11 Things You Never Knew About The Earth

facts first presents eleven facts about earth number one the Earth’s rotation is slowing down gradually the rotation of the earth has been slowing down however it happens very slowly studies have shown that its rotation has slowed approximately 17 milliseconds for every 100 years this slower rate will make our days longer you don’t need to worry about seeing this in your lifetime now it’ll take up to a hundred and forty million years for the length of a day to increase by twenty five hours number two the earth has its own magnetic field because the core of the earth is made of nickel and iron it can create a magnetic field when you combine the Earth’s core and its rapid rotation process it creates a strong magnetic field it is this magnetic field that protects the planet from the effects of solar winds number three 70% of the earth’s surface is water the first time astronauts went into space and looked down at the earth they called it the blue planet this is because 70% of the earth is covered by water the remaining 30% is covered by solid ground that is above sea level grass rock and dirt are what made up the remaining parts of the earth when it was first seen from above number four the earth is the only planet not named after a god of all of the planets earth is the only one not named after a god the others were named after Roman gods or goddesses the only planets that were named during ancient times were Saturn Jupiter Mars Venus and Mercury this is because they were the only ones that could be seen with the naked eye after Neptune and Uranus were discovered the Roman method of naming the planets went into effect number five it was once believed that the earth was at the center of the universe because of the movement of the Sun and the planets in relation to where they could be seen ancient scientists believed that the Earth Stood Still and the other planets as well as the Sun orbit around it over time it was the view of the Sun being at the center of the universe it was finally discovered that the earth was never at the center of the universe and neither is the Sun number six the earth is not a perfect sphere many people believe that the earth is a perfect sphere but this is not the case when the Earth spins gravity points toward the center of the planet this causes a force to push outward this outward force gives the earth extra masses of water and earth which creates a bulge this bulge makes the earth more of an oval not a perfect sphere number seven the earth moves incredibly fast while you’re standing on the earth it is spinning at over 1,000 miles per hour what you may not know is that not only is the earth spinning on its own it is also moving around the Sun at the same time at all times the Earth spins around the Sun at 67,000 miles per hour considering how fast the planet is always moving it’s surprising that we can’t feel the earth moving at all the actual reason that we don’t feel the earth moving is because the speed is constant it doesn’t slow down or Excel therefore you don’t feel any motion the movement of the earth is similar to you being in a moving car if you’re in that vehicle on a smooth Road going the same speed you don’t feel the movement then either number eight the earth is very old since there is nobody alive who was alive when the earth was first formed scientists had to use the oldest rocks and other items to determine how old the planet actually is it’s believed that the earth was formed at the same time the solar system was formed this would make the earth about 4.5 4 billion years old for years scientists have been trying to dig up more and more artifacts to pinpoint the actual date that the earth was formed unfortunately this might not be something that could ever be done number 9 the hottest coldest and bumpiest places on earth earthquakes happen quite often however most of them don’t do much damage the largest earthquake to ever shake the US occurred on Good Friday March 28 1964 it was a magnitude of 9.2 and it struck Prince William Sound Alaska the world’s largest earthquake occurred on May 22 1990 in Chile it was a magnitude of 9.5 the earth even has its own hotspot the hottest spot on earth is in al-azizia Libya where the record temperature hit 136 degrees on September 13 1922 this data was collected from a weather station the coldest place on earth is in Antarctica during the winter the temperature can drop to minus 100 degrees the lowest temperature ever recorded on earth was at Russia’s Vostok weather station on July 21st 1983 the temperature that day dropped down to minus 128 point 6 degrees number 10 the earth may have had two moons at one time many scientists believe there was once two moons it’s believed that there was a very small second moon that was just 750 miles wide and it orbited the earth with the larger moon according to scientists the two moons slammed into each other this huge crash could explain why the two sides of the moon looked so different because there was nobody around way back then we’ll never know the truth we can only go by what the scientists have discovered and hypothesized number 11 pollution is killing the earth this is one of the most frightening facts about our earth recent studies have shown that what the earth looked like from outer space in 1978 will differ greatly with what it will look like in 2060 6 this is due to the way we are treating our planet what was once a beautiful Bluegreen white planet will one day look brown grey and black from space it is important that we make the necessary changes now to keep this from happening subscribe for more [Music]

