#020 | Captivating Comics: We chat all things graphic novels

welcome to episode 20 today we're talking all about graphic novels and comics the ones we've read and loved the ones next on our to the red pile and the ones coming out soon that we just can't wait to get our hands on let's get on with the show what are you currently reading I'm currently reading a stepsister by Jennifer Donnelly and much like the title sounds it is a retelling of Cinderella but not really because it's about the stepsisters and it happens after the events of Cinderella oh so like okay Prince so like the opening chapter is like the prince arriving at their house and them like mutilating their feet to try and fit into the slipper which of course doesn't work and then you know Cinderella like puts the slipper on and yeah they fall in love and they write off and kablooey that's you know that's the story the end so it picks up from there and it follows Isabelle which is one of the sisters and Octavia is the other one but it follows Isabelle but it's kind of like I was a little bit apprehensive going into it because of my like track record with fairytale retellings like some of them have been really great some of them have been horrific so you know it could have gone either way but I'm like halfway through it and I'm really really enjoying it it's like it's like a story that begins with once upon a time you know like it feels it feels like a fairy tale and there's I think the opening line is it's the opening line Once Upon always and never again in an ancient city by the sea you know like it's it's it's kind of wonderful in that sort of yes yeah and it's and it's got like so it follows Isabel in her kind of story after they've been to Cinderella but also these like this kind of figure who's called chance and it's got these like three kind of like fates in the background and like create these maps of people's lives and chance the guy yeah thinks that he can change Isabel's path because she's going down like this evil stepsister path you know so it's kind of like these three kind of aspects and it's it's really cool it's really well done and I don't think I've read anything by Jennifer Donnelly before yeah I might have to check out her other books if there that's cool the writings really cool as well and it's like it kind of surprises me and they're really some really cool quotes in it and so I looked on Goodreads as one does to try and find said quotes and they were only four on there and I hadn't even got to any of them yet so basically now whenever I see a quote I take a picture of it and then the next time I'm on my computer I like type it up so as of the middle of June 2019 the majority of quotes on Goodreads for step-sister have been added by me because it's like every second page I'm like oh that's good you write that down but yeah it's it's very good and I'm enjoying it and I think it's the only thing I'm reading I swear I've never added a quote on Goodreads I think like I don't do anything apart from say I finished a book I've now started a new book mm-hm and then I joined like one book club once and then the penguin book club I just forget it exists I'm like updating yeah I see the occasional notification about like we've giving away books or whatever but then normally I see them too late yeah oh well maybe next time it's like the whole thing about having the shells for the graphic novels and finding out where they were and like oh yeah I never had shells but now I have a singular shelf I love reading they will have more once I get to it but let's be honest I probably won't even be wrong yeah maybe no I am currently reading 1985 by George Orwell which 1984 yes sir why am I good night range favorite in my art it can be 1985 if you like but I haven't read it but I'm pretty sure it's 1984 no it's definitely 84 I don't I was half asleep yeah I do know it's there fair enough let's correct that now 1984 okay it was either the previous episode or the episode before that I was saying that I really wanted to read it I just haven't got it was have been the TBR shelf one oh yeah yeah well I must have said it bit on my TBR for like years I haven't got around to it and I finally got around to it I'm really enjoying it and I didn't really know much about it apart from that everybody raves about it and that big brother is watching you yeah going into it it was it wasn't what I was expecting but like it was good and then I had like a maybe like two chapters worth of a bit of like a boring bit and I was kinda like all know is this dropping off and then like suddenly some big thing happened I was like oh my god yes and it's picked up and it's great okay so I think I have about like 50 pages left to go I think it's something like that but I've been really busy yeah big is it like how many pages is it it's like 320 or something not that big but yeah you know classic II small words and stuff yeah yeah yeah it's really easy reading for a classic e-book which is surprising but yeah yeah that's good okay um cuz I've only read who's it by George Orwell yeah okay yeah I was like I like seeking gift to myself for a second I was like the only thing I've read by George Orwell is Animal Farm and then I was like did you even write 1984 but he did okay just ignore me no he