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okay so Shalom again for the hundredth time not explained it hasn't been that bad just trying to set this stuff up you guys and get to this fun work so welcome like I said in my first video just in case you didn't catch that this is not like a tutorial for mixing this is really just a I'm at work this is what I typically do on a daily basis and I'm showing you my process so welcome and hello and I hope you guys are having a fantastic day and all that good stuff so I want to see where we're at and let me I'm I I will tell you this I've already set up a pretty pretty decent chain for vocals and let me get some of this stuff out of the way okay we don't have to worry about that up there this is my verse and then my sister's verse comes in here and this song is by the way it's called jĆ”nos and very excited it'll be on our record synergy and I already have a pretty pretty good chain set up Oh see what we got oh yeah let me tell you something too like if I'm bouncing and stuff and I'm not it doesn't look like I'm on beat it trust me I have rhythm it really is just the delay in this program so y'all don't be like a queen off a room it's not me it's not me alright so now I guess it's time to destroy the fro and let's see something here No okey-dokey oh cool hey what's going on my sister my sister's here y'all she may come through and say hello to you all yeah we gonna have something we got this we gettin there you guys we get in there I think this is what our fourth think we only got four songs oh here she come just wanted to jump in and say hey so what you going through sista one of old yeah I know God knows this is one of our songs it's gonna be on our project and we are just excited to share if you guys didn't know my sister has got some serious skills she's actually mixing our record if you can believe that that's crazy praise for me so yeah it's a it's a blessing and an honor and things are you know going pretty well yeah yeah yeah so just wanted to stop by to say hi real quick I gotta go and finish some things but yeah we love you thank you everybody that's been supporting and that's been with us and we're thankful for all the new people and everything that will come as well so anyway well thanks for stopping by oh honored I am honored to stop by honored to be a part of the group and just honored to serving Minister and all that good stuff that shows up there yeah which is cool okay cool alright how much I'd smooth out this chain for the singing but uh I ride sissy it's time to destroy the fro now it's all good ok let's see what we got y'all all right so like I was saying on my particular verse since I'm doing a lot more wrapping I have the studio rack chain set up right and just move that out the way so basically what I have on my vocal is I'm rolling off the low end okay with an EQ then I'm adding some compression and this is the CLA 2 way and as you can see this is kind of the sweet spot I'm a adjust that as I'm going every vocal is going to require something different so you know just keep that in mind and then this is you know where I'm boosting the highs as you can see but it does still contain like an analogue warmth to it and then right after that because we're boosting a lot of the highs I have a DSR on ok and that's going to catch the the harsh frequencies and then after that I'll let you guys hear it is so you can hear what the chain sounds like that's shallow Melanie how you doing my sister good afternoon to you too I'll be having a beautiful day beautiful day so after that I am really just this is the R Vox and I have it on 2.0 somewhere around there this is really what kind of greens is a vocal to the forefront and then I have a limiter on the end of the chain to keep everything in check so I just have it at negative 0.1 and for those who have no idea what I'm talking about let's just listen and I'm gonna try to just you know get get my vocals cool but then I'm also going to try to adjust the chain on my sister's vocals cuz it's she's singing and she's got some stuff going on and I want to make sure that you know I get that right as well so here we go y'all may not be talking to to too much but if you you know vibe them with the song and all that definitely give this video a thumbs up share it with your peeps that people know our open writers records synergy is coming this summer hopefully we're looking at like a July release you know yah willin but we at the end of this we end the tale into this thing so here we go I'm just gonna be doing my thing y'all and chime in you know I'll be looking at the comments here okay what happened to those yeah I just pulled it is something all right I promise you he won't forget you okay so I mean we sounded pretty good I have my my doves as you can see this my main all right my main verses here that I have a dub if y'all wondering how like you know you get that full sound you want to make sure your mains is cool and all those chops and be in between is basically cleaning you know then you got your dub on the second track here right and then who I like the fire's fire fire fire thanks s man I'm trying to tell you go you're gonna love this