8 thoughts on “201201 Address to a Haggis poem by Robert Burns

  1. I love bagpipes. But, like certain large, beautiful wild animals, I'd never bring one inside.

  2. Would you eat dog shit if it was minced up and disguised with seasonings ? The contents of that haggis are the crap thrown on the butchers floor, not fit for human consumption.

  3. If you want to eat offal & waste that's your business , but what's the point of clapping at a sausage ?

  4. What a stupid clip ! Just loads of people clapping and shouting at a haggis made of sheep's ringpieces and goats cocks.

  5. I  can't help noticing there's a whole lot of people and the haggis is pretty small.  This must be because nobody really wants to eat it.

  6. Great Address to a Haggis!! 
    With a salute to the chef! … and the piper! …
    but who toasts the toaster??
     I'll have to raise my glass to the speaker Andrew Holt!

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