02 Science Fiction As A Place For Discussion from The Sisterhood of Science Fiction – Rosanne Welch

I think what's interesting about science
fiction is it's a place where writers go and where audiences go to discuss the
issues of our current world in sort of a safer place because we're having trouble
discussing them maybe in the present. So if we think about the future and how we
hope it's gonna look and how we hope we're gonna behave to each other that's
a place we can have those debates and then sort of bring them back into our
regular life and that's true of most writing. We sort of work out the world in
writing so that's why reading is so good for our brains because it relaxes us
teaches us empathy. It makes us think about more complex thoughts then you
know a quick Reddit post. Which is a nice piece of news very quickly but it's not
all the information that you need to have right? So that's the goal for today.
It's just a look at some interesting writers. Summer is coming up. Perhaps you
all might want to have a summer book to read right or perhaps a movie that
you're like "Wow I should know that movie. That's really iconic and people
reference it. it's a popular culture sort of moment. I should know about that." So
hopefully, in the summer you have some time to pay attention. So I'll give you
some stuff to pay attention to.

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