10 Pick Up Lines That Spark Attraction & Actually Work (She’ll Love These)

You look great and all but you know what would
look really good on you? Me! Okay that was pretty bad, but are there pickup lines
that actually do work or should you just drop the lines altogether and just be
genuine? Nah that’s no fun. My name is Matt artisan from tThe
Attractive Man and these are my top ten pickup lines that actually work. Subscribe to this channel if you haven’t
done so yet. Do it right now subscribe because you’re awesome. Now sometimes
you’re just standing at the bar and you see that stunner across the room and
your mind goes blank. You just don’t know what to say. If you’ve been following me
for a while then you know what you say isn’t really that important but you have
to say something so why not say something that gets a laugh. Number 10
has anyone ever told you how beautiful my eyes are. This is a great
bait-and-switch because she thinks you’re gonna say one thing and then you
switch to something else right it’s kind of funny. If she has huge breasts you
could even say wow you have amazing eyes Works great on big breasted cocktail
waitresses in Las Vegas, trust me. Number 9 hey listen I’m gonna make you my
girlfriend for the next five minutes okay
only five minutes that’s it, so what are we gonna do I think we should build a
fort. This is a great role play that most women will go along with because it’s
fun and flirty and she just kind of wants to see where it’s gonna lead. So
just keep going just keep that roleplay going and don’t be afraid to escalate
right? Boyfriend and girlfriends usually kiss. Well if you’re gonna be my
girlfriend I have to see if you’re a good kisser. And if she doesn’t seem that
into the roleplay you could always say “mm you’re kind of boring I think I’m
gonna break up with you.” and after five minutes make sure to
break up with her which is great because then it goes into a breakup roleplay.
Number eight, you see a girl at a bar club in the distance and you point at
her and you signal her to come here with your finger. If I can make you come with
just one finger imagine what I can do with my whole body. Now this is really
cheesy but it’s also really sexual and kind of funny and you shall probably get
a laugh at it it also creates a lot of sexual tension. Number seven: oh my god I
was gonna wear this exact same outfit tonight.
Now obviously she has to be wearing something very girly like a skirt or a
dress. If she’s wearing jeans and a shirt it’s not gonna work. Number six: hey you
look totally awesome kind of like a female version of me. This is a fun way
to show your interest in her while also throwing in some cocky humor.
Number five: hey do you believe in vampires? Well you should. This is
probably only gonna work in a really high energy club environment because
it’s really playful and really sexual and even if she pulls away it still
shows her that you’re the type of guy who just does what he wants and doesn’t
really give a fuck… or it’ll just creep her out. Number four: Are you undressing
me with your eyes? Bad girl, eyes up here. Is she always like
this? This is a fun little role reversal
that’s also very accusatory which makes things just kind of interesting and
creates a lot of tension and her friends are likely to get a kick out of it.
Number three: I just wanted to let you know that you’re the second sexiest
person in this entire place? Who’s the first? Me of course. This is a great way
to show your interest in a playful and super cocky way. Remember you’re in a bar
environment which is a playful environment so of she has a good
personality, she should get the joke and start bantering back with you. Number two
hey sorry I’m late traffic was so bad did you guys get me a drink yet. So this
is a great roleplay it works really good with groups that are sitting just sit
down with them and say that right away and you know you got to be kind of a
good actor you got to act like you’re really a part of the group or else it’s
not really funny. You don’t want to half-ass this you have to fully commit. And you can keep this roleplay going but be careful what you say afterwards for
example one time I said you know traffic was really bad and your mom called you
know how she gets you talks and talks and talks. And the girl looks right at me
and she says oh yeah my mom called really what did she say because my mom
is dead. Yeah, there was no recovering from that one. And number one. I have this rule that I
have to say hi to the hottest girl in the entire club so will you help me say
hi to that girl over there. This is a great bait and switch that you can use
on an entire group or just one individual girl. It’s up to you and they
think you’re gonna give them this really big compliment which is why the pause is
really crucial make sure it’s long it should be a few seconds. Now they’re
either gonna start swooning and be like oh wow and in that case sometimes I
don’t do the switch I just you know say that line and then just introduce myself.
I just say the first part with the pause and then introduce myself. Now if they
start rolling their eyes and then like okay here comes this guy just like
every other guy in the bar then the switch is awesome they’re gonna love it
they’re gonna laugh and boom you’re in. Now do you want to know my favorite
pickup line that I use about 90% of the time. Hi I’m Matt I don’t think we met
yet. Who are you? I like it because it’s
really simple and it shows that I don’t need a line or an excuse to talk to her
which shows confidence. I think it’s almost best not to go with the cheesy
line just be genuine. Walk up to a girl tell her you think she’s pretty. If it
doesn’t work okay at least you have a little bit of good karma in your karma
bucket for being a nice human and if it does work then maybe you get invited to
sit down, but I say above all be genuine or tell a
joke we like jokes so do that and be genuine or start off being playful using
a line it honestly doesn’t really matter as long as you say something and you
have a fun vibe and you’re not seeking approval. If you want to know more about
how to talk to women and what to say after the opener then download my free
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name is Matt artisan from the attractive man and I’ll see you in the next video

