【 Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony 】 Prologue – Anime Visual Novel Live Stream Part 1

hey everybody what's going on and welcome to the neon cave my name is Tom this guy over this place now we just have a whole ton of fun playing rough one do we finish that I'm going over to done nothing around the three anime we broke there Charlie not gonna you did wait we didn't break it we didn't break it a name like wait a lot of fun but we did have a lot of fun we played the ultra despair girls as well and now we're picking up just finished our anime slumber party of anime our doctor rumpa three further ado let's do it let's just jump into I want to see what this game has to offer I want to get into some new waifu why he poos muck you mean only Mackey only Mackey at all no and we just finished the demo and that was a wild a wild ride so yeah get it oh I have to load the state as a ISO mode or demo file okay it should be there wait hi we load demo file Oh No load this may be the last one oh yeah if you load data from a double version you'll unlock special reward load em oh yes stop this stall stall whoa I think you're playing the demo version you'll receive green 30 mono coins nail brush present and machine-gun skill okay cool which voice language would you like to use we're gonna go English for our first time yeah what up twitch chat how are you guys hello Chad waffle 201 Elspeth I think the color this King got yeah blue we got yo Dex x1 family minimalist minimalist okay Oh are we going me chat like to see me suffer hey and chat likes to see me suffer so we're going to kind because I can't see Ron follow me I don't know anyway what you're gonna do that you should only some more choices but more rewards thrilling chaotic action but more rewarding game started yeah well it's gonna be sick right pesto so you know Chris Bob everybody the ep-3 anime made to way mo – my dear boy yes Queen I love ji-suk kind of come across Queen story not over all your problems the killing you yeah I have too many kids killing game killing you yeah team danganronpa that was fun it's got realtor matches like everything starts with nothing no light no sound no form no voice no knowledge of Who I am Who am I Who am I I don't know I extend a hand a hand that belongs to no one to take hold of my existence we came out of the closet it was tomorrow my name is Kate Papa Johnson I just remember who I am nice to meet nice to meet oh yeah oh yeah ultimate revival Calle a Komatsu I think it's a hyperbolic sleep chamber ah yes ah yes oh no I can't get the menu yet as soon as I can't get the menu I'll change it I stumbled out of the locker in a daze but as soon as I did I fell on the floor I couldn't even brace for impact as blinding pain suddenly rushed through my head oh but thanks to that pain I went from days to annoyed real quick real quick where am I wait what is this place I rubbed my throbbing forehead yeah this is definitely gonna leave a bomb I looked around classroom yeah this is a classroom all right but I don't recognize it what am I doing here routers at their desk but it's future clay future personal Wi-Fi personal Wi-Fi is the future personal Wi-Fi is this a dream I just have to pinch myself right ha that's the sound of pinching cheeks a pair of Jesus she's like a rubber yeah I name's Dave rubber rubber eyes but all that day was making my head hurt in two places it's been one whole day okay hold on a sec let's just try to stay calm and think this through confused as I was I tried to remember how I ended up here but no matter how hard I tried in the end I just couldn't the other that locker suddenly the locker next to mine started swaying and shaking making all kinds of noise as I fearfully turned around the locker slowly open then Oh shoo HUP we're gonna mess this room up together a normal boy dressed in a school uniform do you say that yeah I'm a specific this room and a mile we're gonna we are a.cian kinda we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna make a mess of the destroy hmm maybe lover's quarrel so they call it a normal boy dress to school uniform in fact he might be a high school student too he looked the wildered and when he slowly lifted his head he screamed is this we just seen a monster he fell on his butt and stood it back who are you were you with those other guys the people who kidnapped me wait am i what are you gonna do to me hold on I firmly gripped his shoulders what's your name I'm Shuichi Sahara yeah I'm Qaeda ah Komatsu now listen to me shuichi shut up you're not the only one who's confused right now [Laughter] you take that come back up okay up to you that's if you stir the fun up fun up yeah stir the fun out you're the fun okay sorry after making him shut up and I retracted more step Retreat retreat Kyra's forceful I like it good night look at that face of authority there just mmm-hmm thinking you're gonna soon enough that's right I was kidnapped too I shouted for help but no one came to rescue me SUV no it's a van certainly a van good the the sliding door so scary what they messed up with though van has windows you need the windows Lander gonna kidnap children there they're totally like that's right when I woke up I was inside that locker same with me will be kidnapped by the same people seems like why me my family's not rich and I have no one special I'm no one special I'm just a normal high school girl tomorrow is that you yeah but wait a minute she doesn't even have music notes in her hair she does it you're right okay there's no reason to kidnap me okay me either I'm just a regular guy and life is a nightmare and this is a school right why do they take us to a school I wonder why hey there I'm sure you're confused right now you're thinking where am i well I can't explain that but I can give a basic explanation of the controls move your mouse because you control the reticle on the screen when you have a target your sight to left-click to investigate hold down right click to move the mouse to adjust your view you can also press the spacebar to smack objects around who knows you might just find something amazing could even be a boat always press the Q key to return objects to the original position so relax however not every object can be moved thank you for understanding if you press the Enter key a mysterious investigate power will activate sorry I know it's a lot of information investigate this place thoroughly that's how you forgot the story yeah no you should fully investigate this area first okey-dokey but first damn I can't go the menu yet why not f one two three nothing angry does this control system feet there you go no more dewpoint hockey before I think it's that form of I just can't get to the menu damn it enter that sounds new sure let's go hey Tess who knew how are you slap slap slap yes oh yes oh yes we will don't worry the outside the world of the windows covered with a greeny and barbed wire why are the school windows covered in barbed wire oh whoa this is it from the demo I can hit all the things in the demo what no you can oh you get clean yeah what they're like that it's very very small whoa okay hey Betty I know all right unite our work here is done let's get out of here investigato everything oh well mystery solved the mastermind was the desk all along and now we get out of here get out of here crazy sanguine just got to chapter three that is impressive in only 12 hours damn get smacked we woke up inside these lockers but why were these lockers why are we in these lockers in the first place that's a blackboard right every classroom has one but this blackboard board is also an LCD screen that's something you don't see every day except you know it Nick yep this is a monitor nothing's being displayed right now seriously though what is it it seems really out of place here also wicked sound system wicked sound system sweetie like I taste a successful Oh a friendly you know what I mean like back in the 60s it used to be like an affirmative but tab by tap no now it's 2017 it's a new year every more of a couple I I don't I don't think the cup is the right way to do it I don't everyone has their own style I'm more about a quick little backhanded tap a little you know take a moment think I'm sorry I shouted at you right now no it's okay I shouldn't have yelled at you hey anyway this place is weird you don't think we got caught up in something bad to you what gave you the verse in what's going on what have we gotten ourselves into where am i why was i kidnapped who kidnapped I don't understand this at all but that doesn't matter at least for now hey let's just get out of here as fast as we can and find some help yeah good idea they both seem so normal right now it's weird we ran as fast as we could to the classroom door you opened it with all our strength but then is that mono kid you owe me 270 oh so cool hiding over here Oh turn around turn around oh why would I turn around in your head no there was coming at you though that's pretty cool wonder oh oh oh it's like so my god I'd love behind it what am i doing I've watched enough hentai to know oh Jesus wow I did not expect this at all this is wild whoa go that way over here yeah all right peace out Girl Scout okay we're going very very cool when are those things good question to the gym okay yo era r'ragh as we frantically drove towards the door we saw something we never expected to see bunch of kids chillin arrived they all look so normal redesigned Oh God so young hey thank you very much Ali Bear for subscribing to the channel and Matt Matson appreciated oh my god me who looks wholesome look at her she doesn't look like a hentai at all what is this world I don't know if I want to live in this world I heard uniform is wildly different for everyone else's oh look at Maki in the back I'm a baby baby see she's watching over everyone from the back she wants to make sure she can see everybody that she can take care of them she's just that thoughtful yeah put it in the butt what hmm what my kids in the butt in the butt what what in the butt you want to put it in a bright you want what enter but did you all get chased by that monster too oh yeah what are they what do they want with us oh I'm like who was that but I know who that is do you want me to check on what's happening you can't go it's too dangerous out there it's so blue you know it's likely that monster still looks nearby wait I shouted atop of my lungs who are you guys and why am I here and that makes 16 you Lulu that's all of us right I'm talking about us there are 16 of us all high schoolers what do you think that means killing you if I miss teen high schoolers I've never locked in a like a place with 16 other people I'm like you started killing game you start looking around to see who is easier to lose the who's the weak link mm-hmm careful that one's a mage Oh silver bagel we stopped here I don't want to see them die and they all lived happily around the gym right didn't answer your question my name is grant ro mom I'm sorry let's leave it at that for now what oh um okay you know anyway why does it matter if there are 16 of us there might be more coming nah I think this is all of us if this is what I think it is anyway if this is what you think it is whoa what do you something know-it-all you know something spit it out it was at that moment an unknown voice suddenly echoed throughout the jail okey quiet everyone Jimmy down Jimmy down no no no it's simmer down shimmy down huh huh who's that washing machine shimmy shimmy holy shit Oh Oh different than the mono Club the puns are strong in this game he's gonna be unbearable ah we're barely gonna survive this one I don't think any of us have the right to bear arms Wow are you serious there's these aren't monsters they're X's all their highly mobile bipedal weapon platforms Metal Gear should we take these first spin by killing one of them oh don't sign coming it wouldn't be any fun picking on playing good-for-nothing commoners you're right we should well we should at least think of an interesting way to kill you maybe I'll pick you up and squeeze you – you got scum cushon are gushing out like toothpaste please not like toothpaste then what if we start peeling off their limbs one by one like string cheese he's in that video that guy who's like five people like attacked him really good video oh wait we can't kill him dick the stalls according to the schedule the exits off aren't supposed to show up until later but we're in exit salt right now oh so we are we screwed up we're not supposed to be in the exit sauce for our first appearance yeah I told you we should have read the script different in there well why don't we just get out of these mix it shouldn't be too late for that okay yeah let's do it okay ready that is writable now is in credit I was intense incredible it's so incredible I don't even know if I'd be Madison with it that's me fourth wall no not here no no hey Jim hey how are you taking the extended lunchbreak yeah they do have so hard see we're at the exercise now we're not scary anymore right right his desperation of strangers terrifying your punk asses better brace yourselves and he's just outright terrifying I'm a messenger from Hell from the depths of Hell here to drag you down to hell no no ma no kid you're saying hell so much as ruining the hellish cry impact hey what's all these stuffed animals how are they moving no idea on top of that it seems like they're calling themselves the mono come on oh wait you guys call yourselves the mono Huff's no really good I'm really well though I really like mono dad boys wait for you oh don't bother asking mana damn he only talks to close friends the years of abuse have really done a number to his heart isn't that right MA no damn bad Romano Prodi on again we already know what your heart looks like I was right this is exactly what I thought it was but who's behind all this and why the ridiculous theatrics shut up follow you Yala reacted way too normally for this isn't boring actually don't their clothes seem kind of boring too hey wait a minute do you think maybe they haven't been given their first memory yet huh that's that before they woke up thanks to my question if you guys are the mono hub then who el you Punk's through we're just wondering do you guys have ultimate talents or anything like that I don't have one I have a skill that I devote myself to but I wouldn't call that an ultimate talent either I don't think I have anything like that yeah same here I knew it they haven't gotten their first memory yet weren't you in charge of that ha ha ha ha ha she's sleeping did she seem really tired to you guys she's obviously faking it huh boys damn it you got a fully fully admit even if she's faking she looks so peaceful let's whisper so we don't wake her up you say so anyway if you guys are really the mono Cubs then don't worry about us that really is use faster we advanced that these bastards well issue is putting it mildly this is actually a huge problem of threshold use of all forgotten talents and you become generic high school students forgotten see according to the backstory there's this ultimate hunt going on and you've lost all your memories and become different people because the ultimate time well in your current state it's pretty much pointless to talk about talk to you guys about this the first thing we need to do is remember your true selves yeah you need to reclaim your seal talents by regaining your memory how are we supposed to talk when you keep asking to my friggin questions yeah we're not some swift-footed singer who's land in another and future ex-boyfriend that is that Taylor Swift stabbed I am I don't know why there's another future ex-boyfriend Wow listen he just loved so hard what's that movie where she played like the crazy ex all balance in 12 Valentine's Day it was Oh God you know again phenomenal singer yeah not great acting a great lover either well she might be so great that people are like worn out yeah I mean oh my gosh she loves so so good I I can't I can't anymore yeah let's do this already no one wants to watch a bunch of generic high school whiners first we'll update your wardrobe so you guys look off to 50 oh wait what a robot boy I told you he's a real person Oh pension baby Oh believe it out right now [Applause] no no ohh what a robot boy look like before this but Mahou shoujo Han Xin ha ha Oh Doki Doki yo I needed that in my life I didn't know I needed that in my danganronpa but I got it I got it now I need it it's all downhill from here boys game over let's pack it up yep you know what now we can end it yeah what am I wearing good now you look more like all close Ultimates really next up the memories you've been waiting for oh yeah get ready once the seals broken we'll be in the domain of The Killing game now then after the flashback like helps you remember your amazing talent this amazing story will begin for real this time a big ol punch to the groin in battle that's the least Wow wow that was intense yeah yeah yes our first save nice every to safe in this world ponzu I was wondering a sponsor but I didn't really see them with more like a shadow a shining light at our concert it was a shadow of the ponzu we used to know I'm not I'm not counting those upon soo for me no no no that's not the first puncher with this game sailor Kai day hell yeah huh again I stumbled out of the locker two days but as soon as I did I fell on the floor Kathy Lee I couldn't even brace for impact his blinding pain suddenly rushed through my head thanks that pain I went from days to annoyed real quick wait where am i what is this place I've robbed my throbbing forehead yep this is definitely gonna leave a bump I looked around classroom yeah this is a classroom all right but I don't recognize this is this a dream I have to pinch myself right so I pinched my cheek okay but all that did was make my head hurt in two places instead of one okay hold on a sec let's just stay calm and think us through confused as I was I tried to remember how I ended up here but no matter how hard I tried in the end I just couldn't could it be suddenly the locker next to mine started swaying and shaking making all kinds of noise as I fearfully turned around the locker door slowly opened then a boy came stumbling out a boy dressed the school uniform in fact he might be in a high school student too he looked bewildered and when he slowly lifted his head was he the same outfit no he oh how rude don't freak out of me it's not like I'm some kind of monster ah sorry I'm sorry – okay I just have no idea what's going on right now but all the more reason why we need to stay calm Oh giving a PD nominal pay t mm not a gym to pay t number one by Eric satti trying to imagine that sorrowful melody filling your head and soothing your heart oh I got it now there's all Regina's the ultimate penis yeah here we go just all I liked the music notes coming from her okay now we're on new timeline teddy bear you know it's a monster you can not get freaked out about this I don't think she was talking to you you humans are all real monsters for calling us monsters although if we are the monsters at least we're pretty monsters I agree I'm glad I was born these looks I definitely won the genetic lottery are they why are they talking aren't they just stuffed animals we're not oh we're not mono Cubs we're the stuffed animals you're saying your lines backwards no stuffed animals us the model Cubs them worse now mana cups oh you've heard of us no of course not I've never seen walking talking stuffed animals as soon as I said that these mono cup things start looking at each other and had me worried there for a second well that Tong you Oh oh my god what a Tong dude oh what a dumb dude Oh worried about wife I don't leave Stan what's going on all right let's tackle each issue one at a time you're so damn reliable Montero he's like a Sith a sixth-grader helping out a fifth-grader which means we should keep our expectations reasonable well what's your question I have loads of questions but for starters where are we this looks like a schools okay so this place is called the ultimate Academy for gifted dreamin Isles ultimate Academy predicted juveniles ultimate Academy I've never heard of a place like that of course you'd happen this school was made for you sixteen pretty sixteen yeah there are 16 ultimate in this school huh Ultimates well you know what ultimate are right the government scouts them through this program called the ultimate initiative basically means you're particularly prodigal like okay so yeah right that's a that's a tricky word Virginia's religious religious because it's prodigal cottages prodigious in a particular talent so so basically the alternate initiative exists to cultivate talent throughout the country promising students are eligible to receive all kinds of special handouts it's like preschool tuition loading privileges eligibility to running for elected office even gets a grant money to write nice students chosen by the alternates you differ known as alternates hell yeah students would do anything for an honor being chosen ultimate I don't need excellent you already know because I'm melting to what that means you've got to remember this time so don't forget getting what your ultimate talent is such a waste what do you mean forgetting these shut up quit yappin get started already get started with what my exploring this Academy of course also because you guys are gonna do an activity together later awesome I got a rager right now well then hahaha I thought I was like oh my god oh you too yeah I I didn't want