record I'm telling the world right now I'm putting y'all on notice my sister and I all praises to the Most High this thing right here is crazy you're gonna love all the songs there's a lot of a lot of stuff for everybody on here but um so the second verse or I'm sorry the second track is just kind of like you know what I mean accenting different things this is another dub as well another dub track and then this is the panning I love panning to make things full and wide so you have you know I mean so left and right if you can hear that I'm just gonna show you down here left right I got a pen hard right hard left you don't always have to do that sometimes you know depending on what song you're working on you don't necessarily want them to be that that wide depending on how many vocals you have and what song but on this rap it just works because I have so many things kind of in the middle helping it just be real thick and concentrated so that's why I put them left and right so anyway and then also what I also have on here so let's talk about this chain so I showed you guys this which is my main chain that's really getting it to just sit nice and concentrated in the me but what I also have is all of the vocals all of my rap vocals see how I have this queen rap bus I have all of my rap vocals here everything in green is being routed to this bus and on the bus as you can see I have this SSL buss compressor and so all of the vocals are basically being glued together that's the best way I can explain it on this bus right here all right and I'm gonna do that for my sister's first and when we get to the chorus so that way everything is nice and concentrated before it finally gets to that the final master buss now another thing that I have what else do I got on my Mane let's see Queens verse Here I am okay so I also have a meter on here basically so that I'm not clipping you always want to see your levels make sure you're not clipping I also have vocal writer on here which is basically keeping everything leveled that way when you're in the booth you know you might be loud and you might get quiet and all that well this helps with that I'll show you actually in in action let's just take this first verse let's see it on both sides I remember I had a light on me took me down for a little while still got my smell ain't lost my dream see they was trying to rush me rush may use the word then crush me crush me I was on a journey trust me pop ting y'all got a little money see it I'm saying so it's writing the vocal to make sure that everything is pretty much even when it gets to your ears and with that with the I'm over here you guys on my main chain but on the because I have that compression on here this right here if this is what's kind of like smoothing out the volume as well so we good on that ever thing sounds nice and crisp still sounds warm but it sounds crisp the high ends is coming through we're taking care of the harsh frequencies like I said with that de-esser but I also if you notice over here on my main I also have right after the studio rack which is this all of that I have the sibilance catcher right after the chain so in essence I really have two dealers on here because I want to make sure and and what this is you guys this is the same thing as the DSR it just it really helps tame the harsh frequencies so you know if you're listening to some music and stuff be sounding like it's Pierce taking your ear you know what I mean that is kind of what this helps but you have to be very careful with this and any DSR for that matter is because if I pull this down the more I pull it down the more dull the vocal sounds and you don't want that so you can kind of abuse like anything you can abuse this to where now you're like Damon I boosted the highs that I got everything sounding crispy but then here I'll show I'll just show you I just don't want to mess up my settings actually yeah let me keep going because it's hard for me not to teach while I'm mixing so I have to Shalom to you Shalom brother that's a dope a little headband – that's what's up so anyway I'll have to I'll show you guys at another time otherwise this will turn it to morph like a teaching tutorial versus me actually finishing up some work so anyway but I thought this would be kind of cool for me to just take out through the mix as I'm trying to get the levels right but yeah so yeah I think that's all the very last thing I have on this chain as you can see there's multiple plugins just on one vocal to get it right there's not like a plug-in that you can just slap on something and it might get you a 50% there but it's not gonna take you to where you got that really professional saying there you got a create and be experimental and just try different things to see what kind of sounds you want to get but I was gonna say the last thing I have and I have it routed is this CLA effects I have it routed on my main vocal only as you can see it's not on any of my doves my left and rights or anything because again you can overdo it sometimes you only need a little bit of sauce and so the CLA effects I'm not using none of the other stuff not the filter not the distortion not the reverb I'm only using a