In today’s episode. I’m going to be telling you all about the quirks of Scottish people Hello guys. How’s it going welcome to my Youtube channel. My name is Shaun I am a blogger from Edinburgh in Scotland listen guys scotland has become an increasingly popular place for Tourists there are a lot of people coming from all over the world which is absolutely amazing and in fact There’s a lot of people watching my YouTube channel now from every we are interested in Scotland, and I think that’s absolutely incredible amazing Thank you so much for joining in it’s really a great honor to have you here and if you are new to this channel please do hit the subscribe button share these videos of your friends and family I would really appreciate that a lot of people have the notions of what they think Scottish people are like and For those of you who want to come to Scotland For those of you thinking about it or for those of you who just want to engage scottish people in general I am putting together this short video for you This video is going to be kind of guide as to What scottish people are like and that will of course help you when it comes to interacting and dealing with Scottish people? But there are a few things about us You should probably know just so you can kind of get your way own scottish people Social situations you might find yourself in all that kind of stuff I have compiled a wee list first thing. You should know about Scottish people Is that we are very proud as Scottish people as a nation Scots are extremely proud of who we are what we are what we have achieved as a small country for example We will tell anybody who will listen about Amazing scots who have ventured the world and invented amazing things and who have changed the whole entire world through their way of thinking for their inventions and in fact I think I could be a video in its own right scottish inventions Alexander Graham Bell, John Logie baird, Alexander fleming. We’re proud of our social makeup we’re proud of the way we are as Scottish people so what that means actually is is we don’t take too kindly to people coming and Criticizing scotland and also do not call a kilt skirt never ever ever do that and certainly please Never ever ever call us “scotch” and if you remember those things and do not offend us You should have a bonnie wee time in scotland that brings me neatly on to my second point Because Scottish people despite the fact that we are very proud of scotland and being Scottish. We are also very very Self depreciatory well that means is we like to take the piss out of ourselves And we’ll do that with a lot of frequency, and it doesn’t matter in what type of company We’re in and in fact especially if we’re in the company of Foreigners We like to have a joke about ourselves as well and say we might be proud of it the good things We’ve done
We also like to make a lot of jokes about the things we’re not so good at. Despite these jokes we will not Appreciate them from people from elsewhere especially from certain places But nevertheless number three we are warm and friendly people in scotland. We are very welcoming and we are Open we will welcome people into our house as soon as we meet them We will tell them our life story, and we will cook them dinner people will come up and talk to you ask you How are you doing? Talk to you most likely first of all about the weather, so if you’re from a place That’s not quite as open and friendly as that do not be surprised When something comes up the street and start speaking to you people in glasgow by the way are particularly warm and friendly You’ll make a lot of friends in Glasgow just by walking through the streets number four. We are superstitious I don’t know how many people from around the world notice about Scottish people, but we are highly superstitious This is something that’s in our DnA We have been known to believe in ghost stories. The loch ness monster. This is superstition we like to believe in the Fantasy and there’s actually two very good examples of that and the royal mile and the City centre of edinburgh the statue of David hume Midway up the Royal mail all of the kind of blue Colour on outside has been rubbed off of one of his feet on his Talk we rub that back tool for good luck another edinburgh Royal mile Superstition is the heart of midlothian now the heart of midlothian is literally the cobbles on The streets of the Royal Mile have been arranged into a heart shape This is where a toll booth once stood that toll booth represents a lot of things for edinburgh in history obviously It’s no longer there, but that’s exactly what it was it was one tax collection office. You can understand Why it was very disliked but it was also the location of the toll booth Prison and the cells in this jail were said to be Absolutely vile the last place prisoners would have seen before they were executed people in edinburgh have this tradition of actually spitting in that heart if you walk past that you’ll see all the time several people Every single hour spitting in it. it’s also also seen as a defiance against their thought it is and also for good luck, so a superstitious bunch and that leads on to number five because also Playing alongside that Scottish people are very very good and internationally famous Storytellers, we love a story so if all those superstitious ghost