to bring it up I thought it might be a little strange to them model kids got one I got one you got one everyone got one no it gives me a rager the word prodigiously yeah did you see I've got a raging four digits right now yeah yeah chat chatting school who's got a rager right now who's got rate who's got a raging we've got a rager I've got a rager Paper Mario for some reason they left but I still so many questions hey this isn't a dream right no but I wish it was anyway we have to find a way out of here but they said that there are 16 ultimate students here but does that mean he's one too why no menus slap fight Oh yeah you like that desk yeah nope I'm well me monetize that degrade your boys my razor was so cute hashe or 1-800 are you slapping my room many slaps don't move guys we are gonna be doing a second stream at 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. – I set a reminder for that so go now yeah oh yeah oh and by the with all the sponsors as we're approaching our next emoji soon I think we're three away or so in the dis porch at there's a choice selection of new emojis and a poem don't waffle a gecko and ankle ankle dinner for when all those two Jenna degenerate males show up are you a student also we're doing a giveaway oh yes I forgot about me – yeah hi we did not bring that at some point in the near future we're going to be giving away a $25 brave baby bass oh I just ejected itself our gift card dispenser um that you can use receive to put towards the game or in it we did this one you can do for any I guess you can use anything I mean you can buy ponies come by nope don't like or don't do that so we're gonna be doing a drone no let us buy you porn the only qualification you need to enter the draw is to be subscribed and have typed in the chat and so we'll call it out before we do it but it will be happening very soon and then we'll will private message you for you to do the whole thing well yeah and then next ring we have another one to give away so tune into that and and Friday Friday is the big one and that's going to be a one hundo dollar scheme card which you can use for any the dispenser give no warning that you can use to buy the game if you so choose oh no a lot of people said they wanted to buy the game of things but they don't so we wanted to give away we're going to get back yeah will and all you need to do is be subscribed that's it with notifications on yeah yes yeah yes pick those things yeah so we'll let you know woman could be some time for Jimmy I need money my children how about users robot me Android is very good very good very good people Avenger Dracula's are to us and it's the grand finale of donggun week yeah yeah made possible by android yeah i burger on twitch at you bring me via YouTube chat for it oh yeah that's where I bought lips exactly so – wait you have are all the power to you if you want to enter we would love to have you interview we prefer that you enter so please hit it up we need real suddenly do one pull those 31 more and then Friday is when we're doing the game giveaway yes Duncan week for Duncan well so milk bunks Amy Andrews best boy yeah yeah I start that sucking up early that's that's a good stretch good stretch Thanks yeah it's picking the winner amazing no I don't have the credentials to call myself detective yet I just happen to solve a case that I came across and now people call me that hey psycho don't worry we have a second stream coming up real close real boat real close real super ultimate penis penis well no one calls me the other penis but I usually just piano free Oh ah there it is okay not enough fix we fixed it with everybody don't worry don't worry don't worry it has been I'm just gonna go play chapter 2 what stream later I'm gonna say it's definitely my favorite dr2 date enjoy oh we will job it quick the intro we're all over the place we got double amnesia died reset reset we haven't left fill our opening bid I wonder that was our secret scene from the demo I don't know hey lady be öktem hey dirty bitches just want to say hi bitches Actium lady FDM lady yuk yuk you dirty bitch no you don't you're gonna say that to me Oh ladies word you don't own that word we don't have a good one it's like bastard I've seen but it's I know but it's like dick suck dick your dick female dog no that's a male cat his dog yeah that's what I believe kid okay we're moving on sometimes Judy gives you boobs and guy this case here we give her a nose haha she really did win the genetic lottery she got both boobs and nose christmas came early oh I love her but this is my first time meeting another ultimate stupid dog well Ultimates are scattered all over the country the difficult applies even so there are 16 students gathered here now why is everyone here where we kidnapped if so then is some organization out there trying to kidnap all the ultimates hey ah about that I don't remember huh you don't remember I've been trying to remember it but I can't no matter how hard I try I have no idea how I got here when I woke up I was in that locker I don't know how I got there it's like that memory just fell out of my head same here huh no I'm trying so hard to remember whoo okay I'm sorry what are we gonna simulation again I hope not alena boob jokes real mature guys and don't worry you can do more but does she beat yaki I'm not know not well yeah you know yeah we gotta spend more denial you got to spend some time love you guys spend some time and maybe then you'll find love I will possess her heart what happened are you okay what's wrong no it's fine I just got a headache that's all man memory manipulations like all over the place in the series but I think like I hope that each chapter and we unlock a little more it seems you know with the flash of memory restoration I like the idea of exploring new locations that's happened each time Cathy quinces that we both don't remember what happened to us I'm sure it's nothing to worry about it's probably not a big deal we're confused we just need to relax oh let's imagine mortise travels Sun exponent e sauna team I gotta brush up my music appearance is that music I don't really know much about music I could raheem an 88 saying that I only can move above the text there's like faces here and then there's also faces that are over there and then there's face is way over there so this is the best spot for us to be as tested in the demo and we will be reading at the I see that's unfortunate when we get out of here I'll share it with you but first sip let's look for a way out and if there are other ultimate students here which talk to them to at least one of them who's got to know something right yeah good idea obtain friendship fragments no longer hope fragments friendship pregnant you can leave the room by pressing escape feet or interacting with the door even though it's a hallway there sure are a lot of plants growing around here and the air here is heavy impressively heavy as if forcing you to recall your fears smothering you and anxiety but this is just a school right what kind of school makes you feel like this I just felt something in the pocket of my uniform and when I looked family men that found this inside it's some kind of mini tablet computers oh maybe I have one too my backpack though the word mano pad is written on it when does this get my back like McDonald's yeah them ma you want oh Mack BAC mono hat Mick mommy can hack the mono Mack mono Matt come on a pad mana school wanna Cubs mano-a-mano Geass that allows you to order one of flashlights nucleosis I don't know what it could be used for but I don't think we should throw it away let's just hold onto them for now yeah I agree maybe congratulations you can now use the mana pad press the F key to open the mono pad it's got tons of game information in it stuff like the report card and map be sure to check it out and if you got a sharp eye you may have already noticed by getting closer to your fellow students your report card will be updated with content since you are now acquaintances of mr. Tsai Hara his informations aren't even addict and I bet you're also already notes you can level up by performing actions when you level up your skill slots increased so you can put even more skills there are a lot of skills to view them in the report card if you want skills make friends strengthen your bonds be sure to test out all the skills also there's one more important thing to tell you you can save and load the game from the handbook make sure you save all the important stuff well then off you go find your classmates locate them sincerely system Oh F isn't a commander Oates f1 ace typo sniffles six six six things are following on Twitch and Korean symbols thank you thriving on YouTube okay this thing yeah yeah there we go yeah movement Bob do we want to have some Bob or do we want to do they would know donger Rafah me on controls ooh boy that was a lot of a lot of setup an exposition that's a ton of exposition now we're in this what's next scene more excision dammit oh well we're gonna get reacquainted with everybody oh you got a gift so you got a little let's make one in the gift oh all right we we got this stuff from the demo yeah I missed it Oh a brush for painting nails beautifully with this anyone can make their nails sparkle like magic you can give it away but something good might happen to keep it hint hint nudge nudge we're also mano richard review the report cards for each student at the academy let's take a look at Street 5 7 128 what I can't get in here dislikes gossip what does the detective you should whoa now I remember I want to ask what game did you guys uh the most characters Oh like the most characters in like for me I only like one person down from one but three characters in danganronpa choo ah there we go um three characters in donger up to two and udg was it Joe Amato and now 8 and B 3 Wow um I think to definitely had more of an emotional impact for me it was longer it was long very long and a lot of time with everybody because I mean like Sonia Chiaki makan green eco he Co was wonderful on the male side yeah hum Gundam yes I mean III think that yeah I'm the same and I mean Quemado totally stole my heart tomorrow yeah there's weren't as many characters and you know there was I mean hi G Heidi's like I was likely like like sub here at hero tier Oh sub hero tier like one step above Monica tier yeah why made maybe yes I'm comparing here to Monica play and I've compared really Monica to Hitler I think I'm pretty sure no no no yeah that yeah like all Hitler jokes in that Monica jokes yeah oh yeah yeah absolutely no I had a really like after terror damn ginger yeah I I don't think that there's a bad character in drama I feel like there are characters that could have been explored a bit more like I think you can we could have a lot more fun yeah but ya know but you don't forget Nagato na kahit it was really great no longer than those he was I like how polarizing is you know love him I I definitely think he was good yeah wild card like that yes and also I just love how he was so like such as character like you could almost predict the crazy that he was gonna do then you know he never disappointed no no every time you expect it it's like one step crazy a little bit what I don't know why I'm here we are wow I'm surprised wow you know I did not think that he would slash both his legs concep a Rube Goldberg machine laugh himself oh no I love like exactly but then he didn't the Rube Goldberg machine with the elaborate ruse to trick us into killing our selves because after the trick us into killing him so we would kill ourselves yes yeah yeah oh yeah yeah and you know we could even kill us very end you never disappointed know they're so messed up you won't open let's look somewhere else you're right but toko is really fantastic and I fell in love with topo times more throughout often spare girls if we're talking about percentage of characters I mean udg has 400 looks like your room bro wait a minute is this the music room geez is any water he won't open but this room does look like it was made for me every time we heard you the first time sigh oh they're here again what do you think this place is check out his fancy smancy writing seems like the place for eggheads isn't this an ultimate research lab are you stupid what the hell why would you tell them we were trying to make it all dramatic what's an ultimate research lab we want you guys to keep owning your ultimate talent so we've set these rooms up for you this is the all fit penis lab but we set up labs for the other Ultimates to a coil actually most of them are still hidden though by the way the reason this research lab is still locked is we're still setting everything up sorry we'll hustle to get it already come on I heard the man Nick Amaru yeah kind of it could be I mean he'll you saying you got the halloumi glasses that's good advice and all but don't you mean to say hold your horses come on Oh kid is such a dummy I love people who mess up phrases like that what are you laughing at I'll bully you like I bully mono damn [Applause] nice little unison there Morgan how are you seems like the music but I guess it's an ultimate lab hey do you think there really are other rooms like this for everyone wonder about that too anyway I thought this was the music room oh well I could play as much piano as I want when I finally escape this place she's pretty great because we're having a protagonist with an ultimate talent for once like we get to see the other side of it you know where everything and everything anything and everything relates the piano because you know she's just so obsessed with piano because it's like piano it's all in the ball they look at it I'd look in his eyes look in its eyes so then which one was it that one Oh what is this looks like a dragon statue tsumugi is just like your too but why is there dragon statue in the hallway no I have no idea maybe it's part of the school's official art collection or something I'm still no idea hey hey you're an ultimate student right can we talk hey hello really really working on it huh what she still can't hear me maybe she's a really detailed mannequin no no I don't think that's what yes you never know we saw a moving teddy bear as I said that I poked her cheek and I felt her skin squished between my fingertip well you pull you pull you please Wow poking her doesn't work either then maybe she's just the doll she looks so real try chichi poke poke just do it it's so fun as I grabbed his hand to make him poke the other cheek Pope from both sides how truly unexpected ha phrasing are we doing phrasing it's not a thing it's a thing okay poke and both sides Serena sometimes gotta get that poked in you know I mean good writing to ji Dragonball reference may be fine genron though she wasn't a mannequin well I knew that wait if you knew that why do baby poker well I didn't mean any harm I was just deep in time I thought if I ignored you you'd go somewhere else look so you were ignoring us um well isn't it rude to force someone to talk to you when they don't want to hey Wow oh but it's fine I feel like talking you know whoa all right now let's talk what did you want to start with my favorite Doraemon episode is 53 the one with security cameras and target practice that's got to be a real episode to altima cosplayer baby Sarina just started playing v3 welcome screen are you surprised I get that a lot since I'm so playing no I mean it sort of makes sense you have the strange almost sexy aura about you I bet it's because you've got people ugly and all your curves on a daily basis huh um Heidi you sound like a creepy old man normally I don't really like people looking at me like that actually I just like making cosplay I'm fine with others wearing this but lately more cosplayers are putting themselves before their characters you're right I'd rather wear my outfits myself with love than given the people like that wow you're tense it makes me happy when I get to show people the outfits I've made and thanks to my sponsors I can use materials that are just plain expensive oh of course the ultimate cosplayer would have sponsors people just crowd around like I'm up and at a zoo so amazing you're pretty much a celebrity you know hey ah is it alright if I ask you something – earlier you looked as if you were thinking hard about something what was it yeah that's right oh yeah we need to ask for that nice job Shuichi yah that bronze dragon statue over there I'm just plain curious about it almost seems like it's floating right doesn't it look pretty out of place now that you mentioned it you're right it sort of bothers me too this is a school right what everything here is so weird isn't it there's trees and grass growing inside and I can't find any exits it seems like we're the only people here actually okay are we gonna be able to get out no oh hi des what's wrong that frightened look on her face is sort of sexy whoo-hoo she's thirsty and kinda it's been like less than an hour you can just you can slow your rolls how she treats an acquaintance oh my goodness hey I just met you and you looks Tracy but here's my number sex on a sexy huh this again I'm just kidding well it's not that big a deal our present situation is our main concern the ones it's over we'll be good and dandy see optimistic hate it like hiding well people do say I'm carefree yeah that's right worrying won't get you anywhere you know it's better to just be careful yeah yeah I guess so being all the press won't help anything yeah maybe the amount of tiny balls and lady boners along cog a gay haha guy gate a friendship fragment some movies report coachman fate updated based on your experience with oh ennopp dated so we actually have a page ok that means gay gay walking wait another video protagonist rate I don't know how'd you know how'd you make Dona and Gundam seem pretty straight to me but but they're not propane Oh nobody Hajime you mad you may have he was he fell for Chiaki and he wanted to be a better man for you know Jackie did nothing wrong you know treat you do you mind waiting here okay yeah I'm sure I meet you in there again don't give me that weird look I'm just gonna check if there's anything inside I doubt there be an excellent adjusting sorry well it seemed pretty normal but it's weird that the plants are growing in thick a merciless la me thank you following that's like that intense the beginning of that intense sci-fi music best like intense i-5 like scariness we're now entering the danger zone danger zone do you have the remote wow this is a really big floor oh this is the floor from the demo okay well the storage room is over there you had James over there to go straight down this way it hit the gym oh it's completely locked off oh okay this is blocked off as well oh no we have what now we gotta go back ma no coins whoa oh this again wait for me please stop come any closer the boy and white is chasing the other boy in the funny clothes what's happening here Ella TJ check trades or there I'm sure this chase is very interesting but I need to I need to take care of this so like it was so fluid in the demo it wasn't like this and like what I don't like is if they actually made this like Oh make it a little more difficulty no this is just mostly the fun flappy part yeah like don't make don't make this task of this useless task well I assume it's gonna serve some sort of purpose later why make it to use it all right the rest will hold a weight huh let me touch your body a little I've always wanted friends with a robot okay for faith hey see what play is not bad at slapping a robot what is it are you another roma foam rubber folk that's enough I have a recording function if you make any Roma public remarks I will see you in court wait your robot are you for reals of robot no are you one of the mono cups please stop do not compare me to those toys I am NOT just any old robot frenzies down with Cooper I am k1b zero the ultimate robot but please address me as Kibo Kibo hope but ultimate robot hmm that's not fair you can't be the only one who gets to show off I'll introduce myself – I'm cookie G OMA the ultimate supreme leader felony is a Pokemon villain guru hankerchief and everything a robot and a Supreme Leader nothing either of this makes any sense by the way I learned the hard way that a robot's breath smells like gasoline rude how rude my breath does not smell like gasoline I am powered by electricity heat just kidding so this guy's like a pathological liar yes yeah I'm that way it's like you know like that than that that thought experiments like somebody only told the truth some of you have to lie like this is the lying and he's the lying guy I feel like that's gonna come to light of course you don't think I'm funny robots can't understand humor to forget our human humor to begin with do not mock me I have studied the complete history of stand-up comedy I think you should have just watched stand-up comedy instead of studying um so as the Chad decided that Calle is both gay and European both getting gay or European Chinese Japanese and not homosexual so she's your Nealon she's your because she's European and joke's on you gay and European did you know it was already voted for but thank you very much for helping out towards the channel all the links down below if you wanna support us even do so much with crazy passing we do I may have the appearance of a robot but I'm a high school student just like you huh you're a high school student yeah I was created by Professor even eat up eat up you be the Boshy eat a boshy fast I'm gonna bathe