1st Poetry Club Meeting #32

It’s happening! I had a creative idea and it’s actually happening! She’s really hyped about this. Even more than usual. Yeah, one of the more common symptoms of drawer-poet-syndrome. I can feel the creative juices flowing already! Anne, please, don’t make this weird. It’s the first ever poetry club and you guys
send us so many great submissions. Today the esteem members of the poetry club
are Ruby Gillis and Diana Barry and myself Anne Shirley. Unfortunately Jane Andrews has come down with
a cold and she won’t be joining us today but our prayers are with you Jane. So, how’s this going to work? What, am I the boss now? Well, technically you ARE the founder and
we will gladly follow your lead. Well, this is a democracy but I thought we’d
read one of our own poems first and then each of us could pick a submission and then read
that out loud. Sounds like a plan. Let’s do it. I’m not going first. Me neither. Next time we’ll draw sticks or something. Oh my God. “Maybe there is a feeling. Maybe there is the sorrow. Maybe there is a regret. But it will all be forgotten by tomorrow. Maybe there is a spring to be awoken. Maybe a sun to rise but to wake the sun
might also require a tough price. What is for certain? Is the certain earnesty? But for someone so bright it’s not hard to
fake honesty. What is for certain is that certain always
seems nice. And for someone that is hurt, the heart will
remain as ice. Maybe there will be rain. I can already hear the thunder. But there will be a sun in sky to dance. And no matter what happened and what part
we played in it tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it.” Aww. It was beautiful. Pretty. Thank you. So, who’s next? I should have gone first, my poem is going
to look even worse since I’m reading it right after you. No, no, I have faith in your work. Besides, we are here to learn anyway. Exactly, so let’s hear it. Ok. “I don’t know what it was that made me not
love him. His blue, gray, brown eyes. The way he speaks, talks, thinks, acts. The way you taste love in his mouth every
time you press into it. You either love me or you never did in the
first place, he says, accuses And the air stays silent still while his eyes
try to drown me in love. Silence still, ’cause I have to tell you that
I don’t love you. Not even a little bit. Not even at all.” In the beginning it was like “woooh” and then
it got “waah”. That got intense but I really liked it. It was really good. Oh, deary me, I think I left the stove on. Oh, nonononoNoNoNo! Let’s get on. “The moon is full unclear. It’s night time in fool’s work. You quake in you cavern for you know this
time is our. This time of the witching hour. So shiver with fear and tremble with gust,
tonight the fallen won’t hold back their lust. Shake you cloak of decency and fear and join
us in a dance most dear. The mossy forest floor was always there beneath your heel, so come, have a feel, step up to the winds and come to your king. Aline with the eyes of the sky, worry not
there’s no need. In the hands of the night we do not weep.” Yeah, I like that, that’s really cool. Thanks. I’m like, trembling. It’s like Harry Potter, Edgar Allan Poe vibe
to it. Check out my shirt. Edgar Allan Poe all the way. On to the submissions! What have you guys chosen? I can go first. I like this one because all though it’s emotional
it doesn’t feel tacky or forced, you know. It was send to us by Ana-Maria – did I say
it right – and it was written by her friend Kimberley. Ok, if you guys would like me to credit it
with your surname just send me an email down below. Are you ready? Yes. “From my deepest sorrows
I wish you good morrow In till you rise from your slumber
For I shall forever remember Murdering beauty and passions
I have shone you my true emotions Staring under the moonlight
With a torturing smile during this darkened night A garden of shattered dreams
My shadowy soul and it’s musical themes A painful joy surrounds me
People laughing and being happy Will I ever find an answer
To my life under such pressure Or will it incinerate in shining dust
Should I keep on living? Yes I must!” I love that! Me too! It kind of reminded me of you, Anne. I sense a kindred spirit! I love it, this is so cool! Well, the piece I chose is a poem about poetry,
kind of meta, right? And I think that’s fitting, this is the first
poetry club meeting. Yeah, that works, ok. Let’s hear it. Ok, this one is written by Jessika Brumfield
and it’s called: “A Poem” “I wanted to write a poem,
