20 Rarest Baby Names For Girls & Boys!

From a name fit for a God to a moniker that
means “fire,” here are some of the rarest baby names for both boys and girls: 20. Bexley A cute name for your little girl that will
set her apart is Bexley. This title comes from the Old English words
“byxe” and “leah,” which mean box tree and woodland clearing respectively. So, it’s as if you’re naming your little
girl after a green meadow. Bexley is also the name of an area in London
that is sometimes called Bexley Village. This place was originally an ancient parish
in Kent county but grew into a municipal borough by 1935. So, not only is Bexley a cute and unique name,
it is also one with history. In the United States, Bexley is a city in
Ohio that was founded over a century ago when a man whose ancestry is rooted in the English
village we previously mentioned wanted to pay homage to his family’s hometown. 19. Harlyn This uncommon name popped onto the baby-name
charts for the first time in 2011. But, only about one in over 117,000 people
were given the name Harlyn. This title is the perfect fit for both boys
and girls and comes from the Old English for “army land.” However, it also originates from the Cornish
word that means “facing a pool.” Harlyn is a village in Cornwall, England on
the coast. One of the popular places to visit in this
town is Harlyn Bay Beach, which is popular among rookie surfers. If you’re looking for a cute and one-of-a-kind
name for your baby, then Harlyn might be the perfect choice for you. 18. Apollo If you’re looking for a powerful and creative
boy’s name, then Apollo is the way to go. This title stems from Greek and Roman mythology. Apollo has been called the god of numerous
things, including poetry, music, truth, and healing. He is the offspring of Leto and Zeus, the
god of sky and thunder. Apollo’s twin sister is named Artemis, which
is a rare girl’s name if you’re looking for alternatives. But, either way, your child is sure to stand
out from the crowd with this unique title. Plus, who could forget the Apollo 11 moon
landing? Between Greek gods and lunar achievements,
this name is a great choice. 17. Primrose Primrose is an elegant name that comes from
Old English for “first rose.” From British novels to modern movies, this
name has been a wonderful choice for little girls throughout the years. Primrose even started out as a last name in
Scotland. However, most people probably recognize the
title from the Hunger Games film series as Katniss Everdeen’s little sister is named
Primrose or “Prim” for short. With two adorable nickname choices and a delicate
feel, this name is an awesome choice for your baby girl. 16. Lilith Although there are some negative connotations
that come with this name, it remains a beautiful choice for a girl. Lilith comes from Jewish mythology and was
originally developed sometime within the third and fifth century AD. She is often classified as dangerous and seductive
and is thought to steal babies in the night. However, Lilith also appeared as the first
wife of Adam, leaving him after refusing to obey his orders and coupling with the archangel
named Samael. So, Lilith gives off a strong-minded and rebellious
feeling. Plus, Lilith was a gorgeous woman, which your
baby is sure to grow into. 15. Enoch The name Enoch originates from the Hebrew
Bible. Jared, a descendant of Adam and Eve from the
Book of Genesis, fathered Enoch, and Enoch fathered Methuselah, who is said to have passed
away at the ripe age of 969 years old. However, Enoch was said to have lived until
he was 365 and then God took him. There is another Enoch in the Book of Genesis
that was the son of Cain, who was sent away by God after he betrayed his brother, Abel. But, even if you aren’t religious, Enoch
is a wonderfully unique name for a boy because it means “dedicated” or “experienced.” 14. Gryffin Also spelled G-R-I-F-F-I-N, G-R-I-F-F-O-N,
or G-R-Y-P-H-O-N, Gryffin comes from the Greek mythological creature whose body, legs, and
tail are that of a lion, while its head and wings are that of an eagle. The creature was thought to be powerful and
majestic, and they guarded treasure. Some believe that the idea of the griffin
began after beaked dinosaur remains were discovered. However, Gryffin is also the stage name of
a famous American DJ that remixes popular songs, such as “Talking Body” by Tove
Lo. 13. Calla Calla is a girl’s name that comes from the
Greek for “beautiful.” It is also a genus of flowering plants that
are native to the Northern Hemisphere in Europe, Asia, and North America. These plants have heart-shaped leaves and
grow clusters of red berries. But, despite their beauty, they are very poisonous. Calla also once referred to “calla lilies”
in Africa, which are delicate flowers. This name is also known for its use The Crowning
Glory of Calla Lily Ponder, a novel by Rebecca Wells. 12. Josiah Josiah, also known as Yoshiyahu, was a king
of Judah in the seventh century BCE who made significant religious reforms. He is credited with establishing the Hebrew
Scriptures. He became king when he was only eight years
old and ruled Judah for thirty-one years. Josiah is described as a virtuous ruler. The meaning of this name is “God supports,
