10 FUNNY PRANKS + PRANK WARS!!!!! **CUT HER HAIR** Learn How To Make Easy DIY Pranks w Food & Candy

(screaming) – Hmm, I’m thirsty. (record scratch) Mm. – Wengie! That’s Windex,
you can’t just drink Windex! – It tastes really good! – Really? – Yeah. – Alright. – No! (screaming) – It burns! (T.V. beep) – What just happened here? – Well, my bottle wasn’t
actually Windex, it was Gatorade. – Oh. – Oh! – Oh yeah. – Tastes good right? – Oh yeah. That’s nice. – Pranks, guys. (laughing) – The next prank is extra spicy. Basically, whenever someone
asks you for a piece of gum, this is the perfect prank to pull on them, and no one will ever ask
you for your gum anymore. ‘Cuz basically, this prank involves – Wasabi! – And trust me, it’s spicy! – Let’s do it. – Let’s do it. Alright, so we’re going to open
up the package of gum first. – And I’m gonna open up the
wasabi so we can get it ready. You know what? We should do something. – What? – Loser eats wasabi. – Oh! Like a rock, paper,
scissors at the end of the video, the ultimate showdown, what
are you doing there, fam? We’ll find out who has to eat
wasabi at the end of the video that’s a great idea. – A full tablespoon. – What? – Yep. (sniffing) – Oh… – Oh my gosh, it burned my nose hairs. (groaning) – It’s so bad, oh my gosh. – I never thought smelling
it would make it just hurt. – Like, I felt the burn. You just, smell it through
your nostrils, man. My nose hairs are singed. So guys, basically you’re
going to take your wasabi, and you’re gonna kind of
put it on the top. Oh! – This looks like a green worm booger. – Oh, that’s kind of
nasty in it of itself. – It’s like sticking to my knife. – Oh yeah. This thing is like very pasty. – They’re not going to notice
this when they open it? Like, are we gonna give
it to them a certain way? – Yeah, you hand it to them
upside-down so they can’t see it and then they bite into it and they just, it will mess them up for life. – Oh. – Oh my gosh, I am not excited
about eating some wasabi. That’s something I’m
not looking forward to. Next step’s, once you
got a spread on there, you’re going to take it,
put it in the freezer, let it freeze or dry or harden, and then you scrape off the excess and then you won’t even be able to tell there’s wasabi on the gum. – That’s really smart.
I didn’t expect that. – After it’s frozen, this
is what it looks like. You’re now ready to hand this to someone, and they’re gonna take a
bite of it and freak out. Right now I think it’s time for me to actually taste what this is like before we go for the full tablespoon of wasabi at the end of the video. Oh my gosh, I’m not excited about this. – You know what, that looks so real guys. It’s literally quite real. – Uh-huh. Here we go.
Okay. Three, two, one. Wait, wait, first I’m gonna challenge, I wanna see if you can
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thumbs up in seven seconds. You got this? Here we go. Seven, six, five, four,
three, two, one. Done! If you can do that, comment
down below “Keyper Squad” right now. And now? Time
to take a bite. Oh my Gosh. I don’t like wasabi at all. – Alright. Do it! Do it! Do
it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! – Oh my gosh! (screaming) Okay, okay, okay, okay. – Oh! – Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! – Oh my gosh, if I lose at the
end I am not going to be good because I do not like this,
it is so hot! Oh my gosh! Alright guys, onto the next prank! My mouth is on fire! Oh
my gosh, it’s so hot. – You’re red. You’re
literally red, it’s crazy. – Yeah. I don’t do well
with spicy things. At all. Okay, next round. Let’s go. Whoo! For this next prank,
basically we are going– – Collins? – What? – You kind of smell. – I smell? Oh, okay. – What? – It’s just cream cheese.
And it’s super frozen. I did not think it would be that frozen. (Collins laughs) So guys this prank here– – Ew, this smells too! – That was so gross! Everything
about this is disgusting. Okay guys, now we’re going
to show you how to make this. (laughing) (T.V. beep) Well, that was a bad experience. But we’re going to show
you how to make this so you can freak everyone out.
