2017 Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Student Contest (Film) – The deadly Noise

Good afternoon! Nice to meet you! Today we see a sad picture: all over the world
a huge number of whales, dolphins, grampus and other large sea-dwellers jump out on the
coast and die. It happens because of the so-called «noise
pollution» – the surplus of sound waves in the range of 20 to 300 hertz in the waters
of the World ocean. This is exactly the same range that cetacean
uses for receiving and sending information. Hearing has become the main tool that helps
animals survive – as soon as they hear the threatening sounds the animals are stressed
and immediately flee to be as far from a threat as they can. Animals, escaping from the unbearable noise,
swim in shallow waters. Where they are carried away by the sea waves
and die of dehydration. Moreover the scientists found out that the
great majority of dead whales had a Cerebral hemorrhage. So the hearing aid didn’t endure the overload. What’s even more dangerous is that whales
are not capable to differ a ship’s noise from the natural sound of the ocean. So how directly the noise pollution occurs? The there main sources are ships, oil and
gas exploration, ships and military sonars. For example, mining companies explore the
ocean with echo sounders and underwater guns. This invention allows you to explore the relief
of the ocean’s bottom by a shot which is reflected then from the Sea depths. Usually there from 10 to 40 guns like this
on the ship. They shoot at the same time every 10-12 seconds. These researches can last for months and be
activated by more than one country. It’s hard to imagine what does animals feel
at this time. Because even for human hearing these sound
are so unpleasant that if you will listen to it for more than 10 minutes it will cause
attacks of nausea and dizziness. The problem with oil and gas exploration is
especially acute in the Gulf of Mexico, along the coast of California, in the Persian Gulf,
in the North Sea, by the coast of Brazil. Another source are transport and cargo ships,
the noise of their engines also deafens the whales, doesn’t allow the female to choose
a male, doesn’t allow to know about the storm in time and properly feed. Not only animals suffer in the ocean, but
also people who depend on it and feed on its resources. Now we know the cases when, due to the search
companies, the catch fell by 60%. And the fish don’t return after such studies. How to deal with the noise pollution? There is an exit. Such method as noise reduction is offered
by scientists – with the help of the manufacture and application the efficient engines, it
is possible not only to reduce the noise level, but also to reduce the economic costs of fuel. Reduced noise is also beneficial for the Navy
– the less noise, the less possibility to be seen by the enemy. For naval and other structures, it is necessary
to introduce ecological monitoring, on the basis of which it is expedient to build a
route. This would make it possible to bypass the
places where the damage to the animals’ population is the greatest. To draw the conclusion, one can say that the
human is the Root cause of all his troubles. And only having a kind heart and good brains,
we are capable to correct all the mistakes that humanity has made for many years of its

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