tiny bit as you can see look how little just a tiny bit of slap delay and you can barely even hear it it's not even like oh oh it's not like a long drawn-out echo it's just adding a little bit of width to my main vocal some people would use like a doubler it depends on you know what you're trying to get what sound you're trying to get but I'm using this and then over here as you can see I'm using a little bit of chorus and that's just to you know add that little kind of a silky sound so my rap vocals don't sound like super harsh so that's pretty much it and then as you can see you can dial this in it's at negative 13 point 6 you can you know turn it up if you want a little bit more of that but you know we'll just see as we go in I think I got my verse the way I kind of want it and then we can move on to like the either my sisters I'll go there try to smooth her out or we can go to a hook so that's what we got going on today it's 12:20 and the most high is good I just praise them for giving me the you know the ability to do this mix I'm saving saving you know hundreds of dollars by you know investing in plugins that can and not just plugins but also training you if you want to get good at something you got to learn you got to learn it most of you guys may have stuff right now all your computers that can get you your professional sound but you have to learn it or anything for that matter not even just with music whatever you want to be good at you got to learn you got a study you got to watch tutorials you got to put in the work but it's rewarding because now I'm able to mix for other people now which is kind of cool too so anyway yeah so that's what it is all right so let's see what else we got going on hope you're having a wonderful day I'm gonna keep telling y'all to keep your heads up and your shoulders back oh here this little singing part too I'll show I'll let you hear that that's my sister coming in she did a an ad-lib for me let's see what this sounds like little stuff like that did you see how it's going from left to right down here that's because and it's just adding movement I'm gonna let you see that again i'ma reveal the animation basically I just have it going from left to right check it out look right here to her and it's just to add movement to her vocal and I also have echoboy on her to make it you know I have an eighth of a delay on her just too and a little bit of reverb as you can see and a tiny bit of parallel compression but check this out right here it's just going left to right it's just little things to add movement to the song listen to it again actually I want you to be able to hear that when it transitions back a lot quicker someone just moved it out the way get rid of that let's go back that's one thing about my sister and I like with this record we're like so intertwined in each other's like verses and just the sauce I mean obviously we're a group so we should be doing that but you know um sometimes people just like when you do features it's like alright just take the third you know or just take the first or you know it's like when you do features or you are group when you're doing stuff together the more involved you can be with each other the better even if it's just like me singing backups for her lead or maybe she's doing like I just showed you like this little ad-lib but it just adds another dimension you know just all about creativity and working together so I think I'm good with that apparently this says it's not you so we won't even go there what else we got down here thank you dear sister Melanie says you both always sync together well we appreciate it we try and my dear it's probably also you know we have a good musical chemistry but we've also gone through a lot of you know storms together a lot of highs and lows and made it out with the most high so that probably has a lot to do with just our chemistry spiritually and musically but let's see what uh okay this must be a nobody trying to Shalom dear sister I got a price how you doing I'm sitting here just trying to mix this this music so that we can get this record out to you cop you're doing well my sister and all right so okay I think I'm good on that let's see what sissy's uh like I said I may have to adjust her chain because she's kind of it's like smoother just kind of singing and rapping and stuff like that so I may have to adjust this this is what kind of you know Nemean can give you the harsh or the smooth this compressor we have on her right now okay but for you my love will never been man I'm trying to tell you my sister got skills so y'all alright ai-ai-ai-aight what I didn't hear at the end was I need to bring up the volume on this right there cuz the music is kind of yeah I mean so you just cut that right there and then just manually bring up the volume on it that way you guys can hear the end cut that right there and also bring up the volume you want to be able to hear the words let's try this again it's a little better cut that hand I just want to make sure y'all can hear I mean just turn that up just a little or maybe this one too a little bit yeah now we can hear y'all so I just I honest it oh that's dope hey sissy Ayanna like a verse