2.3 Let's Write: First Lines and Literature Review Of Research Thesis

hi there and welcome to another video from the course where we are learning how to write a proper research thesis now in this video I am going to talk about how to put down the first lines of your paper and also a little bit about literature review and they will try to be a bit more practical in this video so I will really try to show you of some techniques of how to write so let's go for it when you will start with writing first thing what I think you should do is to set up for yourself a Google Drive it's a cloud-based service and it is for free most importantly it offers us some great services when it comes if you would like to write something and maybe collaborate with someone else so this is a Google Drive and as you see we can have several types of documents that we can create you see we have the Google Docs then we have Google sheets and then there is Google drawings all three of these are great tools when we are writing a research so let's go ahead and set up for ourselves a Google Doc another great advantage is that maybe you would like to share some parts of your research maybe with your supervisor as it is on cloud everything is very simple so let's start with some writing so let's call this one a research proposal now in one of the first videos of this course I have mentioned to you that when we are selecting a research idea we should try to position ourselves in between some two fields so let's say that my field one is the field that I'm studying which is the business administration and then field two is my interest let's say it's the startup world so startups now I need a research idea first thing that I will do is that I will with it Google of course and let's Google for let's try business problems of startups startups let's see as you see I have been already googling and let's go for this article now I'm simplifying a lot so you should search for several articles from experts in the field as you see this is article an enterpreneur which is giving it some sort of a credibility so let's see what they are saying I see these guys listing the actual problems that he believes that start ups hell so let's see failing support difficulty scaling up weak team partnering compatibility and dwindling cash now when you will be searching for this always keep in mind that you are going to operate in the academic world and you have to think which of these are going to help some background in the academic growth so for instance let's say let's say difficulty scaling up this would be very hard to cover or or back up with some academic literature so I wouldn't go for that then if we would go for week D well that sounds like HR which is not our field so let's go for instance for the problems with cash and from what I know startups in general are having troubles with setting up appropriate pricing strategies and these are then resulting in some cash problems so what say that we have our research idea it's going to be it's going to be startups are having hard times when deciding about pricing strategies of course I'm oversimplifying but I really just want to give you an idea of how to proceed further now when we have this research idea and we have really went through a lot of maybe articles and some blog posts we will now go and visit the academic world and see what the academics helped to say about our research idea so what most likely you have access to is some sort of a search engine of your university and you have to sort of log in to have access to this search engine because your university is paying the publishers so that the students have access to academic articles so we have to log in to some portal of your University so we have our search engine now we are going to search for academic articles so what say that I'm going to be interested in pricing strategies and let's see let's specify the date range let's go for let's go for 2006 2006 and then would we want to select a spear reviewed publications these are the highest in the credibility these are the articles that we want to go for the peer-reviewed now I just hit this search button and see what results do we get now when we got the results not all of them are going to be functioning the reason is not all of these are really going to show you what you are searching for a road is listed in this thumbnail the reason is that sometimes the academic article is published but then for some administrative reasons it is turned down so don't get discouraged when you find something great and all of a sudden you cannot find the actual article don't get discouraged about it I have a strong advice here when you see these results always go for the ones which are saying full-text online and the best is to go for the articles which are available as PDF so that you can download them to your computer ok let's say that we go let's see this one it looks quite all right you see 2010 we have the outdoors here we can read the abstract and let's go for the full-text online now you see we are always redirected to some publishers website or something like that and we hit the download PDF and we have our desired article as a PDF we want to save it to our computer because later on when you will be writing research you'll be constantly working with these articles so you really want to help them in your computer and what's even more optimal is to help on your Google Drive so that you set up yourself a folder which looks maybe like this here I have academic articles and now as you are searching for the academic articles you are simply putting them to Google Drive and nothing gets lost all right let's say that now we have succeeded in this step and we have several academic articles what you want to do next is to set up a new file we'll be the Google sheets and this is going to be your overview of I'd say literature sources because most likely you're going to have a lot of literature lot of academic articles so you want to have one document where everything is nicely summarized now let's go to our PDF reader where we have the academic article open now one important point when you are selecting a PDF reader select the one that allows you for highlighting highlighting books and I think looks something like this we have the function over here so that you can highlight the text okay it doesn't work you see the highlighting will work on this article yes it works nicely here but some academic articles are you see improperly formatted so that you cannot do the actual highlighting well that's just a little bit of problem ok but let's let's get to what I hope again and that is having overview of our literature sources so let's say that we will say out or then we have year of publication then let's say we put main idea and at the end we put the abstract ok let's try to fill this one in with the two articles I hope by now ok so here the author is guru Nani and ok let's go for just cool nanny that should be enough guru Nani and I don't want to waste your time year of publication what do we have year of publication is 2001 we see it over here that's 2001 the main idea of this paper is optimal pricing strategies for internet based software dissemination so this is great let's say pricing internet-based businesses ok and now usually I also copy the full abstract but from this article unfortunately we cannot do it so just to show you how it's done let's go to this article which we can work for and go here and here we have our abstract but it's bit too long so let me just highlight this wall part and we put it right over here okay that doesn't work very well right over here now when you will create for yourself this nice overview later on it will really pay itself off so really do this one Google sheet next step is of course reading through the academic articles and we all know that it's not the easiest thing to do well I think all of us know how to read the articles but let me try to give you at least some advice so that you can be maybe more productive and more efficient so I have an article here which I feel like is going to be relevant for my thesis first thing I want to do is to read abstract super carefully because there is a lot of valuable information for me in the abstract especially I will be able to decide based on the abstract whether this article is useful or not useful for me so let's go to it price is the major parameter that affects company revenue significantly this is why this paper starts by presenting basic pricing concepts and