디아블로4는 이미 예전부터 계획됐다? 디아블로3 떡밥 집중 탐구!

What’s this? Isn’t Lillith?;;; Not long ago, Blizzard. The Diablo 4 video source leak. This guy in the cinematic video the first Nepalese r. The fact that “Latma” is… It’s already been established. In the last video I saw.
Who’s that Ratma guy? And the ripple effect of that is…
About how big it is. I’m sure he explained it in detail. Now, by the way, I’m going to tell you about it.
We’re looking at additional data. I found some very interesting facts. To begin with, I Blizzard was actually a long time ago. through Diablo 3 in the bare face to face He was throwing a double-track on Diablo 4. Especially in this cinematic video. I’m sorry about the Lilit subpoena The double track. Two years ago, It dates back to around June 2017. This is when Diablo 3 was born. There’s a return pack from the instructor coming out there. Even at this time, we’re all going to have to do this. It’s just, “Oh, you’re adding a new job.” I’m sure you’ve taken it as much as far as possible. Now, by the way, And if you take a slow look at the additions, Now that Diablo 4 has been released, There’s a lot of meaningful information. Now, you don’t have to say long words. I’ll be with you from now on. First of all, it’s added with the return pack of the Commander. Let’s take a look at the new area. It was added to the Kezistan region in Act II. In the wilderness of the shroud and beyond. The Temple of the First Men. In the case of a beginner’s temple, As you can see in your name. In the first place, the setup itself is… The temple was built to honor the first Nepalese Rem. So, in fact, This area is at the heart of the video. Let’s see what’s weak first. After a while, this area is going to be a little bit different.
I’ll try to be more specific. Well, first of all, we’re going to have to look at these areas all over the sanctuary. Let’s start with where it is located. Now, if you look at the whole map, These two areas are located in the northeast of Kesistan. By setting, it used to be a jungle area. in the present day
It’s a region that’s becoming barren. And this area is also very important. At the end of the novel “War of Evil.” Kalan goes to Rattma to be performed.
It’s also the area where the instructors are based. And this is a region where you’re going to find yourself. It’s included in Diablo 4’s map. In fact, there’s a lot of moorings in the shroud. If you kill the Wolf Man, the Night’s Crying, I can read Tyrell’s records. They’re the ones that are expected to be the starting point of the Diablo 4. in the northern vicinity of Kosglen.
They’re being seen. And actually, the atmosphere, the color of the map. This time, we’re going to open up Diablo 4’s “Scowglen” It’s a lot like him. And it’s also true that the atmosphere of the whole region is very different. It’s a little different from the existing Diablo 3. The events, the concepts, the atmosphere. It’s pretty “Gore.” Now, let’s go to the place first. It’s very meaningful. The content is More suspicious. First of all, there’s a story in this area. Now, why is having a story special? Because after the “Person of Souls” expansion pack, In the meantime, the updates are not available. Most of the updates to add pure content were made. But in this area, there’s a particular story. The story of the time since the soulful man… Included as a fairly large volume
There is. And that’s the kind of thing you get in this area. I can infer from all the journals. In the first place, the honor of the M.E.L The Instructors who watched Maltiel’s case “Now, to both angels and demons, I can’t trust the future of the Holy Land. Because it’s the setting, “We’re coming out.” Maybe you can take it for granted. So as a result Diablo timeline of the current time zone, this point. In fact, no time for the ‘those who reap the souls’ ending. The ‘The Return of a pack code’ point. This spot is as much. When Diablo 4 was born, Which means it’s the closest point. Okay, so that story’s a little bit more It’s a story. I’ll dig it up in detail. First of all, when you enter the wilderness of the shroud, The adventurer named Dibin will automatically join us. The story begins. He says he’s pretty strong.
How dare you be proud of the main character who is Nepali-Lem? Continue to work in the specific event area.
I’m gonna drag him out. It serves as an explanation. Now, the first event that happens. It’s a blood sculpture event. For your information, the main force in this area It’s an emerging group called the Pagan of Blood. According to Tyrell’s record, Tyriel also learned about this group only recently. We can guess. Now, if you look at this event in the middle, with a crown and tears of blood There’s a huge statue of a woman. The pagans are focused on this statue. Something’s going on. And when we get rid of all the pagans, The statues are destroyed. And Daibin. “I hope the bad luck doesn’t come.” And then there’s a picture on the floor. a three-pronged trail of blood And there’s a lot of things that exist in the same wilderness of the shroud Up to three graves. It’s as if you’s.
The Queen of the Holy Land has been summoned for questioning. It’s an event reminiscent of a cinematic video from Diablo 4. Okay, let’s see the next event soon. The following events: It’s called blood transfusion. Here we have pagans in the middle of the hill. with one living sacrifice tied up. They’re holding a recall ritual. Once we’ve eliminated all our enemies, In conclusion, we’re going to have to think about the wealth.
I need to make it easier for you to complete the mission. It’s a very uncomfortable event. If you go close before the sacrifice dies, “Next is you.It is a very significant remark. And if you look around, There’s a column of stone standing up. the bloodstains from him
We can see that it’s stretched out towards the treasure. So this event, too. Blood transfusion from the column, It reminds me of Diablo 4’s cinematic video. Maybe they’re trying to summon some kind of being. There are many different things in this area.
