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the cavalcade of America the cavalcade of America presented by DuPont tells how our nation has won leadership in many fields important among these is chemistry chemical research by developing new uses for the raw materials from American farms and mines and forests has created a great variety of products that contribute daily to your comfort and convenience if you're interested in chemistry which find something of value in a book that we have just prepared called the kinship of DuPont product with this booklet is included a 13 color chemical chart which illustrates the interesting interrelationship of DuPont products a coffee may be obtained free of charge by writing DuPont Wilmington Delaware we shall have more to tell you about this booklet and charge at the close of the program the name Mark Twain is used on this program by special permission of the trustees of the Samuel L Clemens estate the Mark Twain Company and Harper brothers publishers extended through Charles T lark attorney for the estate our DuPont cavalcade orchestra sets our scene with two movements from ferde grofe a's mississippi sweet father of waters and Huckleberry Finn literature is an important index of a country's progress whether the work of its authors be critical or inspirational the writings must furnish the guide to each succeeding generation on the customs traditions and ambitions of a race it is eighteen hundred and forty-five near the small sleepy village of Hannibal Missouri in that typical American village lives Sam Clemens later to be called Mark Twain as a small boy he had his best time swimming in the Mississippi now leaving his playmates find he swims far out toward the middle of a great river you're apt to be trimming out the middle of this week I'm not yeah grab my hand I'll write your boy up well enough for you to make it tadpole – I'm going on 10 thanks Co Sparta be upon this for the water and you never been in a boat before it's done sweeps along with the cart like this she would your honor he's way back there is there that point of land ahead we're sweeping in close to it you jump off there and swim I'm gonna carry a good Marlin don't think it better then sure got spunk though why'd you get a barge your own oh you're gonna grow up someday Angie pirates just getting their you're an NT son you better be over let's do you swim to that point but you can't make it for I'm uh people that prepare my funky gear small Sam Clemens lived a typical American boys life than a typical American small town he wrote Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn which came to represent for millions of his countrymen there are own memories of youth he was in his middle twenties when he began fulfilling childhood ambition in 1856 in the pilothouse of a Mississippi River steamboat Sam you've been a good apprentice pilot now for two years are you certain you know this part of the river captain Bixby I know it like the back of my hand and then I'm gonna let you take the ship of course along from this shortage other world will you recommend me for my pilot's license afterwards well we've seen issues and you stay here in the fire of the house of mr. Clement in case he wants to send me any messages on the trip yes captain fraid you don't touch me captain's room no we're gonna steam I'll be on the lower deck aft will respect aces do you think I'll look firing a pilot cap you won't be a real for sure pilot mr. Clement just assumes it takes me to get from here to that other Bank and now stand back Asia I gotta give the Saleen signal [Applause] we getting off food so we shall is gonna be a river captain Oh watch all right there that'll be less than one for you aces say why doesn't that let's meet up in front take a pounding well I thought you knowed all the dead from Israel mr. Clemens sure I know the depths of myself but I just like to hear him column give me the pounding Mark Twain let's see that means two families twelve feet what boy it ought to be 40 feet right here don't get excited mr. Clemens but what's the matter has a bottom shifted its couldn't have since I was over at last LEDs emit on the port side now gonna give a sound or maybe that would be better for peace who my heavens work will be a ground act this year Oh too late a run for captain Biggs wish we were heading for a bank happen but now we're we're sailing right on how deep ordered to be right here 80 feet but the Leatherman said for Peter I told al Edmund to call the wrong debt see Sam you lose your head do you learn how to keep it just can't be a river pilot well I feel mighty telling you ought to well anyway I'm not discouraged captain I know every inch of this river all I gotta do now is normal mine Sam Clemens won his license and became a skillful river pilot but he was forced to leave the Mississippi when the Civil War ended its steamer traffic in 1861 in Virginia City Nevada Sam Clemens stands politely at the door of mr. Goodman editor of Virginia City newspaper mr. Goodman oh hello there stranger what do you want I've been walking about 60 miles to get here covered with dust wrecking the first thing I want to brush brush aim yeah Ellicott you can use our is hanging right beside you on the wall oh thanks a lot on me to choke a heart okay I would you anything else we can supply you with well I'm trying to think maybe about two pounds furlough and steaks and mashed potatoes about half an apple pie you've got enough brass to go far in the world stranger afraid we can't go on acting like a hotel just a newspaper sure I know what I'm sure I'm gonna like working for it working for us what makes you think you're going to work here why you want a calmness don't you a good reporter I especially want to write stuff that can give people a good laugh most of them need ones you don't say I've even picked out my name Mark Twain that's River language it's what the legend