10 Million Sprinkle Special

*grabs dog* Hello everyone! Welcome to the 10 million subscriber milestone special! Last time in the 3 million subscriber milestone, I said I wasn’t gonna do this until 10 million… and then I hit that sooner than I thought I did… So, here we are. I was expecting just to like put this off and until I’m 40, but I’m back. Floof! And I got this new dog! *gibberish* So if you’re new to this channel… Welcome. *smile* And also, what I do whenever I hit a subscriber milestone, *close up is pure beauty* I like to get sprinkles for however many subscribers that I have. The first time was a hundred thousand and I thought it would just be a fun little thing. But then I counted them out and I weighed them and a hundred thousand was actually like a lot of pounds of sprinkles… Then I did one for a million… then I did one for three million… and now we’re standing strong at ten! 🙂 So if you subscribed between three million and ten million you weren’t ever a part of these milestones… but now you are :D!!! Now a big complaint I got in the other subscriber milestones… was that people were saying “James, I don’t know which sprinkle is me. How am I supposed to distinguish myself between all of this ‘vast’ ocean of sprinkles?” Well, I think I found a solution! Isn’t that right, Floof? *gibberish* So I have divided up all of my subscribers into different categories… And that way you can all see who- where you lie in the… sprinkle spectrum. So this is my first subscriber. They’ve been in all the milestones, so I wouldn’t be here without just that initial subscriber… So, thank you so much, mom for subscribing. And uh, this is my second subscriber, Ya know,they say that a ‘journey of a thousand miles starts with one step’, but it also has two steps in it. And I think people overlook that very important second step. These two sprinkles are on a date. They both met because they like my YouTube channel. so they are talking about me and this sprinkle right here is third-wheeling you just want someone he’ s very lonely. Umm… 𝘢𝘯𝘺𝘸𝘢𝘺 *awkward laughter* you guys know who you are. **throws plate to the side** These are my first 100 subscribers. Again, they have also been in every single milestone… Unless they unsubscribed soo… *hits whatchamacallit to other side* Then we got our first 1,000 sprinkles, I framed them! You guys know who you are. These are my first- 1,000. And this is my first a hundred thousand subscribers!!! :DDD This is the first milestone that I hit. There is a hundred thousand sprinkles in here, I counted them out it took me about five minutes… So it’s exactly 100 thou-sad 𝗷𝗮𝗺𝗲𝘀 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗹𝗶𝘇𝗲𝘀 𝗵𝗲 𝗺𝗲𝘀𝘀𝗲𝗱 𝘂𝗽 O-oh shoot. o no death. It’s like ninety thousand. These are my Arizona viewers home state represent. uhh ok. I’m just gonna like put them in the oven for a little bit…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA **RIP Arizona subscribers** (Your own kind how could you) These are my Idaho viewers. These are my home 𝗯𝗼𝗶𝘀 in Idaho. (Dose Glosses Doe)potato gang. ok james we get it you’re funny Here are my Utah viewers!… papo where are my Utah viewers at?… Mmm and the Lord sayeth bring unto them sprinkles. (The Holy Bible)o no That’s actually what it says.EEEEEEEEk Here are the Texan viewers. You know where my Texans at?! 𝘺𝘦𝘦𝘩𝘢𝘸 *faded Woody stalks you in your sleep* *pours sprinkles out of boot* I’m making a mess. Aloha! (he copied it from the new Pokemon anime) these are my Hawaiian viewers. Can anyone take a guess where these amigos are from? Hehe… (DELICIOUSSSS) Thanks, Wyoming! Here are the Canadian viewers But Wyoming doesn’t exist They uhh… are also in the- in uh… some some “stuff” Canadian viewers, haha *r e g r e t* Whoa! It’s Australia now! * throws boomerang at cameraman”s nuts* This is actually uhh… a-an actual thing that Australians do. They put bread, butter, and– sprinkles and they call it fairy bread and they like eat it. And this is like an actual Australian dish **BLEH** (Sorry Australia ;-;) And it tastes disgusting… Oh, pop pop cherrio (lads) We have the UK viewers, ello’ Hehe… *eats* Yo check it out, it’s my favorite anime for my Japanese viewers! **sprinkles fall out of case** (oh no..) Thanks, Japan! And these are my South American subscribers. Hehe… **nothing comes out** o no oh… :/ *devastation for ALL* Uh… I guess I don’t have any South American subscribers…(NOOOO) Anyway, here are the subscribers in Italy!!(NOT THE PIZZAAAAAA) **ultra pour** **spreads the sprinkles on the pizza out even more** This looks disgusting. And here are our Colorado subscribers, I made them brownies… for… no reason. (y doe) **pours the sprinkles on brownies** Yaaaaayyyyyy (ending of a Super Mario Bros maze;D) !!! (At Least they are delicious) And, lastly we have the jello subscribers. I don’t know what these are supposed to be…. oh… I Just thought it’d be funny to put jello on sprinkles… *almost dies eating jello with sprinkles while sort of laughing it off* And just like Jesus on the Last Supper… I brought a cake!!! 😀 and it says ‘congrats on 10 million’… (YAHHHHHH) Just 10-10 million. It’s a cake. That’s just gonna represent all of our birthdays, and all of this milestone that we got together. :>**Ultra pour v.2** Let’s dig in! **digs in** Ooo… It’s chocolate. Mmm, oh honey. Can you pass the cowboy boot? This cake needs a little more sprinkles… Oh, thanks, honey.(Was it a Creeper or TNT?) It’s just so wild that each sprinkle represents a– * brain fart* human or bot, I don’t know what goes on in YouTube. Now some of you who have not seen the subscriber milestone videos before; you’re probably thinking “Wow! 10 million sprinkles sure is a lot!” No!!! This isn’t even close! *Shwomp* (He better have eaten that) Are you serious?!?! Oh, did you guys want this cake?.. Hm… I’m sorry.. (;-;) So three million sprinkles was 210 pounds.. Which means 10 million… (very alot) …it would be- eight hundred and thirty pounds plus a little bit more for the extra million. Almost a half a ton of sprinkles… doesn’t sound impressive. Allmost a half of a ton… That’s does- so it’s… Anyway! We got a whole palette of sprinkles right here. Each one of these is-…is six pounds, plus the sprinkles from last- like almost two years ago These ones are disgusting… just so you know. Last time we filled a kiddie pool. Well this time we’re filling up bathtub! *Anime shocked noise* That’s not been done before right? (yes it has.) Okay, so this is a minion. Anyway… let’s party *Anime sound effect 2.0*!! *swings at the minion up then stabs it* *In a high-pitched voice* Hello! I like to party! (STOP MAKE IT STOPPPP) You guys are supposed to come up and grab all the candy. Hehehe. Let’s see what 10 million sprinkles looks like shall we? Goodness…ohhh… I’m getting hugged by all of my sprinkles. Can we get a bunch more subscribers in here? *awkward laughter and voice crack* james put the goggles on thy could rlly halp u james bro come ON ALREDY there you go jeezus crrrrist save him nom HOW MANY IS THERE(only 2 mil.)?! STOP IT! Would you guys know the weather? I think it’s sprinkling a little bit. HAHA! (LOL so corny) I’m surprised I’ve never come up with that joke. You know in high school (Totally) I was voted most likely to end up in a bathtub… full of sprinkles. These are my people of color subscribers… Chocolate rain! Did you guys look at the forecast? I think it’s gonna be a little sprinkle… (NOO JAMES JUST NO) *dies in the rain of sprinkles* That was a big sprinkle. If I die young bury me in sprinkles. *singing sort of* Lay me down in a tub of sprinkles! Bury me in the something at dawn. Bury me the song *gibberish* a love song. uh-oh Oh, I forgot about the wheelbarrow. AGHHHHHH-khuh! (Somebody save him) Getting crushed! This is what getting 10 million hugs feels like. UGHHHAHA! Hahaha Perfect shot. Yeah, I’m kind of glad that I had 10 million because it’s like I didn’t know I needed this, you know? Like 20 million will be a coffin – AGH! UGHH!!!! (SOMEBODYYY) No, not the sprinkles!! Pftt- Oka-hay? That’s probably not a good- probably not good for the yard. Oh shoot! Put these back! Put these back! LOL And okay, I’m gonna open my mouth.*Takes a deep breath* AGHH! It didn’t work! UGHAGHH!(puberty giggle) Hehe! Hello everyone! *breathing heavily on mic* Oof! *LIKE THE VIDEO IF U WANT ME TO PLAY ROBLOX* I don’t know how good that looks. Hehe oof AGH ha Do I still got it? Oh, and BTW I took gymnastics! LOL I still got it. Woo! Woo! Oh… Some got in my mouth. *Huff x2* And we’re not done! Hehe! We still have these ones that are left… I don’t know what to do with them We still have this bathtub… that is full and I can’t find my phone and it might still be in there We have the trampoline. And if you excuse me, I’m gonna go for a swim. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh hu hu.. I did not expect 10 million to be this… MUCHHH! I thought the bathtub would be enough but alas it is not and neither is that pool. Oh, And there’s also those ones from… last time. Those have to be accounted for the ten million. Nine hundred pound sprinkles for ten million. Almost- (WOAH) Almost ten hundred pounds… but not. Well… thanks for 10 million I’m probably… not going to do this again, ever, because it is a hassle to clean up. It is a hassle to set up. And.. I’m sorry. (NOO) When I did this tradition back at a hundred thousand. I did not expect it to go this well. I’m sorry for stepping on some of you… (Stop) I’m sorry for eating some of you…(STOP and I’m sorry for not using some of you.(I SAID STOP JAMES) Wear your seatbelt. Hehehe…

