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Here’s an Idea Channel
episode about Idea Channel. Depending upon how you
count it, this here episode is somewhere between the
98th and 103rd episode of Idea Channel. Even we couldn’t come to a
consensus regarding where we are in full episode numbers. But regardless, we wanted
to celebrate this milestone or range of milestones. And a while ago, a
bunch of you guys suggested we do so
by making an Idea Channel about Idea Channel,
so we’re going to do that. What’s the show about? But to keep it distinct
from the Q&A video we did a while ago, I’m
going to talk less about how we make Idea Channel and
more about what we hope to accomplish by making it. So that means there’s going
to be some authorial intent expressed here. So if you don’t want to have
your Idea Channel fanfics invalidated, you should
probably am-scray. Or here, actually, it’s an
alternate universe episode. OK. Now that that’s out of the
way, the elevator pitch for Idea Channel is
something like, we apply philosophical
and critical concepts to things in the
popular culture canon and we do it in a
vlogging format. One of the most frequent
comments that I see is the accusation
that we are rip-offs of Ray William Johnson’s Equals
Three and/or Vsauce wannabes. All of those comments
are absolutely correct. I mean, rip-off
seems really harsh, but Idea Channel is
directly inspired by those two shows, and The
Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC in New York, actually. I really like Brian Lehrer. We didn’t decide to
make this thing the way we do because the kids will
watch it, you know, for kids, but rather because it is
very, very important for Idea Channel to be a part of the
culture it is describing. We can only discuss certain
things in certain ways if Idea Channel
is the way it is. Otherwise, we run
the risk of looking like some kind of external
authority attempting to objectively or correctly
describe media or communities. And that just sounds boring. So I jump back and forth
from side to side, talk fast, and Morgan, BJ, and Brian pool
their collective pop culture prowess to bring you
perfectly illustrative asset favorites, such as– No. It’s huge. Come on. And– And Ben, our motion
graphics guy, does– well, you’ve
seen what Ben does. I say something
overwrought or dense, and he clarifies it with a
visual masterpiece involving my face, one mythical creature,
probably a weird machine of some kind, and maybe
an explosion or two, the upshot being that
though some of the concepts are high-falutin, we are no less
steeped in the kind of media that we are talking about,
which as far as lots of people are concerned at least,
is pretty low-falutin. This makes it possible
for us to celebrate while we are asking
questions, which is really the twofold mission
of Idea Channel, to exclaim but then dissect,
but never really tell. Most media doesn’t
explicitly tell you how to live in the
world, but rather portrays a situation
with characters and shows a way one might be. Likewise, we try really
hard with IC to not tell you what to think. I try to be really
clear when we’re talking about things that I think. And I try to be really honest
about my biases, which should– I hope they’re all very clear. I’m not always great at it. Biases are a very hard
thing to be conscious of. But I like to think
I’m honest about it. And I’m always open
to being wrong. Ideally, we’re
illustrating how one might think, one way
to think, a think one could if they were so inclined. And that is also why
we respond to comments. Perspective is more
valuable than answers. And tons of that
perspective comes from you. If I could respond to every
single comment, I would. However, I am but one man and
there is only so much coffee in New York City. The closest we can get to
truth in critical thinking happens only by way,
I think, of being considerate and inclusive. This applies to audiences
and their experiences as much as it does
to media and culture. And here we are back at
high- versus low-falutin. All parts of culture, from
WarioWare to “War and Peace” are worthy of respect,
scrutiny, critique, dissection, and celebration. By doing these things,
we can find out where their faults
and strengths are, what pressures they can sustain,
and what they’re made of. In turn, we can also find out
our own faults and strengths, what an audience can
sustain and is made of. Marshall McLuhan wrote that all
media work us over completely. It’s our goal with Idea Channel
to show what that work is and how it’s done differently
to different people. Idea Channel is not
the first to do this. We are certainly not the best. As a matter of fact, I want to
stress I am not a professional. I’m a musician, a theater
nerd, and former programmer. I’m not a philosopher, critic,
or academic by training. And it’d be totally fair
if your take-away from that was, well, this guy has no
idea what he’s talking about. But I’d hope that your
take-away is something closer to the opposite of
the “Jackass” warning. This person is not
a professional. Please try this at home. Media and technology
and whatever happens when the
two team up, it all plays a massive
role in our lives. And yet so many people question
the importance of that media, while rarely, if ever,
questioning the importance of, say, science. How often do you think Destin
or Emily or Neil deGrasse Tyson are accused of overthinking
some instance of inquiry? I’m going to guess not often. But if I go two days without
being accused of overthinking, that is a win. I’m not complaining. It doesn’t make me mad. I’m just disappointed. Disappointed! That any critical
consideration of media is so often dismissed
as purposeless says lots about how
media is valued, what people think its for,
and what people think it does. You cannot, cannot escape
the effects of media. It is not, has never
been, and will never be just entertainment. Not asking questions
about your culture is like not asking
