15 Minute Songwriting Challenge!

hey I’m drew and today I’m doing
something a little bit different I’ll be doing a 15 minute song challenge now I
saw this idea on James Bavolacco’s channel go check him out he’s awesome so
I immediately was like yes I want to do this so here I am a little bit later but
here I am thank you so much for watching let me know what you think down in the
comments and don’t forget to subscribe alright so we’re gonna start off with
the rules I have 15 minutes to write a song. And sure that would be fine
whatever just kidding that would still be hard okay but I’m gonna actually have
the computer generate four random chords for me and three random
words. so 15 minutes is how long I’ll have. The chords will be all righty boppy making a bot all right
so we got A, A7, B minor and G That’ll be pretty fun. Our words. We’re
gonna do three random words. contain, wind, frame, what all right we’ll
see how those sneak in there this is gonna be harder than I thought
okay so whenever I’m done here I’m gonna have my husband set the
timer whenever (weird noises)
whenever we’re ready to start and we’ll get started I’m excited all right and so we begin so just to
explain that little cut no cheating I wrote down my chords and words we move
some furniture out of the way because we have to do that every time that we
record here at the piano but I’m gonna tell my husband to start the timer and
we’re gonna go okay ready Tyler go all right so we’ve got alright alright alright shoot contain
wind frame I’m gonna use these like to the best of my ability oh oh okay okay
brainstorming we got a song about wind your love is like the wind we’ve got a
name right now right in a Boppy love song your love is like the wind okay
name underline it for emphasis I’m so nervous like I’m nervous that I’m
just gonna fail now I’m just wasting time
okay excited not nervous you’re excited drew you’ve got this okay okay okay writer’s block okay chorus chorus is
easiest I’m gonna build the story around the course
so my gosh I can’t just write a poem I got to write it to the music love is like the wind you love harmonized with that love is like your love is like the wind love is like
the wind love is back the wind and I’m singing in a completely different key
this is not helping love is like the wind love is like the wind it cannot be contained your love is like
the wind alright so writing the chorus we’re
gonna follow pretty simple songwriting guidelines here like either verse verse
chorus bridge chorus or like first chorus verse bridge chorus something
like that we’re gonna keep it simple love is like the wind it cannot be contained huh blasting
against my window flame yeah frame this is fun because I’m gonna try and do like
a full just take through like no cuts hopefully I don’t do anything too
embarrassing that I have to cut out but you guys will get to see like all my bl-bl-bl-bloopers.. blasting no smacking I don’t get to use a thesaurus
for this do I that’s cheating love is like love is like the wind it cannot be contained blasting against my window frame this is
too hard oh my gosh I only have like ten minutes left what the heck I just need
to get lyrics down and we’re just gonna I really don’t want to fail. Love is like the wind it cannot be contained. I’m too much of a perfectionist for this. passing
against the window frame of the house I call my heart we’re going cheesy we’re
going cheesy alright alright what season is windy?
Fall. Leaves and the leaves in the wind autumn falls hahaha it into place oh my
gosh Tyler this is hard help can you help you
can’t help me why? I need help! Autumn falls into place Tyler this is hard help can you help you
can’t help me why I’m falls into place your eyes fall on my face I’m falling so
fast I’m falls into place you’re ahhhhhh okay we’re
going cheesy we’re not we’re not caring if it sucks we’re getting it done that’s
what we’re doing your eyes. rhymes are if it sucks we’re getting it done that’s
what we’re doing your eyes rhymes are and it’ll make it a good song right
right fall on my f-f-f-face place your eyes fall on my face this is gonna be so bad. sweaters entwined
everything falling in line all right that’s not enough of a story built up so
we’re gonna do like a verse two type of that’s not enough of a story belt app so
we’re gonna do like a verse two type of thing shoot but that means that right
now I have to think of more story okay entwined everything falling in line
oh and the next verse I’m going to like crank my brains out crank
up get him to work crank you know like crank my brains out crank
up get him to work crank let’s go okay I’m falls into place your