calls out for a to fathom sounding I had an experience as a river pilot once it certainly impressed the term Mark Twain on my memory of I'd like to hear more about your career mr. Twain but the truth is I've got a newspaper to put out and a lily-livered coyote who was supposed to show up here hasn't come well aren't you gonna hire me why in the name of Pete should i but you you wrote me a letter asking me to come here I had to walk all the way John him you wrote me say what's your real name Sam Clemens well that's different mr. Clemens shake hands who say you gave me a scare reckon I forgot to tell you my real name when I came in I yeah I'm sort of absent mine why everybody to Virginia City is splitting their signs laughing over the story use it in sweet Allah gets a sharp pencil for you it out so what do you like to write on there mr. Lawrence take copy boy four words a two star head house get a steak the size of a sphere well Zhang Sam Clemens became Mark Twain writer Americans were to appreciate the privilege of seeing their booming West through such a book as roughing it they heap they're ready preys on this new and original writer of young Mark Twain was to face a more critical and alien audience in 1873 backstage in a London lecture hall mr. Dalby your manager we have a big audience but I can't talk tonight but what are you afraid of mr. Twain you'll give him hundreds of talks from the United States I've seen your press notices no I was talking to a lot of Roughnecks like myself who knew my language was picture the impotence of trying to make an English audience understand an American joke mr. Twain you can't disappoint this audience if they've all come to hear more jokes like the one about cotton umbrella this is a warrant well don't you remember what you said a fortnight ago to an Englishman who laughed at your American habit of carrying a cotton umbrella what I say you said Americans carried cotton of Morelos because they were the only kind and it was fun wasn't steel good heavens well then I've insulted people hold ah mr. Twain London loves that story mix everything with time to Tennessee like the audience's great poster Tompkins for the love of Heaven tell mr. Twain that people read his books in England why mr. Twain the Olympic cycle in Reading Club which I belong to taking up your work special do you read them while I'm in the middle of innocence abroad so many of those things you find I often thought miss ok makes me laugh you see mr. Twain your universal and if you want to go onstage for the sake of your country of nothing else my country what my country got to do with it because here at England we can match your polite intellectual artist every way but there are three personalities that Englishmen today come to hear enough about Abraham Lincoln Artemus Ward and yourself let me go onto the mountain no no no I'll go on stage myself right now well I'm able good heavens mr. Shelby's walking right out without no introduction let me get their mind [Applause] ladies and gentlemen the mr. Twain had fully expected to be here this evening and to tell the truth he is here and will now give his lecture entitled our fellow savages of the sandwich our Mark Twain brought two Americans a federal knowledge of their country in England in Europe and even in the distant Orient his books or translations of them brought a better understanding of American ways to her neighbors the cavalcade of America presented by DuPont moves on in 1842 in Concord Massachusetts young Louisa May Alcott plays with children and Waldo Emerson are you punished yes did I hear a scream out here mr. Emerson the waiter was acting whatever plays and she saw every you and Margaret should be running home I heard your mother calling you for supper I'll take care of Louisa butcher how does it feel now better good could I use one of your hand could you through there you are come on out here well we can sit down under the apple tree I I came out especially to ask about your mother oh she's all right she's lonesome sometimes because she misses papa all of us do well he come back from London soon you think mr. Emerson either he'll come back or else he'll found his new school successfully over there and we'll send for you to London would you like that oh I'd love to see other country but I don't think I ever will we're too poor don't feel that just yeah but we are though I heard two ladies talking after church one day one said bouncing our cats just a groomer can't even take care of his wife and those four little girls Concord is a very gossipy town Louisa most towns are but it might be cool maybe that's why mommy worked so terribly hard and still sometimes we don't have enough to eat that's what I wanted to know let me know when that happens will you Louisa will you promise yes I worry about my mommy you know she works late isn't good for her hope for all you can do either I needed know how was your bump child it's all gone and these dad for that mess you're learning to be brave Louisa always forget your own hurt in the use of others well I must go in town because mrs. Emerson has stopped already at but please take your mother this book to lead oh thank you sir how's it pictures I think so good night sir and don't forget to run home before dark I would very justice the inner calling good night Louise oh yeah my supper time you therenear mr. Emerson put a $10 note for us in this book Oh Anna isn't here good man as young Louisa Mae grew up she found inspiration in such neighbors as the Emerson's of the Hawthorne at 19 she sold her first story for $5 but her writing had to be interspersed with other works as a paid companion as a governess and as a seamstress one particularly hard winter when mrs. Alcott Louisa Mae and her younger sister Betty had gone to live in Boston in the front room of their small flats louisa finishes our fitting to one of her dress making customers I hope you surely have