10 Shtepite Më Të Cuditshme Ne Bote (SHQIPtube)

Download the Brave Browser which is the safest, fastest and blocks trackers that steal your data for personal gain. In a way effective make its users anonymous while browsing the web and not just make money online with Brave Rewards. People have different desires to express themselves. SUBSCRIBE the channel SHQIPtube to bring Interesting Facts every day. Some choose art forms, some choose others like to write poetry, but there are some of those people whose wishes I express in architecture. Designing a great home is not easy and some people have designed their own houses with unique and I have listed 10 Houses With Strange in the World. 10. The toilet house has a very unique design, the person who has it the builder hopes his toilet home will showcase the global need sanitary. Otherwise the toilet house is also called a sacred place where one can solve someone else’s concerns. The designer says that is the only one in the world as a Toilet House. 9. The transparent Tokyo home is distinguished by its modern style and is different from its neighboring houses and its structure. The house has large glass windows, so it means everything is exposed to neighbors and passersby. Design I this strange house looks like a tree, is three stories high and contains different levels within the structure that look like you’re sitting at the top of a tree. 8. The narrowest house in the world is certainly one of the houses shared with it Weird in the world built in Poland, Warsaw. Although it is very narrow can be flat. A semi-transparent house without windows will serve as a temporary home for travel writers. Built in the middle both buildings have become a symbol of the modern Warsaw embedded in history of the city. The widest point of the house is 152 centimeters. 7. The egg-shaped house was built by a Chinese architect located in sidewalk with a view to escape from rented houses. Highest point of the house is 2 meters, with a bamboo structure and insulated with these things that look like cry. Seeds planted will cover the whole house with grass and a solar panel provides energy for a lamp and a handful of needs electrical inside. There is ample room for a bed, a water tank and one small table. 6. Bill Heine was drinking wine in front of his house with a friend when he made one questions if there would be anything to enliven his home. His friend gave an idea an eight-foot shark who appears to have slammed into the corner of his house from heaven. Bill’s house became quite visited by many people deserving one place The strangest houses in the world. 5. In the Texas suburbs you see a giant four-legged UFO standing near other common houses in the area. But this object looks like a UFO actually standing on this strange structure is the House of someone. It is made of 100 tones of glass, each piece welded to the hand and it is almost built with no machining. The inside is from wood. It took 35 years to complete one of the strangest Homes in the world. 4. A house built on a rock in the Drina River is another house very strange. It was built in 1968 near the city’s western city Bajina Basta is about 160 km from Belgrade. Built by some young people who thought that the rock in the river is the ideal place for a small shelter. 3. One of the Strangest Homes in the World is the Airplane House located in Lebanon in a village called Miziara. It is important to note that it is not an aorplane that is centered in a House, but it is a house built to look like an airplane. Builder Michael Suleiman since he was little had glamor for airplanes and dreamed of one day building his house of his plane finalizing the construction of a house that looks like an Airplane Airbus A380 2.The architect’s house from the Ivory Coast’s capital really has a form of crocodile. The weird house is completely empty to create one living space within the crocodile structure. Strange concrete house has window and inside there is a bed. The crocodile house is completely habitable. 1. Built in 2008 this was the first house downstairs. The purpose of this the design was to give visitors different views of everyday things. we this weird house the only thing that is not rolling with the head down are the exterior stairs that serve as the first floor entrance. Adjacent to the walls of on the outside there is a downstairs bench, wheelbarrow and a bicycle. Things the inside looks scary too, the furniture, the plants and everything is upside down with head down hanging. From the outside the House looks like it has been slammed into the ground by Heaven. The upside down house also boasts the top 10 list The strangest in the World.

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