5 thoughts on “100 Thousand Poets for Change

  1. that part about the middle eastern fists. does anyone know where i can find that whole video? i don't know how you would..but it woud be cool

  2. Poets from differents backgrounds will also join in from Madrid, Spain, at Diablos Azules, Apodaca, 6. 20:30 -23:30.

  3. One world, One Voice – September 24th, The Day of Change.

    [ps: graphics designers – I'm trying to develop a banner to honor/give voice to all the imprisoned, persecuted, silenced artists and poets around the world. Banner is for all 100TPC organizers to use at their events. Contact me at [email protected] if you can help.]

  4. I love the video! It captivates the essence of what are doing. Just sent it out to my face book and emails. Thanks for this video. Mama Cassie from Cali- Oakland, California.

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