100 thoughts on “10 Pick Up Lines That Spark Attraction & Actually Work (She’ll Love These)

  1. Kkkkk men I'm a VILLAGE boy my VILLAGE gals don't understand me when ever I speak with them

  2. Guys, I use pick up lines and have a lot of experience with girls and my advice to you is to stop looking up pick up lines and instead, pracfice being creative. Use the scenario in which you're appraloaching the girl to generate the pick up line or start the conversation. By this I mean saying something smart but funny about what she's doing or wearing or she's standing or sitting. This makes her think you're smart. For example, she's waiting for a bus and she's playing a game on her phone. You could say "Oh my gosh I love that game too! But I'd rather play with something else, your gorgeous hair." See you started from an interest of hers which drew her attention. Then you almost went dirty but you didn't, which is always funny. You follow that with a genuine complement and she'll buckle! Its all in the nature of the situation! Get comfortable and creative and it'll be easier than you think. No matter what don't overthink! Remember things like this and it will help your overall pickup performance instead of learning a certain amount of pick up lines which will have you depending on them and then you're stuck because she's heard that one before. Get creative!

  3. If I can make you come with just 1 finger imagine what I could do with my whole body 😘

  4. Legit got an ad saying so you want to know the number one pick up line huh?

  5. My best Pick up line is….
    Do i know you because you look like my next girlfriend

  6. I tried the last one and she slapped
    Me and won’t talk to me 🙁

  7. 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛 waste

  8. A good pick up line is

    On a scale of 1 to 10 your a 9 cause I’m the one you need

  9. Me
    Hey can you come over here*use one finger* when she's over
    So I brought you over here whith one finger
    Imagine two

  10. If i can make you come with just one finger, imagine what i could do with two

  11. You: Can you hold something for me
    Her: yeah what is it
    You: my hand

  12. Number 10 There’s a bomb inside my ass, your gonna have to defuse it witcho dick

  13. girl do u work at a chicken farm?

    cus u really know how to raise a cock.

  14. This is my best line:
    Hey did u swallow a magnet?
    Cause your really attractive🤙

  15. A good pickup line when texting is:
    “Hey can you help me with this maths question it’s X+U=25
    I think X=15
    Because U sure are a 10

  16. Best pick up line – works every time
    "Does this smell like chloroform?"

  17. I imagine how many times this nigga gets slapped in public💀

  18. I got one if your walking a dog and a cute girl comes up to you
    Alright did you come up here for me or for my dog?
    If she says ur dog than you go
    Mmm i dont think he'll like u to hairless
    Then after the comment u go
    But maybe you can go out with me to make him jealous.

  19. True story:
    My (girl) friend: "Wow, I'm such a mess."
    Me: Well, by looking at you, wouldn't you be a hot mess?
    She started crying. 😂

  20. I’ve tried your pick up lines my bro.. I’m due in court Nextweek for Harassment..

  21. none of these are funny and i’d probably punch anyone who used these on me because they’re creepy as fuck

  22. I shipped us beforehand telling Myspace top 8 '' affirmitive''..' CEO of dial up oh no wait i called the placebo group not @ home beeotch

  23. I have one!
    If a star fell every time I thought of you, the sky would be empty. 😊😂

    How was that?

  24. If i had a crush (pls note that i don't have one rn) and they did number 5 on me i would probably at first be like what are u doing and then i would realise and then start having a freak out 🙂

  25. Girl: who's your favorite artist
    Me: Your mom
    Girl: why?
    Me: Because she created you


  26. Good pick up line:

    R u google? Cuz ur everything I’ve been searching for 😉

  27. Roses are red , Violets are blue, hope you aren't fake,cause my love for you is true

    It's kinda cheesey,I know,but I'm gonna use it on a girl I like

  28. Me:Did it hurt
    Girl:whait what
    Me:when gods put you down from the stars
    Girls:umm what
    Me:dont worry im here

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