10 reasons to love your big thighs (a poem)

you should love your big thighs. they are powerful. they allow you to kick, and kick hard, until you get what you want. they are soft. they do not deserve to be punished. they are a warm place for your hands to live in the winter. and when you walk, they jiggle, because you’re a storm. and storms dont pass by without leaving a few trembles behind. you look damn good in shorts. they have lightning bolts living inside them. these are your stretchmarks and they give you power. they carry you. demand the respect that your thighs deserve. they make your butt look fantastic. they have never and will never stop you from being breathtaking. you are a creation that is carefully stitched together, made of stardust and soil and your thighs are a part of that, and you should love them as much as they love you.

24 thoughts on “10 reasons to love your big thighs (a poem)

  1. I mean I have no idea what having big thighs feels like but I get so awfully jealous of people with curves of any kind! Also, how did you write this in only 2 minutes? I'd need way more time to even compete with this

  2. My thighs may not fit the jeans I want, but this poem made me feel better about their size, so thank you x

  3. I love this a lot , my thighs are grateful for putting kind thoughts about them in my mind

  4. THIS IS BRILLIANT slightly in love with you ngl your videos are so topical and you word them so well and ahhhhHHhhh x

  5. I love this thank u so much i needed this i constantly get comments on my thighs and idk how to take them but i will try to see it in a positive light much love❤️

  6. I'm literally so thin everywhere BUT my thighs as i have such wide hips, no matter how much exercise i do i cannot tone them or make them any slimmer and they make me so self conscious, thank you so much for this video xx

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