100 thoughts on “10 Psychologically PROVEN Flirting Techniques!

  1. Number 10 always works in any condition , the good ole eye look and smile:) best evdr

  2. I think guys look good in black shirts. The more he is shy around me is the time I scoop in. I'm just get awkward around him and he finds that cute. If a woman can pull off red lipstick then go for it, if not don't do it.

  3. Women don't have to flirt, just have big tits and big ass and be preferably young, all the rest is a bonus

  4. What really works also is be yourself and forget about all this because If nothing works is like you give up all of sudden you find love at the moment that you do not expect it…..and that is a wow.

  5. Or just do a bill Cosby and roofie them, no. Dont do that, you will go to jail, and it's just wrong

  6. I was hoping to see a summary of the techniques, you know so I don't have to watch the video

  7. I open up with, " God blessed me with a huge cahck and a good line of bullshit…."… it goes one way or the other pretty quick

  8. I said, "hey…lets get a pizza and go back to my place and fuck…" and then she slapped me…i said, "what, you don't like pizza?" Ohhhhhhhh

  9. The moment he mentioned evolution I stopped to listen. That s devilish crap

  10. Please make a video to help those like me who are victims of gross flirting techniques how to let them down easy. I don’t like the girl doing it to me and it’s getting annoying. She touches my face but I don’t know about her or care about her at all.

  11. Thought I might use some stuff here on my wife. . . But we already do such shit, I guess this is when you're on the hunt

  12. i am very interessted in her she is so lovely. when she talks, and i look into her eyes, she looks away, and keep on talking. and when i stop looking into her eyes and look down to the floor, she starts to look at me. and when she smiles while she talks to me, because she talks about something funny, she looks into my eyes. what is this ?

  13. 07:13 Americans can’t pronounce “mirroring”. They always say “mirring”.

  14. Flirting technique
    Wear red
    Being funny
    Play hard to get
    Eye contact

  15. Her reaction to you putting your penis in her mouth will give you a feel for if she is interested or not.

  16. Who is 'flirting for? Men or women?
    So, make sure you're doing everything just right…and then one day…and every one after that…she'll let you entertain her forever.
    Now if she grows tired of you or your ways (and she will), you can bet YOU will be changed out for better background pixels in her life's selfie.
    Meanwhile, tell me what happens to the sucking and tossing of the man's nether region.
    Does it get better and better and more deeply profound once you've jumped through all her hoops for her 'approval?…or does it disappear?…(if it ever existed).
    There's two mindsets to approach with:
    Either she is the prize, or YOU ARE.
    Either she recognizes a Man when you approach, or a bitch-boy meant to be 'trained.
    Which is it, men?
    Are you cucks who believe that women are who your mommy told you there were?
    Or are you a man who know's what a woman is capable of?…(via experience.)
    Attempting to please someone, (for a lifetime), who puts little or no effort into pleasing herself (other than through the manipulation of YOUR life-force-energy (if you let it), is a life-long lesson in futility.
    If you're stupid, you can hope they like you.
    If you're smart, you couldn't care less.

    (Some will, some won't, so what, next!)

  17. Make them feel like a million dollars people like to feel important and give them attention

  18. Bad boys are great when you’re young. Then you grow up and realize they’re toxic or a$$ hats. Go for similar sense of humor and morals. If these aren’t aligned don’t bother.

  19. Proven flirting
    Eye contact
    Playing hard to get.

  20. at the end of the day, appearance is what matters. its the first peopld instantly see. if they doubt your appearance they will doubt everything about you. fix your appearance and posture first and then about how you talk. we live in a superficially bias society, everything means something so dont bother looking in youtubd sure sometimes you might learn something but once you go passed the basics it should get easier

  21. I never really believed in love spells but I was losing my fiancee cos we argued a lot, i needed help and somewhere to turn badly. I later witnessed a breathtaking spell work on my girlfriend that brought her back through ([email protected] com) we were apart 11 weeks though lol It worked like magic & hopefully this helps someone out there too.

  22. But also men, when you like a womans voice don't say creepy things like I just want to hear you talk, your voice is so nice, I could listen to you talk all night! I got that alot most of the men pursuing me told me this at some point, I was always doing all the talking and never felt like a conversation, also it was boring talking to someone and feeling like I had to force a response in order for it to be a conversation! One of the reasons why my husband got my full attention was because he never did or to this day has told me any of those things! He listened to me to have a conversation and never made me feel like I was forcing answers out of him! Other men made me feel like there was nothing to me other than that one thing the like about me! In fact most of them made me feel ignored! Like yeah I'm doing all this talking but hes not even paying attention to me! So even if she has a nice tone of voice calm and sweet or whatever, notice her and actually have a conversation not sit there and admire her tone of voice 😑😂

