🔵 Thou Thee Thy Thine – Meaning Examples – Old English Pronouns – ESL British English Pronunciation

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  1. Would be more correct to say Early Modern English rather than Old English I think.

  2. i find you again. i was searching for 'quakerism', and somehow i find your videos again.

  3. what is the old english of I or me? if there is. but i just read a book with old english and if i remember right he use an old english with a translation of I or me . . . . . more like this " it will prove costly for THEE and THINE" ……. there are more but i cant seem to remember. pls help. thanks so much…….

  4. i think that's why i subbed as well – i can't avoid him anyway (and i like his videos, even though i am english)

  5. Thou, thee, thy, and thine aren't Old English.
    Nominative "þū", Accusative "þēc", Genitive "þīn", and Dative "þē" are Old English. You are thinking of Early Modern English.

  6. Interesting!!! I am not a English speaker, but with thee; I learnt something new what I never was taught at school. The words thou, thee, thy, and thine always atracted my attention. Congratulations for this video and greetings from Paraguay.

  7. What's your name, iswearenglish ?

    It was a very helpful lesson!

    I needed an explanation for "thou".
    Thank you !

    I read that word in THE BIBLE.

  8. @iswearenglish: I have a question regarding the word, "you." Did the word "you" have a use (albeit more limited in meaning) in Old English? My Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary gives the original definition of "you" as something along the following: a plural pronoun used in either the dative or accusative case or as an object of a preposition. Thus, "thou" might only have an equivalence to the modern use of "you" and not the traditional meaning of "you." 

  9. Hi. I were looking for the meaning of these words for quite some time, thanks! Rated and subed beacouse of that and because you seem a really nice and polite person Mr. 🙂

  10. Certainly at some point in history ''thou'' would have rhymed with ''you'' and been closer in sound to modern Germanic ''du''. Does anyone have any information on this?

  11. I expect the words you you your and yours existed along side thy thee etc. Did they have different meanings? Or are they total synonims? How is verb conjugation affected by these words?

  12. Still used in certain dialects, but you missed out the meaning! Thou is INFORMAL SPS, wheras YOU is formal SPS. They are therefore not direct synonyms, they are circumstantially exclusive.

  13. Full very conjugation of to have:

    I have We have
    Thou hast/You have Ye have
    he/she/it hath They have

    Full verb conjugation of to be:

    I am We are
    Thou art /You are Ye are
    he/she/it is They are

    Full very conjugation of to do:

    I do We do
    Thou doest/dost /You do Ye do
    he/she/it doeth/doth They do

  14. Estimado Alex, deseo saber si "ye" (inglés bíblico) se puede usar también para la segunda persona del singular , es decir, como "tú" además del plural "vosotros". El canal está genial. Muchas gracias!!

  15. Thanks for the video I had to learn them for an english test coming up tomorrow and you helped me understanding the use of them. By the way we have to learn them in Germany.

  16. so thou sand and thousand don't sound the same?
    damn that's ruining jokes

  17. Actually "Thou hast" is the same as "Du hast" in modern german, and you(or ye) was the plural you we use today in english for saying "you guys or you are all"

    And surely the first form of thou (before 1600) was pronounced " thu" like it is pronounced in other germanic languages.


  19. Wow, I can't believe I'm learning Thou, Thee, Thy and Thine from Karl Marx.

  20. Love english.
    Am originally from uganda.
    Thank you for thy videos.
    What thou doth is beautiful!

  21. A way to test thou and thee is use In Soviet Russia jokes.
    An example is;
    In America, thou kick soccer ball.
    In Soviet Russia, soccer ball kick thee.

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