from already the second sentence I see that this will be a great article for me as I'm trying to sort of examine these basic pricing concepts and I'm trying to apply them into the practice in the startup world that was our idea that we had now after I have read the abstract the next thing I wanna read is the introduction usually the outers of these articles are putting a lot of valuable information into the introduction so I can already find things that I will take into my literate radio in the introduction well then many people believe that we just continue reading through the article but I don't recommend it I recommend once you are done with the introduction go straight into the conclusion because look at it if I would now continue so here we still have the introduction we have some nice text over here and all of a sudden I start to come to a analysis and you see this is what you end up – with some mathematical formulas which are for general and what say for for a student very often not really understandable so you would spend a lot of time trying to figure out what these things mean even though it can be really valuable for our research it can sometimes take just too much time so we will rather go straight to the intro conclusion which is right over here and you see we again end up with some nice text which is easy to read so we go through the conclusion and again we find here some ideas that we can take into our literature review and of course if we feel like this article is super valuable then we sort of push ourselves through the analysis and through everything next important point when you will be writing a methodology part of your research paper try to inspire yourself with the academic articles they often the methodology which is written there can again be very valuable even for you so that maybe you can see ok these guys made a multiple case study we can do the multiple case study as well so we can get inspired also by the methodology next thing what we need to do when we have read a couple of academic articles is to structure them so we are all put going to put all of them into our Google Drive well currently it's empty so I'm gonna use my old teaser as an example when structuring the wheatridge review don't do it artificially don't come to your paper and be like hmm okay first part is going to be let's say some pricing methodologies methodologies and then second part is going to be something else now don't do this what you have to do is that when you read through let's say 30 academic articles then you start to see patterns you start to see that five of them belong under general pricing strategies then ten of them belong under some concrete pricing models for startups and you can group them together and that this example of my old pieces look what we did this was the Google Drive folder for it see we help the articles data collection pictures seminar well let me give you an example some again valuable that this fold right over here never delete anything because sometime later in the research well let's say right now you feel like okay this academic article is not worth anything I can just delete it don't do it rather have it somewhere so that maybe later on when you will figure out that you after all need it you can come back to it so don't delete things rather put them somewhere on some hidden folder where it might wait for you then we had these pictures and and this is the great thing about Google Drive you really can draw some nice pictures so let's go over here yeah you can see that you really can draw original pictures for your research paper but back to the business and let go to the articles folder you see the structuring we have found four basic groups among the academic articles that we have had so we have software as a service generally product management lead generation and onboarding and this is what you should do so that your literature review will be structured the way we have assessed generally then we have had some product development development and so on and so on and I continue and I will be able to lay down some basic structure for my literature review okay now when we have the basic structure laid down what we want to do next is to start writing the literature review okay I'm going to give you some example let's say that this is article which we feel like is valuable and let's say that we really like this sentence which is highlighted over here what I often do is that I will simply copy this text let me just take this text which is right over here I will copy it and let me put it over here of course it's not really nicely formatted because it's taking it from PDF into the word file and then I just select normal text now be careful with the referencing when when you are doing this I mean you're you're referencing in literature review has to be really strong so I will don't move away from this sentence until I'm sure that my reference next to it is well built so what I want to do next is to go for reference generator reference generator and let's say I want to go for APA referencing I find myself this APA referencing generator and I'm going to reference Journal article okay and you see you just fill in all the necessary information and it will create the reference for you so let's try to find all of the necessary information so I think it will be in the beginning so the author's are dull boy a so we have no GUI I hope I'm pronouncing it correctly and then we help prof then we have proof and J okay article title which one is the article title pricing strategies and models that should be the article title I put it right over here then we have journal title hmm where is the a journal title I think this is it annual reviews in control I think that should be it that should be it and we have here of publication let's see 2010 2010 what do we have then then we help volume ax which should be 34 30 oops 34 then we should have issue number where do we have the issue number okay let's say I don't want to waste your time so let's just type in 12 for now and pages are have seen it over here 101 110 so we have 1 1 10 now we just generate this reference and we have it right over here and you see it generates for you already also the in-text citation so I take this reference and I don't forget to put it into my overview of literature so let's say that the next column right over right over here somewhere let's put it over here I think you see the pattern that I am saving my reference is also in this Google sheet and I come here and I put the references at the end and I create separate part of my paper for it and that's my first reference and I will put the in-text reference right behind the sentence that I have just copied so in-text reference looks like this so I take it and come right over right over here now what what should I do with this sentence when I have copied it like this well I usually rewrite it sort of I would now copy five of such sentences and then in my own words I am able to construct one paragraph of my literature review so let's say the DRI now I held this sentence let me just show you how I would work with it the pricing models are more or less tools to help better understand what dynamic pricing is then something used to solve real-life problem how would I rewrite the sentence in my own words so according let's do like this according I cannot write anymore according to Dolby and proof 2010 according to dog Oh improv 2010 pricing models are weaved hump or should be weaved pricing models should be weaved more as a tools rather then something solving real life products free of life robots and you seen this way I am able to construct for myself a paragraph in literature one small trick that I am doing always when I'm putting in these references and I'm in the process of writing the paper I just put here sort of three axes like this and I sometimes even highlighted with red so that then when I'm skimming through the paper or generally I want to make sure that everything is referenced properly I can press just control F and you see I can find in the document it speaks X and I will find all the sentences that I have been referencing so I put these free over there and then of course at the end when I'm handing in the paper I just delete all of these so I have I hope we went through at least couple of techniques that can be helpful for you when you are laying down your first lines in your research thesis and especially the literature review

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