questions about gravity or the oceans or your own body. And if you do ask
these questions, you can come to possess the same
level of powerful understanding of the world that
we unhesitatingly attribute to the sciences. And I don’t know. If we, the tiny
weird YouTube shot in a corner on a
three-year-old camera, can inspire even a
small number of people to ask some of those
questions, that is why we make Idea Channel. What do you guys think? Those are our big, lofty
goals for this tiny show. Are we accomplishing
any of them? Be honest. And what do you think the
purpose is of studying media the way that we do? And do we get to the
heart of any of it? Let us know in the comments. And if you’ve made
it this far into the 98th through
103rd episode special, you probably already know
what I’m going to ask. Some people seem to
think it’s possible that me, Weezy, and Michael
from Vsauce are clones. Actually, we’re triplets. Let’s see what you guys
had to say about “Orphan Black” and the simulacrum. Matthew Falken writes a really
great comment about Voltaire and the possibility
of seeing everything and therefore
nothing as simulacra. And yeah, this
reminds me– what is Voltaire’s quote, originality
is not but judicious imitation. And Brian Massumi
actually writes about Baudrillard’s attitude
towards the presence of the simulacrum. And he calls it one long
lamentation, because of Baudrillard’s
disposition, but also writes about how Deleuze saw
this as an opportunity to question the
importance that we place on the model-copy way of
looking at things, which I think is basically the idea that
you’re getting at, so yeah. And speaking of
Deleuze, Kayla Haffley writes a comment about how the
brilliance of “Orphan Black” kind of shows that everybody
is a simulacrum of some kind. And this was actually–
Deleuze said that the way man was made in God’s
image but through sin lost the spiritual
resemblance but kept the surface-level
resemblance makes humanity itself a simulacrum. So you and Deleuze,
on the same page. Shane Tilton asks
whether or not I am saying any statistical
representation of a given population is
somehow a simulacra. And I am still a little
out to lunch on this one, but I think I would say that
I am saying extrapolations are what would create that
simulacrum when– you know, like I think of the census,
which I do not understand perfectly so this might
be totally off base, as being ideal, where you
have every point of data represents itself. But then I think
of Nielsen as being the other side of
the continuum, where you have one point representing
a much larger extrapolated mass in a way that is unclear at
best is maybe what I’m saying, so yeah, but this
is a good question. IvanRSaldias asks us to
consider the possibility that Sarah is herself
still a simulacrum and that she is just a
part of the system that has been sold on some kind
of false idea of rebellion. But then Occam Sauce basically
has the exact opposite opinion and identifies her as what
happens when someone finally figures out how to break free
of whatever kind of repression comes from that system. So I mean, I think
this– right, this is a good– this is an
indication that “Orphan Black” is a good show, I think,
that you can read it in two completely opposite ways. Whitcomb Judson
says that looking at this thing with an
eye towards the original is kind of missing the point,
and that really what we’re looking at is an illustration
of nature versus nurture, that all of these characters
all have the same nature, but they have all been brought
up in different situations and that there is a great
lesson to be learned there, which, yeah, I totally agree. Relatedly, Peter Fox
has a unique experience of “Orphan Black,” because he
is an identical twin and sees, again, the importance
of and presence of nature versus nurture. And yeah, Jean
Baudrillard actually wrote about identical
twins a little bit in– he has this paper
called “Clone Story.” He said that the act of
cloning itself, what it does is it enshrines the
reiteration of the same, which is different from twins, right? Though the effect
might end up being similar– you have people who
look exactly like one another– it’s the act of
cloning that gets into this simulacra-y zone. But yeah, I never thought
about “Orphan Black” coming from the point of
view of identical twins. This is– yeah, new
material to work through. lyadmilo adds an
additional layer and says that Tatiana
Maslany herself could be seen as a simulacrum,
because she so fully inhabits the roles of her characters that
the original has disappeared. And yeah, actually there’s a lot
of writing about whether or not acting is some
sort of controlled creation of a simulacrum. And Shauna Blake,
this is something that Shauna Blake
touches on in her comment and says that beyond
the presence of cloning, “Orphan Black” doesn’t
seem any more positioned to talk about simulacrum than
visual media with performers in general. So what do you guys think, yeah? Acting, simulacrum,
just in general. This week’s episode
was brought to you by the hard work of
these question askers. We have a Facebook, an
IRC, and a subreddit, links in the doobly-do. And the tweet of the week
comes from Brian Block who points us towards a “New
York Times” piece illustrating exactly what your FitBit
band up thing is measuring. Turns out it’s less
than we would think. And finally, a bit of news. To celebrate our 98th through
103rd episode milestone and my 30th
birthday, we’re going to be taking one week off. So the next time you see me
will be two weeks from now. Actually, that
might not be true. If you keep your
eyes peeled, you might see some caps lock poetry. And for this week’s
record swap, we will be replacing Sunset
Rubdown’s “Random Spirit Lover” with The Dismemberment
Plan’s “Uncanny Valley.” One of my favorite
bands of all time. All right. So adios, Sunset Rubdown,
and welcome, a big welcome, to The Dismemberment Plan.