eat a boshy I got it now I'm either darish eater Dabashi eat it why she's actually not a Japanese do you like shitty dad's gonna get same time boss change that oh I see but how would we know gonna come you know Japan is not in Europe oh yeah it's a bit of a meme oh I look up gay or European idiot up being the leading authority in the field of Robotics he installed in me a strong AI oh I learned about this a little bit a strong AI in a week I I don't learn letting Duggan rumba Tom and clay oh boy yeah I really hope I've got an idea I got an idea I really want a specific option to win here um if I remember drawing I it's capable of like learning on its own I think it was theirs weak AI and I can where I learned about this but I know a little bit about it but I got enough explain it maybe we'll learn more about it that's why at the time of my creation I didn't know anything I was like a baby but the professor raised me like I was his own child he taught me so many things until finally he enrolled me in this school and now I stand before it here I stand before you all see I'm just like everybody else man you totally can oh yeah hey do robots have dicks Hey please do not ask ridiculous questions Robo dick I only ask because your back story is pretty flaccid for our robot go go by the way if you watch mating abyss you will learn the eternal question of whether or not robots have dicks so watch that and you not gonna quit yeah well I can see how being a robot might be enough to call the ultimate robot hey Kokichi I don't really understand your ultimate supreme leader talent and by the way mmm second time we've heard that robots have dick jokes we heard the demo so it doesn't have quite the impact for those who might oh god you saw it coming why while I'm watching I saw the dick joke coming I saw the dick joke coming do robots have dicks I think a chat we voted in chat last time and it came up they came up the robots did have dicks yeah and what's the verdict on that's gay or European boat heads we're gay I wanted to be the game European you know apparently we're dating the European soup soup um hey Kokichi I don't really understand you're all twit supreme leader talent I'm just the supreme leader of an evil secret organization that's all huh what I gotta say it's pretty impressive my organization has over 10,000 members seriously the supreme leader of an evil secret organization cuz I'm a liar I'm a liar after all huh so you were lying just now it's true well I am the supreme leader of an evil evil ordered an evil secret organization that part was true I'm not telling you hey by the way what is the name of that organization the secret is it's a secret organization but I've never heard of such a large secret organization like that of course you haven't because it's a secret organization right okay that's why I'm saying you loominatee cannot be the ones controlling the world we've heard about dollar ruse it's all a ruse man it's all about the secret organization that so secret we all know about it there's a secret organization in the Illuminati yeah the Illuminati Illuminati no Illuminati like you know money I know that Illuminati had head of the Illuminati reproduce by being Illuminati yeah Oh what Elina you stop watching life screams different kept meeting you no one hates italy now there's good people here I promise Oh everything stays lies that's gotta be a lie too right just leave him alone everything he's been saying has been a lie he's far more suspicious person than I am that's for sure well of course you're not a suspicious person because robots aren't people silly so you know it's funny about this I don't know but I have a feeling that Kibo might be incapable of lying because he's a robot and Shoei are shoot Kokichi kokichi is a pathological liar those are like literally they are the liar and truth oh yeah I think that might come up later use a rocket punch ant I don't have that function you're boring the weird boy he's like a mischievous little kid what up this is no time to be joking around unless you really is an evil Supreme Leader Kokichi and ki Bo's report cards been updated oh wait look at the screen wait Oh interesting say hidden blackboard messages damn I'm evil secret organization with over 10,000 members hey it's a lie I don't think you should worry about it ah we are super good super like we're like LGBT iTunes commercial yeah oh then awful and we gotta flip the camera behind and look at that now just now just turn off the camera completely oh yes now we are just always you know I think I don't know if they're gonna know but this is this is our life now Oh God oh this is so dangerous oh he's gonna hurt himself Oh safe that is enough what is going on okay we're back oh that's really hard to do I have these headphones on it I thought for some reason that it seems really stupid now haha your hindsight is 20/20 oh yeah I see I see very clearly on my butt yeah my butt knows all I should ask my butt more often and then I'm going to my butt voice and like I'm sorry to butt in nah it wasn't funny me enjoyed it was it a funny – sorry to butt in but someone's being a real ass ah better much better just ran tato oh I'm trying to remember trying to learn names shoot I didn't have his dick you not have to have a real dis well I went in keep on the scene starting on its own I think oh hey there you guys get kidnapped too well you both look alright that's good no situation could be better though yeah yeah totally hey let me ask you something do you guys remember how you got here gracias then you don't remember either do you actually do you remember this you're the same way too huh you don't remember anything do you I guess that means everyone here is the same everyone no I asked the others too they all said they don't remember me Android would you be able to take a quick listen to the stream and just see if we're getting an echo it'll stop tapping Zig don't play that's illegal you got me only if they tell it's like we all have amnesia or something like really really didn't hear what you said for a second there you'll never tell right Tom really bad you'll never tell will you be bad don't he'll ever tell get out of here I will tell ah but that's not normal if everybody here has amnesia we'll help I guess we're all in a pretty abnormal situation then man this shade though holy crap what that's not true wait I need just a stretch we're probably just confused I'm sure we'll remember eventually yeah that's the second time they've tried that No or it could be group hypnosis maybe brainwashing in any case I hope we remember soon that's a shame otherwise wound up the outcast the outcast what do you mean that should I put this tell you the truth how I how I got here isn't the only thing I don't remember I also forgot my own Talent sometimes it hangs on these like I can't click you behind right I'm in trouble I know I must have been some kind of ultimate I just don't remember is that true oh yeah of course it is but then again I don't blame you for not believing me Wow oh I never told you my name did I it's not like I already told you but then for God I did right ah no you haven't told me my name is Brent Roo mom grant Otto a mando I can't remember my ultimate talent at the moment I like his voice very nice voice I promise I'm not bad nice to meet you kind like a west coast yeah mommy's mommy super cutie I say Jess South Beauty right Wow well chat is so gay for a mommy here haha Wow yeah this is a real thing mommy ultimate question for someone who can remember his talent he doesn't seem too shaken up about actually is it weird that I'm not really bothered by the fact that I don't remember my talent huh what looking forward to it you know I'm actually kind of looking forward to finding out I wonder what ultimate I am anyway it'd be nice if we could get along we aren't going anywhere for a while stop that will escape soon you really think it's gonna be that easy what do you mean no it's nothing just a feeling hey don't worry about it all right I thought he'd be a pretty chill guy to talk to you but I have no idea what's going through his head right now I'm real nagato bad doggies yeah a little bit well I don't know like he just accepted the situation quite fast this is like this is our lives now man who knows things he drinks and he knows things Lock click right okay so we're definitely gonna find some ladies in the dining hall that's for sure hey Maui Wowi welcome mat wow we were still meeting characters and having a good time you can beginning of it is this a dining hall a dining hall definitely makes this place feel more like a school but this place is called the ultimate Academy for gifted juveniles I doubted sanding like a typical school Oh tank Oh baby do we just get Juno throne right now we're gonna find out I think she eats you might be getting thrown Oh I'm yelling so I can build up my spirit energy don't you know you can lock your brains full potential by yelling to build up spirit energy Dragon Ball Z reference super energized okay okay it is true that uh just to be grande says it's kind of different for the demo isn't it there are subtle differences it seems like the general yeah but there are subtle differences don't you know you can lock the brain full potential and that's I've heard that pro athletes do that it's supposed to help you focus yes I must be prepared for combat at all times just in case someone tries to attack me I will protect myself with neo Aikido huh neo Aikido then you're oh yes I'm tango Java Shira yeah the ultimate Aikido master no never oh I always imagined Akita masters to be huge burly girls but you're so cute she's so cute like that my face crinkles when I sucked down a shake when I wipe my face my eyelids turn inside out oh wow that's weird it's an icy but I think you're cute right sweetie what's the matter your face it's really intense now I know I feel like it's trying to be sexy say I'm watching now yeah just trying real hard but it doesn't work yeah yeah oh my god clay I'm so hot and bothered right now please please stop making that face I'm too hot and bothered by ah I don't like to be praised by degenerate males all those like a smug face degenerate males like I'm looking down upon you face you mean men are you uncomfortable around them yes it's a way bigger problem than just being uncomfortable if any of the Jenner it tries to touch me my reflex is to grab them and throw them across the room yeah maybe she pushes guys away for their own safety it's not a choice she doesn't hate you degenerate males so like by breathing on her she might get pregnant kind of thing no no maybe but I think her body just automatically reflex on to just flip and she's like no please stay away from me and it comes off badly you know controller dealers the way bigger problem than just being uncomfortable around me ah by the way what is this neo Aikido you were talking events right neo Aikido is an original form of Aikido that my master and I completely made up ourselves so your Aikido is all self-taught BAM Den Den skis I really like her yeah that's what it looks like but don't be scared I'm sure we'll be out of this place in a jiffy something like this won't make me panic huh a mage yeah that's right I haven't told you guys yet so disinterested prepare to be amazed I don't play that again and again again Mariko ha ha but I'm officially called the ultimate magician which is misleading he Miko is Josh she's great I see he Michi Meko could be Miko him amid though but they did boom sewer magician you should said that from the start I mean it makes sense though since magic doesn't exist good I love this space it's just just disappointed I know just but also just like yeah I'm not mad disappointed yeah magic does exist huh because I'm amazed you're just a magician right you just and logician Leon paper I've known of the magician wolf mr. Burrowes I'm actually a mage just a ruse you guys might not know them but there's a group called the Magic Castle also known as the Hall of magicians it's where the world's magic lovers gather I was the youngest person to ever win their magician of the Year award that's pretty cool it's all a ruse why you there keeping my magic a secret by disguising it as tricks because of this ruse I became famous all over the world for performing tricks but I'm not a magician I'm a mage nobody believes me there there don't be sad hey well you could show us your magic then we believe you it's right that's right help us out with your magic take us back to when we originally now magic isn't all-powerful I can only do so much I see then what can you do I can choose the card you picked pull out coins and release doves yeah and if I get serious I can even saw someone in half just magic where are ordinary magic tricks mhmmm generates a good point tenko tanco is sexist also I'm I guess maybe sexist I don't know it's more that she has a fear of men or she just thinks men are disgusting I don't know if that's exactly sexist cuz she's not ever saying that like women are better but she's just like I I don't like men no but that I feel like I don't think white people are better I just hate yeah that's fair I guess I mean yeah I didn't mean in general let's just see how her character over the series and we'll go from there maybe she'll die really early on I know she calls him too generous I was thinking maybe she's just like afraid of men but no but she's so strong I don't know yeah you're probably right I guess sexist is probably I'm telling you she's just trying to defend males cuz he doesn't hate them she it's like you know every time clay gets near me I just like I slap him in the face right I know that's why I stay a safe distance away he's done so often it was actually like this invisible barrier oh yeah I don't know if I cross around crossing so it's I don't hate Clay's call me the general yeah I mean it coming to Jenner it's um it's I'm pushing you away with my words so I don't have to push you away with my hands you know the kitchen is in a place in this one right now what I don't think I'm gonna be able to read the little bit anything looks like the rules of the dining hall dining hall rules you may eat food you find in the dining hall please take responsibility for all utensils and dishes you used and clean up after yourself the dining hall will be locked during nighttime nighttime so it's closed at night should we forget our boy sweet you here it seems this place is all the facilities we'd expect but it's all covered in overgrown could that mean this has been abandoned for a long time fukken degenerates so I think kibo and Kokichi were in the storage room last time oh hey yo is this a warehouse it's pretty big damn it damn it where the hell is it we saw a conspicuous girl rummaging through a shelf filled with different chemicals what are you looking for bitch okay don't sneak up on me bitch I literally just met you you already called me a bitch I'm sorry if we surprised you but you shouldn't talk to kinda like that hey hey crotch rot you're staring at my tits crotch rot oh my god this is just the beginning I can't imagine what she's gonna say oh my god crotch rot that's so gross that sounds gross shut up crotch rot don't you ever we're gonna get such creative insults by the end of this dream I'm excited this game this game James the stream I like you know you bitch Lord I'm starting my tits bitch Lord fuck you good heart they're hard to miss when they're that huge and flabby thank you and I've been rubbing them every day and make them bigger ah yes but have you been showing it what help yourself a guy like you can only dream of landing a big boob hottie like me go on get yourself a good eyeful no I wasn't staring my eyes just happened to look this oh man oh my I just happened to look there oh my hand just happened to grope her ha I definitely identify pervs on sight and you are definitely a fucking perv that's why you wear that hat right to hide your skeevy eyes and that's why you wear those pants right to hide your nasty we're doing pinstripes nasty crotch and skirts everyone only knows that only pervs wear hats leave me alone I can wear a hat if I want to defense about that hat whoo Z what are you getting all pissed at me for tell the world you're sorry if you startled me into losing my motivation that loss will be felt across the whole world hey hey you're vulgar language is uncalled for just who are you anyway seriously you don't know who I am I'm the gorgeous girl genius whose good looks and golden brain will go down in history I'm the one the only the legendary ultimate inventor herself Moo I've never heard anything so what kind of things do you invent I make all kinds of gadgets one that let you type while you sleep read while you sleep even ones that let you eat while you sleep – everything involves sleeping yeah I was inspired after I realized how much time people waste on sleep so true though this one time I invented these really stupid I dropped contact lenses as a gag wait really doctor invention so my friends wear them your friends all sound like total plebs that invention was nothing it doesn't make you more productive while you sleep so it was failure just like you – I signed that patent right are the patent rights over to some company and never look back it seems like a waste it's way better than the stuff you do while sleeping inventions if they work if they work step on me in your sleep mu I think you mean ginger by the way to make an invention by the way what are you looking what were you looking for earlier you sounded pretty desperate to find it hey red engine you would dumbass in a situation like this I gotta find some meds huh listen are you feeling sick no idiot I need strong meds because I want to trip my fucking balls off I just want to set my mind free and forget about this shitty situation and oh my god why do we get so Lou here all of a sudden pasta he just really wants to do drugs really wants to do drugs nice enter Sun feel your boys boys oh my god that is that is something you can't just use drugs to get high you definitely shouldn't do that what the hell my genius can't be constrained by the wisdom of the masses besides this place probably doesn't even have the shit I need to get loosey-goosey wow she is wild she's a wild girl Wow wheat we me calm here now oh my god they say there's a fine line between genius and insanity but she's definitely beyond insane that's love too on the nose for that Jim whoa I have a rager oh my god how did this happen what's up with Cherie cheese he's been quiet ever since we mentioned his hat does he not like to talk about it in before his scalp is just completely burnt tragic pecks relieved and it makes sense all right yeah no other characters be Lerner had actually but one of the last detective work loves it's like if despair makan and pre despair me calm or the same person right ginger there are hurdles to we can hold our own track and field me with all his equipment burgers from helicopter what's this doing in a school warehouse we maybe since the buzz hat right ah we've already talked to Kibo just the Grande Ronde landing we came from up and we're going down we going down oh we could check out the door Griff dude oh nevermind down – down down down we have a lot of school Oh Shuichi you wanna head down I don't know the base might be dangerous this place is full of mysteries let's proceed with caution with you at the front okay I'm I'm at the front I I see Oh smack I'm damn it inspecting with the heads in Shuichi leading the way we carefully made our way down the stairs it doesn't look very dangerous really well some dangers are hidden where you can't see Shuichi you have quite the imagination don't you no no I was just thinking you're not considering how dangerous this is yeah maybe but we should look around the basement – all right there might be an exit oh but we should be careful okay yeah you're right game room Oh broke into the games room what's the school raise it normal for a school to have its own game right now certainly a strange sheesh what a strange place when I heard we were trapped here I didn't expect we have a game room are we really trapped here there must be some exit right you've still got a ways to go isn't that what you guys are walking around looking for then figure it out yourself yeah oh okay however we may be trapped but it's pretty cool here compared to the prison anyway well compared to prison anyway prison but you're an ultimate student aren't you that's an old story huh Rio mewho sure the man called the ultimate tennis pro no longer exists yeah real Miz pretty great I'm nothing more than his empty shell yeah oh my god so so so dark so shady he's got a heart of gold though I can tell oh definitely those dead eyes of his ah he didn't kill anybody he took the fall for somebody oh maybe yeah that'd be an interesting free time event to go through the Omaha she really I've seen you in the newspaper the tennis prodigy who single-handedly took down a mafia you took down a mafia by yourself correctly the paper said he shot them through the head with his tennis skills in an iron ball what the hell really so you know that much already well what do you think of the loser before you who used his talent to kill but why would you throw away your future like that jeez because I didn't need a future anymore huh I think so no it's nothing it's not like me to talk so much more importantly anyway I'm warning you it's dangerous to walk up a killer like pyrogen to just walk up to a killer like me as he said that he turned his back to us