanda Sujata of the intrepid and then a lecher come under look on the Tamil Samoa with lava and the vintage intermission calendar a dark so under Sujata our danger pair kuru MooMoo come on a karna mana of rid of wife so Giavotella down and they'll meet pilaparam malakoma monica yell Arkham you and this would Giada into the tumbler mumumu came on overlay alum of the table rooted not only looking a la petit Pierre Maria then I'm loading the technology moon eternal uppity pay ceremonia de of La Villa meow and the damn load of McCulloch on the technology Pithom or there's a Monica decal and layman the condo patient ever other than the turn order original pay level so Gitano Imperium and the Martha Kapur a I'm Dean when they are you make it sound a polynomial feel at every other bigoted this ordinary our on the past a college MIT mucho hair or error term of cylinder up on the ceiling sitting a little mood at the 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Akali American everybody left under probably our K a lover does not really anyway I'll bang a marriage like an the Pond Park column of power in demolishing melanoma – I panicked a little upland Marilla peso thick really been over 100 Kohanga partisanship out amongst all of them an Italian panic panic then you're in the morgue poisoning cosmic attack the monopole the canyon pay and get another pen should potent organ on the pay in the upper on Syria dying kind of early so Jetta bargain when the room a multitasking panic over person when they were row Appirio office love a pity or a position longer writer are animal about banana or Adela my Engel cover epithelium good husband now and every everybody over a person I are married rhombus soft teacher however only our vile underworld / a a complaint of manometer either course Allah saw flow very the bananamana very simple living now work a room behind which in Salonika really high ambitions I don't care I wonder you're never corporate for a corridor ever Cora Horeb hidden Sola buying Guerrero or try a route take another one the other reason is any normal saltiness bundle Martha nari calculate their common area Carter Center camera in the car third party street went to Madrid one in Ghana and the character is dear king of whom lettuce I'll and the character lyric I've been a doubt the inning of Phil panicking and a patria lipid trio Sujata set with you you know that I saw some pasty depend on other than eleven through Co in our sub miss work Adela or Imani meal kannada natha an inch away sanic or not ideally our hitch and the character one do we put here in the matter okay Paulie are Corrigan doesn't worry moon darkened only a sovereign on Elena there like particularly the number theory comes number 34 on after the Cathedral a lot me Teresa Madrid Ganesh version of La Brea and the payer and the Bhangra famous and the character swim on the Bhangra famous other inspiration in the one didn't look at the tape also an re number you know one day they were Catherine are in deeper dialogue another video Ganesh son Ganesh honest and on a lark at it I don't know alter ego was something no no and they have already paid basically remedy I don't know granny or solo Nagaraju wonder pencil some he wasn't out in the club limber okay and we can now very democratically on the Rumba Manus the body chickadee her remove remove police it into the Abdeen geometry and then kadhi girl in America you should learn I will carry out a series a particular time okay and the rate is greater than a year particularly okay you will carry on up on the youngsters particular styler Co now the turned evil the tape I read I reckon a la pila whatever style writing style Argo al-nura the cousin upon a penalty any record of Cosmo okay the Lanka come on taro and then DJ a note of the very stuff ready come on take a like a matter he end up at each and a gecko matter unified is in yeah yeah under our number of person who should i interfere for no matter how long a tester really are they might even they were a jolly via xalapa comet exactly what are our into eleven the deep south lady courage from the on the panic English justice is really on final approach mark on the first gospel to go but down fluent a subject a Passover lamb but subject or over Katie girl rumba fermionic remotely in person the papaya upon the Juan perón and why is Rico wanna be known on the pyre and go on a boy trans will terrorcon take your cook Terrace Empire and there is the poorest vegan on Warren Street English certain app real a male called a saloon or table or poverty really working what I never came in and cam button Allah correct asana apricot lambda worse on a day when English is a liam in a pre even the very critical Denari in whatever subject in Java the English I was similar not learned pace now and can now on the Rowena on the working machine the current the priori important help Ernie correct I want another one three in the marine even Glenn I encourage for non work will pop would work it after the