stories loch ness we romanticize about them and we build them out into big big stories and Previously Scottish people have been well-known as storytellers We’ve got some of the most famous writers of all times think of Rabbie Burns Rabbie Burns was basically a storyteller He did it through poetry, but all stories. We love to share our story with the world We love to get people interested in our history and our country and we do that through Stories number six a lot of people associate scotland with being an angry bunch of people right? We have angry Scottish people Come on boys. Let’s take them to school That stereotype is actually probably Misplaced the thing is about Scottish people is we are passionate and we are very very emotional We are very passionate about things. We believe in and we are not afraid to shout our corner This has been the case throughout Scottish history We’ve always had characters, but probably misrepresented as aggressive because of that, but we’re not aggressive We are just passionate and I think that’s a beautiful beautiful thing about and number seven on the list the fact that we are very Expressive people as well so as well as being emotional and as well as being good Storytellers were also very expressive very good at projecting ourselves through voice and through the way we just are presence We have this way about us as scottish people, and it’s not just in front of an audience a one on one We’re very expressive people we will talk to you in a very open Frank and Expressive way, you know we speak a lot with our hands We will engage people with eye contact that’s very very important to us Scottish people having good Eye contact is the measure of honesty so when you come to Scotland And we are right up in your face and talking to you very directly just remember It’s quite a normal thing in scotland and number eight on the list we are very welcoming to foreigners Scotland is a very open country and this is something I get asked very Very often in the comments section actually and then all with politics going on the world right now the uk obviously voted for Brexit I think scotland is pretty unique in the context of the uk is the fact that we are so open and free mainly and warn Foreigners and tourists for the fact is most likely you’ll be very warmly welcomed with open arms It doesn’t matter where you’re from What your background is you’ll be a guest in our country and we will be very proud of that fact and we will be wanting To show you a great great time in our country This is definitely not the truth for everyone right can’t make generalizations, but Scottish people on the whole are welcoming friendly people We love tourists. We love people coming to visit our country and to get to know more about us, so Come on in come and have a pint with us in the pub which brings me neatly onto the ninth point Alcohol is definitely the way To our hearts if you want to get us chatting if you want to know more about scotland if you want to Just get some conversation with people go to the pub and have a drink Scottish people as a stereotype We are known as a nation of drinkers. We love our beer We love our whisky were very proud of the actual products that we produce an alcohol, nowadays which Historically has always been whiskey and beer, but also what nowadays we have become very famous at making gin as well we are a nation of alcohol Producers and Actually consumers as well the stereotype to drinking are actually pretty true and acurate. We drink a lot I am not a very good representation of Scottish people whenever I travel around the world But the first thing people say to me is all your scottish You can probably show us how to drink so I’m plied with alcohol And they find out after two or three drinks that I am not a typical scotsman And I let the country down and I have let the country down on Several occasions And that brings me nicely on to the final point in Scotland we love a good parties too come to scotland go to the bars go to the clubs and Actually look for Scottish parties as well because we love it. It’s where we socialize It’s where we meet friends and family and I’m not just talking about going to nightclubs and stuff like that if you come to scotland Try and make sure you go to a ceilidh or another Scottish party like that And you’ll have a great time and of course you will have heard about the world-famous Hogmanay Street party in Edinburgh, which is the New Year’s Eve celebrations people come from all around the world to experience what hogmanay is We’re very proud of what hogmanay is and we want so many people to come and join us and have a drink with us at New Year I am really looking forward to this year’s one for example. Well equipped with some knowledge of what Scottish people are what we’re like, and some of the little quirks about us, right? So please come to Scotland We will be the likely to see you, and I’m really glad to be sharing the Scottish culture video with you guys I’m thinking Of a lot of ideas of this type of video to do on my channel just to explore Scottish culture more and share more with The world about what our we fantastic little country is about. Thanks again for watching guys I really appreciate that it means a lot to me have a great day night or whatever time idea is wherever you are in the World I will speak again really soon


