47 thoughts on “【Doki Doki Literature Club】I'm A Mess【Meme】

  1. Sorry but, sayori's bow is just a bow.
    It's not a side-tail

    AWESOME video tho

  2. Monika: I'm a mess for your love it ain't new…

    Me: "It ain't you "?
    Monika: Me deleted

  3. This fits so well with Yuri, Natsuki, Satori and Monika💗💗💗

  4. I dont think anyone can relate to me but I have a great life I think my life gokd


  6. I din't know you made this steambeam💙 you've got a video that i want doki doki and Undertale! WOW😀

  7. Yuri is obsessed because of… obvious reason
    Sayori is embarrassed because she thinks that she can’t even be happy even if she loves, which is supposed to be a happy feeling.
    Natsuki doesn’t trust anyone because her dad is an abusive person and she doesn’t know if she can ever trust anyone again
    Monika is the true mess because she loved you so much that she gave up everything she cared about just to be with you
    Who are you?
    Are you obsessed, embarrassed, can’t trust, or a mess?

  8. lol can I have another version of this? And plus egg dog and DDLC keep me living in my life. Trust me it’s true.

  9. I love this so much *has athsama attack from hyperventilation because this is that good *

  10. *the dokis in my school*
    *sits outside*
    EvERy ThInGS GonNA BE JuSt FiNE

  11. I don’t think you planed this but “user” for Monika,you mean “user” like an account :0
    And also hater for Natsuki… Okay you guys know what I mean

  12. The thing that spooks meh the most is the fact in the captions that they ACATULLY TALK 0w0

  13. This is honestly the best DDLC meme, the song fits perfectly. The art is amazing. Everything is just so we'll place. I love it so much.

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