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hey guys so today today I wanted to talk about my hunt for my favorite authors so I have been reading for a long time but I never seem to read like more than one book from an author even if I really enjoyed it I haven't read more than one so my goal this year is to find some favorite authors I think I have found one in Taylor Jenkins read I have got one and one book what just hurt forever interrupted to read of hers and a third the last bit of Daisy Junction the six so far I pretty much love all her books so I'm gonna just put it out there so that she is one of my favorites gorgeous cover so my goal is to read like another book from an author of a book that I love other ones that I want to try out ah who did the pure trilogy I don't think she has many other books but there was one called the Madame so I was quite keen to try sure yeah pure trilogy loved it there is one of my favorite books while series and as one of the books that got me back into reading so heavily again so I came to pick up the medam by giuliana baguette the other one that I think I'm going to try out is obviously Jay Kristoff I love never night so I'm going to carry on with God's grave and dark dawn which were the next two and they're series I also want to try really badly Aurora rising which is by him as well and and interested and illuminae the gym owner in something else like that series pretty keen to have a look at those because they like different books I think they're written in a different format like files and little clips and bits and pieces everywhere so and interested to try that one also goes along with me trying to trap new like different formats of books different writing formats of books and then also the other one life like there's another one of hers that I want to read sorry I really really loved the other night so I assume that I'm gonna love God's grave and dived one and then yeah hoping that I will like his other books and then he can be a favorite author so that's what Taylor Jenkins read jay kristoff injured on a baguette the other one that I thought I could carry on trying to read their books was Elizabeth Gilbert because big magic was a book that I really enjoyed but I had just read a pile of and I don't know about that no sorry I might try one more book from her but I'm honestly gonna do anything if I'm not about it because I cannot do any more books I cannot do any more books I don't like I can't complete them anymore it's just a freaking waste of my time so yeah I have a lot of her um what was the other ones I was going to try Oh Shawna McGuire so the other one is Shawna McGuire let me I found my notes where's my notes I just had the memoranda there so Sean Maguire wrote the way with children series which I loved all of those books so I'm going to try and hurry the middlegame I think the middle middle going before I did this video but books and I'll I just read that book and loved it so I quite like Co taste sorry yeah I think I want to try that because I think that Sean Maguire could be a favorite author too I don't know if Sean Maguire has a lot of books though so but we shall see yeah hoping that I get some more books that I really love for the year so I can find some more um some authors that I like and have some faves I mean when I planned this video I hadn't written even I and Jake her stuff wasn't in my favorites and now I'm pretty sure I'm going to say that he's gonna be a favorite so fingers crossed I find lots more authors that I like and yeah the hunt is on oh wait no there's one more Lee Anne Moriarty I have read rainy baby books of his big little lies love that book my husband's secret I really enjoyed that book and once I loved it but I didn't really like it and there's a lot more forever contra waters but she's got hopes of books and yeah I think she might be one of them too because I really like the dark it's like an everyday life that was dark you know kind of sinister things going on in the background so I think she just got a new book out too like nine strangers I think yeah hello you trying to get my attention um so ya came to pick up her book she's got hey sorry I can't but none of them are inscribed which is weird yeah I will find some at my library or I'll buy one I should yeah I did I don't actually look for her books at the secondhand bookstore I went to the other day but I couldn't find any of the earth I think she's quite popular actually there was two copies of big little lies there one of them I was tempted to get because it was a pretty cover mine is like the TV version cover or so don't like and this other one was like below with like the moon in the ocean yeah but I didn't get it good girl Ally so yeah I definitely think I like this because I'm I feel like I know her vibe yeah also big little eyes – it's coming out so excited anyway that's off topic yes so LeeAnn Moriarty I will try and pick up one first not sure which one you probably gonna pick up more than one at first this year to be honest so hopefully at the end of the year I can check back in and say who my favorite authors are yes that's the plan

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