All right a moment to be here, yes, all right, I don’t mean be here. I meant yes What’s your name? My name is a grave. Well, Do you want me full name or get people? They’d be full names Mac or grain, but legs, but everybody calls me grain in fact I didn’t even know I called Mac also about 11 because no And then it took me a year to figure out how to spell it because it’s it’s an awkward my name is man You’re very likable very Just give you a compliment you’re very likable the organ playing is what you’d like to be doing a full time The organ playing yes, yeah, I play the organ yeah Do you say go I do, I just The banter and the chat the beginning of the act went on so long I mean I kind of fell in love with him just from that opening chap Anyway every no Oh, so it’s not was horrific. Oh Because you you were smiling at us in this weird way the whole way through I can cut the smile Can I hear you singing and playing the organ together, but without the weird smiling we are going smell It’s like eating vanilla ice cream with a sausage They don’t go together vanilla and sausage Have you ever thought just doing stand-up comedy um I’ve I thought about doing stand-up comedy yes you we’re talking Is that a proposal no no no not to my knowledge We’ve got three bonny lads behind a screen And as the gorgeous girl is gonna meet him and name’s Amanda come in Amanda You know I’d love to see the screen goes back. She doesn’t like a look at the guy She makes it clear dirt dirt dirt. Don’t Women why do you always come to the club with a friend that doesn’t look as few as you Yes, and guys just as you’re about to get the cute ones number the friend comes along and messes it up completely Yes, let me set the scene Alicia. Hi you’re kind of cute. Oh, you’re cute too here comes the friend Not exactly a fool you are anata if I’m not getting the man, no one’s getting a man Action films I love them paper action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger yes cuz swats Negar is always asking questions What the hell is going on And he’s always trying to explain his drama to other people that don’t care some men just try to kill me I Think they were spies or something heavy from work he was the boss On my hands blood on my knives. He tried to take my life to town Where that said we’re gonna do I can always sense when an act wants me to have their back, and I certainly did have his back But he didn’t need it because he got an 2x golden buzzer Do you think that what you’re going to do for us is suitable for the Royal Variety I do indeed yes, okay? You’ve got 10 minutes to possibly change the rest of your life. Good luck But now to let you know really shaking What you do first um I’m gonna try to balance in a campaign I bought the trampling for my kids my boys for in the back garden. I just start bouncing with them and Some of the friends of us told me you know I should do it Britain’s Got Talent I think you’re secretly really good at trampolining on U6 My name is mrs.. Farida far, and I come from Somerset. This is Harriet, right? This is dedicated to my husband. Where is Harry he’s at home. He’s a wonderful house husband, but please don’t give him any DIY It’s all forget a flat-pack I cried why have you entered the show Freda? I’ve entertained round the old people’s homes for years. Yeah, all I really want you to do something different before I pop the coats are You or were you married I am married I’ve been married three times darling best of luck Peter. I like you Especially if you’re only four four seven two You can only happen on Britain’s Got Talent I’ll get it together sighs I’m trying go We don’t look. I like you actually you’re very naughty as for the act Lovely to see you again nice to see you too, the stage is yours good luck all of it, okay? Thank you that a few cold days, it’s getting warm outside, and I like the warm weather because it makes me warmer That’s my form of joke Is the world’s worst comedian? But somehow the world’s funniest when my chicken has a birthday. I don’t tell him Because he would not understand He does one-niners, but very absurd one-niners I have another animal joke woof woof woof woof that that’s a joke you can take home for your dog Eamonn have you got a dog three? Will you tell your dogs my joke? Yeah? I was thinking about that what you said it. Yeah, let me hear it woof woof woof woof I’m not sure they’re gonna understand. Can you try it with my accent? Okay, thank you for making me sound so sexy Does anybody like seeing couples kissing public. No now. What will I do? And every time I do I always got to them and I stare directly at them and Usually they stop, and then then they ask me do you mind and I’m like I don’t mind My name is goddess Candace, and in case you want to follow me. This is what I look like from behind What are you gonna do for us today? I have a special guest for you, okay, can I invite sure yeah just for you miss Wendy come on Sit down Hey, you can say good evening You speak English Come on hey say something no What what why not it’s fantastic come on I really did not see that coming it’s presidency Doge yes No no listen English see Spanish let’s not say okay Hey when they listen to me you think I am stupid yes So well you don’t want to speak anymore no okay, and now oh yes, I want You know you know how to see know what yes, yes, yes music, please we’re gonna see something for you alright Don’t look at me look at the audience the exact feelings come on Nothing Trying hard together, okay, please come on we say it’s pretty good talent. Okay all together What’s your name Aaron Marshall are you wearing jeans or types? 13 teams okay How can I forget Aaron Marshall he literally? Destroyed one of my favorite songs ever have you got a girlfriend yeah, girlfriend, yeah? We’re expecting a baby soon really congratulation was only well whenever you’re ready good luck The stockyard ride are the losses are not good bride two bags are Not having that I really did not see that coming There was no fun in it whatsoever It is not fun it wasn’t funny We’ve upset Amanda I found that offensive I Really hope you lose your voice this afternoon That’s how the voice from Simon’s head People I can hear you do an album of classics like Anyone knows a choice of knives David going forward, what would you do I could do hakuna matata next? Well look if you’re gonna do hakuna matata next I’m gonna say yes It’s a big fat cold icy frozen. No. I’m gonna say yes D-did I work at body shop at the moment as a customer consultant, but your dream is to be a big Yes, I’d love to be on stage Did you bring anyone with you sir, yeah, my friend Christy, she work a body shop she did, but she’s recently left Why because she found a better job? Hey willow Philip you’ve got roughly two minutes, let’s do it, okay, I’m getting a pass today I’d say We’re going to be health working out so everyone put your hands out in front of you spread your legs and do some squats Diana baby Isn’t it right dog part would be power winching And you know I’m gonna meet her I mean I Think you’re really funny, lovable you need a we really nervous, sorry You are a naturally funny guy Thanks Slightly bonkers But I like that The winner of Britain’s Got Talent top-10, LOL moments How old are you net I’m eight the stage is yours sir Why were people so excited about that talking dog on Britain’s Got Talent Amanda Holden spin on it for years I’m sorry what? How dare he speak to my Amanda like that Meeting handsome debt backstage, but I’m never quite sure which one’s supposed to be the funny one Dancing it was funny, but it was on the edge My dad he’s a crossdresser He gets especially cross when he can’t find his socks I Was really worried for David Walliams when he’s from when the River Thames for charity because of all that garbage Going in his mouth But since I’m watching bgt. I’m relieved. It’s all coming out again People really couldn’t believe how could this little angelic looking child be so vile to us but I’m I’m glad he was he was really really funny and he did superbly well I Loved the way. He took the mickey out of us. It was really quite Savage You


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