batchmate when they are dual column saravana Rahman Allah friends aware in the knowledge so over could have wicked in the relationship patty I would remove it the con the con la MD but then when the other day I met eleven the function which in Nam collapse our popcorn a soprano Park Ronzoni said the upper wife and I could eat one loss on Annapurna Nanak by Inger Culver City up another president an array okay our city-by- ingre ku top in the cochlea play by Parker than a chair columns are on they were a positive when garage and cooked at Panera Arkin president Arthur Camus not even gonna pay rich nakute Italian president another Allah Sarna kupuna Maria de pasar Cooper Poland – PO no way free of company no no ah p.m. updated on along Whittaker and we took an opportunity a person a what I have deans honor for something was auntie Cassandra me elaborate and the voting machine patty and is reasoning either none that I'm gonna purity or Amana Ruby Shama on a dime Mercer at the chroma Ptolemy tan and Indra dying lil Terrio I think we have learned Oliver in this elope an array and the process when they be lovin do your group with you wonder they even had agreed a project leader over a naughty IAT particular doctorate formula a little longer and they be in there okay alarm you know so the partner day he pommel a periphery where ever your pretender on the first one Carolyn harmonica got all red let them go you know good addresses to top ye first when they were union election to use firaga they're worth an approver paternity romba successful on the day you need people gramo participated robo honest are the punters didn't take the prom on Carla Cartman Agha under Kerala curtain watch and the facilities for naga other ones the opposition caravan they either when the not total Bailey and open trunk oriented fortunately and our nature how workers shackled up from the linear in the number no I am on is gone one day another little Coco eMeter Anglican and JFD intake at Emory now gonna let the cumin it's the manga honking a written way to another and an apple for the Robo buyer we don't have point were they buy on Murray Nagas effectively telling me if Allah no civilized way that okay how Papa younger arguing for the election yes put it on during a para now and the election commission depandi Rajiv Gandhi my father nearly very passive the Chairman you from Pune okay path to your modulus amelioration later kitchen article even the I'm gonna Dakota plain relevant even for hunger and a Rajiv Gandhi the pilot okay how or the what worry okay even though they were already able you know his moves Acadian indistinct machine equipment either in start front of the car use for no other one or more narrow friend Manuel got the install panatela pre-work contradictory licinia okay but watching on you know when plain roti correct you're so not catalyzing can you put her behind some mark a very handsome bird her kappa 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haven't gone I took in bombers in Europe upon a sonic you know the younger and I used when you can go on it are the Kanyakumari to a nunnery Surrey Korean a night trainer on the every could it be I was in the or the Kuti – into a room okay are the other cannot point than a partner to build a okay come on Cyril acting but England the timeline the shooting and Aloha Mahalo here common Wonderlic Roman era III okay you might respond additional lothario okay so another an hour hour actor without a friend more than Pokemon peso and the etiquette or period actor image in langoria way our friend as my the peso Nanak we're in a film or the shooting clamp waiting air whether in money return should pernari okay in the paramilitary or ground a permit and Pyrmont @lk okay either company their anger I should write routing Amitabh Bachan awareness Abhishek Bachchan shooting guru a guru a decaying up i united greater than Ronnie okay upon Dena I said I heard a person on Sonic Alicante r-rajim in and I should be introduced pannu Terry I would bet the record I walk under um a couple of was no control again now put it on your pocket lock under then Murray hello Anton hang up a central manga in would love to know so Nina day no no garlic chinder Islam bromanor her DNA he put our love Annette King guarantee every angle was it a parachuting Argentine painter sonic or we're very a llama I know Andy anaconda cinema elemental guru Maharaja near lavender preeminent gay bar hot area material Orion order clock sujeto said in Iran the time laughs he didn't acquire and shooting over okay are the company against an England I'm memory I should write get a face may I get a the loss on next so no such in beta in Whitley one day Shankara on the Nordica the word Potter to Cooper a boy – reporter Cooper a okay Alcor pie in a theater care obtain scenario Oh apnea and Nala act penitent a payaso loo goblin array a prologue money returned order product given the function on cooter under requirement upon gore per year many initiatives are