heals” according to Nameberry. But, other sources state that Josiah means
“fire of the Lord.” Either way, it’s a strong name for a boy,
and you can change it up a little by spelling it J-O-Z-I-A-H. 11. Kael This boy’s name comes from the Irish name
Cael and is simply respelled. The name comes from the Gaelic for “slender,”
and it is also an Irish folklore character. Cael of the Iron was fathered by the King
of Thessaly and traveled to Ireland via ship. After he arrived in the country, the story
says Cael requested that the Fianna, aka warriors, send forth a champion who can overcome him
at various physical challenges. Cael comes across a man named The Carl of
Drab Coat who he ultimately chooses as his opponent. Unfortunately, The Carl of Drab Coat turns
out to be a powerful lord that sends Cael back to where he came from. But, the name Kael remains an exciting choice
for a son considering the legends surrounding it. 10. Niamh This girl’s name is of Irish origin and
means “radiant” or “bright.” Other anglicized versions of this title are
spelled N-E-A-V-E, N-I-E-V-E, or N-E-V-E. Niamh is also part of Irish mythology and
is the daughter of Manannan Mac Lir, the god of the sea, and a queen of the land of eternal
youth. Niamh was also Oisin’s lover, who was a
warrior and poet in Irish folklore. This feminine name is one that’s sure to
echo your baby girl’s luminescence and make her stand out from the crowd. 9. Slater Slater is a strong boy’s name that means
“maker of slates” or simply someone who works with slate. But, whether or not your son decides to follow
the footsteps of a slate mason, this name is unique nonetheless. There are many celebrities with Slater as
a last name, including Christian Slater, Helen Slater, and Heath Slater. One man with the title as a first name was
Slater Martin, a basketball player and coach that was born in 1925. 8. Adley This cutesy-sounding name is Hebrew and means
“judicious” or “God is just.” But, the name also comes from the Old English
for “up from the river.” Either way, Adley is a unique name to give
your baby girl. Although the title sounds feminine and is
most often used for girls, Adley can also be used as a boy’s name. 7. Britta This girl’s name is not to be confused with
everyone’s favorite water filter, Brita. It comes from the Swedish name Birgitta, which
originated from “Brighid,” an Irish Gaelic name. In English, “Bridget” is the variation,
but “Britta” is much more uncommon. The title was once popular in Scandinavia
because of Saint Bridget of Sweden, who lived from 1303 to 1373 and founded the Bridgettines
monks and nuns. Britta means “strength or exalted one”;
so, it’s the perfect choice for a saint like Bridget or any strong baby girl. 6. Grecia This name literally means “Greece,” which
you probably know is a country in Southern Europe. The name “Grecia” can be pronounced “greh-see-uh”
of “greh-sha” depending on how you want to say your baby’s name. Considering the history of Greece, naming
your child Grecia is reminiscent of the strength and culture the country is known for. Numerous ancient sculptors were Greek, and
the Olympic Games began in the nation during ancient times. Grecia also sounds very graceful and elegant
and is the perfect option for a parent searching for a simple and one-of-a-kind name. 5. Farren Farren comes from the anglicized version of
the Irish Gaelic name “O Farachain,” which means “descendant of Farachain.” The Old English version of Farren comes from
the word for “fair” and the word for “servant.” It has also been interpreted from the Old
English for “bull keeper” or German for “young bull.” But, nowadays, Farren is the perfect choice
for a boy that gives off sprightly, whimsical vibes. 4. Bodhi This boy’s name is a Sanskrit word that
means “enlightenment” or “awakened” and is commonly used by Buddhists. Bodhi was the name of the tree that Buddha
sat underneath while he reached enlightenment. However, the name gained some popularity in
the United States when the movie Point Break came out in 1991. Patrick Swayze played the character Bodhi,
who is the leader of a group of surfers. So, this makes a great name for spiritual
reasons or if you simply want something that sounds beachy. 3. Malachi Malachi wrote the Book of Malachi, which is
the last in the Hebrew Bible’s section of prophets. Malachi means “messenger of Yhwh” and
is sometimes interpreted as “my angel,” but it isn’t believed to have been the prophet’s
personal name. However, it’s a perfectly acceptable first
name nowadays. 2. Ignacio This name is Galician and Spanish and originated
from the name “Egnatius” and the Latin name “Ignatius.” Ignatius comes from the word “ignis,”
which means “fire.” So, according to Nameberry, Ignacio means
“fiery.” This is a wonderful name that exudes excitement
and liveliness and is the perfect fit for anyone’s new baby boy. 1. Oriana The name Oriana is of Italian and Latin origin
and means “dawn.” However, the name Dawn is a bit more common
that Oriana, which sounds like something from a fairytale. But, it can also be derived from the medieval
words “oroana” or “ouro,” which mean “gold.” What are some of the rarest names that you’ve
heard? Share with us in the comment section below!

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