eyes are on my face sweaters entwined everything falling in line scared to
take that leap say like there’s there’s something in my
throat a heap… no. take me on a date not cheap (weird noise) oh why not
okay we’re we’re just getting this done take me on a date not cheap alrighty alrighty. scared to take that leap take me on a date not cheap falling faster
than ever. going so cheesy me on a date not cheap falling faster
than ever going so cheesy you’re my star-crossed lover oh my gosh
I hate myself I also just misspelled okay autumn falls into place your eyes
fall on my face sweaters wrong chord sweaters entwined everything falling in
line Oh scared to take that leap take me on and
date not cheap a falling faster than ever what’s my next chord? you’re my star-crossed
lover your love is like the wind it cannot be
contained blasting against the window frame of the house I call my heart shoot okay
the chorus does not make sense okay okay of the house I call my heart shoot okay
the course does not make sense okay okay bridge we’re gonna make it work
it’s fine drop my pen okay okay okay okay I’ve never done anything like this bridge we just need a bridge we can
repeat everything else that’s fine right it’s fine it’s fine
bridge so we’re gonna swap swap some chords around for the bridge we’ll do I think for the bridge we’re gonna stay
we’re gonna do G B minor A7 A. That is subject to change
except we only have less than four minutes ah okay okay
shoot okay okay okay minute ah okay okay
shoot okay okay okay just lyrics but when it comes down to it is the rush worth the stress wind is unpredictable uncontainable I
want one more “un-” word. wind is unpredictable uncontainable unpredictable and containable all right we’re gonna we’re gonna do
that okay and then we’ll go back into okay autumn falls into place your eyes
fall on my face sweaters – sweaters entwined everything falling in line scared
to take that leap take me on a date not find everything falling in line scared
to take that Lea take me on a date not cheap Oh falling faster than ever
you’re my star-crossed lover instrumental there your love is like the wind it cannot be
contained blasting against the window frame
of they house I call my heart Your love is like the wind
cannot be contained. blasting against the like the wind
they contain the synonym sir all right we don’t need the blasting word which we
didn’t like I have one minute cannot be contained against the window of the house
I call my heart cannot be contained in the window
I call my heart when it comes down to it we’re gonna
slow that down and it looks like we might have to just improvise that part
when it comes down to it is a rush where unimaginable love. Your love is like the wind I
cannot get that one pitch we have 17 seconds Lo-lo-love is like the wind. it cannot be contained that’s our beep
time’s up okay this is the finished project product prod-prod-produck
I’m a duck quack project product pride pride pride duck
I’m a duck quack this is gonna sound like a duck is
singing it and like a duck wrote it autumn falls in a place your eyes fall
on my face sweaters entwined everything falling in line scared to take that leap
take me on a date not cheap a falling falling and I scared to take that leap
take me on a date not cheap a falling okay chorus we got this. Your love is like
the wind it cannot be contained against the window frame of the house I
call my heart yeah but when it comes down to it is the wor- rush worth all the stress the wind is unpredictable uncontainable unimaginable love unpredictable uncontainable unimaginable against the window frame of
the house I call my heart you love is like the wind it against the window frame
the Hasek Omaha you love is like the we cannot be contained against the window
frame of the house I call my call my heart call my I succeeded but I did it I wrote if you
can call it a song I wrote a song I I succeeded but I did it I wrote if you
can call it a song I heard a song I wrote something in 15 minutes
computer-generated chords words I got them all in there contain wind frame
just to recap your love oh no I might have failed I said contained instead of
contain wind frame yeah got that so I hope this wasn’t too terrible and you
guys still love me thank you so much for watching this is really fun let me know
if you want more fun stuff like this and if you have an idea for something else
fun like this that I can do let me know down in the comments and I will
definitely try to try it so thank you so much! I love you. Goodnight. It’s night right now I don’t know. this is getting awkward we’re just going to end
the video Take a look at my puddy cat. ahhh kitty! That’s a better way to end it, right?