not pack an alarm on the pee pocket okay a poor money serves on Aurelius are a convict are late it wha can you put change me 8012 listener it on the panic or even deny own are upon EI pursue the signet an aunty neither Aniston direct our opponent Lacanian wah Priya medical Esther can get a lil a non-directional sounder canada kailash temple and keen on direction thunder K AB Denari obvious are you travel time a pro original surname the pea Allah through soon will come Parker's gay mingi shank Rita saloon Dina what are you Shankar an opera and the Pinot cutter I want salt on the nos and a direct progress on our Lenny they just just like 22 Papapa gonna have dinner on the muscle none late so they said that player curry boy party – what are your testicle Nina and the party here Oh Nona I worked and the pain is are cheating on him but he left now direct brother than I one day ready you know putting on Lilian the character Nina correct an Apogee any so then our see that then for money so not contain either pack away lay there a turning point in my life in decide when the money comes out could even deny reopening velvet paneer come here I'm gonna end up a cooler name Nemeth relationship in the day a little bit of work process Patrick engli a shooting failure a war your target area with our other mass spec line one is nothing upon the daily Parker very okay daily around dramatic or over a one the mantra Monica over it when they're two up in our coverage is panic could upend and the mantra many key in an apparent release up for a more dramatic dr. curtain hangin in the time will you could cannot take up our critical can a soprano take any key they must we do say couldn't let us off proven Eric from a Mira Mesa providing daily when the path it we deliver our up our sonar even they eloquently are not a product like Bundy trigger a when they our quandaries support well Monica finally an accord faces their cone how the corridor complete a daily mantra manic on the top but not a mnemonic power so Jennifer would have RK on the part of my dick light on the Maria and the Mariana particle don't where is it so Sujata said apart Amanda Lake cinematic Lana yeah hot panel are Quyen the hero not a child in a lot we are direct panel our house why smell and the career any simple person I know so artistically Leterrier there you know there is very power half is pawel somebody that a passing a particular other solitary small mail room bossy remarketing if this already now and already cardigan away and then without the border Nikita now okay Sujatha bouquet to the predecessor for them where our third anomaly I'm did at one of the Telamon day oh no need to worry ritalin we're a night if you were an addict in we're ready printer the vergis oil Neddy can run the whole salon immersion we take prasada animal shape are they Martha out really thin number order with Maria each engine array how could I even the Cali money then release haven't yelled are we clear up Amalia Annamarie dr. Hollis what if I sort of to convey that so just as a courtesy of backbone apartment engine hum and the intern repair a window Sujata said what the synovium I'm in the time low and I'm the partner book put this on over attempt in a rowboat on the pond robbed infirmary and we should turning a kale you've got a night now and this morning I and I mean to me no way they're Korean mini repair at the particular blog Graeme Park and the valuable part of guru vaak their engineering a flow from me for feel burning her padam Munir the community Sujata Cerrone am the donger upon the Shanker's are you making a loud whooshing Yolanda sharpening Tangela 11 okay the part of on the room or part of the country out of the scene Rico Yin out of Coronel interior okay I was the moon burn a porno I'd open your desk in Solano so dialogues not going to cut per unit then upon Wonga I think we've seen that I generate hundred particle at the copper hospital Twitter okay so Bucky agenda there anymore each anger anaconda size Patil adjusted yet an eleventh robbery the kangaroo done tell him and cuddle and threonine taqaddas another level Erica deputies not in here I add paneer career Rajinikanth erect paneer Cardona three Anika you know they enter an article on the rangas key obtain over Kosuke on the Pedro chil bong yeah I think open area Turkish far soiree see Monica do and the Shankar's are in the che 22 ever gonna be very much you know everyone to college per ticket junk friends alive Wilkins a even a mathematics is run by interesting okay okay class Clemente and them is the court on about any Airport abortion you are only having friends that I'm a very conscious and go ski now machine pain marry Franco happening parish stronger oh I know every quantity I'm a friends'll America skin a GoPro Vanga okay father when they were Shankar it doesn't leave output okay sorry the Roman America in the very bridge climbing so let Kangana que toman Altaria and the pirate Connecticut so genocide with the buying our fans are now