friendship no no mine is balls of iron yeah halls of iron iron slightly different I really want to touch the bottom touch your slide I couldn't help myself you should listen when people give you warnings I won't say it again Hong Kong what is that oh we're in the back of me right now use your investigation and push some shit that's it the door and back push you push you push you push you push for these chairs my shirt what no mana coins what is this is not the mana this is not the dump I I got one before PDR I say hat squad is second-hand how do we do all right looks like this is lost yeah I wonder what's inside that room I hope we can investigate later the big old library the library weird branch yeah yeah a lot of books maki-chan is this a library you're right there are books all over the place that doesn't seem very organized ha does that bother you are you a neat freak shuichi no no it's just I was wondering if someone was using it before us huh someone no that's nothing let's just I bit my tongue let's just investigate for now boob grab boob grabbed her crotch tap here okay come on no this is doing 17 okay hey machi are you in ultimate student 2 okay yeah that's right she's so soon soon soon that soon she sure doesn't talk much I'm kinda a Komatsu I'm the ultimate penis I'm I'm sure Ichi Sahara and I'm the ultimate detective I suppose geez geez not suppose you are the ultimate detective okay okay yeah you're right what about you Maki horikawa ultimate child caregiver I see ultimate child caregiver huh surprise I don't look like someone who would like kids do I this is why I love her so much cuz she gets me she gets me III get hurt you know I think I'd probably be okay dad but I just really don't like kids everyone has everyone has all to despair girls flashbacks on parenting surprised I don't look like someone who likes kids do huh huh that's right well you'd be right I don't like kids that much but if you're an ultimate child caregiver then children must like you a lot right I don't care kids are weird right they come to me on their own hmm I'm not that good at taking care of I'm not that friendly either mm-hmm but they say that kids are very intuitive if they like you that much hey then you can probably tell they could probably tell how loving you really are Mackey mm-hmm yeah that must be it you've chosen a perfect career for yourself and like oh she's basically like trying to convince herself yeah well menu I'm trying to do the cue yes it wasn't my choice to begin with huh what do you mean by that so what oh nothing I don't care how crazy does I love her I'm taking you home with me I'm Sarah's cringy are you feeling a little self-conscious about your no not at all you sure I will announce my love to the world everyone will know it's really fun it's good you are like one of my French girls and she just looks so much like how do you draw your Italian people figure with a glass of wine how about you you're Canadian people take figure maple syrup uh syrup yeah it's just I grew up in an orphanage and got saddled with helping out a lot orphanage huh I see um by the way do you know anything about the mana cups yeah that's right yeah someone's got to be controlling them right any idea who it might be like I'd know how would I know good point seems the mono Cubs are definitely involved our situation hey boys detective shouldn't you have figured out what's going on already huh huh well he's a detective not a god he can't know everything yeah I mean who cares about some stuffed animals escaping this place is way more important well seriously you think we can escape abducting Altimas from across the country we require massive resources and planning what makes you think a group capable of that would just let us walk out of here that's not true don't if they won't end this then we will I know we can do it if we work together right work together with strangers dangers you're a naive fool if you think you can end this so easily I we don't even know what we're trying to end right making friends I guess you know Maki tell me your seat every time I hear clay speak pianist sounds like the ultimate penis yeah pianist yeah the ultimate penis penis yeah the olden penis penis Guild's my penis don't you get out of getting nuts man this almonds down there they're freaking out over nothing Jesus Oh our conversation finished and she quickly headed out of the library that was kind of odd she didn't seem like the ultimate caregiver geez you don't say I mean I probably put more emphasis on the end pianist pianist pianist I think I think it's pronounced pianist yeah somebody was a pianist that's nuts there are lots of books crammed in here and they're all different languages too how is someone supposed to take a book off the shelf when they're crammed in like this with your hands what can you push what a beautiful globe excellent good talk another exit oh I can clean this place up taking a bite out of crime all the little ones too yes even the younglings ha Oh moving ladders it looks like a ladder for reaching books on higher shelves spank those books yeah I just discovered a new pink meaning Deanna's Deanna's pianist yeah hmm Deanna's pianist pianist pianist pianist pianist up top no well well Shuichi what do you think is it dirty now the library's this messy then maybe someone was here recently I can't say for sure just yet let's investigate the room case books written in various languages lined this shelf some of these letters make no sense what languages are they supposed to be these books seem difficult to read they're not even in a language I recognize yeah I'm not gonna bother with them well there's two doors oh yeah these four different places I'm just gonna leave there's nothing else reinvesting yep wait a minute whoop okay we're go back in for a second Oh because look to your left like at the middle bookcase on that oh you can walk okay go for that bookcase I can't walk okay that's fine now press your lucky lucky those are the safe behind the door Oh bizarre so there's a secret entrance somewhere that's got a weird night that seems like a weird thing wait look it's like a wait oh really we're the ultimate detective we can see shit like this yeah well I assume that'll be relevant later oh yo Neil body G what up ultimate PMS hmm I know you just go upstairs I guess we're going all the way back up or one to end of the gym right have we met everybody I think you know well it's open now oh we couldn't go through here before right looks like the iron gate is open you know what you know what just cuz you feel like it that's good I feel like you're fine just for you this is for you shots today the shop this morning and you know it's it's it's just 9:00 a.m. somewhere it's currently 9:00 a.m. somewhere what's a drink yeah I don't I don't know not now though that's that's well to doggin week Oh ill there's a hair in mine you can take this one wow that worked I don't think that would work okay which audios like me they're always hot burn who died monitor sorry guys shop charge everybody go to the property try smudging it's a bank no the other bank the other man thanks zero thanks zero and a bottom there's two bank two monitors and then and then do a test actually just replay the notification let's see and set the output to the other one anyway some B's and you all let me go back yeah an entrance hall right sweetie this must be an entrance hall don't you think yeah I suppose so which means that door must be an entrance if we can walk through it we can escape this place right whoa sketches I'm just doing a playthrough my fiancee that sounds like so much fun I promised her I wouldn't go ahead of where we are we're in chapter 2 now hopefully we can stay Eddie you guys but he just went through they went through nobody's up on you but that's amazing sketchy honestly I promise you'll stay ahead of us yeah yeah worrying about that isn't necessary I have already examined the doors oh boy it's keeo ki yo and people people like the key oh I'm not a huge fan myself yet little T he's a bit weird oh yes you wonder who is this yes I shall make that clear first my name is Kara Keough Xingu G I am called the ultimate anthropologist Pinnochio anthropologists please call makyo as for anthropology would you like a sample our simple explanation I see oh okay sure anthropology is studies customs legends folktales songs and much more it's basically the study of human history right you are through excavation I guess no that would be was it just the study of pain like all good creation I guess yeah like there may even be customs in your daily life the origins of which you do not know that's suit for example certain aspects of birthday or New Year celebrations anthropology shed light on traditions and customs such as these through rigorous analysis it is a study that examines the thought behind culture faith and customs okay I sort of get it but not really yeah sounds like a lot of fun though that's correct well of course it's fun it is a study focused on humanity yeah that's how huge men huge man unique oh I find all aspects of humanity even the ugly parts to be beautiful our present situation is rather intriguing what Beauty will I be able to witness here this guy looks like a creep and it turns out he is one to Penn tie can we go outside if we just go through these doors right so you should find the answers to such questions on your own Oh Jay Z right then or what your hopes are shattered that too may be beautiful she had heard what does he mean by that spoilers yeah it's like if taro taro and Nagato kind of like came together a little bit I like the bandages though bandages he's like a mummy maybe he is maybe that's how he's able to study artifacts he was that the one that made them yes oh so I think he's a I think again I think he's a Google if I had to guess we're judging through this mask I suspect he might be a cannibal a cannibal cannibal cannibal the Shoji let's go okay Thurmond as I was I just couldn't muster the courage to take the first step forward be honest I was scared because what if beyond this is just wrong jeez this isn't like me that's wrong just because I'm scared doesn't mean I'm gonna run away I've got to move forward are you okay yeah hiding of course don't worry about it let's go Shuichi I psyched myself up and with newfound strength walked boldly towards the doors don't you dare compare keator to taro upon opening the doors we were immediately greeted by blue skies bright sunlight gentle wind and a cage a wall I mean those seemed pretty far apart we could probably walk through them with both words were accurate what stood before us was both a cage and a wall either way the enormous wall struck a terrifying chord the mere sight of its imposing presence was enough to send waves of panic through me no matter where we looked ahead high above all around the cage surrounded the entire school what is this we're trapped what's going on freakin time hey surprise about the cage huh I totally understand how you feel the first time I saw it my teeth and fingernails no-ho-ho that's not a healthy way to react to a surprise yeah Roger yeah but it's so awesomely huge I can see why it's called the end wall wall that's right normally walls are erected to separate two places right but that wall is different it represents the end of the world what are you talking about what where are we talking about Oh is someone talking was I talking stop laughing explain yourself there's nothing to explain this is simply how it is so please don't bother bing-bong I can't get out of here that wall has no entrances or exits and it cannot be climbed or demolish an ultimate could probably climb it partway but most of the time it's impossible what but they can still sort of climb it huh I wonder if that would be a Vivaldi conic we're Makana confinement took a deep breath and I shouted at the wall as loud as I could please tusk attack someone anyone please help us we're trapped inside this huge cage sure as I shouted as I showed as loud as I could but for all my shouting there was no response you'll hurt your throat that's right yeah scream while you like no I can hear you anyway no one can hear us hey what do you mean what do you mean no one can hear us wait say something hey one of you just answer mana damn is ignoring them excellently as he refuses to open this heart you can thank my fearsome bullying for making that happen no now let's all get along dumbass shut up we're the mana Cubs we need to be tough and whatnot what is this you think this school what is all this you bastards have to use your legs hands and eyes to find that out for yourselves but please watch your step while you explore this school is still under construction under construction I looked around oh it was true some areas did seem as if they were still in the construction it looks like they're still building some kind of facilities here are they still in the middle of building to school no I don't think so it seems more like they're renovating in a band in school either way the construction will finish soon once we set the Exiles on our exercise on autopilot huh exercise hell yeah once part of a biker gang the exercise now work as a construction we're construction to support their wives and kids they're steering wheels are leopard-print and their dashboards are lined with arcade prizes you stupid seriously knock it off guys who sound like douchebags with back stories like those douchebags Comerica there they go again but more importantly is what they said really true we can't escape we can't get over that wall and no one's coming to rescue us a secret citizen domed me now then what I slapped both my cheeks as my face grew warm I could feel my determination returning Shuichi let's go uh go see if we can find a way out I slapped him upside the head just firm enough to get his attention oh wow you know Shuichi I'm not great at motivating others but we can't give up because of the wall we came in somewhere so there has to be negative yeah that's right we not may not be landscape now but we'll do it eventually somehow yeah everyone just has to cooperate we all want to get out of here yeah that's right it's too early to give up it's too early it's too early in the morning wow we are super fast outside oh the dorm tours here how'd they even make this big-ass wall seriously I just don't get it hey I wonder what will happen now if we can't escape then what are you complaining huh huh listen up quit complaining and grumbling or it'll turn into a habit yeah besides this cage is nothing compared to the vastness of the universe the universe got it oops I haven't made my entire and truce myself yet my bad I'm Kaito mo Mota luminary of the Stars even crime children adore the ultimate astronauts it's pretty brave remote Oh spaceman space how about it I'm an astronaut isn't that cool yeah I've never been to space I don't know much about it haha well of course not just anyone can get up there I may be an astronaut but I'm actually still in training I see so you're trainees no but I'm the first teenager to ever pass the exam I mean normally you need a college degree to even take the exam how do you take the exam I had a friend who was pretty crafty so I had him Ford some stuff for me oh yeah yeah I end up getting caught I was in pretty deep shit but the people up top decided they liked me and let me in anyway because I ate the exam too reckless got it sometimes you got to be a little reckless to make your dreams a reality no way I can wait till after college I want to get to space as fast as I can but you sure have a lot of energy got it yeah everyone told me it was impossible but I never gave up not for a moment that's because limits don't exist unless you've set them yourself let's do it there are no walls you can't get over the same goes for that one could it be so do you have any ideas oh that's not the problem um no that is the problem huh jeez this guy sure talks a big game oh boy there's so many flamboyant loud characters ever right I want to see some of those soft this time oh we can't get here can we is it all blocked off I want to think that we can go around them oh wow wow we I guess not Wow fuck myself then the walls be walls oh oh oh Oh gone to their top gone done now Kaito is the Roma chief or kite oh very cool I look like is that because lost case go to space Oh box statue Oh canta canta still not wear shoes I got that how are you see whoa this guy looks scary he's so big and muscular excuse me huh thank you huh huh thank you sorry for scaring um gone too scary looking most people not want to talk to Ganta when gone to a meeting first time cuz go to gentleman Ganta like gentleman contest say thank you thank you for talking to gonta yeah thank you for being so polite he's really great I like Kanta he looks scary but he doesn't seem very scary at all right got tiny make introduction um go God's name is going to Coco Hara Agatha's talent is ultimate entomologist Oh almond bug person don't L want to become gentleman becoming true gentleman contest gold wearing a suit that's so sweet God does a good man oh thank you for the lots of baby think I think that takes us to away from our next emoji oh no which we have a couple options or are they are they uploaded because we're gonna do a boat with chat so stick around guys and don't forget we are giving away a gift card I'll give very soon and the androids gonna help us out oh man we got so much response right though if all of you guys can give a warm welcome back and you know what we're gonna start that off with a raffle estimation what bhima's gonna get you and give you a way to be productive Wow famine BMO's baby enchanted say thank you very much starting that raffle right now hunter Wolf's getting you Chris 4000 waffles up for grabs imma get this quick let's see ah niandra can you confirm two away baaah home BMO uh band yes finally I'm getting I'm getting a hold of how these pens work oh you're gone – that's a really cute name that's one up on the board at the end of the screen thank you you're actually pretty nice silly me for being scared at first oh god tough scary-looking huh oh sorry that's not what I know is okay can't I used to it gonta called scary since he kid to wake confirmed and reconfirmed – away Oh something thanks guys since you were a kid huh sure please kid got job bigger than other kids other kids scared of gonta so kid gone to play alone that how Ganta came to like bugs oh my god someone give this guy a hug right a boy but when Ganta really focus it's easy to lose track one day gonto go to forest to find bugs end up lost okay you know what actually I don't think I've really seen Tenko and Ganta interact but if tanco is mean to Ganta I'm gonna I'm gonna she's gonna lose points with me good point silverback Oh congratulations on the waffle raffle and thank you again beemo fan the channel get yourself you know what and then uh hey beemo don't you flex up some of those custom emojis you know got now so it shows your favorite so far Joe was you move you like feedback yeah that sounds rough when able to find you right away yeah took ten years though oh wow that explains a lot ah the is the Tarzan backstory yes yes it is he went he was so into his bugs that he went to the forest and got lost for ten years yeah ugh you right away yeah ten years later yeah right away ten years later but you know huh ten years but ghanta fine new family took care of Ganta see I'm glad they were nice people oh not people both literally raised by literally waist raised by wolves wolves but what they really nice cause of forest family gangai learned to speak bug and animal oh my god he can speak to bugs and animals that is intense hey salty potato you are not late but we're two hours in oh you know to be honest if you saw the the demo stream it's been a lot of that we're just getting introduced to the characters yeah as thanks Kanta want to show for his family what great gentlemen Ganta is oh man how is becoming a gentleman going to thank them for that I don't know it makes sense to me in a weird way you know raised by wolves Tarzan 2.5 yeah but man I don't know he definitely strikes his soft spot in me he just Wiggles his way into my heart you know thanks a saucepot like you stole it flexes he kicks down through I doing good this place strange huh lots of plants but no bugs wait really I suppose it's understandable that was no animals but no insects that's strange not even one Bob you mean you like bugs – amazing hey what your favorite bug what do you like about them ah no I wasn't saying that I like bugs or anything wait then you oh my god this is so scary it's good to be passionate good to be passion yeah what oh you hate bugs you don't hate bugs you love them right you eat oh yeah of course I do I love bugs Wow Wow those teeth hole leave that is so crazy raised by wolves it's just like so intense staring my soul like look directly in his eyes and just all my god cuz the mouse scares me like if you'd look stare into it just stare into it and it's like his mouth extends at you when you look into his eyes right I know it's very broad jaw okay that good no bad person likes bugs contest report has been updated that was scary whoo yeah I thought you were gonna die huh honestly I can't stand bugs either but it might be best if I hide that nice talking to ya good job good time Oh what it looks like a table tennis room oh wait oh no it's a sign huh okay the light bulb and beaker not a I got a paddle and a ball we need a birdcage it's a cage within a cage medic Age into its cage separate each step shit