2015 Hippocrates Young Poet Prize for Poetry & Medicine

the winners of the Hippocrates prize for poetry and medicine were announced by the judges in London on the twenty-second of May the prize for the young poets category was judged by poets Simon ray be my gratefulness to be the judge a really fantastic second poem sent in from all around world I'm thrilled this we have to do about 40 brought winners with us today I'm really afford to hearing them reach their wonderful photos and the tip of it aren't here we're going to hear them read through the wonders of technology fortunately I'm not involved approaching any of the buttons relating to that and then later you will be able to study phones reserve second caring verbs hearings in the anthology will be available outside what I would say I have a great deal say even I'm not a lecture on on bones what I would say is that the best of them are not young people's poems their poems have happened to be written by young people they do of course have great likeness and energy but they have a tremendous majority in the use of words image and a confidence which I found really truly staggering and it was quite a battle to whenever top bones and the sort of also runners were very very good also revs but I think I gotta drive out to dominika moment on the train going to be read more and I'm very comfortable with my judgment so without further ado I'm going to read out the names of those commended bones and and these are in alphabetical order the light isn't very good so if I get someone's name wrong when i bought it Molly gods of Henry Wells for growing crystals pilot Erin Murphy if i pronounced he rewrites the livable local connection Leonardo DaVinci's study of a wood which is a terrific really very impressive and maybe she's snuck in with another one micro very different very different but equally good having the Hajin pen right circle award with hundreds of tiny lights and Alethea way the Verdun quebec canada great child or the phone all the things I perhaps might say is that summer bones terrific from personal experience and some of them that one was not but I think one of the impressive things that a young birds was how they were prepared to cast their imaginations far and wide and bring back wonderful discoveries is certainly a very good and now especially can be author's own the honorable mention probably a so called the honorable mention it this was going to score the guitar lead dope from Arrington whist and the antic health an announcement lines of his own which is called dad I enjoyed very much as about myself his dog was a black bush and his heart was a bus and my dog is like book target of everyone and if I get us being perfectly complete right now move on to the shortlist and we're going to take it in alphabetical order Danny puccini and of Warwick is going to read her poem the surgeon die sex is leather first so damaging that come up the surgeon dos equis his lover here I bear her quiet something's each nerve still shiver violin string the fluted tendons the Bloods into the percussion temper down Brady kotik god bless this constancy of music this slow web of flowers stallions thick blue on the cardio scale see how much you love me her heart's carbonized sonnet closely knit between slabs of meat down to the marrow she is more than herself she is Mormon sequined brittleness more than the eyes I could take the flesh read into the Diceman she is a broad linen beneath my mouth the soft within the softer this choreographed mess of warmth and I will not thank God for her I will thanks pepsis embolism every white that flushes the readout of older every knife of shire yearns to kiss bring me my bow of Steel my quiver of black roses there is no song not left sweeter in the jaws of its end in the call of its closure our next step is come all the way from America he just has that cool place of residence New York's and his bone is wonderful if Alex Greenberg would like to come up dusting in the weeks before your death your hands left darker prints on the furniture instead of calling you back to take them i sat in your chair at the table and line my fingers up against the silhouettes of yours let me wear your shadow for the rest of your time here relieve you of that burden so that your touch doesn't shut the hive of the blackberry nor dry out it's purple rain Wednesday brought first presage of what was to come every cough brought you lurching forward like a fishing rod under the southern week of your catch and when your grandson kissed your hand it took days for the blood to recirculate somebody kept your strongest in the bag shoot through and dripping they remind me of the x-ray the doctor dropped off last week of your loan for copies lined up against the window sill in hope that the evening breeze might inspire it from now on I asked the doctor to hold his breath when he passes by our house I did the same when I passed by the cemetery where you now live and now we're gonna hear from Alexandra spenceley from our geography call the bird my name is Alexandra spenceley and I'm from Ohio USA I will be reading geography of a bone which was inspired by a compound fracture of my left arm when I was 11 this problem attempts to communicate a sense of unnatural discovery and the subsequent feelings of mortality miss evokes as well as the otherworldly quality of surgery itself geography of a bone under surgeons palms my body is a gate left unlocked one wrist pried apart like a door forced open these scuffles turn my arm into an atlas learn my flushes secrets better than I know that myself sheets of muscle and vein peeled back and pinned Ocean lifted from the shore lips pulled back in a yawn consider the radial bone white wire snapped and taught muscles slicked open consider skin layers played against the doctors damp butter paper like butterfly wings stabbed across cork boards in anatomy exhibition over an operating table frosted with shadow men playing God lead me through trial run with death my outstretched arm lies limp as something forgotten it corpses limb rendered soft and surgical breed me anesthesia awake with a heavy tongue teeth thick and sore from the pills I swallow like grapes over right and swollen as the ones I picked with an arm once whole now scars like aching and raw dripping blood leg wax this line of stitches a new zipper in my body the sutures model and red skin outward like from a flower I wait for the nurse to peel back the cotton show me a hospital topography mats upon my flesh my left arm a string of bruises the open wound sealed with an envelope of throbbing tissue the gate now locked the door pushed shut a hinge of scars fastening the bone once revealed thank you flores inviting team does a section of the economy prize i was told to come up with a winner i think all people in flood of this evening our witness but the overall winner is this phone we're about to roll intraocular pressure you hi my name is freesat that mckernon and this is my poem intraocular pressure one my sister teaches me to sharpen my mouth with words that darken fatman little boy imagine with the electric blue of a desert the red the white how they pressed bruises into veined eyelids near alamogordo we sip sangria until static fades to black too she inspects the eyeball like a buoy socket like a fish strangled on stall body like an oil slick the wooden boat leaks blood the sea is grated pomegranate through my eyes there is no criminal no captain no one who holds my head under a current until it explodes cut-glass means vandalism cut I'm these x-ray diagrams sleeping under a scalpel under calcium kel three a boulder a fuse a mother in black a girl underneath stone I draw the chart in sand the eye as a bomb ticking radiation seeping from the stitches my sister imports shoulders handrails sunglasses here is a part where I am twisted here is the part where there is no light at the end of the tunnel where I pick a nose a mouth titanium ears from a treasure chest thank you the epocrates prize is an annual award with a deadline of the 31st of January the award is for an unpublished poem in english on a medical theme with up to 50 lines of text there is an open international award first price 5,000 pounds an NHS award also first prize 5,000 pounds and an international young poet category with a prize of 500 pounds you can find out more about the epocrates prize and order an anthology of previous winning and commanded poems through our website Hippocrates poetry org

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