100 thoughts on “100th-ish Episode Special | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

  1. I really like your comment "I'm not a professional; please try this at home." The distinction is important. You're just a guy who thinks particularly well, but not better than any of your viewers could. You are inviting, not performing, sharing and engaging, not telling or instructing. 

  2. As an actor, heck yeah, acting is a simulacrum, perhaps more than the works that they're portraying.  

    It's hard to explain to non-actor friends, but the hardest part of acting isn't memorizing lines, it's putting real emotion into what amounts to be fake situations.  People are actually pretty good at telling if you're faking it or not, and they're highly critical of it, so learning how to consistently channel a wide gamut of emotions realistically at levels that an average person feels a couple times a year, becomes a necessary job skill, especially if you're doing camera work.

    Also, I think that the process leaves its mark on the actor.  Having to constantly experience things and step inside the minds and emotions of other people is what makes most of my actor friends very weird, if amazing, people.

  3. I think you are charming and handsome and you do great work. But I'm biased.

  4. I think this is an adequate representation of what you do now, but I'm curious to know how much of this you knew about the show when you began it? Certainly your understanding of your project has to have changed over time and with response. Is there anything you wanted this program to be about that didn't/couldn't happen?

  5. I think media is intrinsically linked to art. In fact, I cannot think of a form of media that isn't representative of art, whatever our mildly varying ideas of art may be. Because I think media is art, in my mind the questions become more "What is the importance of art's impact on culture," and "What is the importance of interacting with/studying art."