So, we got some deodorant? – We’ve got one deodorant. – Oh, we have to share? Ow! Okay. Oh jeeze, there’s two layers. – Oh yeah, there’s the– (spitting cap out) – How do you get it out? – Oh, you’ve got to turn it. – Oh, three, two, one. (clinking of plate) (laughing) – That didn’t work. – Yeah, nope you’ve gotta keep going! (clinking of plate) Totally meant to do
that. All part of the– it’s on the floor! Whoa!
This thing is slippery, man. Alright, so where are we gonna pop this? I’m just gonna stand it up
right there on top of that. – I’m still going, I’m still going. – Let’s see if we can
grab it and pull it out. Oh, no! My fingers are all slippery. Here, I’ve got an idea. It’s
called the two spoon approach. You just kind of clip it and spoon em! – Whoa! Like, literally that
worked guys, look at this. – Yeah but now it’s all over me. So, next step here, we’re
gonna kind of clean out the top of it thoroughly, because you do not want any
deodorant left in there. (magical tinkling) Done! We’ve cleaned it out, and now time to add the cream cheese and make it look like deodorant. – It’s a little bit soggy. – Yeah, mine’s a little soggy. I wonder if you push it from
the bottom like this, Oh! – Whoah! – It’s like a popsicle. Hey guys, I’ve got a cream cheese thumb! (sqwawking) So you kind of take off a
layer off the top of it. – Okay. – Like this, and then you’re
just gonna start kind of spooning it into the deodorant. – I see where you’re going. – Alright. So we’re just kind of gonna push this down in here. – So I’m gonna do it much cleaner. I’m gonna just stamp it like this. – Oh, that’s really smart. – It’s in a nice blocky shape. – Just gonna kind of stuff this, oh yeah. This is, I’m getting saucy with
mine. Oh yeah, this is nice. – I love how you’re looking at
it like it’s a piece of art. Like sculpture. He’s just
like, like totally, mmm. – Oh yeah, I’m crafting
a masterpiece right now. – This is the masterpiece.
Look how smooth that is. – Yeah, yeah. That is
pretty much a masterpiece. – I’m just glad you’re not
like using the tongue technique where you’re just
actually like, eating it. Oh, I shouldn’t have said that. Alright, well mine’s looking good. This is really convincing guys. I would fall for this. – Mmhm. And there you have it! Now you can either put this in the freezer if you want to keep it in this shape, or if it’s cold enough it
will just stay like this. And now you can freak
someone out and be like, oh you want some deodorant?
Hold on for a sec. (bite) Mm. (bite) – It’s literally weird even though– – It looks so weird. – It looks so weird. I’ve seen it before and
it still looks weird. – Alright Wengie, we’ve got
some orange juice for you. – What? That don’t look the
same as my orange juice. – Oh no, trust me,
they’re exactly the same. Yeah. Just enjoy. – Ew! (laughing) – Yo! It’s macaroni and cheese! (laughing) Oh my gosh, okay yeah. So
this one is actually kind of, kind of disastrous because
they think they’re going for orange juice when in fact it’s only macaroni and cheese cheese packets. – Ew! That was disgusting! – So all you do for this
one is just take some orange juice and just empty it out. Oh, I hope it doesn’t go
everywhere, how do I open this? – What are you doing? – So I’ll give you the honors on this one. If you wanna dunk the packet
of macaroni and cheese in there yo, it’s kind of like,
it’s kind of chunky, right? – It’s so orange! We don’t
have this orange cheese in Australia! I’ve never seen
cheese so orange you guys. – America, with the
orangest of cheeses. Ha ha! Let’s see if we can, oh. – Ooh! – What a perfect pour. – [Wengie] That’s really good. – [Collins] Yo, this
actually looks really good. – That looks like orange juice. – [Collins] This is the
perfect prank for breakfast when you guys are all
eating food together. Because everyone thinks they’re
going for the orange juice. – You could totally
prepare it in the kitchen and put one orange juice
that’s like pranked, and you put normal orange
juice for your own. – And then voila! I can’t believe how much
it looks like orange juice! – I can’t tell. – Yo! Check out what I found!