It looks like he was doing some poetry. But in the end, the subpoena ritual here… They all didn’t succeed. because ‘The exact method’, It is not ‘exact location’. And this is like. I’m going to show you a little bit of an open background in Diablo 4. It’s also very similar to the Pagan community. And that’s what I’m going to tell you. I’m not getting a response. Now, here we go.
It’s a key part of today’s story. Let’s go into the Temple of the First Men. Oh, before we go to the Temple of the First Men, In addition, there’s a little bit of a ‘stolen event’
There’s an event. Well, on the surface,
I tried to let it go because I didn’t have much to do. ‘wealth they will be blinded by a big mistake’. The concept and of the event. Diablo Cinematic concept of 4. It’s pretty because of overlap. ? This is also intended is not. Let’s make a little guess. First of all, the Temple of the First Men… We can enter through a passage called the Sacred Road. If you go through a typical cave terrain, The priest, Theodosius Jordan,
There’s an enemy on the scene. He is bound by his companion, ‘Davin’. And when we get rid of him, Unfortunately Dibbin is sacrificed as their property. But for a moment, the sadness. Soon after, the Temple of the First Men… I’m showing you that majestic And it doesn’t match perfectly, Date and running the atmosphere. In a Cinematic image. Similar to an underground temple. Now, then if you look at those sculptures around. Very vague. Why is it the first Nepaliem? guardian of balance This place was built in honor of Latma. Are there countless symbols of demons? And ironically, The name of this driveway is It’s a sacred road. So I guess that’s why I’m guessing. It’s the kind of thing that suggests Latma’s depravity.
I think it’s a double-track. Now, as soon as we get inside the temple, There’s one thing that catches our eye right away. This is the statue. at a glance Diablo 4’s “He.” It’s quite similar. Especially my hairstyle. This is how the Pagan of Blood occupied the temple. I don’t know what kind of existence it is. I can infer a little from you. Now, at the end of the temple, A decisive event occurs Right at the end of the first floor of the temple. It’s an event to go down to the next floor. Now, to get down from here to the next floor, I have to meet certain conditions. Eliminate the heathens. their blood Spread it on the floor. It’s the way you open the door. You don’t have to tell me anymore, do you? And there’s another thing that’s remarkable. You can get it right here. It’s from the Episcopal Letter. to sum up They have a master. He said, “Children of heaven and hell, Soon, he was collecting Nepalem’s blood. Now, with that “Fit key.” Enter the second floor of the Temple of the First Men. When we get to the last stop, You can enter a room called the Holy Place of Blood. And waiting there… none other than I thought you were sacrificed on the sacred road. It’s Daibin. Now, isn’t another scene going to overlap? And then he reveals himself. He’s a matter of fact. It was a demon called Vidian. Well, we’re gonna take care of him. If you look around, In “The Dead Body of the Nepalem.” I can get a glimpse of what Tyrell described as Vidian. Vidian is the monarch of the times. The Lord of Evil, who governs the seven sins, I’m Azmodan’s assistant. And he’s a unique demon. Because it’s all “time.” Even his master, Azmodan, didn’t follow him very well. They say he has the ability to create internal division. So, I’m going to say, “Well, I’m not going to do that. This Vidian Maybe he was jealous of the main character, Nefalem. I’ll guess. He’s been in Dibin since he first appeared. You keep comparing yourself to Nepalem. He’s making a line that looks like he’s showing off his abilities. He also believed to have written, The log of the molten tree says, with all one’s head on one’s sleeve We can also see that he’s keeping Nepaliem in check. And before the battle, through the lines of… He’s using some kind of trick. To deprive Nepalem of its power under a trap I think he lured Nepalem here. No, to be honest; And the great devil ‘Diablo’; who absorbed him, And down to the archangel, Maltiel. the Nepalese rém; What nerve do you have? Did you think you’d win? In fact, this Vidian is actually going to be able to do this in the handbook He’s even admitting his weakness. And if we get rid of Vidian, Vidian, like the general demons. without leaving behind a brutal body. It disappears like a vision. If you look at this, you’ll see that the main body is…
It’s somewhere else. I’m just going to give him a welcome. I’m going to tell him what kind of trick he’s playing. I feel like I lost on purpose. So, in conclusion, He’s going to be there. To the degradation or division of Nepalem.
I’m starting to wonder if he’ll contribute. And the place where all of this happened. Since this is the Temple of the First Men, The emergence of the first Nepalese Rem, “Latma,” is also a good idea. I don’t think he’s got a lot to do? conjecture that I’ll try to be careful. ‘heathen of blood’ ‘in video’ of time. Diablo 3 of ‘nepallem’ And taechoja ‘rateuma’ and The Creator, “Lilit.” There’s a lot of intertwining. Baro
It’s the return pack of the Commander. Actually, I’ve only found it. I don’t think it’s easy to figure it out. Now, as usual, Now that I’ve had my luck I’ll look forward to your creative comments. Of course, all of this is true. It’s my brainchild. So Blizzard, who likes to flip the settings, When did you do that again? Maybe we can just move on.Kkk; But that they were ‘At this time’ that were double. At this point, To some extent in that it recovered parts. I am very hopeful. Well, I pray this video here. As you know, a DuQ_TV subscription is It’s free. Then we’ll get over Vidian. Have a day without envy. QQu-!