we need a ping-pong table that is the next thing I don't know where we're gonna put it or how maybe not many were a middle blond milah one I'm willing to put it praise be to a two-up how are you my name is like her Angie Angie Angie Angie they really wanted a little bit less likeable characters what the hell are you talking about I love Angie yeah but you would I do that I'd believe that so let's close the better oh wait no and she's very cheerful but she's wearing a big jacket yeah but you know she's strong more skin than kite that's that's plus two points I don't know she's just so I'm more right sorry clay I'm not about their looks I'm about their personnel oh wow you know what rests okay and I prefer a girl who could read a good book in in like 90 seconds okay yeah I bet you wanted to talk about like quantum physics and stuff hey you disgusting look I want to discuss Einstein Darwin and part of quantum physics yeah yeah Wow me string theory oh yeah what's your theory oh yeah Wow okay Wow oh my god is Tom hi I know right ginger you tripping Tom I okay what I love quirky girls I love girls who are just like you're like hanging out them and they do like the weirdest thing or they stay like the oddest thing and you're like oh my bad a TR mm lovely I like perky I mean like when OCD I don't know if it's OCD but my ex at the time whose thing she would always always always always always and get mad if I didn't stop the microwave on too and I will never forget that I know she had to stop the microwave on too that's really weird I kind of liked it okay bad refers various things I'm waiting to you know there's anyone else's little quirks like that let me know in chat I mean I don't read them out we can discuss course Luna clay I'm here fam I'm Corki AF haha Corki is really nice or like you know was like like just come out of nowhere and they got like a surprise I never leave I don't know why you think I don't like quirky queer he's great I just I loved every character pretty much from Dr to like pretty immediately and other were a few that didn't know you and taro taro right in bed oh man me Jer Jer best bud oh yeah best buds you know moving on you're pretty cheerful she's a bit too happy considering the situation we're in Rachel oh there's no reason to carry bad thoughts with you you've got to live every day like it's bright cheery and fun yes oh is that so DJ cat meow ball you must be a multiple of five thank you for getting it okay you heathen well putted just 17 step 17 baal um– 17 jeez you know like man uh uh I don't know one friend a to uh the god of my Island a tua is always with me speaking to me with his divine voice oh well she's pretty certainly devout do you specialize in painting or sculpting self hugs self hugs everywhere hmm I do both I paint paintings and I sculpt sculptures but I too was the one who makes the art I merely offer my body as his vessel how divine so divine I see that's interesting if you don't mind can you show me some of your artwork in return would you make an offering an offering every Monday and Wednesday morning on my Island a truck comes to collect offerings that sounds oddly similar to putting the trash out for pickup don't worry don't worry when I say offering I mean a pint or two of your blood don't worry I'm a bit anemic so I'll pass what about you then huh me but peleas boy's blood is also an acceptable offering won't hurt one bit wait a minute oh how can you just like her I love her you you know what you two have a YouTube get married my wait I will meet you know what you're not gonna get Angie are getting married again we're gonna reach our kids to make art don't you dare take my machi away oh my god stop stop and Android note stop it you stop that you don't know defile her get that out of here I still love Angie no no I don't know if it's change localization but the whole that sounds like trash pickup seems to be seems like it should really be that sounds like you who's that collecting protection money Oh in time ha ha ha that's funny yeah Android why this girl is so weird I want to say look at that face but it's not there before chase right let me let me guess touch me cool that face is so pure and wonderful I would date her you go for it man we did it really go for it hey 1100 Jerry what's going on there's this is where the trials happened I guarantee you I'm do it yeah the trial entrance I can almost guarantee you oh you mean the entrance cuz though yeah yeah any elevator yes yes definitely other than this is the trial room like no no no I'm travelling happier the elevator right BAM yeah it's my prediction yeah yeah hey DJ's production thanks for subscribing that that tanco emoji is one of the emojis that our sponsors have voted on to be put up for vote vote or vote we must know on a salty waffle tank Oh yep yep yep actually I haven't seen the update of that vote on the Android could you check and if responses if you want in our discourse walks through that link down below Jacques has to vote turned you're like oh I thought that look like in this area scenarios oh it kind of does for Monster Hunter Wow actually I wonder that's a reference because that looks really close to like identical to what the bucerius looks like when it's submerged if anyone if any of my Monster Hunter fans out there would you peg that as a hidden bucerius or we didn't check the statue it's a fox ninja is this a ninja statue you're right I would give her yeah yeah yeah kneel Paki G got it I won't give her a pint of my blood that I give her a pint of my makan loot face its excited she's excited how dare you lewd the makan isn't it neon mood in mode you know it's the unexcited I mean that's mislabel I mean if you wanna I mean seriously there are so many odd things no don't be don't be held you here don't hey I'm a TRMM and if I go out there the loves Angie just you know you love the way you want to love and imma love the way that I want to love you no wow we're down to the very last one whenever he could be Jim nacio 300 how dare you 10 call my Angie uncalled-for right runs a fast out here it's crazy we can go all the way around the building yeah I was just no log or so blocked off but I could just no gotta go like if you go towards the gym I met you there I mean I personally wouldn't say I have a bateria earth-days of the stereos reference shirts both but he'll you know how much danganronpa loves references and they've already made a monster under reference before mm-hmm trophy oh we didn't go in the dorms alarm the warm dorm who's left I think it's uh ah thank you yes ah see this is my love right here I'm close Ezreal up she's so serious like I love maids and I I love her she's definitely top tier but no no I like a new neck I don't listen right now she's been super straight so I liked that and I hope that she reveals some like really like a little quirkiness underneath you know just I hope she's not all business but she seems like yourself look you've got your quirky girls yeah and now that let there be a serious feel somewhere okay this building is round and has lots of smaller rooms inside every tag position why hello bear we're intruding what is it this time geez and what do you mean by intruding hello you saying cuz your room you bastards we finished setting up the showers now you can go pee nice winning why don't they just use the toilets yeah even for number two ah wait do you go number two in the shower yeah that's gross they came in for that they came in like a wrecking ball new bare buns boys what do you mean our whole could it be they mean for us to live here see there are 16 doors perhaps a room for each of us I don't plan on staying here long enough to need a room this room makes me dizzy also I'm talking about no screen tear that's really awesome right optimize the PC yay but we touched her hand that was Lou I failed to see their objective huh what do you mean if they are holding us for ransom a large facility such as this would be unnecessary furthermore I gathered that they would rather care for us than hurt us in light of this I fail to see the true objective of the culprits responsible for kidnapping us culprits huh I never even thought about that why would our kidnappers go to all this trouble 16 ultimate students have been gathered here but why what's the reason excuse me pardon me I have not introduced myself yet I am here me Tojo the ultimate maid please let me know if you require my service you know it's interesting though is that cheese' was the ultimate housekeeper what ultimate housewife oh no no no housekeeper but chisa was kind of a maid I'm wondering what the difference is that she was a ninja well I mean she was ordered to neutralize a country yeah so she must be she might have a combat you tell me right now Wow the ultimate mate sounds like a really cool talent wait I've heard of kidding me Tojo if I remember correctly an ultimate with incredible intellect and strength working as a private name I heard that her work is so perfect she can complete any request hey kiddo me kiddo me ha ha kill me is short for Roman G for kill me oh that makes sense yoga mattress kidding me yeah is the remind you for kill me yeah kidding me yeah kid oh yeah oh man no kidding me what is breeze gimme indeed Oh romaji so Roman G is what the Japanese call the English alphabet Oh Roman Roman mine it's mine geez over Rome if I had to guess her name is probably written in katakana kidding me that's seriously kidding I would if I could ah yes I am a slippery bitch yes I tried many a time I heard her work is so perfect she can complete any request given to her what she's that amazing automatically please you're exaggerating I will not complete any request that is asked of me I once received a request to annihilate a rival nation but as it was impossible I rejected it but being requested I know it's always pretty impressive so like I imagine the Kings like oh god this nation they're a huge problem kidding me she she always pulls through it's a long shot could you kill this nation please I don't do that but I left a note on my pillow that said eliminate other nation please and when you're done and when you're done eliminating the nation make sure to leave the mint on their pillow yeah yeah and a little and then tie their towels and swans around their waxen strangle the life out of them yeah that's true I've also heard that she's been hired as a bodyguard for several foreign dignitaries dignitaries cuz right right yeah not agreed I have only been employed as a maid not a bodyguard but you've been hired by so many important people you're like a super maid only nine what do you intend to do now that's a tough question what should we do what would you do if you do me I do not agree I hold no opinions or desires of which to speak as a maid my only desire is to fill the desires of others so please think about what you desire for yourself and what you desire for me no matter the situation no matter what happens I'm here to serve everyone even in this situation she's more concerned for others well she is the ultimate maid after all hope fragment obtained Kimmy's report card has been updated please Bing mom was that the Bell Oh kaity look maunder oh ah bad bad this game is literally unplayable Oh kid amis first name is spelled in kanji I'm very cool Thank You Alina you bastard waiting huh everyone make your way to the gym please the opening ceremony can finally begin who we can finally finished our preparations um oh that's so wild because little little blushes everywhere Oh God Judas of course is Macky's yeah but we also have like what's uh she funny sweet yet it's like hanging a little bit that's kind of crammed Luke play dead I love made girl mage girl yeah yeah yeah oh you mean oh you do realize you just read your lines backwards didn't you look at the plushies I know they're so wonderful I don't like I've seen movies like face down though face down I saw key on the left there hmm oh just be grand thought maybe some hey Kai day what should we do what should we do go of course everyone else is probably doing the same thing right true but I'm a little worried about this well I'm not a little worried I'm very worried very concerned I wonder if I'm gonna click on my room just for science investigate oh boy I don't plan on staying here long enough to need a room somebody else's room Mon oh damn damn damn I would I think ma no club plushies would be something that would sell really well birdcage sense of direction check my babies to the left to the left yeah I can't really run in the halls well obviously not you would die if you did Oh what you up wait stop go to the gym laughs what's up right it opens oh damn I really like the lighting it's very nice I also kind of glad they brought the school back in 3d I mean I thought we can go in here I'm gonna try oh maybe this isn't a trial run seems like every gym we need to go to okay can't take any detours very cool aesthetic though it's like very futuristic but on their own like post-apocalyptic almost also nature's nice and nurture is also okay don't forget the hope all right now you don't do you agree all 16 of us have gathered by skills those are present work hard usually the skills are taught from the Oh skill get nice Oh 15 commands how many things are expensive one of the six teams attentive influence increases okay influence increases focus slightly increases the time limit each phase effective during the parts of the class trial increase the amount of influence recovered by right answers effective during non-stop debates makes the reticle shake less effective during non-stop debate mass panic debates that wouldn't be very useful but it's very expensive slows the speed of the reticle effective during non-stop debates can be combined with up shift okay decreases the delay after using a truth bullets or truth blades Oh what truth blades are coming back sweet I guess the notes the new ones effective during non-stop mass panic and rebuttals showdown we didn't do a rebuttal showdown now focus gauge train slows our coach our while con strained during fever time effective during all parts of the class trial slowly recovers the influence gauge while concentrating and during the fever time in fact during all parts of class how that's the first skill I'm getting what why would it's so good it's the one where when we concentrate we recover yeah good you already have machine gun equipment no no no I I do nice Wow it takes a block slots wait does it see how many slots it takes no it takes eight this will take 16 probably that's unfortunate I wouldn't be able to where it is on level 16 you're already a little 9 reveals B points effect during non topmast panicky legislation you used to quip things no this is by I don't think it is nobody see how that one has the flower and this one doesn't weight remover set here yeah yeah yeah silences all conversations except those the reticle is on effective during the mass panic debates librarians glare instantly sciences loud voices good the keyword and the first speakers argument will be shown from the start effective during debates crumbs I don't know if we get a debate scrum hmm just a peek the entire screen will light up more frequently effective drawing hangman game at version 3.0 increases the amount of letter cubes that can be acquired once cool easy to push our opponent back during the blade lock okay we are getting a rebuttal showdown back nice nice nice removes the time Helen e4 breaking on erasable piece effective during imagination excavation ha the tension tension gauge will increase the faster rate effective during the argument armament have we seen all these I feel like we haven't seen all these no oh go the water havoc truth blades hmm it's pretty spectacular seeing all 16 of us Ultimates gathered here you may be it not be so easy going for much longer in this situation it's no use talking our thinking about things so eventually some of you stop thinking what's gonna happen to us I bet it'll be a big pain what are you looking at you can use amazing powers right because you're a psychic and stuff right so funny it's like fighter in the mage Oh we even know oh they changed the name of mine mine too excavation imagination an imagination of excavation you're doing your lines backwards little dyslexic baby a little I definitely want to incorporate that into neo Aikido Aikido neo Hey what sort of train do you undergo to gain are your awesome powers talking about it is too tiring you're pretty lazy please wait hmm pardon me but we need to be on our guard we do not know if and when danger will strike don't don't say that I'm so scared I don't know what to do it'll be okay I love these transitions there is no need to worry a to O will protect us that's a relief is your brain full of weeds or something I'll whack them out of that skull of yours don't worry about it to me leave it to me those teddy bears show themselves again I'll kick their asses huh what's that what's wrong see here that I think I hear it it sounds like an engine from a robot anime hmm these Macs are pretty darn cool yeah behind Ganta oh god is so sweet what the heck are these monsters so cool through exercise highly mobile bipedal weapon platforms take on lots of hometown pride – Metal Gear what are you saying I can't keep track of these backstories whatever there are they better kill off the egos huh gozen save me for last Ron he Miko Oh No why are you concerned about me all of a sudden jerk what didn't someone say they would kick all their asses oh hell no one told me about these whoa that face I missed it alright chill out no need to panic we're probably not in any danger if they wanted to kill us they'd have done it by now with that rentaro casually walked up to the XS all's in so what do you want from us grant our was so cool you clearly want something that's what the guns are for right let me guess you're gonna force us to do something and if we don't we get hurt that means well you have our attention so what do you want and that's that well aren't you a wise guy I'll start us off listen up here's what we want you punk asses to do but how that's going hundred miles per hour I'm gonna say it you're ready hell yeah it's up he stole that spotlight it's a killing game oh shit it's a killing games he's opening up please a killing game in my danganronpa exactly as likely as you'd think exactly it's like Lee's you think huh what Mon oh damn how dare you upstage me huh wait a second what what did you say if I heard him correctly Rotterdam is creepy AF hmm said it again oh people think it's toga he's voice I don't know I I can't tell damn it mono damn I'm gonna crush you here with this XS all come on we don't have time to fight amongst ourselves okay yeah we don't if you don't stop fighting I'm gonna crush you here and this here X is all you two mana taro if this is what it's come to that I will crush the poor of you with this here excess all Hey well it's more appropriate for us to be hostile to each other oh it's getting real jabroni not your friend pal I'm not your jabroni kid I'm not your kid chief not yours chief oh man jabroni check yourself before you wreck yourself Oh jabroni what did you say jabroni jet don't you be talking back to bronies okay all you do bronies need to sit down sit down sit down learn yo Abdullah is watching over us nice I feel much safer right now ever called just going to watch even way it's too dangerous we need to get out of here or else oh it's the first reveal this is the first one I don't like it weird ass boy this is weird I don't know if it's just like monokuma being weird or if it's like decided to get a new voice actor that was I don't know a lot of like Monica Muppet father Papa Kumar's anywhere are you dead so father Papa kuma daddy huh daddy I saw this at that moment the lights ninja dasyam suddenly shut off we in this boys oh wow always know how to make an entrance oh there go the way okay the same voice actor yeah yeah yeah but but he made it weird I don't know why's this blue well it worked he was to make you think that maybe he's different this time what an entrance right yeah yeah that was a great entrance there he is okay I wonder and other epic engines of pop Akuma look look how hype mater damn is nice the only reason I can tolerate retire semantics is because you're also [Applause] even when the prologue is going way too long I'll allow it because you guys are haha three hours in still in prologue still break in the wall in fact the very first prologue ever was only short cuz you cutie patooties weren't there pop so you mad at us I would never get mad at my cute little Cubs oh he mad but daddy is cool even when he's angry that's right pops is from a planet of handsome bears that get cooler as they get angrier okay it's gettin interesting super monokuma super monokuma to super monokuma 3 and finally super monokuma 4 do I gotta say he just punches kids no I believe he's releasing some sort of manner yep-yep-yep we dropping all the DBZ references yes super Monica my god super moon Akuma mono kid is lovely mono damn no no chime in no killing game I'm not really mad in fact I gotta admit that I'm pretty proud of you guys you kids really stand out from the rest of the second generation failures in the world oh not a stab at monami I think so I think that's it I think that's a stab at monami yeah hey Cyril how are you harsh I'm sure there are some second-generation success stories yeah but I can't think of any though Savage I don't know amazing aha fake news but fake news what wrong then wrong how long so relevant but don't worry from the most