These were in the fridge. – Yeah, I made them earlier
can I have this one. – Yeah, for sure, what are they? – They’re caramel covered apples. – Oh I’m so excited. – Yeah, alright, cheers! – Cheers! – Ah! – Whoa! (screaming) What is this, it’s an onion? – Pranked. – Oh my god. Caramel doesn’t
taste good with onions. What the heck is going on? – Oh that smells so bad! (screams) – This was the nastiest thing I’ve ever had in my entire life. And it’s so confusing! ‘Cuz at first you’re like,
oh, delicious caramel and then you bite into it and you’re like, oh! Nasty onion. – Well, mine’s an apple. – So how would you do this? – First, you take a packet of caramel – Okay. and you melt it over a pot. – Mmhm And then you cover one
apple with the caramel and one onion with caramel. (groaning) And then you take it to your friend. – Okay, gotcha. So then the friend has
no idea what’s going on. – It even smells bad from here! (choking) – This was a diabolical
prank to say the least. This next prank actually
involves toothpaste. Yeet! – Okay, I like this one. I can’t wait til you
brush your teeth because that onion though. Yeah. Yeah. – Yep, it was your prank okay? You’re the one who pranked me on this one. – No bad idea. – First steps first, you
gonna take your toothpaste, you gotta empty the entire tube. – Oh no! I can’t keep watching this. Ugh. You can fit a whole tube of
toothpaste in your mouth? I’m impressed. (laughs) – See? No more bad breath. – Alright. Now after
you’ve emptied your tube, you wanna make sure
you do this thoroughly, I didn’t do it thoroughly,
we’re gonna keep going here. (T.V. beep) – That kind of looks like slime, you could make slime out of that. – That would be like really
cool. Toothpaste slime. That’s the next thing. Now I’m going to try to inflate my tube. – Oh! – And for the next step now, you’re gonna take some mayonnaise, you’re gonna open it up now. (glass shattering) Perfect. And I got one of these
handy-dandy syringes here. So we’re gonna pop this in. – [Wengie] Ooh! Ew! – [Collins] Oh! That’s crazy! – That looks cool. What? – Oh my gosh. Alright, so now
we pop the syringe like this. Oh! It like literally fits perfectly! And then we’re just gonna… – [Wengie] Oh! – Whoa! (laughing) – [Wengie] That’s satisfying.
Whoa! That’s perfect. (screams) (slow-motion deep voice scream) (laughs) Oh my god. – Are you okay? – No! I’m covered in mayonnaise. – Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! – So that was the real prank. – Oh my gosh. I’m in so
much trouble for this one. Y’all better go subscribe to her channel because she just got like,
splattered with mayonnaise. Oh my gosh! (T.V. beep) – Alright, I’m all cleaned up. – I am so sorry, oh wait. You actually still have of
mayonnaise still in your hair. Look forward really quick?
Okay, here we go, hold up, um. (hair clippers buzzing) (screams) – What! – It’s an app! It’s an app! (screams) (laughing) – You guys, that’s another fun prank. There’s an app, it’s like a razor app. It sounds like you’re about
to buzz someone’s hair off. And like her hair is iconic. – I know! My hair! – Alright guys, so right now I don’t think we’re gonna add anymore
mayonnaise for obvious reasons. (screaming) But that’s basically how the prank ends up where someone goes to
squeeze out their toothpaste, mayonnaise comes out instead
of actual toothpaste. – [Wengie] Ew! – It will not leave your teeth clean, it will leave your breath smelling nasty. – It don’t smell good. – It don’t smell good. And I keep remembering
that at the end of this one of us is going to have to
eat a whole thing of wasabi. – Oh no! – We’ve only got a few pranks left so. – Yes. – I guess, let’s see what
else we’ve got in store. – Alright, we’ve been filming
for a while. Are you hungry? – Yeah I’m actually really hungry. – Me too. So I’ve got two things, this is a chocolate egg,
apple. Which one do you want? – I actually love chocolate eggs so I’ll take this right now. It’s like one of my favorite foods. – Mm. (Wengie laughing) – What is this? – It’s a chocolate egg,
you know it’s chocolate– – Oh, literally a chocolate egg! Okay. So wait, how do you do this
prank? I don’t like this one. – Okay well, there’s some
chocolate, you basically melt it and cover a real egg with the chocolate. – Oh! I saw all the eggs
