10 FASTEST Busta Rhymes Verses

It’s finally here. This video has been requested ever since the
first time I uploaded a Fastest Verses video, and after scouring the internet for any fast
Busta verses that I might have missed out on I think I’m finally confident enough
to make this list on the speed rapping legend that is Busta Rhymes. As always, every verse is counted in syllables
per second over a time period of 10 seconds, because anyone can rap fast for 1 or 2 seconds
and consistency does matter to me. So with that being said guys, it’s time
to talk about the 10 FASTEST Busta Rhymes Verses Ever Made. Honourable Mentions: 12 – Bottoms Up (Remix) [Verse 1] – 9 SPS And we kick off our list with a quick honourable
mention for one of Busta’s great guest verses. As you can tell this wasn’t fast enough
to make the top 10, but I definitely thought I should acknowledge it. 11 – Welcome to My Hood (Remix) [Verse 3]
– 9 SPS And we already have another remix here that
was the same speed as the last one, and again I feel like it had to be acknowledged, so
here it is. Top 10: 10 – Iz They Wildin Wit Us And Getting Rowdy
Wit Us (Verse 2) – 9.3 SPS From what I’ve heard, Extinction Level Event
was really the album where Busta Rhymes started to showcase his speed rapping on quite a few
tracks. This is a great example of this, and I was
thinking it would be at least 9.7 SPS, but it was just a bit less. Still one of my favourite verses from him
and the combination of Busta and Mystikal is wonderful. 9 – All I Do Is Win (Remix) [Verse 3] – 9.4
SPS Another remix here on our list, and this one
qualifies as a remix that I think is better than the original version, a topic which I
made a whole video on, a video which included this song. It’s just pretty great minus Khaled’s
verse and Busta Rhymes comes with a mind blowing verse. A weird thing that I’ve noticed though is
that a lot of his fast verses start in the same way; either with him saying every time
or everybody. Just thought I’d point
that out. 8 – Bottles And Rocking J’s (Verse 1) – 9.5
SPS I think what makes this verse so fun is how
casual Busta sounds on it. He makes it sound like rapping fast is no
challenge to him whatsoever, and honestly at this point it probably isn’t. I also love how Busta adlibs his verse by
sounding like he’s amazed at the speed rapping he just did, he does that on a few songs and
it’s pretty funny to hear. 7 – Jumanji (Verse 3) – 9.7 SPS The combination of Busta Rhymes and my dad
Joyner Lucas was an interesting combo, and it’s clear that Busta really wanted to work
with Joyner after how he reacted to Joyner’s song, Ross Cappichioni. So naturally they would work together on a
speed rapping song. It’s over a pretty minimalistic but uptempo
beat that gives both rappers a great opportunity to show their talents, and that they do. 6 – Worldwide Choppers (Verse 7) – 9.7 SPS This one was just obvious. For every rapper on this song that I’ve
done a fastest verses video on, those being Twista, Twisted Insane, Tech N9ne himself
and now Busta Rhymes, they have had their verse from this song in their top 10 fastest. This is the apex of chopper songs. It makes sense that on a song with around
8 other incredibly speedy rappers, you’d wanna push yourself to have the fastest one,
and Busta puts in a brilliant effort here. 5 – Look At Me Now (Verse 3) – 9.9 SPS I have no doubt that everyone watching this
expected this to be on here, it’s the fast verse from Busta Rhymes that pretty much everyone
knows about. I think almost everyone that has listened
to it wants to learn the verse so they can rap along, and it really was one of the landmark
speed rapping songs. Chris Brown also raps on here, and that’s
kinda fast as well which was cool and Lil Wayne has a good verse that is faster than
normal, we’ll say. But Busta’s speed rapping really was the
highlight, he sounds so fluid. Brilliant song overall. 4 – HAM Freestyle (Verse 1) – 10 SPS This song is just over 1 minute long, but
that 1 minute is filled with a ridiculous amount of words. This of course is a remix of the song HAM
by Jason Zed and Kane East, which means Busta is gonna go in. I think he’s brought some of his strongest
verses on remix tracks, and it makes sense because if you’re rapping over a beat that
someone has already rapped over, you wanna prove your worth on that beat. Needless to say, Busta was definitely worthy
of this beat. 3 – Can You Keep Up? (Verse 2) – 10 SPS When Twista and Busta Rhymes are on a track,
it’s bound to be a contest of who can chop the fastest. Unless we’re talking about the song Billionaire,
but I’d rather just forget that song in all honesty. What we get here is just that, a battle of
who can rap the fastest, and by the speeds I’ve calculated, Busta was 0.8 SPS faster
on this track than Twista. Either way they both put their all into this
track, and it’s just a whirlwind from start to finish. The real highlight for me is at the end of
the song where Busta and Twista trade bars using the same flow as the other did, I’d
really want to hear more of these two together. Unless it’s the song Billionaire. 2 – Why Stop Now? (Verse 1) – 10 SPS This one fell short of the number 1 spot by
such a slight margin, but still came in at a very impressive speed. It seems that for some reason, whenever Busta
collaborates with Chris Brown he brings out some quick flows, and that’s what he does
here. I will admit, the beat very slightly annoys
me with that buzzing synth that plays throughout it, but I focus a lot more on Busta’s words
and flow here than the instrumental. He also finishes the verse by being very aware
that people will want to try and cover this verse. He says that he wants to see people try and
rap this fast part on YouTube, and I’m sure more people responded to that than he expected. In fact so many people wanted to rap along
with the verse that Busta Rhymes set up a competition based around rapping this verse. 1 – 60 Second Assassins (Verse 1) – 10.1 SPS Just beating the previous song on here by
0.1 syllables per second, we have this incredible verse. This is a song that I absolutely love, it’s
just fast rapping with nice lyricism from the second the song starts to the second it
ends. The track features Twista, Layzie Bone and
Jaz-O, who was Jay-Z’s mentor, and Busta set the bar high by having the opening verse. I think breakneck is probably a pretty nice
and fitting adjective to use to describe the pace on this verse by Busta. Not to mention if you’re looking for another
song which contains verses from Busta and Twista, this is a great one to go to. So here we have it, 60 Second Assassins is
the fastest verse that Busta Rhymes has laid down with 10.1 SPS. (Outro)

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  1. Finally got around to making this! Now wish me luck cause I'm about to record and edit 3-4 videos in a row before I go to London for a week long holiday, so I have something to upload when I'm there x

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  3. I’m able to say hippopotamusaurus-rex in just under a second, which technically means I can go over 12 sps. But I don’t count that as me being super fast.

  4. If you count the syllables in a time of 10 seconds, how about songs which bpm is different making verses shorter?

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    Twister is the original, #FACTS and lets not go to Reggae Mc's

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  12. Tech n9ne is like a Busta jr as they both have an ability to make people in their songs rap faster than usual.

  13. He says "everybody" or "everytime" cause he freestylin the first parts of the verse sumtimes Twista does the same thing

  14. I think Look at Me Now is his fastest and best verse ever cause he rides the fuck out the beat.

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  16. Ur calculations are wrong. He goes 12.4 syllables on 60 second assassins

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  21. Busta recorded the farm parts of Break your Neck at my aunts farm in Atlanta. They were just driving by to another spot they already rented. hHe loved the full porch across the front and there was a old feed sylo on property perfect he said they ended up useing it and the barn in the video too. Mostly part with chicks mowing front yard and he was in overalls. Bustas crew took some her antiques on accident and left others they brought she said he was nicest guy in world and she ended up on top of the mixup! Plus the 10gs he gave her for 8 hours of shooting for that part about half the video

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