trusted names in fake news most trusted this is relevant but everyone can guess but there were there were some political references in my anime simple gears we'll go with that okay watch watch simple girl it's good it's good it's bad for a bad bad source enemy I love embracing my children they're so cute I just can't help myself usually ratings will plummet when mascots appearance equals too much but in this case ratings are through the roof all thanks to the cute Monica what is this what's going on another teddy bear appeared yes but that is no ordinary teddy bear I can see it the despair and madness swirling around that cursed thing Oh cue is Quito is not quite normal no he is he's like he's got secrets you know he's just like hmm you know he's hiding his power level whoa first of all I am no teddy bear I'm monokuma and show some respect I'm the headmaster of the alternate adding me for gifted juveniles headmaster hmm it appears to be some sort of autonomous robot with a built-in AI like me the XS all's are different though they're brainless buckets of bolts they're mindless pretty killing machines that can only be controlled by us the mana Cubs sheesh Tana miss robot piloting weapon platforms this certainly is turning into quite the story actually well that may be but what I'm worried about is this killing game you mentioned what exactly does that mean here we go what is so amusing it's just when I said it before I kind of just phoned it in now and I feel awkward I want you students with your ultimate level talent to participate in the killing game huh killing game us please stop why would we agree to participate in the killing game you guys don't want to do it go to never do that of course not gentlemen did not hurt people but if you've already looked around the academy then you already know don't you the Academy is surrounded by a huge wall you can't escape to the outside world and as long as we have the exits all's you can't defy us in other words we hold the power of life and death over each and every one of you so unsure so what you want to say are sorry so do what you say or so do what you say if we don't want to die ah yeah the weird thing I know it was I was like where's coming out of nowhere so do what you say if we don't want to die you gotta be kidding me why would friends kill each other said you guys were friends you guys aren't friends at all you're enemies out to kill each other let's zoom in though the giant cool huh oh what fun fact in the Japanese version real must voice by snakes Japanese voice actor and canoe me is boss remoted your Solid 3 that is amazing I need to hear that Metal Gear needs I'm sure it's not david hager but you know battle royale in here right the original enemies i still block learn from father about sarcasm i'll is talking is bugging the shit out of me i got to be up mater dam to relieve my stress no please don't but I don't like that I'm not good with violence or Gore or sad situations daddy instead of a killing game can't we do rock-paper-scissors tournament are you stupid who do I play a game where no one dies damn it bitch well you do have a compassionate personality it's so cute I can barely stand it why it's cute enough to eat cute enough that I want to eat it hey hey hey monophony you might want to dial back the cute stick a bit yep cool it with the stupid banter I want to ask something how are we supposed to kill each other are you gonna give us weapons huh what the hell man Why ask you we need to get info from them first we can't do anything we don't know anything weapons huh what kind of part ferric display are you envisioning you couldn't be more wrong why at the ultimate academy for gifted juveniles killing game is quite refined so quite the refined sophisticated experience sophisticated experience here the killing game is punctuated by class trials last trials let us explain you kill someone you all gotta take part in a class trial okay go on in class trial is where the blackened killer faces off against their spotless classmates where you punk-ass bitches argue over who you fucking think the blackened is after that it's floating jab and if the majority of you idiots vote correctly just a man he know the playing card after the black and is punished the rest of youse will just keep right on living together but if you vote for the wrong person during the class trial the blackened gets off scot free and all the spotless students get punished instead oh it's contagious it is too much that explanation revealed way too much look you've got to be more cool a flirtatious seductive just like your old man rouse hashtag blue going through the chat what great the point is it's not enough to kill someone you also have to survive the class trial how should I put this kill without being caught then survive the class trial sounds eerily similar to the real world you think so then the outside world must be massively designed even at its cruelest this and one can easily can likely imagine but I shall ask just in case what is the punishment you mentioned earlier simply put it's an execution execution was good whoa I wonder what kind of punishments there'll be lots of blood and got some brains I bet the kind of stuff that gives me a raging boner wow they're just coming right out and saying it okay rager rager um yeah it's kind of funny though I feel like cuz uh most people that kind of thinking that yeah huh mono kid thinking boner yeah thinking boners I mean I don't know you think in boners it's it's been what like almost three hours now if I get the four hours I have to call somebody no I see yeah no you go to the doctor you don't call him we go to the doctor yeah I just thought I'd call him a nice lady female doctor like I saw in that documentary that one time one on this great that website Oh Ron prawn Bubb prawn bum yeah see a wonderful doctor and it's a oh my goodness been more than four hours she picks it right up oh did she suck the boys no oh yeah this is gonna be a reoccurring theme I can see oh yeah I'm so hard right now blood got sprains boners he's throwing up first time this happened what if he just went off and he just puke I'm so freakin hard I'm saying that to compensate I think he's timeless music his music is hard uh hard rock cute gives you a boner two kids are just adorable these are your children don't know what the hell's cute about that all right I'm over this boring exposition let's get to the heart pounding killing school semester already like poisoning pull up the oh you can see the YouTube page how is twitch ad switch done okay boners broke it you know give him that refresh notification to keep the refresh button the Bhutan Bhutan riester has a monitor and it seems to be solid yeah yeah No yeah it'll be offi dude I wonder if anybody else is back if you're back boys we're back okay we back boys a boner lag I taught my clay oh hey we good switch that's good yes O'Shea Bates alright see you soon hopefully you can make it back writing the time for when we're doing our prepaid mastercard giveaway at some point at some pursue soon maybe maybe we'll see it'll be at some point before we in this stream giving it away oh restream breaks up time oh because it was working in that one right where we didn't we didn't you told anyone get a real Mickey Mouse vibe from that Mickey why do you wear those gloves all the better to kill you with whoops yeah typical viewer what up yo typical the channel is live truth free please what you got me killing school semester it's like a game raised risking our lives for some silly game is absurd but it doesn't seem like it'll be boring though hey how can you degenerates be so calm this has to be a lie right it's a lie right I lie more like fiction like a story on TV a scenario so removed from reality we can hardly believe it's happening it's no use I don't want to be in a killing game it's wrong I'd never do that Monica whose voice is really dialing up the pitch I think he's trying to get back to the monokuma voice since his first appearance get back into the monochrome voice I see I see I see interesting well if you don't want to participate in the killing game that's gonna be a problem because the killing game is the only reason you're here what leash your talents and have a happy home a sidle horrific horror hilarious killing game wait just a minute hmm no matter what you say we won't do it oh yeah taking the protag role seriously kiting I like it bold commitment will never participate in the killing game whatever you have planned I'm not gonna let you get away with it by day you shouldn't just rashly defy that thing no I welcome her resistance that kind of fine spirit is important to the killing game it's fun to watch the Defiant ones eventually snap and get their hands dirty everyone loves that kind of brutality in a death game especially me it never gets old it's so fun and entertaining that I just unbearably get pumped up Plus as the headmaster it's my job to force you to do it haha fuck you guys no oh wow we're stood in dumbfounded silence surrounded by the squealing laughter of monokuma and his Cubs man this is heavy there's like a whole family of them take him out oh man we hit me we'll take them out one by one each chapter like them the monitor no beasts the XS all's I don't know the mono Cubs seem pretty important but maybe we'll see you might be right it's so important let's kill him everything about the situation was so messed up an academy surrounded by a giant wall 16 ultimate students trapped inside mysterious stuffed bears and deadly weapons and new friends forced to play some killing game it all felt like something out of a sadistic work of fiction a sadistic story no different from reality itself and against my will I was now a character in that story true intro what taking the vCard I think this is one we saw in the demo yeah definitely cool so style coyote I wonder like what it means with the the shadow is having eyes moves the darkness with him maybe I'm getting some nog you to a vibe off that dude the sign of Hajime and Nagato oh there's a Miku Miku wig in the back for the ultimate cosplayer that's need a Penta drinking a Penta the ultimate a secret organization is Panta ah relationship on soo yeah tour guide you it's really weird that they keep flashing too high a day with that weird thing on her head these plushies are defined they gotta be IRL you have meals bottom oh maybe maybe such a missed opportunity Oh oh man new mysteries no mystery hi new school new characters oh shit by within you know it probably means grant hours my avocado man just be grind it it's time let's do it I want to do a thing so what we all we need from you cuz we're gonna take this exact moment where it says end okay so yeah this rules of this one you must subscribe as notifications on the bot picks up on that that's it and then you also have to type in chat oh yeah the bot needs to know you exist yeah it reads through chat so if you haven't subscribed Click the SUBSCRIBE does a little bell needs to be activated that's it there you go do that one yep got an exclamation point to might be three minutes to two minutes and then you know let's give away a hundred waffles with it they don't let the hunter waffles we got a hard wall is ending and end $25 MasterCard bring that back guys want to make sure something intro yeah on the on the who is on the left yep yeah okay let's see the other ones yep no I just I wanted that means subscriber and sponsored together so go for uh-oh guys and start yet go with yeah that one because sponsor should be subscribed if your sponsor you're not subscribed make sure to subscribe otherwise it might not work yeah okay yeah all right let's start start the raffle raffle is starting right now yeah and you know what with next to my point v3 there you go do it do do do do it okay X which might be three alright now get it in there now get it in there you're gonna see as soon as you see me Androids comment then you'll know that everything past there is what's registering so even if you typed in v3 just hit it again yep lowercase e lowercase B lowercase B I'm not sure if that is it is important it is importante oh man there we go there no it's it I think I think it's I think it's coming back what yeah people getting it oh yeah I think it just takes a second to register I think second to register sq major lowercase V and a3 how they're doing it right um do you know what do you want to actually but okay there we go you know what do it yeah cancel it okay guys no it's our first everyone be gentle we're taking those words properly yeah yep perfect okay we're just starting it again yeah one more time one more time yeah a beauty three nice sketchy yeah okay wait and you'll see it wait for it wait for it wait for it it's coming in would be there there it is Megan Chili's in what is it why is this being like this this system is angering gentle and maybe well oh just froze up oh are you guys are you guys breaking it are they breaking it could be Oh oh there it goes they'll be really funny maybe have to give it a minute for it to like reset or something like that after we press cancel the Android is failing us I'm drowning help I see you blue I send you a life we forget to juveniles badge oh yeah just save me just save say save say you broke no way if it if okay if it comes up with Megan Tilly and that's the only name we're seeing on our list entered then we'll know it broke and we'll have to a redraw but what if Megan tell you legitimate one by some mystical chance oh man you know you're not wrong that's just the only name that word it's coming up in our side of seeing things oh man I'm nervous oh there they go they're all I'm home okay Wow a wave of names just blew in here hey guys just in case again keep spamming to v3 please please better be 3x which one v3 it's the one thing you will not get banned for spamming yeah all the names just flew in there okay I was worried too we have a whole second there yeah yeah about 30 seconds keep getting it get it in again I don't care how many times you type it just spam that crap oh cool what oh this is really interesting okay yeah they're all the names are going through now okay we were scared we were scared because we didn't should be coming Alton Oh Jim the destroyer all right let it all go in okay there are a ton of names in there now excellent okay oh yeah that is law as a long list long long names raffles running and does it say the winner it says the battle is over oh it says raffles running but I think he's collecting all the names yeah it's just taking a while to get all the names in there all right everyone can chill out on the v3 officially now the timer is up and now it's just gonna take into account whomever has it been entered hey guys ah what a great prologue you know like oh man it was it was a little bit of a repeat because we did the demo so we got reintroduced to everybody yeah my opinions have really changed I really don't dislike any of the characters I think they're all wonderful like before I was gonna am about Tara Tara I don't know Tara Tara Tara – yeah I mean he was okay oh wait wasn't my most favorite Kazu Ichi I was like um on the girls side with any girls I didn't like wait Tara Tara is not a character in this game no last time yeah yes there were some oh I see what did I say and one one was okay I you know I wasn't crazy about Leon but he kind of grew me a bit my first impression of everyone here is very strong uh I don't know like as a character maybe they're characters that I'm like I don't know from the first trial we'll see what happens yeah like I'm gonna leave it every Oh a little transition that's so cool all right yo Paki G your pocket you hear someone discord yeah hit us up on discord and we'll get you all the information that you need to know what yep it's a it's a it's a 25 dollar Canadian funny money and a gift card wallet you can put towards v3 we're giving away one more tonight tonight at 6:30 so welcome back so if you want another chance to win through that yeah Congrats Neil pocket G and n all right my date Friday we're giving away a full $100 steam gift card Oh hundo Davos right here hundred dollar uh and that because people want the game and this and like oh man I wish I could buy that game so well we're gonna buy you the game or anything you want if you want to buy a quarter of the train simulator you can have like that 124 124 124 but let's uh let's let's bring us over to our others role low save saves the prologue we're gonna eat right now I just don't want to start a scene right away that's okay okay right doesn't it doesn't exit this one at say twice okay I've saved twice don't worry okay twice so is this we're gonna we're gonna ended up and come right back athletes yeah we're gonna be back at 6:30 for right now and you guys I end up stream this one we have another string coming up if you got something have any questions for us I'm gonna put the waffle aboard Oh Cheers boom that's BMO fans waffle right there and we're shoving it up on the boards why did you live early why did we live why were we why were we live early BMO van yeah yeah uh we're doing two streams today that's why a game came out we couldn't wait so now we're live with v3 and then at 6:30 we're gonna be live again yeah Oh sandwich well it's the worst kind of thing to do to your sandwich no left left yeah anywhere anywhere in that space you right no no too far oh oh oh sure yep a little turn to your right little turn oh there we go yep right there put in there put it somewhere too much dude you're good right there well great we had it I find that works yeah yeah there we go that you know where it is and how many hours will the next one be in three hours and 20 minutes three hours 20 minutes yeah I got so beautiful Stanley Jai don't worry guys I'm really glad we did this because anyone who's joined us during the demo it was really a recap of that yeah so I mean there was a little bit of great stuff with with the intro and a bit more to the mono cuz we got a little bit more into the characters but yeah nice nice prologue stream yeah and then we're starting chapter 1 the real one at our regular time yep and then I venture to be up you guys want set a reminder yeah gift card it is already up and it's already linked in the description down below and just as a quick heads up all of our events for the next like two weeks are all linked throughout the description you can go down the rabbit hole and set and if you're into persona 5 that's coming back tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow night so soon I miss persona yeah it's such a good one yeah such a good one it's great games they're playing a lot of great games right now is a wonderful time to be alive yeah to be alive great day to be like oh the humanity yeah ah milk punk you're sick I hope you feel better yeah and just be crying I'm glad you enjoyed the stream aren't streams fun you know please streams are very different I think from like regular playthroughs yeah the next dream today chapter one it sure is blue it sure is um ideally we'd like to get up to the trial but knowing us I don't know how long that's gonna take sorry there we go we're gonna see y'all go we want to be in the trial by front light in Friday we want to do the trial on Friday you know what DJ cat meow says predict who dies first you know what we know we will I'm not gonna tell you we're gonna write it down okay and we're gonna have a piece of paper on the side and when we find out we'll reveal who we guessed okay I think that's really fun so DJ cat thank you for that yeah and then so two quick things number one all the waffles that you see right over there are articles bouncers keep going no yeah although they finish each other's sandwiches like I stepped in it frozen is tell me do you Jake cat you got to be there yeah it happened we're gonna write down after stream yeah absolutely uh and it won't reach the trial oh wow damn we'll see how it goes Yoda just watch this before so if you were as far as spoilers go it's been really good I haven't seen even too many delete a message it's been very great I'm so much and for anybody wondering about like like fury crafting it can't be in chat cuz we don't know if you know if you don't know what's right or what's wrong so in discord there's a special room for people who know about v3 and they can talk about it so if you wanna chitchat with anything spoiler really did anything game related that we have not seen link down below to discord room called v3 spoiler cave ultimate is where you can most certainly ask a question and strong bones do you think they'll be female or male well you're gonna have to find out when it happens will reveal exactly who it was Stanley don't you say bad stainle Steve namely Danny I'm not bad I'm good I'm good Stanley you know you bet College is important yeah man absolutely College importante stream tonight stream Friday stream morning Saturday persona tomorrow drew a persona do you to have dicks yes I'm next question I don't have a butthole yeah no Tom doesn't have a butthole that's a that's a that's a fun little piece of trivia yeah now you learned something today how long do you think your stream Jeanette will go on for exactly as long as it intends to on for and we will be giving away another $25 gift card tonight so be there for that we'll give it away with an always gonna be just at the end just when it's like a nice a nice transition or nice break somewhere in there your picture there we go alright everybody we will see you tonight in 3 hours and 17 minutes bye for now bye