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  1. Wonderful ! Congratulations
    Have a nice evening
    Best wishes
    Fred 🎸

  2. Cool! Once I had inspiration in the morning and I wrote this song in a quarter … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iC9dsrYc2Tw

    Hi! How are you,my Beautiful Friend?
    You are Awesome! This is so cool! You are so fun! Great job!
    I enjoyed watching every minute of this, even when you were getting frustrated,but you pulled it off!
    Such a Beautiful singer!
    Pause, the clock!
    I love you my friend! Lots of support!
    I love this song! You are so talented!
    Pause the clock!
    Go Drew, go Drew, go go,go!
    You got this! Well done! I love it!

    Let's do this again!
    You rock! God Bless you,ALWAYS!
    So Beautiful! I can't wait to see what you do next!

    Can you do one with the guitar,next time?
    So it's 2:37pm. So good afternoon.
    Everything you do is Awesome! I love you my friend!
    Don't Stop Believin'! (JOURNEY)
    Ok, I made a request!
    But, don't quit ,don't stop, keep it up and KEEP ON STOMPIN'!

  5. wow, 15 minutes. your talented! this was a super fun video to watch..

  6. I am loving this!! About halfway through, so excited to see how it turns out! You are so brave!!

    Loved it!! You are so amazing, time limits make me really anxious so I don't think I will try this challenge but I loved watching your video of it! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Good job Sweetie its not Easy, you Rocked I Love the Song😘😘😘😍😍😍

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  11. This was so fun to watch. You are great at song writing πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜š

  12. Very impressed Drew πŸ™‚ This was funny and great to watch….You actually did a darn good job for the time, words and keys you was given πŸ™‚
    Keep up the awesome videos my friend…Me and Melinda watch it from the truck and enjoyed it a lot……πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽΉπŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸŽ€πŸŽ€

  13. I like watching your videos often, so it would be nice if you kept it to 2 songs a week. Because you do amazing with that schedule and little practice! Also, I dont believe I could right that good of a song in 15 minutes! Awesome ending, love cats, got 6 of em.

  14. This is probably the most real time challenge video I have seen on youtube! The best 2!

  15. Beautifull Voice ohhh my God, New Sub here, Please Visit my channel too ❀️🀘🏻

  16. Going to do this. Most likely won't be an honest 15 minutes. You know me πŸ™‚

  17. That's really cool. For me, melody writing within 15 minutes is super easy, but lyric writing is my weak point so I dunno if I could do that.

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  22. Mega-comment…

    Hi Drew!
    Wow, a 21minute HD video at 212MB at 720p; or full HD 1080p at 437MB (yikes!). So, you've taken the 15 minute challenge, but sorry I already do miss the stereo! (Could it have been recorded in stereo?) β™«…

    My Mega-comment was also a challenge, as I have lots of time links inserted, so I hope I've got them all correct! Ok, with you, the first thing we notice is that you have your hair straightened. Looks nice. (is it cut also?) πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€ You alarmed me when suddenly after the into, the audio went to the left channel when you where given the challenge instructions. Now, did you put the "Closed Captions" on, or was that auto-generated by YouTube again? You really have an obscure challenge here, by predefined rules. (and not with just trying to write a song naturally in 15 minutes). 🀀 Also I don't know how you can possibly talk to the camera all the time and concentrate as well. That's another challenge in itself! Did you find that part hard??

    At 1:43 you start with the preliminary, then officially start at 2:13. IΒ  had to turn the audio up as it is hard hearing you talking, and the recording level is lower than you usually have. With the challenge, you get the idea and name for the song at 2:40. "Love Is Like The Wind". That's a great song title, so it will be interesting to see the final lyrics to the song.

    At around 3:11 and on-wards your hair keeps getting in the way of your notes, as you keep trying to flick it back! (that's an occupational working hazard! haha). Maybe a pony-tail would have helped! πŸ™‚ It's good to see you in a cheerful mood whilst writing your song. Finally at 3:42 we hear your lovely singing voice properly, which was a nice welcome into the video. We also get to hear your talent at constructing and composing a melody.

    Around the 5 minute mark we start to see you getting the lyrics. You write good lyrics Drew and to write them at a 'drop of a hat' so-to-speak, shows your gifted talent. At 5:28 another challenge is that you say you'll do the whole 21 minutes in one take! 😱 At 6:08 we start to see (I should say "hear"), the composing of some nice chord progression developing. Oh dear! at 6:20, you exclaim: "this is too hard" haha! (nothing like pressure!). Then at 6:38, "I'm too much of a perfectionist" No you're not! That's what makes you what you are, which also definitely reflects in your songwriting! Just love the expression at 6:58, and at 7:44, "Tyler this is hard, help!" haha!

    Another try at progressing with the song at 7:56, only to burst out laughing! πŸ˜‚ Then at 8:51, you're hiding behind your hair again! (hint: ponytail? πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€) At 9:30 your starting to get into the song progression now, as you then need to "crank your brains out". Moving on to 11:26, you get back into it a bit more now. Panic and pressure now at 12:13 from Tyler: "You have 5 minutes.." πŸ€“ Hair dilemma again at 12:40, (haha, sorry I can't help myself!), whilst you have to figure out a Bridge for the song, with the same chords.

    Question/s: When you are writing a song (normally), do you play around with it in your head silently, or do you always need audio feedback to yourself? Plus do you mainly compose on the piano, or at times on the guitar? Lyrics then melody, or vice-versa or both??

