2 Opposing Poems | 100 Poems Challenge

Hi I’m Kaye Spivey! As those of you who have been watching know,
I challenged myself and other to write 100 poems in 100 days for the beginning of this
year. Well, the first month is over and I’m still
going strong! I’ve actually written more this year than
I wrote last year. In fact… I’ve been using this same notebook since 2013. I used to go through a journal or two every
single year but recently I haven’t been writing as much, I haven’t been journaling as much. To be fair, I’ve been noveling for the past
couple of years. I’ve been working on a novel and then its
sequel, and those were on the computer. But… let me show you. Okay! So this is all I wrote in 2016, and here’s
how much I’ve already written in 2017. I’ve already more than doubled what I wrote. Here we go. I’ve already more than doubled what I wrote
in 2016. And then, a huge portion of this is 2014,
unfortunately I guess that was my good journaling year. But, still going strong. So you can see I just scribble through my
journals. My handwriting is terrible. This year I’m determined to finish this journal
and start a new one, finally. So now onto some poetry! The poem I’m going to read for you today,
the choice for this week is poem #29. In the stars I see rapt visions
of dead poets whose words carried through centuries
on the backs of truth, or sheer will,
I see artists who had a vision, or purpose, or time,
who linger against the dark-sky canopy and whisper down,
we have always, always, always been watching. And I wrote another poem the very next day
that’s somewhat contrary to the first one. I think it’s a good polar opposite, this one
is also a reaction to the political climate. This is poem #30. The world is dust
and didn’t need a bomb to set it so. You spread ideas
like colonies of disease and slowly they burn up the land
which quickly burns up the people to save itself from their ideas. So those are the poems that I chose for this
week. If you’ve been keeping up with the challenge
like me, you’ll have 35 poems written by today, which is incredible! That’s actually the length of an average chapbook,
so good for us! If you’re participating in the challenge,
or if you liked the poems I read for this week please leave a comment and give this
video a like. Please subscribe and I’ll meet you back here
next Saturday. Bye!

1 thought on “2 Opposing Poems | 100 Poems Challenge

  1. The first poem is a bit difficult to parse, being only one sentence. Even hearing it, I have a difficult time conceptualizing the experience you're presenting. Perhaps it's because of the word "carried." It could be an active or passive verb depending on the stress you give it. Were the words carrying something (that's what I initially read it as, and I was waiting for the object; kind of like a piece of music which is intentionally left unfinished to build stress for the next variation), or were the words carried by something (again, that would require some object). If you were going for that sense of unfinished stress, it was unrelieved by the end of the poem. I say this, not as a flame, but hopefully as some constructive criticism so you can look back and see if some retooling might be in order. 🙂

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