10 Female Nigerian Authors You Should Know

hello everyone welcome to my youtube channel so today I show you 10 pageant also as you should feel according to my bookshelf I am I took 10 books written by Nigerian females from my bookshelf and I'm going to show them to you today so and we just starts with the pile on my right yeah this merit yeah right so first of is 26a which is probably like an apartment or flat number and it's it is by diana evans sit right okay it was shortlisted for the white bread for snowball a word and it was the winner of the orange prize for new writers only good so this is like the first group that Evans ever published and was it published don't say first publish was it okay I was first published in 2005 so then it happens everyone next up is americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie I have all of books by the way but just want to play each of the doctors offices anyway so second photo is team Amanda Lucas you see in Boise my name is Engels it's pronounced in its Adichie it's recognized unknown nationally everywhere next up is welcome to Vegas by children do or news or I started this book West booty done because it wasn't grabbing my attention but I will go back to it one day next up everything good will come I said haha I know I spoke about this in like my book haul video and now something about how I haven't ready to be pirates in secondary school anyways I shall be reading this book this year that maybe has to finish it with ice custody ages ago I really just have to start from the beginning again so yeah it has all these what do you call it again if a member for which he image attire and tomate Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie all had two things to say about the book from behind they all had with him cessation from behind like it's the endorsements yeah to be endorsed this book and I know it's great from what I could recall I enjoyed reading it the next stop is next time so check the Midway which also has another book on black sister streets actually really want that book what's happened what's in my hands on his hands so yeah the fifth auteur or Nigel female also I'm sharing with you stick a unique way Shadowrun down now for it should I move to lifts left pens please don't back so next up is children of blood and bone by two media DME this is the six-foot I'm showing and sixth auto and speaking about Tommy areaa me release this book last year and remade it's really new image and news world or literary circle cause she got a good deal then she got into that I didn't want quality to make more out of it and then the second book in this trilogy is meant to be a snap words do you soon or knowing the consensus no no indeed soon I do not say what she pushed in is the box itself up and I'll be getting back up the next year macho something vehicles pickup up north head back so follow this one Oh number seven and auto number seven The Secret Lives of Baba's and his wives by your last name she is the owner of Mita books it's a publishing firm and they published this one I guess yes imagine person or the West African version and she's also like the director of a key festival she's faithful man in the Latrice team and she just also man this book is like one of the first Nigerian books I read and it's like I read I picked it myself picked it up to read more first it's really it wasn't part of my school in reading scheme or whatever and I enjoyed it and I was watched the play last year it was awesome so everyone should pick up this book to read next stop is lagoon by maybe ogre a fool who is the eighth also I'm showing today maybe has not fullest and four needles enough my collection I was actually in Croatia I also knows like now I'm gonna bubbly scatter books and look at me now have like six over books in my shell the night ortho and book I am going to show you today is under the you dolla trees but I tuned heirloom hookup operon top or parent I buy jenn-air new of ponta I hope I said that world I love this book I love this book it's one of my favorite ninja and needs just awesome I already here to me but it's amazing and final tour and book I am showing or presenting is freshwater by a quite a cake amazing as you can see this is hi Sonia said hard this is them just forgive me for that mistake this is them and yeah the final potential me oh and Janelle also endorsed this book so this is great and I can review this book because I do not review it which is great and everything but like it's just it's just loud it's it's it's a good on its own which I can't review it it just means you really didn't experience the story for yourself so and magatsum to the end of my turn nigeria female also as you should know according to my bookshelf I'm going to go through this list again so that yeah I know just saying what is in turn answering the box so chica Unni gray semi-auto chippin do I lose or Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Diana it burns aqua aqua aka Maisie Canelo Ponte lady rough or relational and to marry me thank you for watching this video and you should check out these 10 measure and also it's female measuring tools because to authors of bad assets just have to you know authors that can say I but as it was like many no genitals new authors think they know how to write for truly the resin is just off so thank you for watching this video please hit the subscribe button if you haven't liked this video and comment below also if you have anything you want to see for me to talk about but whatever doesn't have to be a petition nature yet just command will send me a message on Instagram bye thank you for joining us

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