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  29. 떡밥이라고 볼수도있고 만들어뒀던것에서 계속 분석하고 뭘 어떻게 만들지 고민해서 전에 기획한게 아니라 후에 기획해서 만든걸수도있져

  30. 더큐형 우리 채널이름 바꾸자 유튜브에 "더큐" 검색하니깐 이채널 검색 안된다.

  31. 저의 뇌피셜인데 원래 지옥과 천상간의 균형이 대천사 5명 vs 대악마7명 으로 이루어져 있었는데 디아블로3에서 말티엘이 죽고 나머지 대악마들이 풀려나서 대천사4명 < 대악마 7명 균형이 깨져서 라트마가 균형을 잡기위해 릴리트를 소환 지옥에 가서 이나리우스를 구해와서 균형을 맞추기 위한건 아닐까요 ㅎㅎ 균형을 맞추고 다시 릴리트는 공허로 추방 그리고 확장팩은 지난번 디아블로 애니에서 디아블로가 죽으면서 피가 대천사들한테 튀었는 말티엘, 아우리엘, 이테리엘 이 3명 한테 튀었는데 그중에 말티엘이 디아블로3에서 타락해서 죽었고 이번에는 남은 2 대천사 중 하나가 타락하지 않을까 하네요 디아블론가 죽기전에 의미심장한 말을 하고 웃으면서 죽었으니 디아블로의 계략으로 타락한 2명의 대천사중 누군가가 라트마를 꼬셔서 릴리트를 소환하게 할수도 있구요 … 넘길게 막썼네요 ㅋ

  32. 큐브런을 수천번, 수만번 해도 전부다 무시, 패스하던걸 이렇게나 이야기 썰로 풀이해주시고~ 마술사 공연 보듯 잘 보고감니다… 님 좀 짱인듯 ^^*

  33. 2:58 귀한–>귀환
    6:26 재물–>제물(다이빈이 제사의 희생물이 되었으니)

  34. 강령술사의 귀환은 그냥 강령술사 추가밖에 없내 하고 끝냈는데…. 다시 재접속하러 갑니다 ㄷㄷ

  35. 디아블로를 몇년을 했는데 저런게 있는지 듣도보도 못했는데.. 뭘 한거지 나

  36. 한번 꽈서 4 시네마틱에서 나온 라트마가 라트마가 아닐 수 있다고 봅니다. 태초자의 사원이 이미 악마의 문양으로 도배가 되었다면 어떠한 이유로 이미 라트마가 죽고 그 지역을 악마들이 접수 했을 가능성도 있구요. 특히 태초자의 사원에서 네팔렘의 시체가 혹시 라트마의 시체 일수도 있다는 생각이 듭니다. 특히 비디안이 인간의 모습으로 변장할 수 있다는 것은, 비디안도 라트마의 모습으로 변장했을 가능성이 있지 않을까요?

