18 Great Books You Probably Haven't Read

good morning Hank it's Tuesday so this week my book The Fault in Our Stars is at number one on the USA Today and New York Times bestseller list which is bananas and it's made me think about all the books I've loved that aren't bestsellers so hey today I want to introduce you to 18 books I love that you haven't read and probably very few people watching this video have read and the nerdfighters in comments if you can leave names of books that you love that I probably haven't read all read 18 of them and review them in a future video okay let's get to it okay let's start with sports this Bloody Mary is the last thing I owned by Jonathan Rendell best book title ever also my favorite boxing book ever speaking of unusual areas of my expertise one of us by Alice domra Drager which is by far the best nonfiction book ever written about conjoined twins it's also just an amazing book about disability and unusual anatomies and how people in power tend to essentialize and marginalize the author okay a couple funny books around Ireland with a fridge by Tony Hawk's not Tony Hawk it's about a guy who hitchhiked around the circumference of Ireland with a refrigerator it is one of the funniest things I've ever read also excellent Tony Hawk's is follow-up book playing the Moldovans at tennis in which he plays tennis with every member of the Moldovan national soccer team the unthinkable thoughts of Jacob green by yes that is Zach Braff's brother Joshua great coming-of-age novel worth the price of admission just for Jacob greens Bar Mitzvah thank-you notes now you may have read MD Anderson's the astonishing life Tavian nothing one of the best novels of the past decade but you probably haven't read MD Anderson's surprisingly brilliant vampire novel thirsty as being of great wine Oh Cecil Castle ooh cheese book boy proof came out in 2005 and the haunting and beautiful story of this outcast girl named egg has stuck with me ever since also a la cartes fly on the wall a brilliant feminist reworking of Kafka's metamorphosis so hard to say metamorphosis they're gonna know about your Lisp now they already know about your listen oh no just moving on tre Jones is most famous for her book leading Atlanta which is great but this book the untell encapture is the precariousness of working-class life just beautifully speaking of beautiful the Golden Rule by my mentor Eileen Cooper if you have a child you may have noticed that they don't like inherently excel at empathy this book has been huge for us and talking to Henry about imagining how other people are feeling one new feature books show away by Jackie Woodson one of my all-time favorite picture books and also one of Henry's favorites he Cummings first book the enormous room I don't know why this isn't famous it's Cummings memoir of being imprisoned and falsely accused of treason during World War one it's also a brilliant examination of like the relationship between the individual and the collective hugely influential book Susan's on decks regarding the pain of others which made me think a lot about the difference between representing and exploiting pain in art also in an image saturated age this is absolutely required reading about the unreliability of the image death comes for the archbishop by Willa Cather maybe the most important novel about American religion why doesn't every American high school student have to read this I don't know a book I'm almost sure you haven't read this blinding absence of light by too hard been yelu and I'm probably saying his name wrong I apologize it's that that that name this book fictionalized is the story of real political prisoners who lived for decades in complete darkness and six foot by three foot rooms it's a little intense but it's really really good speaking of which Kendra Biko booth her first book Tyrell is more famous I like this one just as much the optimist daughter by Eudora Welty out of fashion these days but I think the best book by one of the best 20th century writers speaking of the south will you miss me when I'm gone the Carter family and their legacy in American music this book inspired an early vlogbrothers video link in the doobly-doo but it's also just excellent and finally the last summer of Reason a novel about a bookstore owner who lives in a country overtaken by extremists who believe that art is evil so there you have it 18 books I love that aren't bestsellers but should be I look forward to your suggestions nerdfighters I will see you in comments Hank I'll see you on Friday

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  1. So writing a book. Did you self publish? If you did how long did it take to do it? I know there are many factors that go into it but im just interested.

  2. I loooove The Mists of Avalon. I happened upon it when I first stumbled on paganism and while I understand it is wholly fictional and the author took liberties with it, the book still resonates with me.

    I also really like Jane Eyre but that one’s pretty well known.

  3. Please slow down a little. Your speed takes away from your content. Just saying….

  4. Still Life with Crows!
    By Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

  5. I've read Death Comes for the Archbishop. It was part of the materials for Academic Decathlon 2003-2004. But I assume that's how you know it.

  6. I have no idea if it's well known or not but I love the Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart

  7. I really liked Travis McBee's book named bridgeworld it's very good. His Triton trilogy are also very good

  8. The average person speaks at somewhere between 125 and 150 words per minute. Yeah, but am talking about average people.. not John Green!

  9. Isnt this the guy from that crash coarse show we had to watch in geography?

  10. I wish more people would adapt this pace when going through a list of books.
    It drives me nuts when people take five minutes per book. I usually start to forward to the next book mentioned.

  11. Not gonna lie, this is a bad way to pitch these stories. Seems kind of disrespectful to give so many titles so little time. You should have done proper reviews. This is just annoying to watch, and does not make me want to read any of these. Format and content should compliment each other. This is just you doing a Micro Machines commercial with books. Uhg. No thanks. Sincerely disliked.

  12. I would share a book suggestion, but I don't feel you'd do it anything close to justice with a two second sound byte. Sorry. Maybe try a different format? Shame. I really wanted to share this, too.

  13. Isn't the process of self discovery, that leads to the acquisition of pro-empathatic traits, inherent?

  14. The French Connection (1969) by Robin Moore
    The Blue Max (1964) by Jack D. Hunter.

  15. Symptoms of Being Human by Jeff Garvin

    (I am also currently reading The 57 Bus by Dashka Slater and it’s good so far but I’m not through with it yet)

  16. Did you pick all the books with the most interesting name tiles.

  17. Hi, John. ‪Would you be interested in looking at a small sixty-page novel I wrote all in dialogue about someone who ceaselessly nags someone else to the point of ridiculousness? If so, I could send it to you through email.‬

  18. Death Comes for the Archbishop? Well, I just read it, along with Willa Cather's Prairie Trilogy, all for my master's thesis. High schools have their students read My Antonia. After reading O Pioneers! and The Song of the Lark, My Antonia comes across to me as terminally boring. The same stock character doing the same old stuff, although I can see how My Antonia would be fascinating to someone who had not read anything else by Cather.

    The point of of high school education to me seems to be put restriction on the mind, not develop the mind and prepare it for better things, What better way to accomplish that than to have very young people do things like read My Antonia out of context. Death Comes for the Archbishop is one of those books that falls into the realm of "breaking the taboo against knowing who you are." Can't have that.

    My treatment of Cather falls into the realm of the role of literary naturalism in Cather's fiction. In literary naturalism, people are shown to be moved around by large forces over which they have no control, and actions and characteristic are represented with a natualist's eye, unmediated by interpretative concepts. Realism and naturalism are not extactly the same thing. They can go together, but you can have naturalism without realism or realism without naturalism.

  19. One of my favorite books is Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend . Not known by many, but I highly recommend it

  20. Scythe by Neal Shusterman
    Thunderhead by Nesl Shusterman
    Unwind by Neal Shusterman and the trilogies after
    Gone trilogy by Micheal Grant
    The shining by Stephen King
    The dark towers by Stephen King
    Christine by Stephen King

  21. Review on the book|| " freedom at the midnight" ||Malayalam || YOU KNOW IT

  22. The best book/books ever imo are the kingkiller chronicle. If you read and have not read those then you are missing out on something. If you have not read then i am actually jealous of you because you get to rad them for the first time.

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