in the an area fenced area leg 11 the approach niganda some of the fans for Team India a path the machine will absorb any machine fancy later not an assault rare okay brother one do for your money real Connie would Marilla but the money on a bus Lanka day I think it when the tracker partner at work well in an ardent Amano on the resonate placing another warp I am undone gate okay garage break European butter cake come on Dakara Tecna he our panel the marina Condor co2 road record buying a fanny pack hunter que habría quando countries now Sarah non-stop down to support boat o pretty-pretty opera unless Aria period Anna would put send really Shalini tying Basilica really funny poem Bianca stop right thank you to korean upon salary and the pioneer in capacitor what about room Loper tiptoe now you dope a hundred yard area da da no siree an angle already an alcohol a Lincoln Carla errands are over coffee fruit n pie in coffee kurta a prom and approach it can gator on the pie ever carry with you no pay surveillance and appreciate can get a lesser of the my friends could a challenge went to in there now Sujatha Zara party – I need to put over the coin Devereaux know I've really come doo-wop rehearse a happy another a rhombic or kumite you know the book perch in there then pond indiscretion in Xela now coup through pay me one day in order we tick whether a on the time so we're entirely I won't know now over search an upon or the cool today wait one Allah purchase him on the console youngster and the Pine Grove are now gotta get I important kurta can and get a other night late Monday in it when they know in the body in order fair Elena cord another particular permit a home below de ferran sold it was obtained Mary partners and Guatemala they are they America with a corporate check well wrong go whatever more Moline RT the conference comes in longer I think even a select print Donatella I won't go kike syllabic upon important manga under your only Joshi everyone no matter and I lay a poet overture on get tangled along go to Tonga caisson opana Guatemala till P 1 then the Parata office lacustrine now what I get is unwind of the reply meeting our sonar he and the valium Changa no I didn't personally monopoly and the product longer taboo other come on the company moon turnip or have the include monitoring for period problem one upon a car okay everyone the our cleaver advice another Power Company level or upon say kiddo turnover got a sick be return engagement trip on Convention having a talk on pace for our on the our caterer other in the flat three-bedroom flat team dinner are you are dinner other ones in the building crouton ordinaire personnel Rangarajan when they and the frightened of wine courted a six-bedroom amid Chicago Nabokov are you panic lon Corona by the lower corner edge Twitter for a panic attack our Dom I enter a server and I'm a wine column every name in goodness Honore I'm worried kurtik casa para the near me and worried cada unwind am nah I don't wanna marry me a Sony edenia rahmani-r mere come on Ellen re me went on an aircraft the Rumba well the mere make an American his pocket I never Conde Karen cheekbone Alberto scum chica material multiple mansion Korean guru Mukhi entrada ok-kk room is very similar and Red King UK today Mariano Vander Ivanka pocket Iman today Sunday any key on the pond in the Shona parabola actor er in the left I wanna Kalyan Mulligan oh okay Jenny can get but penny tango every when they got past manga and I apart literally in the pony preponderance arrived in premier cooked witch's honor a memory cinema were the very nerdy hundred Mohammedan and chica there well can the good together Team Rocket jay bondrock Pentagon on the grassland Sanjeev Arora Laemmle or upon want a cinema is another other a primary partner their work Ramon bikini particular mono coroner leaving the cinema hotel available the top of listen diem Chandler at Emory Kingdom address under get your opponent near poor neck how about this data receive I got a map buddy credible or not and the canova develop our Marshman today I wonder – no go página can yemeni cannot separate obtain t whatsoever sooner my MP america alert all know they are dead without three are they in Canela virtue on the Pentagon's neurabic are taunting a probe on the pani poni pro on the mo I'm gonna get your Gator in a problem love America lap over put it on the notch in their lung quite unknown and upon married I want the memory solid Cassata proposed a topic rotate obtain a person a river one day being psychiatrist apart and there are daily heard could have our own the Poonam under par no a preventive treatment recruit on quadric a upper your poor upper on the pune more than it did check okay I would reward him sell at that time on the card is he car like a Tamela so just a salad thinking in our in the math revision along with it a dilemma of peace not it flower other tea with me personally okay however how are going to the hospital poor entremet arrival they get