wrote 1995 apparently yeah 1985 the sequel what happens next I'm a great book blogger slash podcaster but I think I read Animal Farm on audiobook actually okay yeah and it was it was odd but also clever but also I wouldn't read it again one of those but kind of like one of those books those like yes books oh yeah everyone's read and I guess I should talk it up but yeah but that's good that you're enjoying 1985 I wanna I'm probably gonna finish it tonight if I don't fall asleep don't we'll see yep and other than that I'm not really reading anything but I have started a graphic novel which leads us onto our conversations perfect when I say I started I'm about like three or four pages in and I really hoped that I was gonna finish it in time for this podcast but it didn't happen yet because things happen life happened but I'm probably gonna butcher all of this but it's Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi okay and the only the only reason I've heard of this is because it was Emma Watson's first book in her book club like years ago okay and I thought it was a book and then when I was doing the research for this I was like it's a graphic novel I should start reading that um say what the title is again or try and say what the title is again Persepolis okay cuz I think I think I recognized the words I think that I've seen it on Goodreads and things I probably I'm probably saying it wrong but I don't know how to say it and it's not an audiobook so I can't learn yeah but even then as we've discovered audiobooks can get it horrific ly wrong yeah I was trying to think of a really good heart I don't I can't remember I feel like there were so many when you were listening to them there was so many and I feel like there was a long time that's what sparked this entire podcast yeah I do I do enjoy those those audiobooks even if they do get some things wrong yes mm-hmm so I don't know how that one's gonna go but you know it leads us into what we're gonna be talking about today which is all the books that have images as their book form are there even any other like words for graphic novels and colleagues I feel like there's another one I can't think of what it is I don't know illustrated versions but that still got writing like you know like actual writing I don't know you know what I mean I know some illustration or illustrative versions have like just pictures throughout with some of those Australian versions how are actually like a graphic novel yeah that's true it depends like the game of currents one is just like pictures throughout whereas the Twilight one is actually yeah well I feel like those the main two ones anyway graphic novels and comics there we go we're talking about today okay so there's a couple that we've both read and then a couple that one of us has read so and the first on my list is shades of magic because it was quite recent there's steel prince by ve Schwab illustrated by Andrea old Imperium this is one that we've both Ridge recently because it recently came out as and yeah when did it come out like April or something maybe something like that and it is about Prince Maksim who's one of the characters in Victoria Schwab's magic series is there short of vision change your mouth shades of magic is that the series though yeah yeah so the shades of magic series is to come like a prequel to that but in um comic book form I coming but I gave it maybe like a 3.5 or a four stars like I enjoyed it but I've wanted so much more out of it I think nd yeah I gave it three stars yeah like I loved the the premise and the idea and stuff but I think because her shades of magic series is so intense and so full of wonderful details and it's so magical that having it all condensed into a very very small book was kind of hard to adjust to I think like I did enjoy it I think that's the thing because her her stories are all out like the pacing of the action whereas in a graph in the comics like sighs that she's got like that that this is you don't have much room to write around you kind of got gonna get straight back into the action and you don't have time to fluff around with someone's coach yeah it's all the wonderful coach yes I wish there was time to fluff about the coat there's not time for that and that's why I feel it would mist because it just kind of jumped around a lot and didn't really have the flow that she's known for and then we're writing is so great for that yeah it just it was sad not in like a sad story away but in like a slightly letdown disappointed way yeah mm-hmm yeah but it was exciting to see the king as like this fresh print prism yeah yeah I mean the illustrations in that one like that while they were very good they were quite like Charlotte my style yeah like I can't quite explain what the the kind of feel of them is you know like someone like really like yeah and stuff but I feel it was kind of angry style more superhero comic style rather than like graphic novel cutesy vibe yeah yeah I think yeah that's probably it was probably writing a lot of like kind of dark colors and yeah and and reds I remember yeah we will take a picture and put and put a page or two on Instagram CEOs can see it but um like very good at just yeah just not not a style which didn't help with the whole not enjoying it kind