huh huh okay let me okay let me let me stay focused oh this is fun you guys I love showing you guys what we got going on here this is like the back end type stuff so um now what happened to the end of this guess there's nothing there that's all good so as you can see what my sisters verse he scooped back she has a man here and then it looks like her dub is here probably should title to you so I know what I'm what I'm doing usually I do but it's all good and then these are her left and rights now let's look down here okay these are her left and rights and it looks like we do have them scoot over so you guys gonna see looks like we do get rid of that have them left and right left and right left the right okay I also because she's kind of singing on her does have some reverb on her as you can see down here and again that good old CLA effects that gives it that chorus and the warmth or not the warmth but the gloss rather is on here as you can also see she still has siblings catching all the harsh frequencies on her voice as well and the only thing really that I adjusted Oh is she we do have a little bit of waves to Nonna but it's not like you know t-pain obviously it's just to kind of see how slight it is now if I was to turn this like crank it down to the zero then we would start looking like look like t-pain but that's this song don't call for that this is more like bouncy and just like so um but it's just to keep things in tune but I think I like I like that let me just go back and make sure that everybody is sounding give me a second alright okay so I think both of us have sounded really nice slight different tweets but everybody's getting what they need vocally all right so let's move on to what else we got you guys all right so first verse I know we're redoing that this is like the yeah I don't even want to play that cuz my sister will kill me cuz she wants to do that over and even though it's dope to me I know how she is and we both like that like she shall be like I'll be like man that was dope you know or like I'm feeling something that she's saying and she'll be like no I'm not feeling it and I'm like why so we have to do it over and then with me you come here you come in I was just explaining hi everybody I'm just we mess around like this no I know I was telling them I like this part right here like how you know you know I'll be feeling with what you do but then you be like hold on I gotta feel it in the advise versa like some stuff you be like that that you know you like did you sound great and I'm like nah man I got it so we just like that but that's what brings out the the best in one another so and just I know I'm in and out you guys Oh Melanie said hey hi Melanie that I think that song it's a beautiful thing cuz sometimes she'll cut me off you know in the recording process sometimes I'll be like you know that's dope that salad or whatever so is two heads are better than you know just one or whatever so it really has been a major blessing you know working on the record and just learning different things as we go and it's been awesome it really has been awesome that's for sure yeah and you're doing a great job by the way on this thank you dear I'm trying I'm just trying to make it sound good in there making it man I'm sauteing some green peppers you know my sister you know my sister is uh I am too but just putting it out there my sister single him and she can cook yeah open to the right guy single man though not very but I love you guys and I'm gonna get home alright okay you know I had to put you out there lady okay you guys all right so I need to get back to work I'm doing pretty good though I'm looking at the time one two three four I'm telling you this numbers one two three four that's exactly what time it is I'm always seeing numbers always 1 2 3 2 2 2 5 5 5 fo fo-fo 1 2 3 4 2 3 4 5 all right so um okay so our verses sound cool we do have to do that one for that one little singing part before we go into our verses over but we can that's not gonna take very long let me see what this is this looks like it needs some cleaning I can already tell this must be okay ain't nobody gonna rush to process fo how you guys doing you guys hanging in there I can't really I can see comments but I can't really see who's viewing so I should have actually downloaded the day after on my phone so I can say what's up to people that's viewing the give me a moment shot I'm taking a little intermission cuz I I can't even see who's viewing unless y'all comment and I want to be rude either my mama could be watching like you didn't even say hi hello yeah let me see and then we'll get to this I have a feeling this is a gonna be pretty easy see how I ain't got nothing on it no plugins on it and that's a good example I should play it so you like dry so you can hear how it sounds with no plugins and just see how incredibly different it sounds with the right plugins on there but give me a second you guys I'm just hanging out so if you guys got to jump off and come back on I'll probably still be on here as long as my computer holed up with me cuz I would really like to get the everything kind of mixed today that'd be wonderful then I can move on to the other