    I feel that art is, inherently, an interactive medium. This claim will probably get even more disagreement than the "all media is art" claim, but I feel that if there is only one definitive message to get from a piece of art then the art only serves as a medium to catch your eye and gild the message in something more entertaining. I dislike that interpretation. If that is truly what art is then I'd rather just hear the message straightforward.

    If art IS interactive then the artist usually starts with a message to share, and every individual in the public sphere gets to gain their OWN message from it. In this way, art, and by proxy media, can kick off and add fuel to the fire of any number of discussions.

    I think that this ability to draw personal meaning from art is what makes interacting with art important. I think that the ability to have a different meaning per every person is what makes art important in context of culture. And because I think media is art I think media is important in the same way too.

  6. The whole "not an expert" direction of this Idea Channel anniversary episode kinda took me by surprise. I think there are plenty of media observers, and most of them tout themselves as experts, but IC offers me something else. You provide the Devil's Advocate perspective on trends in media. You provide some basics of the trend but then you suppose some tangential aspect of it that I might not have considered. Honestly, you sometimes present me with trends I've not been very aware of, but you quickly catch me up with it all, putting me in the funny position of having to question a trend as I learn of it. Maybe I'm in that situation because I'm nearly 60 years old, but I consider myself ahead of the game when the weekly trend takes me on a tour of something I recognize, which is most of the time. I've been watching for about a year now and love your show. I appreciate the technical side of things, so congrats to your staff who assemble the bells and whistles that go into it. I hope there's enough coffee in New York to let you stay up long enough to read my comment! 😉

  7. I'd be curious about the demographics of the Idea Channel viewers. The Vlogbrothers did a nerdfighteria census and it made some things really interesting. 

  8. The way you guys analyze culture phenomena taught me that any cultural product no matter where it comes from, has something to say, you just have to ask the right questions. Now I find myself in my day to day life, asking questions about why things in culture are the way they are. So I have to thank you guys for this. It's just amazing!

  9. It is said "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." and I think you do exactly that, you give people Ideas to contemplate and 'entertain' about culture while generating new questions. It is always a delight to watch your show and gain new perspectives on media and cultural memes, as well as learn some new philosophers to research. Thank you PBS Idea Channel, Meme factory, and Mike Rugnetta

  10. I love this channel. I would say that I can't get enough of this kind of youtube channel (like Vsauce, vlogbrothers, etc.), but I have found several other channels that do this kind of thing, and they don't do it very well. That said, I think this channel is valued simply because it DOES do this thing well. (I'm amazing at specific language) 

  11. This is by far my favorite series on youtube. I do think Rugnetta's Theater background helps this show stand out from the others of it's kind. He is well aware of how to orient his face and project his voice. This is a very valuable trait, as there are so many wonderfully brilliant people on youtube that unfortunately do not have the public speaking/basic camera sense skills to translate their brilliant ideas into brilliant videos.  

  12. You give me a good way of  the view of others parts of the world.

  13. i like idea channel and vsause for similar reasons yet i think that idea channel and vsause are very different in the style that the information is presented and even though i like them for the same reason i prefer one of the other sometimes depending on how i feel. so even though they a somewhat based off of the same thing they are still different in many ways

  14. Hi Idea Channel. 

    I'd just like to thank you for expanding my mind very single week. 

    You are truly amazing.

    And my life is vastly better because you are in it. 



  15. I've been subscribed from very close to the start and all along I've thought about this channel as pretty much exactly what you've described. Your initial description is almost exactly how I explain it to anyone else.
    I think it's an excellent thing to bridge a gap between the 'arts' and 'sciences' in terms of questioning what are… things, yet on a deep level.
    Idea channel quite effectively, I think, encourages (without telling!) viewers to do something that everyone should do: think and think things through quite thoroughly, often abstractly and also be open to that kind of thinking from others.
    It's a kind of thinking that I feel can make all aspects of life work better, whether big or small in scale, in the arts or the sciences. I think it will leave people more content or comfortable with other people/cultures/communities/fandoms/anything.
    There you go – you're leading the world to a better place.

