🎤 Singing – Art & Literature Episode 20

namaste oven my name is the base current I'm from De Luca Amanda and my school name is Rajesh – English secondary school and I am studying him grade 9 today I am going to sing a song the title of song is Lea Kalia okay I am going to start a song let curly hair so vehicle sanim hello gone into a no-bull day multiple carry a phone a salty rubber nor eternity for an assaultive ro burn our daddy luckily her head so vehicle Duke sonna mono pelagonija Coco no pulled a multiple carry f1 a salty Varro Bernard and a foreigner salty Rover no daddy Biagio : this is also my team Romania called scimitar my burger : Bazaar atonement in Roma ecology matter my acronym Gazala bonamana riding Kitsap okay boys anima – amar multiple carry a furnace of all t borrow burner entirety f1 salty Varro burner daddy righto solo para matimak a team Roman ecology matimak rata solo para matching maker Tamarama cullism a Jamaican kegger new caliber reaper kata me life lies and sumo party boy Simon voice a man or two poker ef-1 salty Rober know that f1 salty bar over not dirty like Ali her head so yeah kodo-san lockdown in to occur now pulled I nor super carry F on a salty / / not dirty F on a salty borrow Bernard aren t hope you guys like my song if you like the song please like comment and share the video and don't forget to subscribe the promise TV Nepal thank you namaste bye bye you

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