🎶 “Who Knows” – an original animation poem 🎶

The world might end tomorrow, it’s true The moon could explode and turn us all bright blue And then we’ll have to learn to live like Smurfs do But quite honestly, I don’t have a clue. The clouds could form an almighty storm The dictators might make you perform in a sparkly spandex uniform. But quite honestly, I cannot inform The Sahara could be home to snow And I could execute the perfect throw And the people watching would be like “woah” But quite honestly I don’t know. Who knows? Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Who knows? Really, who knows? It could be a sure, fine thing 🙂

2 thoughts on “🎶 “Who Knows” – an original animation poem 🎶

  1. thank you!!! I'm getting my results tomorrow too!!! it's really nerve racking!!! good luck and this kinda helps too!!!;))

  2. if I die tomorrow, tell my parents i love them, and if they loved me.. they would burn my results without hesitation

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