100 thoughts on “10 Million Sprinkle Special

  1. I’ m a subscriber from Perú, and I saw an inka cola en the Video 💓💓💓

  2. Me being an austrailia
    James:fairy bread is gross


  4. I’m a South American subscriber

    looks that he thinks that i don’t exist


  5. I am from south america actually but I joined the channel when you had like 11 m subs and something

  6. Hi I’m from London I do not say POP POP CHEERIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Still love you tho 😊

  7. We Australians actually DO have a dish called fairy bread, and unlike what james said, its actually delicious to me if you ask.

  8. I’m a Spanish subscriber.and I know people how is forma sus America that see your videos xd

  9. Please say say Arab subscribers next time btw I'm Jordanian you probably don't know that country 😒😥

  10. "every sprinkle is a subscriber"?
    that means u ate me
    yay now I have bragging rights

  11. Am I he only one who thought on the mess of All the sprinkles 😰😰

  12. My culture is Mexico but I,m born in Indianapolis but I,m in Indiana so Idk
    And when the sprinkles pour into the tub it's satisfying and when it drops from above it's ASMR

  13. Everyone knows that James should’ve put the Michigan peeps in a mitten

    asking for a place in this world

  14. Excuse me means what about the American who live in the USA New York and I am a subscriber I'm offended >:(

  15. wispers god damit wispers suprised Oh Hello Sorry I’m Late I’m A Bit Sticky (I’m part of the Canadians) Cya

  16. nevadan viewers weren't there but they would've been put in the oven too sooooo

  17. "Its actually disgusting"

    -James putting me on bread and eating me alive.

    "Im disgusting?"
    -Me 2019

    "Yes, You are"

    -2019 2019

    -Me talking to the people who thought I wasn't a disgusting iddiot

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