  37. 뇌피셜 다 발사하기전에 블리자드에 잡혀가실듯… 영상 잘보고 있습니다.

  38. '아무쪼록'이란 어휘를 -> '아무튼, 여하튼, 어쨋든'이란 어휘로 바꾸시면 깔끔할 것 같습니다.

  39. 다른 사람은 이 중에서 떡밥 하나 푸는데 말만 오지게 많이 해서 영상 10분정도 쓰는데
    여기는 제대로 요점만 말하면서도 여러가지 떡밥을 풀어내며
    10분 조금 넘는 영상을 내놓았네

  40. 1. 비디안이 라트마를 비롯한 네크로맨서를 타락시킴
    2. 이들은 릴리트를 소환시킴
    3. 비디안은 네팔렘의 힘을 빼앗아서 힘과 권능을 얻음
    4. 시기의 군주 비디안, 디아4 인게임 트레일러에서 서로가 서로를 죽인다는 이야기가 나옴, 시기로 인해 네팔렘들이 서로 싸우게 될 것임을 암시 그 예가 pk

  41. 이렇게 떡밥 남겨놨으면서 임모탈 인터뷰땐 왜 그따구로 했지.. 아무리 임모탈 홍보라도 단호히 개발계획 없다 라고 말하니 더 열받을수밖에..

  42. 비디안이 죽은게 아니라 살아있다면, 네팔렘들을 분열하기 위해서 라트마랑 새로운 네팔렘들(플레이어)을 분열하는게 목적이고, 그로 인해 릴리트가 돌아오게 되는거 아닐까요 ?

  43. 구독하고갑니다.
    결혼 육아로 인해 게임플레이 못하는
    아쉬운 상황인데 더큐님 영상으로
    대리만족이 되면서도
    더 게임하고싶어지는..

  44. 블리자드 바아아아아아보들아 4를 짤막하게 스샷이라도 공개하고 임모탈을 공개했었더라면 님폰없도 유머로 들렸을텐데 넘무 아쉽고

  45. 오오~ 역시 여기만 오면 해우소 다녀온 시원~한 느낌!!! 아직 2발이나 더 남았다니 벌써부터 고구마와 사이다 준비각이네요~ㅎㅎㅎ

  46. 덕분에 디아3 다시합니다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    스토리 다보려고 꼼꼼히 진행…중ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  47. ㅋㅋ 덕규야ㅋ 영상 잘보고잇다ㅋㅋㅎ 디아블로 젬나는구낭ㅋㅋ

  48. 디아3부터 이걸 계획했다면 이모탈사태는 일어나지 않았을거 같아요…
    이모탈사태이후 디아3강력확팩을 기반으로 허둥지둥 디아4를 만들어 낸거라면 모를까….

  49. 00:07:00 라트마 상의에 별모양 목걸이랑 00:07:12 릴리트 석상 가슴팍에 별모양이 일치하는걸로 봐선 더큐님 뇌피셜이 맞을거같은 느낌적인 느낌

  50. 때로는 기록된 역사가 오늘날엔 괴리감이 생기게 느낄수있듯이 거짓도 있다는것을 알수있을것같음 과거에 전해진 기록의 진실이 디아4에서 드러날지도모르죠

  51. 이렇게 준비 하고 회수할 떡밥도 풀었던거면…..모바일 디아 대신 티저나 하다못해 발표라도 하지;; 원래 블리자드 특인건 알지만 님폰없이라닠ㅋㅋㅋ

  52. 정말 잘보고있습니다 대단하신거 같아요!! ( 그런대 제가 알기로 디아블로 세계관상에서 악마나 천사나 우리가 아는 악마는 악한존재 천사는 선한존재가 아니라 둘다 악하며 둘다 선할수있는 그저 다른 종족인걸로 알고있어요 그래서 악마상이 많다해서 꼭 나쁜게 아닐 수 있다고 생각해요 게다가 릴리트는 선조력이라고 하는 말도 들어보면 더 복잡한거같아요 )

  53. 제발 디아블로4는 캐쥬얼한 느낌 싹 빼고 고어/공포/어둠으로 가득찬 세계였으면 좋겠습니다.. 혼자 다니다보면 무섭다 라는 감정이 들만큼요.. 아무튼 영상 잘봤습니다.

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