[티비냥] (ENG/SPA) RM’s Talent in Poems | #ProblematicMen | 150618

[TV Meow] I”ll start with the most shallow one (Write a poem) [Seok Jin] I knew this was gonna come up – We can predict stuff like this now
– Of course They’ll never let us off this easy (Should I go for this one?) We have to write a poem and since
Ha Sang Wook is here what’s the topic that we
have to write about? Let’s make it a free topic [Hyun Moo] You know that’s harder, right? I mean, it’s easier if we have a topic To be honest, I gave it some
thought at first to assign a certain topic or
make a free topic But if we assign a certain topic, then its
easy for the viewers to guess it [RM] You’re right If there is a certain topic it
so much easier to… The mind of a PD It’s important for the viewers too Do we have to write it in your form or
can in be in any style? It has to be in my style,
since I’m here (Judged by his standard) – [Hyun Moo] So self centered
– Of course, since I’m here [Hyun Moo] His mentality is like me [Sang Wook] It can be about any topic [Hyun Moo] Are there any tips?
We’re just beginners (Tips for newbie poets?) A tip is that the focus shouldn’t be
too much on the topic And decide a title for your poem,
then it’ll be easier [Ji Seok] Oh yea? [Sang Wook] Its easier that way, then you
can write pertaining to the topic Or think about how the title
would fit the topic [Staff] In big companies Ha Sang Wook’s style of writing has been
confirmed as being extremely creative and they use his poems for big events or certain events for
customers so that’s why we’re trying this Can we write more than one?
(Getting in the zone) – [Hyun Moo] You’re just gonna do anything?
– Yea I want to try various topics Is RM going to take the W? So yea, I want to write more than one It’s hard just to express everything
in one poem [Hyun Moo] Sure, you can even
write 100 if you want I can’t even think of 1 I’ve built a foundation for 8 – Gimme one
– Shall I? It’s probably stuff like
aaaaaa mmmmm I can write 250 of those Excuse me, can I get a marker? RM’s getting excited – There’s a pen right there
– RM seems like he’ll do well What’s up with RM I’ll try various topics With a good rhyme (Engineering graduate sulks) (Trying to bring out the inner
poet in themselves) (It’s so hard) (He says we won’t try but
he’s so serious) Everyone’s a poet since
it’s literature night Since we have writers here Alright, poet RM, give it a go I’ll start with the most shallow one Don’t say the title I’m feel i’ll because of you But now I want to get to know you Han Seung Yeon (Cupid’s arrow towards Seung Yeon?) I think I know what it is Judging from what RM has said until now It’s music (The title of RM’s poem?) I’m right, no? It’s ‘Girl Group’ The title is ‘Girl Group’? Are you ill? No just… Who? Han Seung Yeon! – Who?
– I like everyone You got her number didn’t you? If not then there’s no reason to say
that you’re feeling ill It’s because I like girl groups [Hyun Moo] Okay, whatever I’ll start with the shallow ones then move
on to deeper ones Sure, Sang Wook is the judge Don’t disappear Stay by my side I can’t see you It’s hard to bear [Hyun Moo] Han Seung Yeon (The name that tingles his ears) Don’t disappear, stay by my side
(What is the title of this poem?) I can’t see you, it’s hard to bear – Money
– My back It’s ‘Glasses’ Because you keep losing them This is a weak one Give us a deeper one When do we get to hear it?! – Anyways, yea
– That last one is pretty good Really? Alright My paycheck doesn’t increase
but you do I’m still shallow but you’re deep Debt Whoa, that’s poetic Your credit card debt? It’s ‘A Mother’s Wrinkles’ [Ji Seok] This one’s emotional [Hyun Moo] It’s very heartfelt You didn’t use honorifics for your mom’s
wrinkles! – No, just her wrinkles
– [Sang Wook] You don’t respect your mom Shouldn’t you respect your mom’s
wrinkles too? [RM] Alright, my bad – You’re just tearing him apart
– You’re good at breaking the mood [Hyun Moo] I think Sang Wook would
have liked this one I did, you said it was shallow but I really enjoyed ‘Girl Group’ Because you said it was music, right? But he made it so that you
would think that way So he used my style of writing So I judged that very highly and the title was good too

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  4. '오직 갖고 싶은것은 높은 문화의 힘' 김구 선생님의 말씀을 인용해서 수상소감 말하던 남준군 엄청 인상적이었는데.. 시와 글 쓰는걸 좋아하던 문학소년이 음악을 만나서 감동 메시지로 전세계에 울림을 주는구나 정말 자랑스럽다 respect~!

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  23. Maybe it's just me, but that guest poet seems like he was being unnecessarily nit picky about Namjoon's final poem. Honorifics for wrinkles? Really? Has this man not heard of 'poetic license'? For all I know, it seems that he felt threatened by Namjoon's talent. Also, him choosing the first poem, which Namjoon deemed as shallow, as the best of his poem was just downright petty.

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