my destiny 513 coffee sometimes you're slow I know mrs. Sandford mothers factor I'll ask her to help me with it well just so it's in some shape to where where did I put that magazine I was carrying play why here it is under your veil oh what's the matter you don't like it did you oh nothing new but I have a story in this magazine oh don't you yes I times right silly little things but this is a continued story see here it is what side you're police well I didn't mean to talk about it I'm not proud of it goodness knows but here's the next chapter I'm just writing – oh I never dreamed oh I adore this story if this is really the next chapter could I take it home oh I'm afraid not mrs. Stanford I I have to send it in tomorrow you're amazing my own dressmaker but I don't see how you get it well I think up the proc file and sewing and then I write on Saturdays and Sundays you want to give all your time to writing sometime when I have money enough I will or you you want the dress by Thursday I remember or neither to put you out too much I mean I am more anxious to find out what happens to your splendid hero he is to divide with good day miss Austin Gilbert you God good day mrs. Sanford a minute Betty I'll be right in dear and Betty what do you think I met my public at last it's that big fat mrs. Sandra so she thinks my trike is still divine Betty what's the matter oh I got into bed because I felt weak again oh no look so scared yes but you've been crying why Betty because what I couldn't fix supper for you and mommy Oh Betty my mother and I are both strong at horses we can fix our own meals it's wicked for you to cry about such nonsense it's only mainly I have agreed that I couldn't have done more help when I'm gone gone oh I didn't mean to say her but you know how you were always lining this up and making a promise to look after mommy Louise it and I'm nesting last year about coming back to you I'll keep it dear whatever happens you're not to worry study Alka dives and Louisa grieved deeply but fertile solve poverty and unceasing hard work never dim for Louisa Alcott the goal she had set herself to attain in 1868 and the are cutting room at Concord young Julian Hawthorne son of the famous novelist Mayorkas and her older sister the Weiser thought together may is speaking all the Weiser turn intellectual as he does it scribble scribble scribble lift the manuscript let me see it now put that down Joker do you know was around your father's manuscripts and read what he's witless hey you're developing a temperance oh isn't she pretty when she bless you please doing it if you'll put that manuscript down I'll tell you why I'm so concerned about it I'm waiting for a letter from the publisher I've said it to mommy knows it she's the only one I have you'll be famous someday I'm sure look here here's a good scene about a picnic it sounds just like the picnics we've had in Concord but what are you gonna call it believe it Little Women Little Women Yes Mother a letter for you from Boston tea is it's a letter perhaps you'd there's still things upstairs just oh I've told me and Julian about of money I I may as well open it here wait a minute he thinks the opening chapters are dull well so do I but he thinks it seems told to a good girl book he's taken it author here you don't need to be told I'm glad your mother is and the best part of its knowing you've done it all yourself oh no money you've helped in a and Betty and everyone because all of us have lived this book if it succeeds that will be the reason why Luise Orkut was a valiant spirit who endured and thirty-odd her goal the success of liberal women gave to her family the comforts she had long desired for them but to other Americans it gave much more the same sense of remembered experience they had found in mark twain the lasting fame of our popular authors testified to the honored place of literature in the cavalcade of america this has often been called an age of chemistry man is no longer satisfied with things as they are found in nature so chemists take nature's raw materials and change them into forms better suited to human need in exploring nature's secrets chemists have discovered certain raw materials that rival Aladdin's lamp in the wonders they contain would you ever suspect that my lady's lovely evening gown might be first cousin for the safety glass in your car or that the colorful lacquer you used on that old chair has anything in common with the photographic film which brings to the screen your favorite movie star although they seem unrelated the products just mentioned are really sisters under the skin how these and other chemical products are related to each other is told in a book that we have just printed it is called the kinship of dupont products and includes a chemical chart in 13 colors we shall be glad to send a free copy to those of our listeners who believe it will be of value in their work or studies this booklet and chart illustrate in a striking way the meaning of the phrase which guides DuPont chemists better things for better living through chemistry to avoid if they're disappointing anyone we wish to make clear that the booklet and chart entitled the kinship of DuPont products are not popular treatises on the romance of chemistry they contain more or less technical information which will be of interest primarily to those who have studied chemistry or who used chemicals in their business if you believe this booklet and chart will prove of interest to you just write to DuPont Wilmington Delaware a copy will be sent you absolutely free of charge simply address DuPont bu pomt Wilmington Delaware opportunity a subject which includes some interesting stories of Benjamin Franklin will be the title of the broadcast next week at this same time when DuPont again presents the cavalcade of America the Columbia Broadcasting System WABC New York

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