of thing enjoying the story there's pretty pictures of yeah of them Beato but yeah totally yeah I kind of wish that she would like keep doing the graphic novels fine but also maybe can you just write it up so I can have a book version of it like here just be one book like I won't even allow a 500 page book for this one you guys 500 pages of yeah that's Maxim it'll be fine and leave it at there and I'd be happy I'm sure she'll get better as they go along she'll get better at riding shorter and snappier thing yeah maybe yeah it must be quite hard eh like to to write something but then have the majority of like the emotion and the the anger in picture form but like not moving pictures on so it's like a movie that some moves like you've gone from like 500 600 page novels with full of description and emotion and everything whereas then you go to just the conversations yeah exactly it's just the dialogue yeah that's like literate which I guess is fine if like if you enjoy writing dialogue it still needs to be filled out yeah and so what's another one that we've both I think we should go from a slightly disappointing one to an excellent one and go in tomorrow no yes it was so good I'm so this one's by Noelle Stevenson yes and also illustrated by Noelle Stevenson because she's amazing this was actually I think the first graphic proper graphic novel I read so it kind of set the scene pretty well yeah I think this was like the second well in my review I say that I've only read two but I can't remember what the other one was so there's that oh maybe because I read Runaways before ridden omona maybe maybe that was the first one which will circle back to as well but um it's just a cool idea she's like a shapeshifter and can shape-shift until I call things like a dragon and other things that I can't remember cuz they're ready in like 2016 and yeah yeah basically she's a sidekick for a super villain and they get up to some havoc to put it lightly yeah I downloaded this because it had good reviews and I'd imagine look at what it was about but I was kind of surprised by the dragons really yeah and I feel like it wouldn't actually be something I'd enjoy as like a novel yeah I don't know what this would be like as a novel novel but like as a graphic novel it was like I felt Mayberry would because maybe it'll be like kind of like darker shades of magic kind of thing maybe like I can imagine her being like kind of like Delilah bad and yeah yeah saddling up to the supervillain and be like I'm your sidekick I can turn into a dragon and amongst other things that I can't really anything else right yeah yeah I kind of want to reread it it was so cute because I read it after cuz you had you read it when 2016 I think so and like I'd seen it I'd seen it Lots online and stuff and so I think I read it did every that last year I feel like it was last year I think so it was just so much fun yeah so much fun and cuz Noelle Stevenson worse does she illustrate she does the lumberjanes series as well she does do that yeah okay yeah okay so we'll also come back to that one um but I loved her artwork it's it's so great it's yes it's like the illustrations are just so cute and great they're so cute she also does the cover of fangirl by Rainbow Rowell as well Oh does she yeah and also apparently six feet over it by Jennifer longer which I haven't read yeah but when I looked I cover it was differently Noelle Stevenson style so yeah you could you could tell and also hilarious dialogue that's just great and funny and totally the opposite of steal princess yeah a complete opposite yeah yet it's amazing that they like people like Noelle and others have like they can write really well okay I write a plot really well and have the dialogue be like really fun and being an amazing artist at the same time it's like actors who sing and also dance like calm down just have one tellin please are you kidding me just cool it like you're not allowed that much talent yeah share it out please I luta send it out to the population give me something yeah it is just something something not picky I want to reread it now it is so it doesn't tell on to it it's not that long either so no it's not I don't if I remember correctly I'm sorry I think those two were the only ones that we had in common a how many others have you got and I've got two more and but I could talk about three okay so maybe I'll go on to the lumberjanes and it's kind of the similar same person you know it's Noel again yeah so I've read the first two volumes of the lumberjanes so that's the first eight issues and I was researching apparently there at issue number 63 now what she's Illustrated all of those hey I think there's not just her doing it now I think they've got like a few people in there but that's a lot that is a lot like I don't think they've produce physically that many I don't I don't know I looked into it but I've only read the first two I think I was just let down a little bit because I read it straight after nimona and I really enjoyed the minor and really it wasn't as good because it was kind of it was an issue thing it wasn't like a graphic novel like forth I think chunky things so yeah that kind of it was tiny bit hard to follow because it was fast paced because you have to get them like the story done