song above the clouds all right let's see y'all is good though alright so go to the App Store isn't this just wonderfully fun let me download Facebook again all right Here I am allow notifications allow me to spy on you when you're not asking not just playing all right I'll accept your friend requests I don't know who you are but I'll accept it what's going on Richardson Kelly Shalom Kelly coho Adam Ben Adam I think that's I think that's it for right now alright let me get back to work yeah we set this up here that way I could just see you ain't gonna be looking down and I'll go like that oh thank god I see people from there hopefully thanks for the shares to see there's some shares down there appreciate it alright so let's get back alright um I think I can see see people better here I'm not sure that really helped me much but say what's up if you in the UM check and I will acknowledge you while I'm working all right so what is this yeah yes you know yes you know ain't nobody gonna rush the process alright so that's the little kind of chant we got going on let me just clean this up oh yes this and I don't know if you on the live thing but when I'm because there was a delay like when I'm cuz you know me I like to jam to the stuff while I'm mixing but I don't want to look like your homie like I'm completely offbeat either even I really don't care but it I just wanted to see if you could look on your phone I don't know y'all could tell me to let my off beat is there a lag cuz when I was testing it it was it was really funny I was like and it was like completely off but anyway um so that's what it sounds like let me solo these out that's what it sounds like people without the actually I don't have to do that you just need to beat so that's what it sounds like without no processing no change just dried not bad but obviously we want to make sure that everything is nice and you know process sound and crisp this looks like I said ad-lib let me cut that and let me bring this down just a little have some more room to work with and just I'm just gonna clean up some stuff nothing major just you know making sure things I heard like a pea like the peas and stuff you don't want to let stuff like that slide because it does after you start putting the processing on here now the plugins it just amplifies your voice so if you got a P that's harsh like this Lisi ain't nobody gonna process you hear that that if once we get a you know a chain on here that's gonna be very noticeable so what I'm gonna do is go ahead and just smooth that in fade it on in and then just clip that out that should help smooth see watch the process foaming and we got so many vocals that ankle really you know I mean ain't nobody gonna be able to tell the process bomi bomi [Laughter] ain't nobody go there's some stuff up in here too it's all good so I'm just cleaning that's it grab all these just fade them back a little bit grab these all Shalom this Thank You Melanie says that she gotta go maybe we both have blessed afternoons and Shalom you too sis keep your head up shoulders back as always love you and have a great trip and we'll talk soon all right hey see that know something I hear everything hey I still hear that just no one would really hear this with the music in but it's just that's just the way I am and I'll be trying to get everything out the cleaner the vocal to better to me ain't nobody you know about as good as we can get it without it cutting off everything ain't nobody gonna rush the process for me another harsh peel no rush the process for me smooth that pee out buddy gonna rush the process for me oh says can't you turn your volume down just a hair sorry I'm yelling let's get away what is this a breath don't know rush the process for me buddy gonna rush the process for me [Laughter] ain't nobody nice on here too okay so this is the first one [Laughter] ain't nobody gonna rush the process fo me [Laughter] because we have so many vocals little stuff that I'm taking away is not going to really make a big difference in the grand scheme of things but like I said you know if you make when you're mixing the cleaner the vocal is the better so I know this might be tedious and very very boring but it's a part of making the music when it comes out to you guys sound is you know as good as we possibly can so hang in there with me bless your heart i honest said y'all keep pushing the most highest music I have to go I love y'all with the love of yarn we love you too sis and thank you for your encouragement we appreciate you we really do have a blessed day all right and hopefully we'll be able to meet soon at like a rebirth event or something because I don't think you're too far away from us I know how far is the gust assist like to a couple hours yeah we do so we want to be able to link up with more artists who are doing this for the most high just and just sisters and brothers in general that have the heart of the most high so we love you guys and thanks for tuning in I'm gonna keep keep it moving and ain't nobody gonna rush the process this is my sermon this ain't nobody gonna rush the process okay one more P and I think we'll be good I am going to leave the breaths in there as you guys