1: Getting Started – Windows Live Writer

hi my name is Ellen in this video I'm going to show you how to setup and use Windows Live Writer Windows Live Writer is a program that makes it easy to create and publish to your blog to install writer visit writer dot live.com and click on the get it free button to download the product then follow the prompts to install the product to start writer click on windows live under programs on the Start menu or if you're running Vista simply type writer in the search bar on the Start menu to use writer you must first connect it to your blog you'll need your username and password and in some cases the web address of your blog if you don't have a blog writer will create one for you on Windows Live to configure writer to your blog choose the type of blog you're connecting to and provide the username password and web address of your blog the web address of your blog is the URL that you would give to someone else if they wanted to view your blog writer will take a few minutes to establish a connection with your blog when it's done it'll show a confirmation screen writer can be set up to work with multiple blogs if you have other blogs that you want writer to work with repeat this process for each of them if you don't already have a blog writer will help create one on Windows Live for you to do this you need a Windows Live ID now if you already have a hotmail messenger MSN or Microsoft passport email address and password that's your Windows Live ID if you don't have a Windows Live ID click the Create a Windows Live ID link and you'll be directed to a site where you can create one when you have a Windows Live ID enter your user name and password in the writer setup wizard and continue creating your blog

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  2. So do I! I use it for loads of blogs and can post the same post to two of them. Makes blogging so much easier!

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