in the the issue hmm so there was four different technically like smaller stories inside the one thing but they kind of led to the same ending right so it was kind of like a big story with four little stories in the tree like in it and it kind of jumped a little bit because I wasn't used to reading like that so it's kind of slightly confusing to change adventures like four times but then come to the end of it and it's kind of all looped together into this whole big adventure and it's kind of like a like a TV series would like yeah ones that have like individual plots each episode but is an overarching murder that they're trying to solve or something like that yeah okay cool yeah yeah but I'm not used I wasn't used to that so it just felt weird and I actually only came to the conclusion that that was why it was happening right when I wrote these notes right yes cuz I read but I read back my review I was like I I didn't like it because it was fast paced and their change adventures but it ended up and it kind of all looped together that's probably because the issues that's probably the reason yeah that's why yeah so maybe if I reread them now that it will be a bit more clear and I'd a bit more into comics and get the idea a bit more rather than jumping into this whole thing thinking it was something else but the whole idea is sounds cool because it's about these five girls on a camp for hardcore labor okay and they're basically just solving mysteries that like there's secret caves and adventures and anagrams and it all leads up to this giant thing and then they're just yeah it's just all over the summer and it's great but not as good as nimona right okay yeah yeah because it's been on my list hey I think I already added it recently to my Goodreads but I've known about it for a while I'm so it's been on the radar but yes no I have not picked it up yet you should you should try at least the first volume anyway yeah yeah should what if the library has it I assume so probably maybe they have all 63 maybe imagine that although that didn't go so well for me last time when which leads us on to my first one which is the runaways by Brian cave one last year I differently talked about this on the podcast last year last season yeah and about me getting like basically the story was Rainbow Rowell like re kind of reignited Runaways comic and so has written I think she's done to bind ups now I think there are two bind ups out but basically I wanted to read that but I couldn't read that if I didn't know the backstory I mean I could but it would mean as as awesome you know so I went to the library and I managed to find the bind ups like volumes one to ten so I borrowed them all which was it was stupid but I brought them all and I managed to read there wasn't too bad yeah I think I renewed them all about the maximum amount of time I could so I hate them for a long time like three or four months or something yeah and so each each bind up has six issues in it rather than Jane's four it's got six so what's that like so excite so forty-eight that's like 48 issues yeah oh yeah but then of course there's there's way more than that I think there is like 13 or 14 of like the original ones yeah so I haven't actually finished it so therefore I haven't started rainbow Rowell's one which I actually own so there's that mm-hmm but I was unfamiliar with the runaways like story before I kind of got into it but it's a it's a Marvel comic and it's about six kids to discover their parents are actually living like these double lives as super villains with like code names and costumes and you know like the whole shebang and they run away wait is this series TV yes so they've recently done a TV series in a heads on John I gotta get Netflix isn't there folks I might be no thanks yeah no is it a sure it's Netflix or is it like neon like it's definitely so I feel like I've seen it I've definitely seen it recently yeah yes it is a TV series but I haven't watched it yet because it hasn't finished a story but I feel like I'm not gonna finish the story so there's that also so yes the kids run away from their parents and so the story kind of follows them and they're a couple of other Marvel superheroes and villains that kind of show up because you know the Marvel Universe is gianormous yeah but though like I really enjoyed the story he that's why I read at least eight of them and it was really fun to read and the characters were kind of you know that everyone was very different and kind of quirky and it was it was great but the thing that was a little bit jarring was like the the illustrator change so much between just in those eight bind ups that's 48 issues in the even in one single so for example volume one would have six issues even within those six issues the odd has changed so there were some that I've really liked and really enjoyed and so like I was enjoying reading it more but then add in their issue start a new one and it would be like whoa completely different style and so you can't like I feel like when they do they're I don't know if this happens a lot or if it's just this or I don't know but I feel like when it does that you kind of do not invest it in the care because they're like change like they don't change to the personality but you know you're not