can hear but it is I pray you know it just depends once I add the processing typically I do go in and between it take all the breasts out but I just want to get get moving here so I may have to do that later cuz we might be okay just trimming the ends here okay that's good enough for us to start applying some like the chain all right so on this first one the good news is since we already have a cool chain that like worked for my sister's voice and she was singing a lot of stuff so I'm just gonna use this chain so I'm grabbing studio right and I'm just dropping it right on here all right so let me scoot that over tell us right here now and with it ain't nobody gonna rush the process bomi yeah without ain't nobody gonna rush the process for me so obviously a big difference so we'll do that else we want to put on here let's just add the same things really at the meter make sure nobody's clipping and well studio rack on everything might have to change this to smooth it out but and siblings of course excuse me and I will add CLA effects and probably the one that has to we see what else is in the middle maybe this one got that here looks like fire I've already does some pani let's see what we got ain't nobody gonna rush surprises for me ain't nobody gonna register prizes phone ain't nobody were no surprises Bowman ain't nobody gonna rush surprises for me ain't nobody ain't nobody gonna rush surprises for me ain't nobody gonna rush this my life it's what I'm learning from doctors came out surprise ain't nobody gonna rush surprised my life it's when I'm learning from doctors too ain't nobody gonna rush surprises for me ain't nobody alright we getting there we getting there let me just bounce from this to this second verse my sister second person in my verse and just sees level wise volume and then I can continue putting a gloss on there and actually what I want to do let me do this okay cool so at a volume level where we're doing pretty good I'm still some stuff down here that I'll get to but what I want to do is groove remember how in the beginning of the video if you guys have been hanging with me I bust all of the vocals together all my rap vocals to a master buss to kind of glue them together that's what I need to do with these so I'm all these in purple are going to get grouped together so that they can kind of have a gluten so basically I'm just going to highlight them and add buss channel and I want that's that SSL on here give it a little analog probably like a maybe medium attack two to one ratio and a medium release let me change this too this is like the chat but it's kind of a chant something like that so basically I'll just go down here change the main out to what I just called it the chant bus and that way everything will kind of be glued together a little bit here all the ass who knows [Applause] ain't nobody something sounds like it like the reverb or something I did turn that off so let me see something ain't nobody gonna rush turn it off and see if we still get me what else is that here nothing oh just that mute mute mute check this real quick something was feeding back in today and got no reverb in these uh ah the culprit see how I put the chant bus on all of these but there's two that have reverb down here no chant bus mister chant bust alright so that that'll solve the problem turn these back on I was wondering I'm like um what's going on the reverb is funny though funny story about reverb is reverb like I like it but it has to be perfect because if not it muddies up your mix so on my rack vocals typically I don't even put reverb on there I'll use a slight delay you know but on singing obviously if it's like a ballad or something you want something lush and things of that nature but you really have to be careful with a reverb because it can really make or break the clarity of your mix yes you know ain't nobody gonna rush surprises phone ain't nobody okay all right you guys I'm probably gonna take a break maybe get a snack or something and I'll probably be back at it but uh I'm getting there are we getting close to the finish line I just have to smooth these out and add our little lead ad-libs and stuff in that's where I can start adding maybe like echoboy some some things of that nature and yeah I mean we're gonna be pretty much done like I said we have to redo this part but probably another day's work and we'll be we'll be good with this song but I hope you enjoy just like watching me work my process and all that good stuff I'll try to bring more of this actually so you guys can kind of really get a little sneak peek of what we're working on behind the scenes but for those who are you know interested in learning kind of how we do what we do when we're back here this is kind of the work and so with that being said I'm gonna get on up out of here play a little piece on the way out and Shalom for now you

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  1. Hey sis, it sounds good. I was wondering about your spirituality. Do you consider yourself a Christian? Denomination? Or something else?

  2. Are you recording into your vocal chain or adding it during the mixing?

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