    At 14:54 you're moving along now. Incidentally, I like how your voice sounds when you use some "head notes" in your singing. At 17:13, Times up! πŸ˜ƒ

    Now at 17:35 you start with the end result. (love how you super fixed your hair in-between chords; 17:43, Well done!)Β  Great idea and how I love how you put the lyrics on screen as you sing. Clever! Then at 19:15 you mentally you say to yourself: "I'll throw in a Chorus here!" πŸ€” I like the slide in vocals of "β™«…wind" at 19:35; then again at 17:35 with "β™«…window frame". Finally at 20:17 Yayy! πŸ˜… You have finished,Β  even though you say, "a little rough"; but Drew, you did a good job. As you know, I'm a songwriter and I can relate to everything you went through! So… well done!!! and I'm glad to see you really enjoyed it. You really did a great job in the 15 minute time involved!

    Hey was that Kovu 🐱 at the end?

    You had 4 chords and I'm not taking any credit away from you Drew, but to show you the brilliance of The Beatles; they wrote "Eleanor Rigby" with only 2 chords; 'C' and 'Em'. (just a bit of trivia there). So this has given me an idea for a different fun challenge, which I'll 'comment' on in a new post.

    Drew, once again, I'm not sure whether my "Mega-comment challenge" was harder than your song challenge? (it certainly took me more that 15 minutes – haha!).πŸ˜ƒ

    Now for feedback on your comments that's typed out under your video…

    I have a similar reply and feedback as Nathan Carpenter commented: I have been enjoying watching "2 songs per week!" If this is too demanding, then don't pressure yourself! Concentrate on doing one video per week and an incidental extra video whenever you can. You are a busy Mom you know, and you don't want to take away the enjoyment of what you've been doing by pressuring yourself to a schedule. Also, personally for me, I would much prefer an uploaded YouTube Video (as you normally do), rather "live streaming"! πŸ€” Bear in mind, miscellaneous videos are probably something people would watch just once or twice, so maybe just do them once in a while. I have another idea, I may post in the comments with the other one.

    I'd say (and assuming), like most subscribers, I'd love the 2 songs per week, but as said; pace yourself to what suits you Drew. So if need be, spend more time on one song, than rather to feel so committed. For example, I'd love so much for you to do an original, with a full instrumental backing track, like you did on "Firework". Even a re-do or revamp of one of your previous songs, e.g. like "Nothing". It could but done therefore more professionally in full stereo, with harmonies and a music backing track.

    I hope this feedback helps! 😊 That was one Mega-comment (with the works!) πŸ˜ƒ

  23. I love this idea. You are super talented. I followed you because I liked your voice and then I found out you were a mom too. And I thought that was awesome. I love meeting fellow musician moms! I did a song challenge similar to this with another YouTube mom where we both gave each other a random phrase and we had to make a whole song. New friend here! ❀️

  24. You're amazing! Just subbed to you, keep up the good work β™₯️

  25. you seem really sweet. i like your writing its lovely. have a great day

  26. That was a really fun watch, Drew, just getting to see behind the curtain at your creative process. A duck definitely couldn't have written that πŸ™‚

  27. Congratulations on reaching 400 subs, Drew! πŸ˜ƒ
    You've really deserved it, as you've worked so hard with your videos! You are a Blessing for us on YouTube and you're so talented! You're doing so well. 😊

  28. Drew, a little further down this post i'll write my response. G_D will render HIS verdict through your husband Tyler. that opinion trumps anything i write here, and should hold the most impact on what you do.

    to begin, i find your effort impressive, for you were able to do at a piano similar to what i do at my clipboard.

    what do i do at my clipboard? something i call "On the Fly". This is how it goes:

    i enter a venue i plan to upload to YouTube, clipboard with blank paper and no preconceived thoughts.

    once signed up, find an empty table, place clipboard on it and begin writing. i have until they call me to their stage to come up with some verse. this could be anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes, depending on how many people perform in front of me.

    when i get to the mic, present what i wrote at that venue that evening. one "illusion" can be in free verse, one must be in fixed form, and one in my preferred form: blank verse. there might be a fourth; one of my uploads has this, if anyone is interested i'll send a link.

    when i try to glorify myself, the verses reek, but when i seek to glorify HIM, people remember at least one verse for days, sometimes weeks. because it's not about me, it's about HIM, and HIM alone.

    if you take this challenge again, ask HIM what chords, what words HE wants. watch what happens.

  29. … wow !!! … what a great challenge !!! … only 15 minutes ??? … if I do it, I would need more like 15 days !!! (at least …. lol)
    … love your Video !!! … you are very talented !!! … Congratulations !!!
    … Greetings from Orlando, Florida !!! … Carlos. L.44 S.405

  30. I like thee idea… I enjoyed watching πŸ˜‚ writing a song in 15 mins is pretty hard great video and song! 🎀🎼🎹

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