  1. We Canadians believe that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in Brantford, Ontario and therefore a Canadian invention.

  2. Hi i am scots and very proud of it. I iive in South Africa. Like William Wallace said u can take my life but never my freedom

  3. I was in Edinburgh once and I will never forget a moment of it; especially my excursion into the Highlands. A bit of heaven it was. I had a Scot great grandmother. She was a Kennedy. The rest of my heritage is Irish,but it was in Scotland that I felt like I was home.

  4. Not HALF as angry as the English, who have to keep subsidizing the bastards

  5. I must be scottish lmao people mistake me as angry i am just passionate and emotional !!!!


  7. I can vouch for Glasweigians. We are friendly until you get on the wrong side of us. Lol

  8. Scottish people are proud…Proud…PROUD. Meet a Scottish guy in a bar, say "are you proud" stand back "Aye a am proud tae b Scottish" the chest expands, there is a fierce but sentimental glint in the eye, followed by a tear, the thousand yard stare, white knuckles clutching glass "prrroud PRROUD PERRROUD tae be Scottish. "Why…." He fixes you with a terrifying glare. Then falls over. Fast asleep.

  9. I was just there. I had many lovely encounters with local people, who happened to be very helpful as I traveled about. Beautiful country side as well.

  10. These people make me cringe to be Scottish what a bunch of sheep shaggers, and the comments , hey stfu no one gives a shit about Scottish people the way you think , pathetic Hollywood Scots just stop and man I think anyone could offend you all day long and you'd do absolutely nothing about it , soy boy

  11. I live in Canada and up until grad 6 I wore a kilt to school once a year and everyone was calling it a skirt it drove me mad and Scottish people are probably the nicest people I’ve ever met

  12. Is James watt the pioneer behind steam power is a scottsman? I had a very happy experience in Scotland during a summer job. And also my ancestors helped the city of Dundee to become industrialised by growing and exporting jute from Bangladesh…. And many more things . Scotland is the most beautiful country in the world.

  13. I want to adopt you environment from Philippines soonest I'm coming Scottland.

  14. You named 3 Scots that 'have' recognition for things they sort of gained recognition for. You totally ignored Scottish scientists/mathematicians that did actually change the whole world and its technology. One of which Einstein admitted he could not have done anything without the work of an almost unknown Scotsman. Oh and superstition, I take it that's an Edinbugger thing – the rest of us Scots know it is childish.
    An Edinbugger talking of Burns….you are really taking the pis…
    The rest….OK I agree, we are friendly and welcoming. Yes we drink too much – hard not too when we produce the best only the planet.

  15. Scotland is amazing country and scottish people are very friendly and sweet.

  16. It's a little too fast for me but very interesting. .I go to Scottland 10 days in August

  17. I know I'm a year late but thanks for this! I'm studying abroad at the University of Stirling and have been looking up Scottish customs and such to prepare myself to not look like an idiot

  18. I descend from Clan Davis. I am happy to learn that i have a lot of these traits.

  19. I lived on Barra for four years and found the locals greedy, selfish and thieving. Nobody was particularly friendly in all fact the locals were very narrow minded and generally unpleasant.

  20. I need to get the fuck out of new york city after this lol

  21. 3:15 aye and if yer lucky ye may get a brick lobbed off yer forheed by a junkie hanging fae a lamppost, or a stripper asking ye for a wee puff of yer willie

  22. Shaun or Séan – you've described your Irish cousins. God do we hate being called English. Have spent last 24 years living in France and am so sick and tired of pointing out that I'm fucking Irish 😤
    Both my grandmothers were of Scots origin, so proud of them. Feisty women 💪🏻
    Wish I'd married a passionate Scotsman – man in a kilt makes me weak at the knees!
    Are you taken??

  23. great content. i don't know how the translation works on youtube. gin is translated to dutch as jenever. it's not the same liquor. the name 'gin' has his origins in jenever. but the liqour is not the same. so the translation is nog right.

  24. You'll make friends in Glasgow……just stay away from sitehill.👳🐒

  25. So tell me about your Scottish beer and does it export to America and what should I look for…..

  26. My pipe band in Tucson played for the Graham-Bell descendents several times.

  27. No one cares, you are an irrelevant service provider for tourists.

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  29. I'm of Scottish decent. My main nationality is Scottish, mixed with German, Welsh, and Jewish. Good job with the videos. As I explore my own heritage and ancestry.

  30. I am from Ulster in Ireland. I agree with everything you say is the same in Ulster.

  31. Longest Foreskin, sexy men, the Kilts… I’m not Scottish but everyone things I am. Very flattered

  32. I'll move to Edinburgh this September, i like a lot your video! Nice to know all this things

  33. loch ness monster is true, twinned with my wife, rather be in inverness wi nessie.