typically a virgin paella our Garcia Rico or as pathetic mother over Rico dictate para terminar motorcade Caleb a little kid or a magazine okay okay how are you I put my positive I don't think bone soiree on there were solid communities you did correct first to bypass potty chair and K here a paper tree by anybody ever did okay yeah nom the rhombic available okay I'm the last a long marketing a mantra which angles on are a memory or scenario there are faster bypass furniture remember we're not abandoning a personal koala prodigal now to Paul Martel why put her there updates on array on and the lasting poacher Rebecca martyred an exterior other living yeah something connect solitaire let number on the pyramid near the director after the courtesy time low because numeric compañía de capital in the vision a grownup American up dinner Maria de ne Albuquerque it nothing it's a la la however when the corner draw our delicious panettone get a chopper a lot bobland diabetic Colonel no sugar no salt and nothing from a brand supreme really under Murray or are softer operator nurse Sutra I cylinder nice Lucas optometry entangle upon abandon the was just dinner than honey and the mock-up talent condo what are you on a rhombus or prepare a police operation grab dinner a Sabra Monica mercenary and pre-cleared a sample prevail a plenary a purikura to be your apart I lost interest in life from dinner customer with it and I in happened a couple of dinner again economy our economy amperes per hour defiantly candy by Mick Avory collated the color and opacity in a novel by anger one anonymous patron me poor me and ignore in the clan were trained peers in the class after at least I read a brain and press open in ammo its it ran the technology line llama for it is every manga remover at the porno our ladder under time la moneda managed for me over company when they hear a rumble customer yes all the way you know or Korean didn't on 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reading male person annual then the book on cultura the pathologist addiction Roberta yes IndieGoGo birth rewatch adam container anything shocking early in a Anglican Maria corner in America mainly cobalt anaconda reading another part of my life when I click one day is a Perrier with she my liquor it Elena mint America knock on underwear on Elena good the Perry wish my let's go Martin go okay don't wanna River an array we shingle don't make it an arcade on the tear injector before me ambassador something as in page Rita behind with Qantas Levin panic in Quebec open-angle County for bhai notes thank you for ACS to do yes a rule and spawn be idols presents the king and queen subscriber of be I do in the contest enough you know the running or the hard for subscriber or follower of pi/2 o'clock Nene then I'll order a hardcore subscriber or follower of bi into cleaning well this detail diagonally to what's up on up wording here you know what's up and of India number enough you know the patina nine double zero three zero one nine triple zero nowadays the letter they are based on a star on the dancers pondering below is another behind it's a particular cell phone during low a saloon and spa where a room would have free makeover and an order to water the war me or named another go ah make our none of the knows both a night in the hospital in the face Sheila's and the bleaching is eating my tralala on a makeover love Andrew so it not enough wanna know yes knee or the Tamar Tom of behind using the subscribe on long other say this screenshot you Anglican Korea and BN would say then a little particular than the message ending I'm sitting in a lacunae Sawalha soap on Tesla participate burning on the lucky winners Ning glow model arm in the video by beregovoy buffed out filaments dude learn from the Masters

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  2. Sujatha sir influences still there with you mam, your way of sharing exp also like story telling.. Legend

  3. Don't know why…I had tears when she finally shared about his hospital days…both sujatha are divine soul…my father is big fan of sujatha…he passed away recently…he used to talk about his books a lot…my dad is also very nermai person💟

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    Both Mr & Mrs Sujatha may be diametrically apposite personalities with different interests. It seems so.

    Nevertheless, Mr.Sujatha should have been very fortunate to have such a person as his wife.

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  19. Kadavull raajiyathil Nallavargal yellaam kashtapaduvadhai kadavul rasikkiraarpolum, Yen wifeum indha maadhiriya Sujathavaipol Kashatppattudhaan poiserndhaal, Idhu vinaipayan yendraal avargalukku , nallavargalukku vidhivilakku irukkalaame,Paavam Sujathavum avar manaiviyum, Naan ipoodhu andha nilaimayil dhaan irukkiren

  20. Anchor ..very sweet..long way to go.. knowledgeable n also humble.

  21. சுஜாதா உங்கள் இழப்பு பேரிழப்பு.

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