  16. I've been subscribed from very close to the start and all along I've thought about this channel as pretty much exactly what you've described. Your initial description is almost exactly how I explain it to anyone else.
    I think it's an excellent thing to bridge a gap between the 'arts' and 'sciences' in terms of questioning what are… things, yet on a deep level.
    Idea channel quite effectively, I think, encourages (without telling!) viewers to do something that everyone should do: think and think things through quite thoroughly, often abstractly and also be open to that kind of thinking from others.
    It's a kind of thinking that I feel can make all aspects of life work better, whether big or small in scale, in the arts or the sciences. I think it will leave people more content or comfortable with other people/cultures/communities/fandoms/anything.
    There you go – you're leading the world to a better place.

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  18. Some of the most primal motives for anyone in this world is curiosity. In this case, it's the curiosity of media and how it impacts us. It could easily be argued media is one of the most prevalent things guiding and molding our societies today. And lucky for us, you guys introduce ideas that keep us thinking about HOW they impact us. Please continue doing so! 

  19. You specialize in something until one day you find it is specializing in you 😉

  20. After watching all one hundredish channels, I have finally decided to do your bidding and subscribe, the only Youtube channel I have ever subscribed to.  Feel honored 🙂

  21. This is one of, if not the most honest, upfront and inclusive channels on youtube. Responsibility is taken for every mistake that's made, and you guys address your critics with sincerity and self awareness rather than defensiveness. Also, you guys have phenomenal taste in music. Congratulations on 100ish episodes!

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  29. I adore Idea Channel, my only issue with your content is that it tends to de-emphasize, if not entirely disregard, aesthetic value. The critique of literature, film, and even video games shouldn't just point to how our culture and prejudices are reflected in that piece of media; criticism should allow us to more strongly feel what Vladimir Nabokov calls "aesthetic bliss," a state where we feel a heightened sense of empathy, curiosity, or ecstasy. Idea Channel's theorizing takes engagement or interest within a given work as given, then seeks to explain that interest. Rather than trying to provide this sense of aesthetic bliss, which I think comes from creating a sort of framework to understand a piece of media as a single work of art advancing certain themes and goals which are illuminated by stylistic choices. Idea Channel's approach, I think, doesn't deepen this aesthetic engagement (though it does engage us with media by causing us to think about it), rather it frames these works merely as reflecting a particular cultural context; which, while valuable, shouldn't be the only or even main engagement with media. 

  30. Rather than just accomplish the goals that you have set out to do, you have created a source, not just for the critical opinions of people and commenters to be noticed, you have made a place where ignorance is rewarded and so too knowledge. Whilst I do know most of the things that have been talked about and critiqued, I sometimes have no prior knowledge and 12 minutes of my time is used as education to this subject AND how other people feel about (the comments and sources that are used in the videos). While you have accomplished what you wanted, you have also created a platform for change of opinions and how people see that particular subject. E.g. I am a massive Doctor Who nerd (like really, obscenely obsessed with that show) but had never viewed it as a religion or place where values are expressed through an ever-evolving character. I love what you do and here's to another 100-ish episodes 🙂

  31. The analyzation of media and rather than just debating it's worth, but attempting to comprehend how media effects certain people is really valuable especially so for young people. I just graduated highschool and I feel like the things I've learned from this channel have probably taught me more about my own culture than the entire 2 semesters I took IB History of the Americas class I took. Rather than coming up with silly conspiracy theories that many people tend to do, this channel actually forces us to question WHY do we respond to certain stimuli the media produces. I believe that once we go on to question why we believe or don't believe the ideas the media/pop culture has put into the world, then we not only begin to understand ourselves more, but we are able to connect with those who like to "think different". The Ms. Marvel episode and Adventure Time episodes really stress this idea the most, in my opinion, they take the surface idea i.e., Ms. Marvel being the first hero of middle eastern descent as a new cultural revolution of sorts, and shows a little taken perspective and connects people who would normally never work together to show how much they truly are alike. I like that you are honest about your biases and I almost feel as though if you were a "professional" some the sincerity would be lost in this show and that rather than this showing an "average person's" different perspective in the world as they see it, it would become a "professional's standpoint on the current situation". Congratulations on your 100th-ish episode and I hope you continue to enlighten us with even more brilliant episodes 🙂

