19 Awesome Cats That Cost a Fortune

Nineteen awesome cats that cost a fortune. There are more than 250 cat breeds in the world. Hairless and furry, wayward and friendly, tender and freedom-loving. How much do the most expensive breeds cost ? Do you know? To tell the truth you’ll be really surprised to discover the prices of the most exotic cats in the world. Do you know which one is the most expensive? That cat is crazy expensive, but incredibly awesome. Number 19: Norwegian Forest Cat. A kittens price varies from six hundred to three thousand dollars. This cat ancestors were bred by Vikings two thousand years ago. Cute and furry this cat can stand harsh frost and is a great hunter. Number 18: Himalayan Cat. A kitten costs from five hundred to one thousand three hundred dollars. This breed looks much like a Persian cat but it’s characterized by blue eyes and color-point coloring, light body with dark face, feet, ears and tail. Himalayan cats were bred in 1950 in the U.S.A. Himalayans’ are tender, obedient and friendly cats with a calm temper. Number 17: Scottish fold. A Kitten cost from two hundred to fifteen hundred dollars. The calling card of Scottish fold is to fear that unlike other cats. Don’t stick up They say it’s unusual feature is the result of genetic mutation These cats are incredibly smart they easily get along with other family members and are always ready to play One more distinctive feature of Scottish fold is that they can stand on their hind legs [and] observe things. They’re [interested] in number 16 Peter balls this [kitty] will cost you 400 to $1,200 Peter balls also known as Petersburg Sphinx was read in Russia in 1994 these beautiful cap of slim bodies elongated head and large extended ears The body can be bald or fuzzy Peter balls are socialist tender tempered and easy to train number 15 egyptian now to become an owner of an ancient egyptian cat you should pay 500 to $1,500 the appearance of these paths has changed little for [3,000] years since the time of ancient egypt these cats have not only a spotted coat, but also spotted skin number 14 Maine coons this giant it is priced ranges between 600 and [$1500] the Maine coon is one of the largest cat [breed] Its representatives can weigh from 11 to 33 pounds and amateur cat body can reach 4 feet in length However despite exclusive appearance these are affectionate gentle and playful animals number [Thirteen] left firm Kitten of this breed costs two hundred two thousand dollars this cat is one of the most unusual Breeds that appeared in 1980 in the USa in addition to their curly hair these cats Have one more particular feature their hypoallergenic That’s why they’re a perfect choice for families with allergy sufferers Number 12: Russian Blue you can buy this lucky charm for four hundred to two thousand dollars This is one of the most popular shorthair after it became known outside Russia in 1893 As the belief says this cat brings good luck to the house Number Eleven serengeti cats you can buy this cat for six hundred to two thousand this breed Began its history in California in 1994 Amateur Serengeti weight is about seventeen point six to twenty six point four pounds They have [well] [developed] bodies large ears spotted coat [and] very long way Number [ten] Elf cap those who are even survivors he cat have to pay rather large sum of money [$2,000] this young cat breed was developed in the Usa he founded sick These calves are unbelievable friendly smart mischievous Communicative curious and devoted creatures would you like to get one? Number [9] Toyger you can get inspired for five hundred to three thousand dollars this large cat breed resembles as hi girls at the coast Pattern and it explains the [names] [or] the [breeds] Founder states that the Tiger was developed to inspire people to think about tiger preservation in life Number eight American Curl you can join the American curl admirers for one thousand to three thousand dollars this Breed was developed in California in 1981 the Newborn Kittens can Hardly be told apart from the adult Males But as early as the 10th day of their life their ears start to turning back like little horns this particular feature touches hundreds of thousands of people around the world Number seven Spangled his awesome mini leopard costs one thousand to four thousand dollars this breed was developed by crossing an Asian leopard cat with a demanding These cats love to swim and despite their impressive size eight point eight to seventy twenty pounds often climb their owners shoulders number six Safari You can become an owner of a domestic predator for 4,000 to 8,000 dollars This rare breed appeared by crossing a domestic than a South American Wild [Jefferies] cat the first representatives of the breed were developing to Usa in the 1970s to study Leukemia Mature cat weighs twenty four point two pounds on average [Number-5] [cowl] many this lucky charm sells for 7,000 to [$11,000] we can find the earliest references to this brief in camera [Mouse] or cat book pose in ancient Siam How many lived only that the royal family were considered to be [a] symbol of life longevity and wealth? number [for] show [see] Kittens price varies from 8,000 to 10,000 dollars This is one of the rarest cat breeds it was developed by crossing a domestic and a jungle cat These are very friendly animals and it’s hard for them to bear loneliness Josie’s will be happy with any company whether it’s human other tabs or even a dog number three [character] That’s why buying a kitten for seven thousand and ten thousand dollars can help to preserve this unique species The caracal is in danger of extinction Several years ago this breed moved from the Category of Wild predators to exclusive and extension number two Savannah [cash] yet The [Joini] cat you need to have lots of space with the play well at four thousand to twenty [three] thousand dollars This breed was developed by crossing an African servo and a domestic cat they’re the largest cat Mature cat plays an average of 33 pounds and reaches 1.9, Steven height Savannah Cats are known for their high level of intelligence mild tempers Curiosity active nature they love taking a bath walking outdoors and game number one passion The Asherah is the most exotic domestic cat in the world You can become a proud owner [with] majestic kitty for twenty two thousand to one hundred thousand dollars It was bred by crossing a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat as a brief founders say and Asherah is hypoallergenic But there’s still a discussion concerning this question Now frankly speaking would you like to get one of these pressures back? Or would you rather prefer adopting a four-legged friend from a shelter let us know in the comments below? Don’t forget to hit the like button and click subscribe to stay on the bright side of life

