✵𝐌on𝖘ter✵Poem by DharmaTheKitty💗

Hello Guys! Welcome back to another video on my channel! If you’re new Welcome! Subscribe to join the #DharmaFamily ! If I seem a little like off these couple of weeks, which I haven’t been posting. There’s been alot of stuff going on.I needed to take a Hiatus..I don’t know what it’s called?¿ But it’s when animators, or creators take a break.Really Quickly! This video isn’t gaming. I put a poem a long time ago about 6 or 7 months ago. Some of you know, and some of you have no idea what I’m talking about..and I was told to take it down.By who do you ask, by my own father. And what is the reason..well it’s because this poem is about him.So hey! If you’re listening to this, i hope this finally makes you understand, that you are no longer at all, ahold of me no longer at all, ahold of me.Why are you so harsh to your father?This poem will sum it up. This poem will sum it up.It’s not all specifically all “grammatical”. Just..flat out heart honest.H..onest in the heart is what I’m saying.I can’t even speak right now.Thisss poem is called Monster.I hope you have a great day!>3 And I’m gonna get right started.. Good person I thought..was wrong blinded by all along. Why cause pain, lies..fake feelings never had for me..I looked up to you..wasted my time, you didn’t care that I’m alive that I’m alive…if you did when will you spend time with me, kid teen, adult..,elder…,dead..never…it seems you were never there, dead,alive,i’m still not your real treasure, money,mansions,traveling,millionaire.. is all you’ve ever wanted..when the greatest thing can slip from your arms..and be gone…for good….do you want that dad….

7 thoughts on “✵𝐌on𝖘ter✵Poem by DharmaTheKitty💗

  1. Hey may I ask a question do you get ad revenue and could u try flee the facility

  2. felt like he was right there and you said it right at his face. Good job 😀

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