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  1. Hymmm? I could of sworn that I read an article from NASA that from a the last few Earthquakes we had actually caused the Earth to speed up by 1.38 seconds and due to these Earthquakes the Earth's rotation actually has speeded up? Hymm? I am sceptical about this information about the Earth slowing down. I see if I can find that article and if i can find it I will put the link here.

  2. One thing I know the earth has a biggest ball than any living thing on earth…

  3. Where do you get your "facts" from? Because some of them are a lie. Starting with "fact" 1, the Bible says that in the last days the days will be shorten, and we can see proof of that because it's occurring, and it's obvious. In addition, you contradict fact 1 with fact 7 because as you said, the Earth is moving at a constant speed. if it does, then there won't be any 25 hours day, and that contradicts what the word of God says. Fact 8 and 10 are also made up, you have to be a very stupid person to believe those two. And get your fact straight with #6, the Bible already had said the Earth was round even before it was discovered by man. If you want to get your facts straight read the Creator's manual, His word; the Bible. Thank you. By the way, have you trust Jesus as your Lord and Savior? God bless ❤️

  4. Ok, so he says the world is over 4 billion years old BUT he also said the world gets slower every 100 years. This in it self makes NO sense

  5. Doesn't mention how it changed since 1978 all he's saying is facts I already know.

  6. If you were to spin until you get dizzy you will feel the earth move.

  7. Why did u say it was discovered the earth isn't the center and now instead of the sun orbiting the earth, earth orbits the sun. Did they explain how that was discovered? And how could it change. Also why are u showing fake pictures of earth when everyone who has a brain knows it is pear shaped?

  8. You contradicted your self. Earlier you said earth is slowing down. Now u said earth is spinning at a fixed rate and doesn't slow down or speed up. Did u not even realize that?

  9. Bunch of lies! The world is flat, earth does not spin so its not slowing down, its sitting still and there has never been 2 moons!

    ❝Fear before him, all the earth: the world also shall be stable, that it be not moved.❞
    —1 Chronicles 16: 30 (KJV)

    ❝The LORD reigneth, he is clothed with majesty; the LORD is clothed with strength, wherewith he hath girded himself: the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved.❞
    —Psalms 93: 1 (KJV)

    ❝Say among the heathen that the LORD reigneth: the world also shall be established that it shall not be moved: he shall judge the people righteously.❞
    —Psalms 96: 10 (KJV)

    Psalms 104 (KJV)
    ❝⁵ Who laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not be removed for ever.
    ⁶ Thou coveredst it with the deep as with a garment: the waters stood above the mountains.
    ⁷ At thy rebuke they fled; at the voice of thy thunder they hasted away.
    ⁸ They go up by the mountains; they go down by the valleys unto the place which thou hast founded for them.
    ⁹ Thou hast set a bound that they may not pass over; that they turn not again to cover the earth.❞

    What happened to the ones that did pass that bound at a time unappointed?

    ❝And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.❞
    —Jude 1: 6 (KJV)

  10. Does this guy also talk this way when his wife asks him how his day was? I hate "news-talk-tone" talking 😝

  11. I’m pretty sure these aren’t facts at all…they distract from the facts and confuse people with nifty CGI . But who am I ?!
    Sorry, not trying to be a dick or something like that. I’m just someone who learned a long time ago that nothing is as it seems and I should always trust my common sense and learn to think for myself.😉 Peace to all! Beware of DECEPTION..🙉