here and I was like, this is kind of suspicious. (screaming) – It burns it burns! – So we’re just gonna
unscrew the tops right now, I’ve actually got a little
bit of left over Windex. Pew, pew, pew, pew,
pew, pew, pew! Oh! Whoa! – I’m kidding. I got nothing. – Well it’s turned off
so hold on. Let me just. – Oh! Safety switch. I like
it. It’s Wengie proof. Oh! – Whoa! (Wengie laughing) This is like continual pranks,
man, I cannot catch a break. It’s a very effective way to remove it. – Are you serious? Can’t you just pour it? (Collins laughing) – Yeah. – What? What are you doing Collins? – Yeah, no, no that will not work. Oh! – Whoops. – Oh jeeze. Well, I guess the benefit is that if we get this on
the glass it’s no big deal because it’s a glass cleaner I guess. Ooh! – Look at that foam. I was like trying to make
it like a bubble bath. (blowing air through container) Aw! You made bubbles! – So make sure you guys get all of it out. – And wash it. – Yes. So we’re gonna
go do that right now, we’ll be right back. (magic chimes) And now, you just take
a blue colored gatorade and fill up your bottle of Windex. – Ooh, this smells really good. – This would like freak everyone out. Like especially for like back to school, even in class, like
anywhere, with your friends. This will like, just trip people out. – It looks almost similar. Oh no! It’s making my hands slippery! It’s slipping, it’s
slipping, it’s slipping! – You got it? Oh, okay there we go. So now we’re getting the
Gatorade on the table I don’t think the Gatorade
is meant to be on the table. It’s not like Windex. Won’t
clean it the same way. – No, it’s gonna get sticky. Literally, oh, how does that taste? (coughs) – Awesome. So whether you’re
at home, in class, or anywhere with friends, family, you can then take your bottle of Windex and do this. – Mmhm. – Or it can be with the top on, and you can squirt it into your mouth. (liquid squirting) (Collins screams) Oh! Oh my gosh, I forgot to clean it out! I forgot to clean the top
out! There’s Windex left over. – Oh! Yeah. We forgot that part. – Alright guys, onto the
next round. Holy cow! – I’m so glad I didn’t put mine on. – This is perfect if you
want to prank your siblings. So basically for this prank,
grab their bar of soap you’re also gonna need
some clear nail polish. Now you’re gonna open it up. – [Wengie] Alright. Oh. – How do you… – That’s, oh. I’ve got it, I’ve got it. – Oh there we go. That was difficult. And what you’re gonna do
is you’re gonna cover it in clear nail polish. I’ve gotta say, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the smell of nail polish. – No, it’s overpowering.
I can smell it from here, and I’m already like trying to move back. – Oh yeah. So once the top side dries, you’re gonna take it, you’re
going to flip it over. Whoops! And you’re going
to do the bottom side. That way, when they go to use
the soap it will never sud up. ‘Cuz the clear nail
polish, for some reason, it stops the water from touching the soap. So they’re going to be washing themselves thinking they’re getting super clean when they’re not at all. In fact, it is probably going
to smell like nail polish when they’re all done with their showers. And now. I think we can put this down. Because it’s time for the moment you’ve all been waiting for. – Oh! – The big finale! We’ve got the wasabi. – [Wengie] Mmhm. – And whoever loses this
rock, paper, scissors, is going to eat a giant squirt of it. You say it differently, right? Because in Australia you say– – We would say scissors, paper, rock. – Scissors, paper, rock,
that just feels so weird. – You guys say rock,
paper, scissors, right? – I’ll go, we’ll say
scissors, paper, rock, because that’s cool. – Ready? – Yep. Scissors, paper, rock. Oh! – Oh no! – Alright, so now the moment
has come, we’re about to– it just shot everywhere! It
luckily didn’t get on you. Don’t worry. But guys we also
filmed a video on her channel so make sure you guys click right over here to check that out. Also down in the description,
and subscribe to her channel! Are you ready? – Yes. – Three, two, one. Oh my gosh! (screams) Click here, click here, click here! Ahh! Alright, bye! – Bye! – That was terrible. (Wengie screams) Holy cow that was intense. (Wengie laughs) – My nose!

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