like their facial expressions and they're you know everything's a bit like oh that's funny that that's weird like why did ya you know reading nimona and the style of light the steel prints it just wouldn't be as good yeah exactly yeah but like the first car still prints in the style of Navaro a bit would be awesome maybe we should contact Noelle Stevenson and be like hey do you want to like remix this just browse for us yeah yeah so the runaways was cool like the ones that I've read but I have not seen the show yet and I have not read the one that I bought with the intention of reading either yeah so there is that my next I was gonna say highest ranking but it's not but we go to go with it anyway because it's the one I say whenever we think of graphic novels and it's the mouse series so there's Bali I want to say volume 1 and 2 I don't know if there was mouth 2 which is the story of a Jewish survivor of Hitler's Europe and his son is the cartoonist it's basically the the son is drawing their conversation and just home flashbacks to the scenes and stuff but the really cool thing is that it's not like human Illustrated it's animals and the Germans are cats and the Jews are mice yes our it's kind of like you know that cat and mice thing and it sounds weird but it's kind of cool but I don't know if it's just cool because I like learning about Hitler's Europe kind of history and okay yes yeah like I don't know I don't I don't like I don't like the suffering but I like learning about it so yeah yeah totally yeah it kind of anything that has that kind of history timeline is my normally goes well with me and I really enjoyed it and I recommend it it's kind of cool it's not as cutesy as no more in I'm afraid but okay there's animals I feel like no Mona is like the like the benchmark for cuteness um in in graphic novels yes I felt like if you want good illustrations go for the Mona if you want like mm-hmm some historical stuff go for Mouse he wants some superheroes go for runaways yep yep yes I really enjoyed it and I apparently at the time didn't cuz I gave them three and two stars but I remember them as I enjoyed it so I feel like that was at the time where I didn't give yes – yeah in like now Sophie would probably do them more than that yeah there's probably more like like a four point five four three point five kind of thing yeah so a little bit less stingy with the higher yeah these days definitely the amount of five stars I've had this year um well my next one is the print in the dress maker my Jean Wang and this is really cute like another one of those really cutely Illustrated ones yeah um again not quite as cute as nimona but you know nothing will be and never bet is still really really cute yeah so it's about this girl called Frances and she's working is like a seamstress when she's given this job of making a dress for a new client and it's the dress is like very unique and she how does it go she yes so the dress is really unique there's someone who sees it and like loves it and wants to like hire her and so she goes to this new this new client to make dresses for them and it turns out it's the prince and he like dresses up as this like lady Chris Talia and goes and so wait what yeah yeah so it's yes it's about this prince who likes to dress dress up and go on stage and stuff and nobody really knows that it's the prince yes but it's a really cute story I was like drag what is this yeah yeah but it's really cute and it's um it was like completely predictable the story and you like the prince and francis like become friends and you know he keeps making him like lovely gown so he can wear and dancer that you know it's very it's very predictable but it's supposed to be like paris at the turn of the century you know that's the the era it's supposedly written in but the language yet in the dialogue is like modern it's not uh it's so like i found that like annoying like if you're gonna have a comp mate make a comment about the area that it's set in at least right a little bit more in that era you know what I mean yeah so that was a bit annoying and more the gentleman's guide yeah like with with those that was definitely and definitely in that kind of there yeah the dialogue fits the era whereas in the printers maker it didn't really and so that was a bit yeah but it was like beautifully drawn and it was like yeah it was kind of cute and yeah I think I gave it what did I give it like three stars yeah a kind of cute story about friendship and figuring out who you are and coming of age and you know young South one of them yeah and also like being an awesome dress maker which Francis is which is kind of cool yeah so like odd but cute but not of the era it was written supposedly written in you know and I mean yeah yeah yep okay well speaking of odd and cute I'm gonna go onto sheets which is all about a wee ghost and a weak human yeah I keep seeing this and I mean it you do I felt like this is one of the most weirdest things I've read in the most like interesting new idea that it was just so good and I feel like it could be so much more than just this week over yeah because yeah like the idea that the ghost the ghost is like a kid but he's you know got I know hitting a car accident something I can't remember the exact way but he didn't