  34. I'm going to Scotland for the third time in a row this summer. Really like scottish people, Edinburgh – the architecture, it isnt overcrowded. It has a special place in my heart. I'll always wanna go back to Edinburgh ❤️❤️

  35. Me:Never ever ever ever ever-
    My brain:Shut up!!!
    Me: Beer…
    My brain: Hell, u r just a German!!!!

  36. I wish the Scottish people would take Donald Trump back permanently.

  37. Scots taught me football: Williamson, Strachan and Wark–Purgavie was a good competitor. In fourth grade, the country I chose for my report was Scotland. At age 63, I finally visited: Glasgow, Loch Lomond, Ben Nevis, Dalwhinnie, and Edinburgh–and I will return in a heartbeat. I'm from Vermont, and the Scottish people and the wild Highlands make me feel most at home.

  38. I am proud to have scottish ancestry, who apparently went to Ireland first, then to America. As a fiddler, I love scottish music, and play for scottish country dances among other things. Never been to Scotland, though I'd love to.

  39. “glasgow is very warm and friendly”

    is it now..
    1. if you wear a rangers or celtic top yer getting decked
    2. there’s quite a lot of junkies
    3. buildings had to be knocked down because of the shite conditions
    4. it’s orite but don’t do these things
    5. have fun! try not to get murderd!!

  40. if water we're wiseky and i were a duck i would swim to the bottom and never come up but water isnt wiseky and im not a duck so pass me the botel and shut the fuck up

  41. I love Scotland , I will be there very soon . My vacations start on August 20 I’m going to visit Edinburgh. 🙏

  42. Just returned from Edinburgh three day ago and I already miss it.
    And I tried Haggis and Black pudding and I love it 🥰

  43. People in the comments: Calling my homeland and its people beautiful

    me: cries in irn bru

  44. Nikola Tesla..Novak Djokovic…Pupin…Serbia born winner spartan people

  45. I am from WI. My aunt is from Greenock Scotland. When her relatives come to the states to visit, we always have a blast. Very nice and down to earth people, much like the people of Northern WI (where I am from).

  46. Ohhh… I thought Germany is the nation of drinkers… Beer is like water to Germans

  47. I gotta visit scotland someday, learning about a place and its culture is a lot more fun when the people there are chatty and friendly

  48. I've always called you and your people SCOT, like Mary, Queen of…..I've always felt good with that- I hope that's alright.

  49. Yes we are proud. Go home if all you want out of scotland is to change us

  50. I once edited out all the songs in Brigadoon; pretty good 20 minute movie.

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  52. Aye welcome to foreigners when they r here on holiday and piss off hame but not when they move here full time that group can fuck off hame.

  53. My girlfriend is from Ayr Scotland amd became an American citizen a few years back. She definitely is all these qualities in the video. Very prideful and determined, very cool and calm and will do anything for you then boom, super pissed. Very superstitious as well.

  54. I am from America born and raised. However, I am Scottish. My family traveled there and I want to in the future.

  55. Just imagine how big and good our Indy party will be…🤘😎 not to be missed and the world is welcome to join us 💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  56. Even though I was born in Canada, my dad and everyone before him was born in Scotland. So I have a lot of pride for my country Canada and my heritage Scotland

  57. I’m studying in Ayr for a year- I fly out in a few weeks. I’ve been nervous, but this helps. Thank you! ☺️

  58. I love the passionate nature of the Scottish people. And especially the friendliness and hospitality. I would love to visit Scotland.

  59. I'm Spanish and I can say I'm in love with Scotland and its people. You are such a good people! Altough I really like scottish accent, it's hard for me to understand. For this reason I use to watching Scottish youtubers, so I can learn more about Scotland as well. Thank you for this video!

  60. when I hear Scottish people, i think they are not natives in English language because of their accent which is amazing by the way❤

  61. I am from Poland and I moved to Glasgow 3 months ago. I love Scotland and Scottish people, you are so nice nation <3

  62. My ex was Scottish & once he asked me if I want the sauce and I said yes. His mum said; oh my god there's children here u must say thanks your so rude and she literally never shut up. 😆 She insulted my whole culture and country because I didn't say please. I find Scots to be nice people in general but theres lots of neurotic ones just like her floating about.

  63. Worse than calling us "Scotch" is confusing the UK as "England" and therefore calling us "English".

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