10 – #Poesia – Robert Hayden – “Aqueles Domingos de Inverno”

Sundays too my father got up early and put his clothes on
in the blueblack cold, then with cracked hands
that ached from labor
in the weekday weather made banked fires blaze. No one ever thanked him. I’d wake and hear
the cold splintering, breaking. When the rooms
were warm, he’d call, and slowly
I would rise and dress, fearing the chronic angers
of that house, Speaking indifferently
to him, who
had driven out the cold and polished
my good shoes as well. What did I know, what did I know of love’s austere 
and lonely offices? Subtitles and voice over: Hermes Figueiredo http://www.intervoices.com

3 thoughts on “10 – #Poesia – Robert Hayden – “Aqueles Domingos de Inverno”

  1. Ouvi sem saber que seria dedicado a um pai!
    E hoje meu pai faria 91 anos!!!
    Que lindo!!
    Essa vai para Sr. Zé Amaro.

    Mais uma vez gratidão

    Ps: Eu não acredito em coincidências

  2. Muito linda, poesia intuitiva brotada da alma!
    Obrigado amigo(a) por este lindo trabalho. Parabéns!

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