  12. I knew all about this – and so does everybody else these days. Forgot about magnetic reversals – which causes mass extinctions every 11,700 (approx) years when the field reverses. In winter in Antarctica, temps regularly drop to -144F, according to a new study last year based on satellite data. In 2010, the new all-time record official low temp in Antarctica was actually -136F. It has gotten colder there in the last 50 years. That record of -129F in 1983 was old data. Also there is NO such thing as pollution killing Earth – never has. Mass extinctions are the main causes of mammal deaths – in cycles caused by magnetic reversals. They happen frequently – just like the dinosaur extinction. (And that was not a rock either) Everything goes in cycles. We have ZERO, ZILCH and NADA effects on that. The greatest extinction occurred 248 million years ago, when 96 percent of living organisms were wiped out. It ALWAYS recovers though. A typical cycle!

  13. But, according to the experts ( morons ) the earth is flat, so how can any of this be true?

  14. The earth is flat.

    That's the best joke I could think of. Now give me a like.

  15. It is not a fact that the Earth is "very old." The reason why it is not affect us because we do not know this for sure. Carbon dating the Rocks does not work to tell us how old the Earth or those rocks are. Carbon dating has been proven many times to be inaccurate. For example, two of the parts of a woolly mammoth were carbon dated to be completely different ages from each other, making one of the carbon dating, if not both, false.

  16. u stated we need to change the way we treat our planet how about change the way we treat each other 1st


  18. Facts we never knew? Most of these were obvious I must say. In saying that I didn't know that about the two moons, but nobody knows everything I guess…

  19. Narrator says 11 facts about Earth, the caption on screen reads 10 facts about Earth.

  20. 240p, seriously? This stuff is pretty basic. By the way, the earth is not spinning at 1000mph. It may be at the equator, but you can walk around the south pole many times faster than it is spinning.

  21. whats with the arabic cc? these people don't beleave in anything only they beleave in brainwashed about allah

  22. If earth stop rotating all of the waters are going to the North Pole and South Pole only,
    Thank me later

  23. If the earth is slowing down; Why are the days shorter than just 40 years ago?

  24. I would have liked this video
    If this man' s voice hadn't granted
    On my nerve's!!!!
    Judy everist
    Raphine, virginia

  25. Tosay: Earth is the only plant not named after a God, .,. Is wrong.
    Planetary name of earth is: Tellus and Tellus was In ancient Roman religion and myth, Tellus Mater or Terra Mater ("Mother Earth") is a goddess.

  26. Propaganda. As soon as they started with the Evolution Garbage I realized it’s all lies.

  27. Why is the video graphics so bad? I can only set it up to 240p. Usually i can set it up to 1080p

  28. you should feel the speed difference going from northern to southern hemisphere not the same speed at the equator than NYC for example

  29. Just for clarification, the 1964 Good Friday earthquake was on March 27th not Saturday the 28th.

  30. How do they know what is in the middle of the earth?we only have gone 7 or 8 miles down! BIBLE says earth is unmovable! Who are you going to believe man or the LORD? Mans lies the LORD does not!

  31. They say earth is70% water and water is level not curved ! So how did the earth get curved?

  32. And Earth's magnetic field is deteriorating at over 5% per century.
    Looking backwards it means that life has not been on Earth very long. Even 20,000 years ago the Earth would have been too hot for life.
    It is one observable and testable evidence of a young Earth.

  33. Title: 11 things you never knew about the earth. I knew that the earth was

  34. Only off by 30 years on Chile's May 22 9.5 earthquake. Pretty darn close by geological standards.

  35. The first fact about Earth, that you didn't know, is that there are only 10 facts.

  36. Anyone who remembers the 70sand 80s when pollution was so bad the some rivers caught fire or that smog was so thick you could see it hanging in the air realizes that things are getting better not worse…

  37. That's pretty good. You got the things I didn't know right, but the order in which I didn't know them wrong. B-.

  38. Besides most of these are on the "No shit Sherlock" scale- even though this seems geared to 6th graders at best- I'm afraid it's considered "adult level" information these days… So goes "Western Civilization" swirling down the proverbial grimy drain. But.. totally wrong, amongst other "facts" as well, Earth was named after a god. Ea, I'm pretty sure, is where we get the name "Earth" from. "Ea" was one of the Sumerian & Acadian god celebs. The word "El-a" means Earth in the Chereokee language as well. That's not even getting into the term "Gaia" which also is a reference to Earth and a Greek goddess as well. IF YOU'RE GONNA CALL IT "FACTS", GET IT STRAIGHT F*CKTARDS!!! Be part of the solution, not the problem: There's already plenty of idiots running around, don't help make more!