34 thoughts on “【 Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony 】 Prologue – Anime Visual Novel Live Stream Part 1

  1. I absolutely love this game and, personally, it's my favorite in the DR series. Don't get me wrong, DR 1 & 2 are awesome, love them with a passion, and I'm currently playing them all again in Japanese, but I feel like this one got to me more because I loved the majority of the characters (same goes to the previous two), it definitely left me permanently heartbroken and the ending just split the fandom in half. It was just plain bonkers crazy.
    You are definitely one of my favorite Youtubers and I just love you guys and your streams. You bring out such excellent content, and I never find myself bored at all.
    Anyway I decided to watch through your streams of the DR series; I skipped through DR 1 & 2 only watching the finding of the bodies, investigation, class trials and punishments to see your reactions, but I plan to watch through all of DRV3 without skipping, just because I love this game so much. This is about to get interesting…

  2. Wait, Komaeda was just trying to help y'all catch the traitor. Wasn't trying to kill you all. He honestly believed in your ability.

  3. 2:12:26 at that moment i realied gonta would tear ne apart, because i have a fear of bugs…BUT HE'S SOOO ADORABLE

  4. KOKICHI OUMA YOUR VOICE IS SO CUTE (sorry im late…sadly new to everything thanks to a friend of mine and wanted to know the store that he was in cause the anime isnt what i was looking for amd i found out what i was looking for is this game)