  23. #4, seriously?? Ok, you just lost all credibility? Look around you, who has more people surrounding them, people who smile or those who brood? Wake up people, nobody wants to be with someone who looks depressed, even the ones who are depressed themselves want someone who seems to enjoy life? You've been watching too many chick flicks…

  24. I played hard to get for like 2 days and then I guess I became easy maybe he doesn't like me cause I'm too easy…

  25. I have all these traits they called me Love Doctor If I want a girl I will surely get her at least within 2 months except whore they doesnt care,have a nice car and money thats all they looking for .😁

  26. I recently found help on the internet after a break up with my girlfriend. Through this email id which i found here on youtube " [email protected] com" , we were able to re-unite in just a week after i did an attraction spell. And to my greatest surprise worked to perfection.. I got results in two weeks

  27. Me: eye contact, and then «i like you, don't you catch it mothafaka?» and then they left…🤗

  28. I wore a red top a few days ago n had a few guys approach me n others gawk at me. I chalked it up to the red colour lol how dumb

  29. Mystery is attractive.
    "The secret of being a bore is to tell everything." – Voltaire

  30. No- the brooding thing is wrong- at least for me. If you're a man trying to get an attractive woman, please smile. As an attractive woman, I usually get the men who fall and knock over displays, the men who quickly blush and lower their heads right away, or the ones who stare fearfully from around objects until I turn to look at them. Almost no males' eyes meet mine at all. This has been my life story and why I am now a cat lady. I'm still hot, and I'm not shy. If you look at me, and you seem like a kind person (I'm more interested in personality), I will make the first verbal move. I'm sure there are other attractive women like me. Don't blame it on the idea that 'men have to do everything' or that women are just into looks and money. Just freaking look at me and smile… then, let me say something ridiculous and human-like, because I'm probably geeky like you are and just fumbling because I want to make the same connection that you want to make.

  31. Some girls are very creepy and complex. I hate them and chase the other girls.
    These girls will be later fucked by some bad guys later.

  32. 41 year old tall dark and handsome male…looked after myself..look about 30…us guys don't need to flirt at this stsge..women swoon after me..no effort needed ..it's great being male 😎

  33. This is just my opinion not proven but I think red is attractive because of blood period girls get and in the past they knew they can have children after they get their period which is blood and is red I think I didn't say that right but okay

  34. People shouldn’t flirt at work in this metoo climate. Date people outside of work.

  35. In China, wearing red socks may not be a good idea if you want to attract the opposite sex.

  36. Haha my sister was wrong she said that eyes Windows to your soul comment was cheesy and I was right haha appreciate your sisters anyway you never know when it'll be your last disagreement or your last conversation with them love them anyway and which it wasn't had many more before her time was up just a small reminder, 😁🤗😀 and I know this video is it about relationships with your sister but if you can't get your first relationship right with a woman how do you expect to get any relationship right with a woman

  37. I’m definitely more attracted to men who smile a lot then men who brood. But then again, I think I might be more attracted to femininity or what’s socially perceived to be feminine maybe, so maybe that’s why. (I’m bi, by the way).

  38. hoping these work for wlw because that's what I really need here

  39. Women are brainwash they play hard to get because they like the attention but get mad when the men they really like does it to them. P.s. women only play hard to get when they don't like you that's the clue so don't waste time if she likes you she will be Cooperative.

  40. When I make eye contact its only because I'm alert and being aware of my surroundings in a 360° view. When I wear red then its either blood stains or I just threw on a shirt because I'm in a hurry to get somewhere I need to be.

  41. People love my melodic tone my great posture my red flower in my hair my red lipstick … I didn't know I was flirting LOL

  42. Seems this is basically true, and thank you for a very well done video. However; please allow some friendly advice, from someone with a lot of experience – if you feel a very strong attraction to someone, please be careful, as it is probably going to end up being a disaster. When strongly attracted, you basically lose your good sense….it is why marriages were, and still are, arranged in many cultures….it is why there are so many nasty break ups, and divorces. If you feel a compulsive attraction, try to back off, and consider staying away – consider seeking out a mate you can be friends with.

  43. Me and my crush stare at each other and smile and we both dont feel uncomfortable. I know he's comfortable caus he's the one who started it 😂

  44. In high school my girl seatmate while we both holding a book as we read in our seats, she touches my hand. I don't know all about it that's why I just let her do it. In college a lady keep in touching me by her boob's . I just let her, and say to myself ignore it and keep my studies. So that when ever I had a family I could provide anything they need. But unfortunately I got sick and stopped college. At adulthood, a woman touches beside me by her elbow then I got aroused, suddenly I kissed her and so on. 09399444724

  45. its very close eye contact….very close eye contact and zoom contacting is bad……..for heath ….source…ase of base

  46. This went from proven flirting methods to how to be attractive big difference in my opinion.

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