like the afterlife so he went and tried to find himself a new afterlife she turned out to be Marjorie's laundromat oh my goodness and that in trying to make himself a new afterlife make himself comfortable in this new afterlife he ended up unknowingly sabotaging all of Marjorie's life and oh my goodness making like the Lord you might want to almost be like sold and he'll lose out and all the stuff and he didn't realize and then one night they like meet yeah and then it's like it was you know they they become friends and it's so cute and it's just what a strange constable it's such a sensitive good like that's something that Neil Gaiman would write about yeah I felt like it would be so much more fun but it's definitely worth yeah yeah so yeah it's by Brenna thumblr yep which fun fact Brenna used to be the name that I always used to make my main characters whenever I used to try and write books no way really yeah like a whole segment of my life it that was this okay yeah it's funny how we like latch onto like names a like I remember yeah like growing up my like sisters would have like one name that they rely remember one of my sisters really like the name Jessica so all her new toys were called Jessica I don't know why they were just call Jessica don't know why don't know what's special about Jessica but yeah we're just yeah they were just all disco yeah I definitely had a Lily favor yes mm-hmm we all know who that was of course by but yeah yep I ended up calling one of my pets Lily and so now I feel weird that I kind of want to name like one of my kids Lily but now I feel weird I've named my pet rat Lily and now oh yeah cool you can something you've called one of your pets I don't feel like you can I don't know cuz it's always like that awkward like if you meet someone and they introduce you to the kid and it's like this is Oscar and I'm like cool my dog was called Oscar it's like not the best like you know go to but I feel if you got rid of all the names that you've ever named your pets or very small I think you could you not gonna have any names left yeah mm-hmm hey I probably won't ever name my kid Brenner but if I tried another book it might be by have the main character Brenner who knows there we go you're done right yeah I've got no mother so I've only read like four yeah yeah no oh good my last one I'm only gonna bet like briefly touch on cuz it's kind of it was a net gully review copy and I don't know if it's like really like published right I don't like yep so you got it in digital form but you don't know if it's actually in physical yeah cuz it's called camouflage and it's about it's basically I feel like it should be a good school book but it's kind of like an informative but fun way of giving insight into the lines the lives of women with autism Oh interesting okay so it kind of just goes through all the things that they go through and what might be different no an autistic woman and yeah it was really it was really good and it was really fun and informative and yeah I fell like it were a really good school book mm-hmm and the illustrations were cool and it was good that yeah I don't know if it's some print but hey okay I'm sure it is yeah yeah yep awesome so that is all rich mmm-hmm what ones do you want to read so recently I picked up when I was overseas I picked up in real life by paws paws by Cory Doctorow and Jean Wang yeah so she did the illustration so she was the one who did the illustrations for the Princeton dressmaker so she wrote that book but she's also illustrated in real life so I've got that one ready to go at some point and I also have I have a like a cartoon kind of comic book on philosophy because okay and it's literally called the cartoon introduction of philosophy yeah and it's like this is crazy I can't remember what it is it might be someone like Plato or something and he is in on the front cover he's in like this canoe yeah dinner but he kind of like goes through it's just black and white but he goes through or like these philosophical thoughts and all these philosophers over there over the age but it's all done in um like illustrated form and so I've read like a couple of pages I feel like I flicked through it I bought that at Powell's Books the last time I was over in Portland yeah so I've got that one as well and it's kind of like like fun kind of quirky that reminds me I actually have a Greek mythology graphic novel II comic thing on my iPad the moment do you yeah it's basically just kind of like introduction to all they're like the main gods and goddesses so I haven't really read much because I kind of like know it but yeah yeah yeah it's fun to look at yeah I also tried to read well I well I've read about half of saga and that's one by Brian cave Warren as well and so he wrote some of the first at Runaways ones and but this is one like it's got like four and a half star average rating on Goodreads that gets a highly rated comic yeah and someone someone I knew who was it someone was reading it one of our bookish friends who was if it was you please tell me my bad for not remembering it so anyway I was like oh yeah sweet I was on my like runaways comic kind of last word phase I'll get this one out as well and a be great so I started reading it and it was just so weird and odd but not