  39. My 7 year old kid knows all this. He even corrected some of it for you…

  40. This is GOD Speaking, and first of all after watching this 'Video' from Celestial Heights I would make my own comments if you please – :No 1 Rotation Rate – ok tricky but I recommended to my others in consultation, around 24 hours would be good, 8 to sleep, 8 to work and 8 to play. :No 2 I realised that the Sun would likely cause problems so thought to deflect the nasty harmful radiation a super-magnet would be needed. :No 3 In order to get enough 'rain' in the right places a huge amount of Oceans would be required, that's why settled on 70%. :No 4 Say no More..never foresaw Hubble. :No 5 Deliberately set at 23½° to give 4 Seasons. :No 6 Nobody's Perfect not even me :No 7 Incredibly Fast not so to me I'm only in first Gear :No 8 Very Old who you calling ? Ok it took more than 7 Earth Days but to me that is nothing, if you are going to do a job I say get it right, even if it takes a few Billion 'years' : No 9 OK Sorry about that (A bit) if I had not built in Tectonic Plates you would have all been underwater so had to come up with an idea, and that unfortunately was the best I could manage, however it has given you mountains etc. :No 10 Two Moons Idea put forward but dismissed on a vote of 3/1 on account that the Male species would have enough problems with 1 – I voted to Remain with one unity. :No 11 Unexpected addition POLLUTION, ok did not perhaps expect every household by 2020 to have a car burning fossil fuels, however I love watching Polititions arguing about this and punishing the masses by Increased Taxes and 'false news' Looking forward to the next 1 million Years and seeing how my Earthlings (if still around) are managing.

  41. "11 Things You Never Knew About The Earth".. I Knew all 11………… Do not write "You Never Knew". Write "maybe"

  42. There are NO pictures of 2066, so HOW do you "know" what it will look like? Just MORE false propaganda and FAKE news!

  43. "When you combine the earth's core and it's rotating process it creates a strong magnetic field…" Leaving aside the fact that it is the heavens and not the earth that is rotating, if the earth were indeed rotating, the friction of the induction of the magnetic field would significantly slow the rotation. Perhaps you've heard of this newfangled physical law known as the conservation of energy? The rotation of the earth according to Newtonian physics is a static, not a dynamic process. (Duh.) It's not like Newtonian physics postulates the hand of God giving the planet a whirl every once in a while. So, that slowing of the earth's rotation you were just talking about would indeedy result in a longer work week in no time flat.
    Actually, the Creation Flood model perfectly explains the behavior of the magnetic field, which strengthened and re-orientated itself several times while lava flows cooled and solidified over mere days and hours.
    Can we finally have an end to this uniformitarian, evolutionary poppycock and have scientists start reporting the real data, which shows a global flood catastrophe?

  44. Yeah l kinda think that everyone who advanced to middle school knew most of these

  45. There's a few error with this video actually time is speeding up not slowing down and the hottest place on Earth is not Libya some of the desert places in the u.s like Bullhead City Arizona Lake havasu Arizona and some places in Texas. get to over 130 degrees in summer time.

  46. One thing I do know about the Earth which Billions of people don't know is, 2019 still no genuine earth photo from space, all NASA earth photos are CGI, photoshopped, and composites, not one real picture. What are they hiding we may never know the truth!!

  47. Gravity is just electromagnetic energy. Gravity doesn't exist.

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