A piece that’ll make them see – I may not be very British,
But a poet I can be! Of course, it had to be something
That would easily pass the test, So I set out to research
How I can do my best. To create a piece of writing,
There’s rhyming and pentameter Write a poem about… Lighting! (As long as it fits these parameters) But you know what? Whatever, I can do it all myself. I’ll ignore the rules of grammar,
Put the rhythms to the test. I have to rhyme words? No, I really don’t. Who
Says the words have to Fit into neat lines? Maybe I’ll type something
Sdrawkcab – okay, maybe not… But I could, if I wanted to,
Because poetry is an art form. There are things you can
Try on and peel off, Like layers of paint or
Pieces of fabric – you decide. I can throw in a word
That sticks and stays, Or I’ll cut it out
And start a new line. Maybe you don’t like
How I’m tossing the words Onto the page as if
They are crazy bullets. But I read a poem once
That pierced my soul. It made me love
The written word. Now I will create,
I will dance across the keyboard, And the words will flow,
And tumble, and swirl. Try it yourself,
Like in a self-help booklet. Bring your pen to paper
Or you fingers to keys. Like composing a song
Or making a dress – Let your spirit soar
(I think I stole that line) This is way long,
And I’ll stop At some point,
But let me just… Okay, I’m done now –
And this may not Be a masterpiece,
But it sure is art.” That was so cool. I wish I could switch between rhyming and
not rhyming and different styles like that. And the message was like really inspirational
as well like how you should just write and not worry about it being perfect. Yeah and out of all the writing forms there
are, I mean, the poetry is the most versatile one. And I like it when people just take the rules
and do whatever they want with them. Good job. The water can’t come out if the faucet is
not on. The water? Of creativness! That’s beautiful. I love that. I will be reading a poem by… Let me check here. Alexandra Courfeyrac… I’m sorry, I hope I’m pronouncing that right. It goes like this. I just want to say that it was quite easy
to me to choose what I wanted to read because this one just stuck out to me – even though
all the submissions were so lovely. It’s called: “To My Best Friend” “Hey,
I’m awkward, so I don’t know what to say, Or how to say it, for that matter… I’m confused… Well, all the better –
I’ll tell it like it is. You’re wonderful, you know? You’re there wherever I go,
You’re the best friend I ever had… I never ever dreamed of that. There’s something to be said
For the sort of friend Who sticks by you when it gets tough,
And steadies you when seas are rough (that’s a metaphor). Normal rhyme and normal reason… I can’t describe you using either,
But I’ll try anyway, since You deserve it, really. I was alone, and scared, and weird,
And now I’m out and proudly queer. I tell you how I feel and think
’cause you actually listen. You see, my rhyming is way off. I could’ve written this in prose,
But that’s no fun, and It wouldn’t fit my feelings in anyway. You’re a light, one that’s
A little grumpy, kinda sarcastic, But wonderful, and kind,
And one I never saw coming. You make me laugh,
You make me smile, You’re there when I cry,
And you cry with me… I’d tell you all about it,
About how I never feel alone And scared when I’m with you,
But that’s too cheesy, I guess? So just know: I really, really,
REALLY love you (is that weird? Friends can love each other, right? Because I really, truly do) That’s it. The end. Thank you so much that you’re my friend,
I sure didn’t deserve it, But I’ll take it anyway.” Aww. That’s a really nice poem about gal pals! It sure is. Can we like have a group hug now or something? I’m kind of feeling. I think this is a good note to end our poetry
club here. It was so cool though, thank you guys so much
for sending us all your awesome poems and if you’d still like to take part in future
poetry clubs, the email address will be down below in the description box and open for
submissions so go send us more awesome texts of yours. Erm. I guess that’s all and I’ll see you next week!

7 thoughts on “1st Poetry Club Meeting #32

  1. I liked the spooky feel of Diana's poem. I'm glad she was gently persuaded to share. Such interesting poems all round though!

  2. Anne's poem is lovely and I loved the ending!
    Although I felt like it might have had some connection to a certain person best left unnamed ahem Gil ahem but nonetheless I loved it.

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