2010-03-16 RokkiPesä, Poets of the Fall interview. (YLEX)

Sounds of drumming. Interviewer: The rehersal place of Poets of the Fall can be found at the outskirts of Helsinki, at a sort of an industrial area. Interviewer knocks on the door. Marko: Hey, come on right in, the door is open. Hey. Interviewer: Hey. Marko: Welcome. Will you take these trash out, or whatever this is… Interviewer laughs. Marko: And this is, welcome each and everyone, our rehersal place of this moment. I’ll first show you around to the left, or to your right , a kind of a lounge area and you can see that we have these very fine wallpapers designed by (???!), as you can see it’s silver and vomit yellow. There’s also our Che, who keeps reminding us that it’s good to be revolutionary and we have a neat sofa ensemble, possibly from ’63. Olli: This is my gig gear. Marko: Olli plays the gigs with this Marsu (=Marshall). It gives a terribly howling sound but in some way it suits Olli’s character very well. Olli. Yes, and it’s also very handy the way I can hang it onto my belt like this. Marko: Yeah, yeah. Olli: Like I have everything I need with me. Marko: We’ve gone through plenty of Provinssirocks with this one. Through the years. Olli: Oh yes, yes, yeah. Interviewer: What is this? Marko: This is our pet, this is Fifi… well. Fifi also known as an elk head. I really haven’t got any idea how it has found its way here, but… do you? Olli: No. Marko: But he lives here nowadays and as an animal of the wild it’s welcome here.. Ah, now we have even more animals of the wild coming in. Some people peek in through the door and say hi. Marko: And here we have the head or not to head. Marko: This is Hamlet. Hamlet is pretty bald these days but Hamlet is here to remind us that it’s good to have goals because life won’t last forever. [Desire]

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  1. @Musicisdrug1992 The song in the end is Desire, or a version of it, at least 😉

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