  32. Thank you for the amazing video, it's good, if not great that you admit that you're not a professional, i enjoy looking into philosophical thought but i have no authority for it and neither does 99.99999% of any of the commenters on youtube. But i think it's fundamentally important that fact is inclusive for people and the commenters to spread their own ideas.

    What i always tell anyone (especially anyone who tells me they know it all or anything that is similar) and don't get me wrong, i do not believe that i am totaly innocent of thinking i know more than i actually do, if even on occasion. But i digress, back to what i tell people is that to better your own argument, thought or idea is to listen, comprehend and dissect the ideas of others. That may make you either change your idea to the other person's because it may be better or show your original thought to be false, or alternatively you may use the idea to implement an aspect to your idea to further strengthen it.

    Thank you for the amazing video, amazing channel that involves thought and knowledge. It's good to see Youtube being used for intellectual thought in addition to the equally good and needed (but focussing on a different area, need or niche) aspects such as game plays and other types of videos.

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    I am just hoping to get featured on a video response one day!

  34. I think idea channel is brilliant and informative and that when we examine our culture as this show does we gain a greater insight into what makes us human beings as culture minds ideas from fields such as philosophy psychology as your show demonstrates also I think that culture can be used to explain complex philosophical, psychological and human issues for example when Joseph Campbell used mythology to expand upon and illustrate Carl Gustav Jung's idea of the collective unconscious
    PS keep up the good work

  35. Personally requesting a Warioware/war and peace fanfiq. Get to it, Internet.

  36. I think it's very poignant that you point out that people say "you're overthinking this" or "you're in too deep". There are some things that people believe are supposed to be intangible, unnameable, inassessable. Yet, that is one of the hallmarks of humanity. Art, science, engineering, lumberjackery, witchcraft, Cards against Humanity all, in some regard, pursue the assessment and naming of, well, everything. To say "Some things are just beyond us" is, to me, not enough. And to say that "to identify or analyze something takes away its beauty" misses the mark. Analysis, in the end, yields more fruitful descriptions and deeper understanding. With it, should come a humbling. 

    Also, I love this channel, even though I don't know half of what does on sometimes!

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  41. I think that the idea that you are not a professional and that we should do this at home Is kind of the heart of the beast that is social media. 

    If media is not written from the perspective of a 'fan' or at the very least a consumer of media, than it lacks the perspective needed to be a socially derived form of media. This is very similar to your arguments pertaining to the future of fandoms as it relates to fan fiction. Is social media not a fan fiction of published or directed media? Does it not use the same power of critique and artistic freedom to address its  mainstream counterpart? 

    I think that the idea channels goal, whether you say it in so many words or not, is the purpose of all social media. That is to add something of yourself to media and offer it to your viewers. Something it does with great success. 

    Hash it out in the reply section below. =D

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    Just thought that that would be an interesting idea for you… 😉

  47. I find it discouraging that though we immerse ourselves so thoroughly in media (books, movies, games, internet, etc.) it is treated as trivial. Somehow it commands our greatest devotion, but since it's "just for fun" it is considered unimportant. I don't understand.

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  50. "This is not a professional; please, do this at home." This has to be perhaps not only the best description of facilitating an open forum, but an excellent mantra for creativity in general.

