176 Set For Life Lottery Scratch Off Tickets Black Premium Top Prize

a Greetings friends family viewers of the Nevada or Cait channel now – buddy You don’t know what – buddy is You need to you operate a channel like us anyways. Hey guys. I’ve self started this one This was kind of a funny ticket it was hard to scratch a lot of these almost like this thing was watered up or got wet or Anyways, so we have six In in the books not the best start either, I might say That’s a little bit better so anyways there are seven in now, let’s see if we can’t Improve upon that so let her be Nothing that’s not to go to here not to good here alright letter B for Ruby To B’s and a whole puzzle, mmm all right next one out of the chute is an F. And nothing here yet FF Guys we’ve been rattling on about our group we have a lot of interest in people and they’ve started to send in some funds to Be part of our scratching group And we are our ears are open. We will kind of do What the consensus wants to do in other words I am only proposing that we scratch to start with $5 Excuse me $5 pure golds because we’ve had good luck with them and maybe some $10 emerald greens or emerald tens whatever those are called and You want to get involved for ten or twenty dollars That’s an either by the way Sudha meant about hard to scratch this one. Anyways if you want to be in And of course you’re in for a hundred percent of the proceeds as far as whatever you’ve sent in so if we if you’re in For ten bucks and we scratch a hundred dollars worth of tickets you’re in for ten percent we have a hundred thousand your shares ten thousand so we Do ask that you send your ten or twenty dollars in? To our PayPal link that I have down below there As friends and family that way, there’s no Commission guys. That’s why it’s done That way so when we send you back a 20 or a fifty or a hundred or nothing. There’s no Commission so Especially when you’re sending in five or ten or twenty dollars. We don’t want to pay a commission on that money, so Anyways guys if you want to be in Let us know when you send in the money be sure and put on there what your YouTube Viewer name is we have to know who you are sometimes. We can’t discern make out Who sent that money unless you give us your YouTube? channel name alright, so back to Scratching here. Yeah, this ticket is a mess. I just can’t seem to get any of This pink or purple off Okay Ruby needs an are always spelled up hi Now that we have something up top we spell yeah, okay, we have fee, and we have I Let’s go the wrong way the way they let’s let’s go the way they did not intend us to go all right letter D We’re toad yeah, this is really a mess this puzzle But we will we’ll do some double-checking here. Hopefully we straighten it out Boy 1d up top you must be kidding see Not doing so well here on the bonuses And guys we will also consider if everybody wants to or maybe they want to send in a ten And they only want to be in the scratch or video for the you know the crosswords. That’s okay, too We will do that. We just can’t scratch a ton of crosswords in one video because it runs way over the time which is about between 10 and 15 minutes, so Alright, I’m not getting a lot of hits here, which means one of two things. We’re not being very lucky here, or I’m missing them All right w I? Think we’re getting some lousy letters though which is part of the problem look at that one w We need some vowels is what we need how can I be skipping around all these vowels? Alright, okay Either that a is scratch even though it doesn’t look like it. There’s no L. All right, so Letter K down below Yeah, we need to get lucky on some good letters All right in It’s a little better First helping a while since I scratched him initially the bonus words Okay enjoy needs an O Is that yeah, no are yet? Okay in anymore see a few V’s down here a Lot of Em’s Alright a helped us a little here a lot of time little With you have the word buck spelled here, and if I didn’t mention it I don’t think I did Okay Okay, let’s see if we got four more and we’re gonna need every one of them. Em we needed There’s an N. I miss the second M When no M’s up top Thought we had more M’s than that Gg4 strong And AM is really stretched although, it doesn’t look like it is all right G Flamingos come along nicely Generator you Nolan are gotta have them both. There’s a chi Alright guys, so look you gonna say. This is crunch time. We didn’t need that Last one is a V there were few V’s Even though that Oh doesn’t look scratched Or that are crippled us to see if we can make something V o Is of word that I don’t think that’s gonna help us We only have that and I Let’s see Noelle oh There is a B though We’re still looking Oh Rst. There’s a t Noelle trying to put another word together here, but I’m not seeing it Guys if I miss something if it’s that blatant here is a bitter scan of the letters – oh And an R and a V that’s V for vision, let’s just help us I don’t think we’re gonna do it guys looks like two letters Which we had an ass we could spell a third, but we’ll double-check that one just in case all right Cold hard cash last time we started out with It was two snowflakes in the top row and then we ended up getting five bucks There’s one Guys we are really looking forward to these group scratching videos we know a lot of the big channels do them and they do You know big bucks they do a complete package two hundred and fifty dollars five hundred dollars. We’re not looking to do that so we’re looking to continue to have fun and Find one more snowflake for a ticket at least Nope there will be no snow in March Let’s do our money forwards, and then we’ll do our signature scratcher our pure gold All right in and I Is this kind of a ticket we think we’re due for all so it’s been a little while since we Had a good winter here all right LJ While my friend’s son was LJ little John Well I don’t slice to see you down Del J. And I’ll see a J though RV something were looking forward to put some miles on here RV only one how can that be SW all Right wing maybe for two times All right, that is not gonna hurt us yo And be No bees and have su man a Y and a Q that could have given us an X Both their swings and misses oh my goodness – Z All right, let’s hope the hay helps us a little bit a lot of single a lot of singles will help Age and a lot of misses a lot of misses I Don’t think K is gonna do it either All right need a tee a G or a D And we have none of those all right, let’s see what happens here on pure gold Start off with number one on the first on the First prize box. Oh it was a one, but it was a two in front of it 38 20 Look at that thirty three four and five ten and forty one Five and eight 27:32 a little closer Fourteen sixteen eleven Six and thirty nine I’d like to say they’re closer, but they’re not 22:45 15 18 and nine nothing 17:31 43 36 25 they all look close and 44 needed at 34. There’s a view of the winning numbers guys, but unfortunately we did not match any winning numbers, so I’m gonna double-check this mystery crosswords and see if we can’t find something there guys We’ve got a few more to do this batch, and we certainly appreciate you being here We wish you could have we could have brought you some winners this time, but maybe that’ll turn around next time guys for now Nevada arcade out

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