19 thoughts on “18th Century English Literature. Explained In Urdu and Hindi, Notes In Description

  1. Tnks mam….. Plz sequence wise history ko cover…..mai ye suggest karonge…. K koi bhi history ke book ly… Chahy wo hudson ke ho ya B.R. Mullick ke yo ya T. Singh ke…. Os ke series start kar ly… I m sure k hmry pakistani students ko bhut faida hoga….aur ap ka channel b….

  2. Your work is good for learners.
    I have done M. Phil in English literature…

  3. Pseudo-classicism…
    سوڈو کلاسیزم.. Not پسوڈو
    And thanks for your nice contribution…

  4. Mam apki vedio pe sirf ek hi like ka option kyo h yaha thousand like hote to me thousand like karta …You are great mam thank you so much…..

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