  51. Yes, I often find inspiration in the ideas you highlight as a channel. Some of them I have never considered, some of them are framed in a way I've never consider them and every now and than you're reflecting my own ideas back at me ( some times flattering, some times not so much).  So Idea Channel has been worth watching for me when ever I get the chance to sit down.  So here is an idea : The nations of the Future will be digital ( and things such as gaming clans are the earliest tribes of that movement) 

  52. If the point of the show is to have other people thinking ways they didn't know about while linking these new ideas the audience doesn't know with mainstream media, then you are doing your job right. The more ideas we're presented, the more we learn and the more it makes us think more. Mission accomplished…accomplishing…you get the idea.

    P.S. Has anyone told you that you look like Jared Harris?

  53. I've been watching these videos for a while now, and the edu-tainmnet quality is awesome! I love your work guys, keep it up!

  54. I love Idea channel. I get lots of channels that are supposed to make me think. Idea Channel is the only one that ALWAYS brings new ideas to me which are relevant to my life. Idea Channel also helps me connect with aspects of the culture which my kids (9 and 13 years old) experience as naturally as breathing (e.g. Slender-Man and Creepy Pasta). Thanks. Keep it up. x

  55. well ,first of all science is accused with over-thinking but in a different way ,i cant really explain it but i get from a lot of people the sense that science is over-thinking.
    either way it's really depends on the perspective ,  for example in MBTI most of the time S's(just realized that this word creates SS) would think that N's are overthinking while N's whould think that S's are not thinking at all .

  56. I wonder how the idea channel would respect and celebrate the cultural practice in Somalia that involves the mutilation of young female genitals. I'm not suggesting to be closed minded toward FGM. Be open minded to the possible health benefits, sure. But don't be afraid to draw conclusions and take a stance on culture. When no health benefits are to be found and innocent young girls are dying for no reason, the opportunity for respect and celebration should disappear and the spirit of opposition should arise. 

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  68. To be honest @PBS Idea Channel you guys blow me away with your points and counter points.  Love watching, thanks as always!

  69. Media is a huge part of our culture. We cannot just ignore it's value. Everything from reality shows to dramas to theater to cartoons has a value and point in our culture as to why it was made in our culture. I really love your channel. It gets me thinking and I usually like cool ideas and topics where we can dissect it. I never get to do it much because I'm a chem major mainly hanging out with STEM peers who don't see the point in doing that or that it's a waste of time or and an easy A class. Which is sad.

  70. What I personally love most about Idea Channel is that it doesn't dismiss the culture and media I take part in as pointless and not worth discussion or analysis. So thank you, entirety of PBS Idea Channel, for celebrating the stuff I love with introspection and analysis.

  71. This totally summed up what I love about Idea Channel. You don't see everyday media scrutinized and analyzed in a serious way. I always assumed you had a background in critical theory, its cool that you are a regular guy utilizing the critical method in such a unique way.

    On a side note, I loved the point you made about the undeserved supremacy of science as a way to understand the world. Would love to see an episode on this. Keep it up!

  72. In case you ever go back to look at old comments, I started bingeing Idea Channel recently and brought up the topics of your fiction episodes to a few friends. We ran with the concepts and spend three hours sussing out where a fiction's canon lies, particularly with Star Wars and comic books/ movies as works based on other works. We asked the questions you presented, expanded on them, and you have achieved one of your goals.

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  74. This episode may Not have attention paid to it anymore but I'm rewatching all of the episodes because I heard about it ending and right now as I tear up a little bit thinking that the show will end I realize upon watching this episode something that I've kind of known the whole-time I've been watching and it's that this show is what I want for humanity this way of thinking this view this analysis's and openmindedness this is what I want for humanity as a whole I want us to be in a way like you Mike. Which is to say I'm not saying you're some perfect human being but I think that the way that you and the people who make the show approach life and speech and interaction and thought is a way that I think would better humanity as a whole were to be more widespread.

  75. I have to take issue with your idea that other forms of thought can achieve the levels of assured results that the hard sciences can. I think we can apply logic and get somewhere, but we can't make the strong claims about such that we can with the sciences.

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