10 reasons to stay alive: a poem

stay for the light that shines from lampposts in the rain
bouncing and refracting like a dancing child like the dancing child you were
and still hold within you. stay.
stay for coffee on cold mornings or tea, if you prefer –
mittened hands around paper cup stay – because like heat from hot drink,
peace radiates from your bones stay.
stay for nothing lasts forever stay to build a home in transience
because no matter how dark the night we will never give up on the rising sun
like the rising sun, your time will come dear star, burning bright from the flames
your light will illuminate lives and dark alleys
you are fire child, phoenix child power and beauty, child, is your name
so stay. stay because flowers bloom in springtime
and you want to see the cherry blossoms one last time
pink framed by blue of the sky stay –
because the stars have watched over you your whole life, child
stay because you are stardust and moonlight and although your pain is far from right,
you will burn all the fiercer for it you will make them weep at your feet
if you just hold on. and stay,
stay because somewhere deep down you want it
you might not see it right noe but i see it for you, one day –
when you look at the blue of the ocean you will simply think of swimming
and you will no longer wish to fall but to be
caught and spun round and off your feet and breathless,
you will collapse into comforting arms your arms,
your body will be yours again to love, to grow and cultivate
to tend like a garden, your most prized posession you are rose child, blooming child
you must grow through the dirt to see the light of day –
so stay.

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