100 thoughts on “19 Awesome Cats That Cost a Fortune

  1. my parents said no to a cat for ages but i finally got them to agree >:)

  2. Rather save a cat from where ever they come from long as they compatabl

  3. Lemme just say, Scottish fold kittens are NOT 200, they go for about $1500+

  4. I saw a cat that was 1 dollar and it was really sad.. wEEehHh I’m sO SaD

  5. I have 2 American alley cat from the shelter best breed in all the world's the world s Craig

  6. so many priceless cat buyers. Too many people abandon their kitties. I'll rather buy a homeless cat, so long as they are friendly and like pets. :<

  7. Domestic cat, British Short Hair, Asian Leopard Cat. How much USD?

  8. My çat iş a mıx breed and shes really rare, shes also brown; the rarest colour and she has a marking on her head that no other cat has.

  9. I saw all these cat types walking in the street also Russian blue is most common

  10. my bengals cost 800 pounds and they do love water they are still small though they are around 7 month old

  11. We have a Norwegian and we got her for free because she was abused in her previous house and she's still really nervous after 3 years

  12. I have got khao manee ………..and I wanted to know her rank , that's why I am here

  13. my kitty adopted me
    she knocked on my door at 8 weeks and stayed……
    she 's a blue eyed albino…..
    yes she is deaf and …..
    i would not trade her for the universe

  14. My family got an cat who was abandoned and she is a Khao nee with blue and orange eyes

  15. #5 cat

    Other countries: omg I wanna buy that cat everyone will be surprised and jelly

    Philippine : Are you Kidding me?!?!?that cat was an askal

  16. Why aren't the British shorthair, the Persian and the Siamese not in these list? In Belgium they cost at least 700 dollar. Most of the cats in this list, i never heard about.

  17. Although all these breeds are lovely and there will always be individuals who are willing to pay the requested amount for each breed.
    Currently there are SPCA shelters where a person can adopt a cat. These adoptable cats usually prove to be most wonderful almost as if through the adoption they realise their good fortune.
    If you must have a 'pure-breed' so be it. With many 'pure-breeds' there can also be unique health problems which tend not to be an issue with adoptable cats at your local SPCA shelter.
    My suggestion would be not to spend the money on a pure breed cat and visit your local SPCA (or check put many SPCA shelters on the internet) and provide a home to a cat (or dog) who will show their gratitude and loyalty to you and your family.

  18. More ethical to save an animal from a street/shelter than to support exploitation of animals by breeders

  19. I adopted an adult male Bengal who was abandoned by his previous (apparently abusive) owners. He was in a very bad state when he was rescued – it would break your heart. He's a typical Bengal — active, vocal, need lots of activity, loving, and will let you know what he wants. He's a bundle of joy and doing well now.

  20. I have a Himalayan cat, he costed 5$
    But, He still is worth it, because he's a majestic, naughty, sweet heart.

  21. I have two sibling balinese kittens, four months old and just plain awesome.

  22. I only just realised I have a Norwegian Forest Cat, though I had it for free from someone!

  23. Lol these are definitely not Swedish prices I tell you, for example a Bengal kitten here ranges from 1000 $ to 1700$. Norwegian cat, that's a local one, you can get it for 400-800$. And no we don't use dollars in Sweden, just for your convenience I did the converting for ya.

  24. I'm not sure you have the correct info about the Caracal. It is still considered to be a wild cat or exotic species by most countries. With the exception of the Central Asian population, their conservation is considered to be "least concern".

  25. I got a American curl for 2.547$ and a Khao Manee for 5.294$ not 7.000 to 10.000$ dollars as u said

    My dad regrets this so much

  26. One of my cats which was a rescued kitten, looked just like one of those khao manee's, with the same coloured eyes. That cat was though deaf. Ive always wanted a bengal. My niece had a Russian Blue, it was the most beautiful cat.

  27. Omg theres a wild Himalayan cat at my house I feed it everyday!!¡ omg this mean I got an expensive cat for free!!!😍😍😍😍

  28. The #5 place cat looks like kitty in my garden (he or she) is white and has orange yellowish and blue eyes

  29. You know what guys? You don't need to spend these fortunes on these cats just explore than you might be lucky to find these boys

  30. 6:56 ahh this cat an ordinary street cat but i cant believe how expensive it is

  31. Okay i have a himalayan cat and hes already 12 months old i love him so much.. Hes only 1,500 dollars ¦[ but i only got him for 50 dollars ¦° i love him so much and he has his brother a siamese kitten

  32. I've got a khao manee for free,I rescued it. And I'm in the UK and they are so rare to find outside of Thailand! Mine has gold and blue eyes!

  33. Why would you buy cats..it's better to adopt one that was on the street..same with dogs , I adopted my dog that was on the street

  34. Adopt don't shop. Save a preloved cat or dog and admire from afar these beautiful costly ones.

  35. They're all beautiful, but none to me are prettier than my alley cat mixed breed Babs, with me since 2014.

  36. Did i just found a 11 thousand dollar cat lying in our subdivison like there are many of them

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