100 Favourite Nursery Rhymes and Songs

100 Favourite Nursery Rhymes and Songs

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  1. Fab my 4week old son loves this it sends him to sleep happy mammy 2 😀

  2. I'm from Iceland, I only know about 5% of those, like old mcdonald had a farm, hush little baby, pop goes the weasel, twinkle twinkle little star, wheels on the bus, and some others I can't name but recognize the tune to. Do you also have like folk music and patriotic poems that have been made into songs? I love those from my childhood, still love them 🙂 

  3. Hah, I didn't know the "Row row row your boat" version of the song, how cool! Here the lyrics (translated) are up up up to the mountain top/edge, down down down down all the way to the ground 😉  Used to sing this when walking up the stairs of my grandmothers apartment building 🙂

  4. 1Sing a song of 6 pence
    2Twinkle twinkle lil star
    3Hey diddle fiddle
    4Dog cat pig?
    5Itsy bitsy spider
    6Hush little baby
    7Oh where my little dog go
    8Old macdonald has a farm
    9This the way the lady ride
    10Peter pumpkin eater
    11Little boy blue
    12 3 blind mice
    13See saw majorie dee
    14Oh dear what could the matter be
    16Lavender blue
    17Wise old owl??
    18Cobler cobler??
    19Old woman??
    20Tweedle dumb and tweedle dee
    21There was a crooked old man
    23Little miss muffet
    24Georgie porgie
    25Ding Dong Bell
    27Here we go
    28I love my pussy??
    30Wee Willie Winkie
    31 2 little dicky birds
    32Oranges and Lemons
    33Here we go round the mulberry bush
    34Old King Cole
    35Cold little robin??
    36 3 little kittens
    38Doctor Foster
    39Clap hands??
    40Diddle diddle dumpling
    41Baa baa black sheep
    42Cry baby???
    43This little piggy
    44Hickory dickory clock
    45Little bo peep
    46 12345 Once i caught a fish alive
    47I'm a little teapot
    48I saw 3 ships sailing by
    49Little jack corner
    50Cock a doodle
    51London burning
    52Hot cross bun
    53Girls and boys come out to play
    54Pussy cat pussy cat
    55Grand old duke of york
    56The wheels on the bus
    57Fee fye fiddle foe
    58Gingerbread man song
    59To market to market
    60Ride a white horse
    62Tommy teetle mouse??
    63Patty cake
    64Mary mary quite contary
    65 Rub a dub tub 3 man in a tub
    66Bonnie bob shark do
    67Jack be nimble
    68This is the house that jack build
    70Rainrain go away
    72Queen of hearts
    74 1 potato 2 potato
    75Black hen
    76Horsey horsey
    77Little robin red breast
    78There was this old woman with so many children
    79Humpty dumpty
    80Tom the piper son
    81Eat porridge???
    82Little Tommy tucker
    84 1 2 Buckle my shoe
    85Jack and Jill
    86Dance to your daddy
    87Simple simon
    88Old mother hubbert
    89Polly put the kettle on
    90Pop goes the weasel
    91Goosey goosey gamble
    92Ring a ring a roses
    93Yankie doodle
    94It's raining its pouring
    95Row row row your boad
    96I had a little nut tree
    97London bridge
    98Rock a bye baby
    99The big ship sails
    100Mary had a little lamb

  5. Yankee doodle went to town
    Riding on a pony
    He stuck a feather
    In his hat
    And called it macaroni

    Yankee doodle keep it up
    Yankee doodle dandy
    Mind the music
    In the step
    And with the girls
    Be handy!

  6. Good old days crowing up before libtards, Leftists and Hollywood ruin everything

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