  5. "I guess WE'RE the ultimate detective if we can see all this shit"
    "I suppose that'll become relevant later"



  7. I don't have a quirk I'm not deku but my ocd makes me want to sort my Legos by size (2×4) and color

  8. Who ever is new to V3 you're gonna die by the end of it I swear to god

  9. Did you guys watch the special Nagito episode? (I've only watched half the DR3 stream so far, not sure if you clumped it in with that.)

  10. You guys streamed this at the worst time now I'm going to have to watch all four parts

  11. I'm so sad, I've tried every button but it won't bring up the report card for me! (Nevermind I figured it out huzzah for button mashing) 🙂 I'll try and catch up with you guys

  12. I am SO GLAD Clay made the exact same noises I did during Kaede's magical girl-esque transformation.

  13. You probably learned about Strong AI and weak AI from Chihiro during School Time

  14. Kaede is Kyoko
    Shuichi is Leon
    Tsumugi is Sayaka
    K1-B0 is Hifumi
    Monodam is Byakuya
    Monophanie is Sonia
    Oma is Fuyuhiko
    Gonta is Yasuhiro
    Himiko is Chiaki
    Maki is Nagisa
    Monotaro is Kiyotaka
    Kirumi is Hiyoko
    Korekiyo is Teruteru
    Miu is Akane
    Ryoma is Gundham
    Rantaro is Hajime
    Tenko is Ibuki

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