in an awesome way so but maybe it's one of those ones that you kind of have to get into and once you kind of into the crazy world you're kind of like oh yeah this is crazy but it's awesome you know but I wasn't quite committed because I had a pile of teen runaways comics to get there as are so that's been quite committed to the whole saga of saga yeah but I have I've so I've read about half of that one and I put it down because it was too old um but yeah and then I want to read like lumberjanes is vouching that went out and sheets is it sheet or sheet sheets yeah so I want to read my ways mhm I want to read the illustrated lightning thief oh yes yep you know can't come tonight hmm but yeah I do discovered recently but I kind of want to try that and then there's also pumpkin heads oh my goodness I want to read that yes so this is the Rainbow Rowell book that's coming out of when does that come out I assume it's gonna come out an American fall because that would be really cute I think it is it is like lighter this year so it would be American I'm a Googler all / winter pumpkin head so like maybe October I felt like it should be October cuz you know I feel like it definitely should be out in space not expected publication August 27th Oh which is awesome because that's sooner than expected but also not awesome because it could have been like on Halloween because it's about Halloween but yes I'm excited about that oh you don't have to read it that's true you could save it we could have a little like read-a-thon on all the way that ones illustrated by Faith Aaron Hicks yep yep so I'm excited back so cute looks super cute and it's Rainbow Rowell so it's obviously gonna be cute but it's gonna be adorable yeah just um having quick look on Goodreads at faith Aaron Hicks who does the illustrations and she's done a lumberjanes special as well and done like Buffy and ever time also that that hopefully were being like a kind of no Severson kind of style pumpkin here the pumpkin heads looks really cute the cover looks cute like that there yeah they kind of looks cute it's kind of like not not like nimona cute but you're kind of more like if I remember correctly it's more kind of more humanoid than cutesy yeah yeah yeah more realistic proportions realistic that's the word not humanized realistic humanized they look more humanized yeah yeah so exciting for that and yes yeah if you're excited for it too let us know because we could have like a quick cute little read-a-thon slash like oh yeah fun party let's do that let's have a pumpkin heads party oh my goodness I love pumpkin okay that's great I'm excited okay Juden I'm Alex over for the pumpkin heads play around Halloween oh we could go live what we season three what crazy times I think season 3 yes yeah for sure yeah yeah should we season 2 yeah yeah why Stephanie not season 2 cuz last episode is next time yeah we're nearly done yeah we're nearly done it's like my last episode look good anyway I'm sure there are other like comics and graphic novels that I want to reread I thought is but I went through like heaps of good reads like top hundred graphic novels and stuff and I can't find anything that I feel like there is one that when he said in real life and talked about that I thought it was that but it's not that but there's like a similar kind of one like a fango kind of one that's by I don't know find it and it's not like you know okay yeah because there are if you look at like the graphic novels on Goodreads like even like top ones for 2017 or whatever there are a lot there are definitely a lot and oh yeah I see the purse I would I would say precipitous I said we see I said Persepolis yeah cuz I pronounce it like Persephone yeah yeah I've just seen it again so yeah I don't know others a Coraline one I was gonna say when you were talking about creepy ones I'm like Coral I were make a cool graphic novel it was one yeah there's a spot pilgrim one that'd be cool um didn't wasn't that the original before the movie like isn't the movie and that's why the movie is so like oh boy comic book looking yeah that would be yeah that would explain it and so downwards a comic we know things weld oh gosh yeah oh there's a miss Peregrine's Home for peculiar children really yeah the graphic novel that'll cover cool there would be yeah that would be really fun maybe we need to actually read some more well I'm just gonna go add loads of things to my yeah if you're on Goodreads podcast listeners you can find us and suggest graphic novels to us or other books they might already be on a tubular so you never know follow along see what we're reading hey I'm gonna stop looking cuz I'm gonna just get strolling for ages yeah and then our background of the episode will just be like scroll Scroll scroll yeah like yeah like we comments on things that we can't okay no more comments oh I don't have any more comments we're good and that's a wrap for episode 20 of rents and reviews if you have read a graphic novel or comic that you think we might enjoy flick us tweet at rents and reviews or send us a message or take us in a post on instagram at torrents and reviews pod next episode will be the last for season 2 so make sure you tune in until then happy reading you

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